Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE SEASON

By: LazerKim             The original title of this article was “To My One and Only on Christmas” This was the second article I wrote, which was inspired by the first released of Kim Hyun Joong digital song Marry Me. Everyone was busy shopping for Christmas that time, it’s love season for sharing and since I was sick and could not walk I was forced to stay home and spend my time researching about Hyun Joong. I think this was my loneliest Christmas ever, since I was confined in a chair, and I could only be glad Hyun Joong was around to occupy my mind. I used to be the busy bee whenever December comes, shopping for Christmas presents. Here’s my story…

December 14, 2011

I’m a new fan of Kim Hyun Joong, and he’s my one and only. I made this space for myself to share it with others who may be head over heels falling for Hyun Joong like me!  Feel free to share your thoughts, I would appeciate it very much. Do you feel the same way as I do??

Kim Hyun Joong made a lot of simple gestures that captured my heart, the latest was his Christmas present to his fans. This night December 14, he released his digital single “Marry Me” which I have read in other blogs that it’s his way of thanking his fans for their endless support to him. It’s a beautiful song that Hyun Joong sung it in a way that can melt anyone’s heart.

The music video of Marry Me is a sand art skilfully made to come up with an artful interpretation of the song. The video was simple but very meaningful, and most of all Hyun Joong’s voice is so sweet and soothing. I  don’t understand the lyrics of the song but by just listening to the melody it feels like you’re sitting with him on that couch as a friend who’s trying to keep you company!!…Aiigo!!

I’m very thankful to Hyun Joong for sharing this song to everyone, I guess this is the best Christmas present I ever got!

I’m thankful to Hyun Joong for playing the role of Yoon Ji Hoo for Boys over Flower because it was from this drama, where I first saw him. I finally took interest on him when I saw him again at the launching of Breakdown. From there on I started following him, I started researching on his history and everything about him, until I end up in this space to write my thoughts about Hyun Joong.

For this year 2011, Hyun Joong had been receiving remarkable recognition to anything he works on. Or anything he touch is like magic turns to success and countless rewards. His come back stage was like a bombshell exploded that shaken the entire continent and with that as fanfare, the Alien Prince finally stepped in and captured the hearts of many. It’s obvious that his network of fans had expanded seeing from the different events he had attended, not to mention his concerts.

The year is almost at its end but still, Hong Kong is waiting for Hyun Joong to accept his award from Yahoo Buzz!  Wow this year is indeed overwhelming for him and so with his fans who’s been at his side cheering for him.

After Hyun Joong’s parade of trophies for 2011 was laid out, he can sit back relax and think of what he has achieved this year. It was a bunch of Christmas presents for him from his hard work and from his ever loyal fans who’s always been there for him all this time.

And with that, I wish HyunJoong a MERRY CHRISTMAS, to my one and only….Love!!

April 5, 2012

This article was written four months ago, but it felt as if it’s been years that I’ve been doing this writing about Hyun Joong. On my record @worldpress it says this is my 100th article posted. I never thought I could reach this far, when I was just meant to express myself when I wrote this article. Christmas 2011 was one of those Christmas that I have to spend it by myself, being confined in one place. I remember it was lonely back then, simply because I missed Christmas shopping, that I couldn’t do so. But Hyun Joong kept me company the whole season that made it even memorable Christmas for me.

I’ve been asking myself, why was it that when I first saw Hyun Joong at BOF, I didn’t even bother to search his real name, so all those times I only knew he was Yoon Ji Hoo and nothing more than that!! They said, everything has its own time, and maybe that time I wrote this article was the right time, when I can not move, that all I can do is to glue my eyes at the monitor and stare at him and know more about him. They said everything has its purpose why things happen as it had. And probably this is one of those purpose.

I stayed up all night just listening to Marry Me and watching the Twitter as it moves, I can see Hyun Joong’s fans sharing their excitement about the song. Back then I may have the twitter account, but I still do not know anyone yet, nor I still do not know how to use it. And so I content myself by just observing the movements, that I was wishing I could join Hyun Joong fans in sharing the joy of listening to the song. Now, that wish came true as I share my thoughts and love to Hyun Joong with his fans. I thank the fan who patiently searched for my first three articles, and this article was one of those. Thank you.

These are the memories that I would always want to share with you, because it felt good, the thoughts of Hyun Joong is much greater than joy that one could only tell how it is to love a person like Kim Hyun Joong.

A kind of unconditional love that anyone would love to share it with others…

                                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE SEASON

  1. love love love love.. what can i say.. i am just speechless.. everybody’s inlove with this handsome guy 🙂

    unnie lazer, you’re still not well 😦 oh i pray that you’ll get well very soon.. and be able to do things that you always do.. just be strong.. all for the love of Kim Hyun Joong! his love will heal you 🙂 as well as God’s love will heal you 🙂 love will heal you 🙂

    love you unnie, you’re one of those who helped me know and learn more about Oppa KHJ.. you have a good heart and a good soul, sharing endlessly all about Hyun Joong 🙂 i’ll always be praying for you 🙂

    God bless! aja! FIGHTING!

  2. Thanks for sharing that special moment of you.. it must have been hard to alone those days! But like you said something good came from that you had the chance for yourself to think and to find yourself searching for the life of this great human being that is Kim Hyun Joong. My eyes lights up just by mentioning his name. I feel every word you say in the article cause is very emotional the conection you and us fans have for him and for our fanbase. He surprise us with something near a holiday or Korean holiday… for christmas was Marry Me, for White Day was his letter and now for April that is close to April 14 Black Day (the day for the single people to gather around, those that didn’t have a valentine day or a white day..sad like me) he suprise us with the OST song “If you’re like me/If you feel the same” … so looking at in another way we did recieve something for valentine and white day.. LOL! That was my gift much better than chocolate. Will he send us some pepero on Pepero Day Nov. 11.. LOL! Well going back to the article. I thank you for that day deciding to make this blog, to write and to share it with others… you are a strong person and God Bless you for giving you the strength and love to do at the moment what you did… I hope you don’t have another lonely christmas, but after all it was that bad..wasn’t it? Kim Hyun Joong is a very special person,talented and pure that he has touch our heart in a very unique way.. some of us have gathen stronger, happier, even

    Thanks again LazerKim for sharing.. he did a lot for me also at the moment I need most.. don’t know if you remember but i wrote a bit of it on the first time I post on your blog.

    God Bless you Lazerkim, all our beautiful bloggers here, all the fans and of course GOD BLESS KIM HYUN JOONG!……………… peace

    • Brenda bcoz of you, I came to realize how important a single fan is to me. Bcoz of you I came to realize how much i cared.And i thank you for that making me worry!!! LOL, I was already in tears locating u yesterday & so i asked for help from other fans at twitter, and i was glad to find u back! I can’t help to think, maybe HJ feels the same, as he was relating he felt bad when BYJ might have lost one fan bcoz of him. Have u watched strong heart he was relating a fan fr china who thought he was BYJ!! That’s how i knew that one single fan is important to him. Have I acquired that? Maybe!!! If u lose your way u know how to go back don’t you? So i’ll just be here, if im not then a lot of them back at twitter will always be there for you.
      HJ definitely has that magic poured to us!!! sigh….that’s him!! oh yes read updates something new there about drama!!! Gotta go, you take care ok? God bless and see you again!! Have a nice day!

      • That was not my intention for you to worry.. I do appreciate all the effort you did to find me and the help the girls gave to us both.. I like coming to your blog just didn’t want to loose you that’s why I send you message. I believe you have acquired the same feeling as HJ that is a good thing. I don’t blog or comment on any other place just here, but it’s nice to know you worry.. You got a good heart.. Thanks again.

  3. HELLO LAZER, I am laura from Romania.
    and I love him for nearly two years, ever since I seen BOF. don’t know than that every day I love you more and think of him as my halfway. I think I have already crazy.. But what’s worse is that I can not stop. the heart can’t to not let yourself think.
    Feel like all the men on this planet disappeared and he just left him… that he is unique and the only … in my heart.
    I will remain the only because no one can replace him.
    I hope in the tournament which has been announced that will begin in September, and to come here to fulfill my dream. to be close to him, even for an hour.

    • Hi Laura!! I’m sure we’ll be able to have a chance to see him, you’re not alone with what you feel, I think we all do feel the same way as you do.
      LOL…..Hyun Joong is just too perfect to look at other men, but I agree with you it seem impossible but it’s actually happening to us!! I share with your thoughts. Thank you for reading…..have a nice day and God bless….

  4. My heartiest congratulations for our LazerKim unnie for the 100TH ARTICLE!!! Omo we have taken the dose for 100 days but still not cured?? That “germ” is constantly attacking. Thank you unnie you helped lot of his fans to be close to him including me. I got to know more about him because of you. Till now all his fans I met are really kind, helpful and lovable. Love them all.
    I wish that you would be able to write many more with our motivation and your addiction. Take care unnie.

    • Congratulations to you bcoz u were able to read all the woo articles!!! and thank you for always reading about Hyun Joong. It will never be cured because HJ is 4ever!! Have a nice day God bless

  5. I first met Kim Hyun Joong in BOF too as I was fond of watching Kdramas shown on KBS cable here in Manila at that time. Now I rarely watch dramas be they Korean or Filipino.

    I first searched on Lee Min Ho, he was the first lead afterall. Nothing much. Then Kim Bum as he was already popular in Manila that time. Not much that interested me. Then it was Kim Hyun Joong’s turn. WOW, so many things – We Got Married, SS501, Variety Shows and BOF of course. I did not get to Kim Joon anymore. Then, the very endearing Playful Kiss. And here I am, still a KHJ fan after a little over two years.

    I look forward to his future work be it music or drama or even movie.

    • Oh boy we have the same experience, & yes I do have Korean cable & did not use it anymore bcoz I’ve been bc w/HJ!!! sign….. It’s Holy Week, but I’m talking about Christmas yet it’s still love!! Have a nice Holy Week, oh by the way I’m sorry i missed 2 ask, are you a catholic? See you again Grace!! Thanks for reading…

      • Grace may I just say, I missed the holy week routine, can’t walk properly. i missed church too. Maybe for another month I’ll be alright. Thanks for coming back!!

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