Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HE INSPIRES

By:  LazerKim            This morning I woke up in a fine day, having coffee and had a chance to chat at the Twitter with the other Kim Hyun Joong fans. Everyone was in good mood as they shared some creative photos to start up the day having viewed beautiful photos of Hyun Joong. I can’t help but regret though, because before I wrote the article Love of Arts, I just got a handful creative photos made of course by his fans, that I wish to have shared more after seeing another set of those. Oh well, I normally write my articles at wee hours at night when everyone of you had doze off, that I didn’t had the chance to ask for help!!

And as I was busy chatting around, I happen to open up a picture, a real unique design and for real. I was amaze upon viewing the picture of a bedroom creatively custom made with huge photos of Kim Hyun Joong. What is this?? I asked myself. The pictures came from a Singaporean fan name Angela, a blogger of LuvKHJ4ever. She’s a professional interior designer and she personally designed this room inspired by Kim Hyun Joong. Photo below

This room is not a dream, it’s for real and this is the personal bedroom of Angela. She’s an interior designer, and viewing from this picture you can see how she was inspired by Hyun Joong to put it in arts of design in such a unique way. Can you ever imagine anything like this is possible? We do see a lot of of interior designs in the glossy magazines that we appreciate and a lot of times we dream of how we wish we could have such interior design in our place of dwelling. But this room is just….wow!!…..and I’m very sure any fan would love to have such room filled up with Kim Hyun Joong!! sigh…..

Take notice of the bed linen which is obviously a custom made, from pillow cases, bed sheets, and comforter made out of Hyun Joong pictures. The headboard of the bed has a huge picture of Hyun Joong in a heart, and at the glass window has a printed curtain of Uzoosin cartoon character. The huge photos which appears to be a wall paper vinyl of Hyun Joong is a wall facing the bed (photo below) which definitely describes that Hyun Joong is just anywhere within the part of this room!!

Oh Angela definitely wakes up every morning with Hyun Joong in her mind, and I can just imagine what a good morning to start your day, can just put up an instant smile on her face upon waking up. And at night time after work, by just looking at those pictures can ease being tired from the long day of life struggle that helps relax. It’s as if Hyun Joong will always be at your side as a friend to comfort you. It’s another way of appreciating his beauty, his perfection and putting it in the arts of design.

Thank you Angela for sharing this wonderful experience with us, as you personally decorated your personal space of dwelling, having Hyun Joong as your inspiration filled with love and resulted in a beautiful work of arts. May Hyun Joong inspire you further to your profession.

We all have our own way of remembering Hyun Joong, we have our own way of loving him, and with Angela, this is one of her way of loving Hyun Joong. She allowed him to inspire her and as an interior designer by profession, this is just one of the results how Hyun Joong inspired her in her profession. I featured many fan arts photos done creatively in my article Love of Arts and Angela’s work of arts were also posted. Hyun Joong can indeed inspire even his fans in so many ways and this is just one of them.

I myself is fond of any form of arts, actually interior designing is one of my frustration since I can not give up dance, back then in college!! And that is why I featured Angela’s work in this article just an example of a fan being inspired by Hyun Joong in her profession.

And so since Angela is a Singaporean, lucky for her and other Singaporean fans since they will have another chance to be at the fan meeting of Hyun Joong on May 4 this year. Although nothing is confirm yet coming from KeyEast, but at least this is still a good news. Now, I can read many fans wishes for Hyun Joong to visit their respective countries. Well, who wouldn’t? Everyone of us have the same desire to be with him, to sing with him, to dance with him, and to talk with him, wanting to know more about him. I believe we will have our chance to do so in due time.

I read this news from the blog of Hyunited 6686, you may check it out for for further details. Or you may check it out from other Hyun Joong’s blog, I’m sure it has been circulated.

Kim Hyun Joong had been a part of our daily lives, he’s somebody whom we can look forward to after work or school. He’s somebody who can at least ease a little part of our burden by merely listening to his music, watching his video clips, and by just reminiscing our memories of him. We share our thoughts with other fans about him, and even just a little time we spend with him is more than enough to refresh our minds before going back to reality of life.

How much does Hyun Joong inspired us? For student fans who struggles with their everyday obligation in school, they carry Hyun Joong with them with the memory that one time in Hyun Joong’s life, he was once a student who struggled too. There’s one student fan who shared saying, she has to study but she wants to sleep! And she remembered, Hyun Joong had barely two or three hours sleep and has to work again. She was saying, if Hyun Joong can do it with little sleep, then I can do it too!!

These may be simple things but just enough to inspire us in doing something productive in our daily lives. Student fans do have Hyun Joong’s photos over their notebooks and other items that would remind them of Hyun Joong is just enough for them to smile just by the thought of him. We do listen to his music every where we are, and anytime we’re alone by ourselves, he keeps us company. Simple things but difficult to let go simply because Hyun Joong sticks to our system being a part of us as a person.

We have our own way of being inspired by Hyun Joong and allow him to do so in the most productive way we can without you even being aware of. Like Angela being a professional interior designer, she was inspired by Hyun Joong and had shared with us the result apparently inspired by love. Many other fan artists I’m sure are being inspired by Hyun Joong too.

I also read about an elder who’s a fan of Hyun Joong who collects his photos, posters and other items that filled up her bedroom. It’s amazing that for grandma it’s a great joy for her to surround herself with Hyun Joong. And Hyun Joong had met her and really appreciate her being the eldest I think among his fans. They have photos together and it’s so beautiful to look at them in a very clear picture of a loving grandma and her favorite grandson.

The fan clubs of Hyun Joong had been doing charity works and medical missions too, and these are inspiration of working hand in hand in helping the needy. They are not just fans to cheer and support for Hyun Joong, but they have certain objectives in doing more than just being  fans that will benefit the less fortunate. And it’s so beautiful to have such goal, that Hyun Joong was able to gather his fans, build friendship among the fans and shared help to the less fortunate.

Kim Hyun Joong indeed inspired his fans by the sincere love he shares to them as they share the same love to others….

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing.

Photo credit as tagged, thanks.


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HE INSPIRES

  1. omo omo this is the room that i have always dreamed to have 🙂 gosh waking up in this kind of room would always be wonderful, happy, bright.. seeing that smile first thing in the morning, feels like KHJ is just near you, he’s everywhere.. omo, i envy her, i want to have that room too..

    oh by the way, Ms. Angela is such a nice lady, she’s willing to share her talent if we need help to have such room like this or if we want to have our own creation, she’s willing to help out 🙂 she’s such a good soul and so nice 🙂 thank you for sharing your room to us.. its so gorgeous, breathtaking indeed.. so lovely.. God bless you!

    i envy everyone who has done some art of KHJ.. one day i will have my share of fan art too.. 🙂 soon.. kekeke

  2. fantastic! fantastic! I’m so envious LOL..its so impressive that Angela have manage to channel her passion for HJ in a productive manner. I so love your designs..I hope fans of any celebrity can find ways of channeling their admiration to their idol in such a positive manner. This way, it benefits not only their idol but themselves as well..

  3. Whoaaaaaaaa…. you are great Angela unnie.. With all these creative minds what can’t these HJ’s fans do??? Oh I’m proud to be in HJ fan famiily. Fighting..
    Thank you Lazer unnie these articles inspire us too.
    I’m late today. I was weak without your dose. thank you again.

  4. WOW..WOWWWW. I have many poster, a collection of photos, calenders, pillow cases and cushion covers, but this is really any fans dreams. I will wake up with a smile always and forvever.. ANGELA your room is lovely and AWESOMEEE to bad I live soooo far from you I will sure use your design services for my room.

    He is totally a huge INSPIRATION for many fans (Male and Female)…
    Just remember some of his words:

    “Those who feel tired should think that actually I’m not tired, I’m just thinking too much.”

    “Do your best in everything. Don’t become an impetuous university student.”

    “Don’t just think about what you would like to try in your mind. Turn tomorrow into today. Instead of tomorrow, from this moment onwards, I’ll work even harder. ”

    “Learn to endure, persevere and keep going forward with your dream, then you can hit your target.”

    One that I like most is when he said:
    “Love is not formed in a second..but I’ll need to work hard and be able to receive that love”

    It’s really makes us feel productive and make a better world when we hear fans saying good things that have made them do positive things, things that made them stronger, eager to keep going in life.. life might not be color pink or always the way we want it to be but we can not let that stop us… and if KIM HYUN JOONG inspires us to do that simple changes in life let’s all grab on to that and live a better life. Let’s serve KHJ name right.. Let’s do it for him but most of all for ourself and give a hand to others too.

    Thanks LazerKIm for your lovely article and sharing us what Angela shared with you..

    God Bless

    • The truth is, i stole those photos from her!! LOL Angela is so shy to show her work, I almost scolded her that beautiful works like those should not be kept in the drawer but to show and appreciate!! And she’s just too shy to do so, and she wasn’t really expecting that I’ll be seriously writing about her!!! LOL And so if you have something inside your drawers and getting dusty, then it’s time to bring them out to be appreciated. I want HJ to know that his fans are smart and creative like him. Others may doubt the possibility, well who knows he might have read this one by this time or maybe tomorrow!! He’s not so busy specially last March so he must have read a bit much, like reading backwards like you!!
      Thanks for sharing and reading. god bless…

  5. Million thanks for you my dear…. Im speechless now!!! Thank you for writing my design so beautifully… Im touched! Im dreaming to meet a customer who is also a fan of Hyun Joong then I can have a freehand to put my inspiration into my design of HJ but will my dream come true? No matter how, my inspiration of HJ design will never end coz I can always feel the loves & warmth he is giving me… My love for him is forever & ever… ^^ Once again Ate, thank you so much. Pls do take care & God blessed you… <3<3<3

    • Oh the pleasure is mine, I love writing this bcoz it’s my frustration. Angela fan or non fan will love your work. I’ll keep re-posting this article, the concept is unique I tell you not only because Hj but your work your craft, Hj just simple inspired you. i say good luck, I really hope many would be able to read this….Have a nice day dear…..and thank you for sharing, God bless you more on your profession.

      • cries~~^^i would love to have HJ everywhere in the bedroom like this way too but~~ my husband will freak out!!….maybe I shall encourage my daughter to have her room designed by Angela’s~keke^^….
        And to Angela~seriously I am very impress by your work of art and ,just by looking at it warms my “HJ” heart…Good job!!.I am still smiling whenever I look at it~~……and to Lazerkim so nice of you to feature Angela’s in one of your you both~ohhlalala…^^

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