Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE OF ARTS

By: LazerKim                      We have known a lot about Kim Hyun Joong to be multiple talented artist, he’s a singe, a dancer, an actor and an instrumentalist who can play the bass guitar, acoustic guitar and a bit of piano. Other than these talents Hyun Joong is also a natural craft artist, he’s very creative and if you’re not aware of, the jackets of his first two albums was his sole idea.  Hyun Joong is fond of sketching just about anything specially whenever boredom starts to boil out from him. I have watched a lot of video clips of him on his breaks, he was alone in his thoughts and suddenly you would see him holding a pen and draw cartoon characters and of course the idea of Uzoosin came personally from him and was just modified by a professional art craft artist.

The very known Justin Davis, is a jeweler took a pendant design of Hyun Joong’s initial as Hyun Joong personally designed it by himself that until now is still earning revenue in Japan. If you remember, Hyun Joong just played on sketching a man’s face as a joke, and turn out into a ladies canvas bag that was placed for auction for charity. Hyun Joong is very creative even in his personal style of clothing. He has a personal designer who would submit men’s clothes design, if a set of five designs will be submitted to him, Hyun Joong would pick a shirt collar in one design, pick a sleeves in another and pick the main torso from another design. Then it ended to be his own design, the fashion designer simply has to sketch for him!!!

Let’s talk about Hyun Joong’s first two albums, specifically his album Lucky Guy. If you notice there are some photos of Hyun Joong for Lucky Guy that seem to be deliberately distorted and appeared like a character in a comic magazine. But looking at the album, particularly the jacket, it specifically describe the contents of the CD.

It’s work of arts and I’m sure computer art designers knows what I’m talking about. But the jacket itself is one unique work of arts. And it’s Hyun Joong’s idea, even the uzoosin miniature you’ve seen at the video is his idea. In fact the whole package of Lucky Guy is Hyun Joong’s ideas. But everything turned out to be a success from the music down to the smallest details of the album.

Just the same with Breakdown, the jacket is in a very simple black mat and just his close up photo. Hyun Joong designed the Henecia logo, a letter H in a shield with the wings of an eagle. For me it clearly signifies flight to the highest top. Well, Hyun Joong indeed is currently flying to the top with his fans! This album jacket is very simple but very elegant in a touch of class. Hyun joong has that style and class seeing from his physique.

As Hyun Joong created his first two albums, he did not just record his songs, he boost out his hidden talent in craft arts. And this has been his dream in doing, he wants to bring out what he got that he had been kept inside him and is just aching to materialize. There will be more in the near future that he’ll soon be showing the other side of Hyun Joong as he creates more albums in different concept, in different images, that he himself portray. This guy is just gifted with creative art talent. Anything goes with him and anything he touches magically turns gold.

In choosing wardrobe as his costume, Hyun Joong personally pick the material that clings to his body since he’s dancing, specially undershirts that can be comfortable enough for him to move as freely as he can, and lighter. He even chooses small details to accessorize his costumes, from the buttons, up to his gloves, custom accessories, and his dark glasses. Hyun Joong is very meticulous specially in his costumes and there has to be a sense of arts and not just dressing up for the heck of it.

Hyun Joong created a very unique image for Lucky Guy, artistic wise I think this is the best in terms of designing the image through Hyun Joong. Lucky Guy is the most expensive package in term of production and the lowest was Kiss Kiss, and yet it brought a big hit in Japan. Hyun Joong puts in his love of arts in his albums. It’s like having four statues or mannequins, dress it up in accordance to his music to come up with four different images that Hyun Joong had made for himself. Such an amazing guy!! He’s creativeness and love for arts craft which is another side of Hyun Joong in terms of arts.

Hyun Joong is a very inspiring artist, name it because anything goes for him, be it in music, or acting the guy is very potential, Hyun Joong has every perfect qualities which is priceless. He will not just sing for an album, he’ll use his unique creative mind to create an arts out of the image he will portray. Hyun Joong would just not act on screen, a lot of times he brings that character he acted on even off cam!! Take a closer look at him specially on his come back drama project or his third album, see for yourself what I’m trying to say about this guy’s creative mind.

And so this creative art falls on his fans too as they create beautiful art works on Hyun Joong’s photos. All these creative photos are made by Hyun Joong’s fans. I was thinking if my articles will be sitting at the internet for a long time, might as well post their art creation until such time Hyun Joong gets to read all these articles I’ve been writing about him. He may not understand a single word in this article at least he’ll immediately get to look at the art craft you were doing.

Hyun Joong is fond of art craft, and sometimes his boredom of long hours of waiting in filming or shooting for photos, his restless hands would just create just about anything. As he was saying to his fans he will have better appreciation if the materials things given to him by his fans, are made up themselves meaning, personalized that you have done for him in your own personal capability. Instead of spending too much for his personal needs which obviously he can afford to buy, but of course something given as a present is different. But his point is, he just doesn’t want his fans to spend too much for him personally. I think for us ladies, it’s natural for us to have the kind of thoughtfulness we have that we do love giving presents for someone special.

Although I understand, it’s our happiness to shop for the guy, It feels good to shop for someone you love, and sometimes you even buy more expensive items than for yourself, actually I’m one of those ladies who would love to shop for a shirt for her man or anything he needs. We women are the opposite of men who’s just but practical, while we women extend to show our affection, it’s natural! Can’t do anything about it!!

Hyun Joong’s fans are very creative, believe me. Is this some kinda contagious disease again!! One time one of his fans was collecting all my articles, and there was another fan who is just like myself with eye sight disability and so she called for help, she can hardly read my article because my blog wall is in black. Actually she’s not the only one who has that problem. What can I do we’re just the same plus my being computer illiterate that could hardly help her. And so other fans on line gave her helping hand and it’s nice to look at them on line trying to consult each other to help one. And so I endorsed her to another fan blog with lighter blog wall so she can read my articles from her blog which this blogger re-post my daily articles religiously.

This fan who was collecting my articles stayed up all night to put links on every single article for the comfort of others, I was quite surprised it was 2am I was still writing my article for the following day, and she’s still up doing something for comfort of other fans who may be having problems in reading about Hyun Joong. I appreciate this very much, thank you, you know who you are. And another fan helped me in putting up photos from WGM which was creatively done and the video. Thanks to you all. I think this time it’s easier to locate my articles, so for those who wants to do marathon reading about Hyun Joong, you may locate them from Hyun Joong’s blog.

And for those who are fond of collecting Hyun Joong’s photos like what you see in this blog which are done creatively, I would advice you to go to twitter look for LazerKim and follow those whom I follow. Specially for new fans, you won’t lose your way, you can follow my articles through other bloggers. These bloggers are just not fans, they do work hard in spreading about Hyun Joong in their most creative ways and share it with you.

They are also very accommodating and friendly, and just as ready to help you. They do post many creative photos of Hyun Joong from time to time within the day, specially whenever updates are scarce. It’s nice to be collecting art photos of Hyun Joong, and you can them within Hyun Joong’s blogs.

May I just mention something that pinched my heart a bit. I was on line the other day and I was just viewing updates at the twitter and accidentally read from a young fan, as she wrote, “my God Hyun Joong doesn’t even know my country ever existed, how else about meeting him in person”. Sigh…… if I can only bring Hyun Joong in a dessert open area and gather all his fans from every corners of the world, I should have done so.

While we all sit in the sand and as we all listen to him holding his guitar as he sings for us…….sigh….it should have been a beautiful experience… specially if he sings his latest OST, I can only imagine his fans sharing shoulder to lean to with each other while in tears, tears of joy for having been given a chance to be with Hyun Joong….sigh….it’s also a nice experience to sometime imagine yourself being with him as a friend, as a son, as a brother or whatever, as long as his presence is there.

Don’t lose hope, my country is quite small but he was able to visit, there was quite a big number of fans in my country so it wasn’t really a problem as he came in twice. I’m sure he’ll be able to see all of us and this is just a matter of time. But for the mean time let’s help each other in expanding his network of fans, the more the merrier.

I think it’s been teary the past days having heard the song of Hyun Joong, I realize we fans do share our emotions with each other as all of us was being moved by Hyun Joong’s song. Another magic spell pour into our hearts. So for I change I decided to feature the work of arts of fan that they share to others coming from their own creativeness, that I appreciate so much.

By the way, there’s a good article by Ms Alice of Wonder Girl please do check it out the article entitle “IF YOU FEEL THE SAME”, by wondergirl, you may locate this article at Tags Kim Hyun Joong @wordpress, you won’t miss it. It’s a very good article.

Well I’m done again, with your daily dose with love. It’s a joy to write about him and   another side of himself as his Love of Arts is an in born quality of Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing.                                          

 Photo credits as tagged, thanks.

Photo credits as tagged, thanks.


11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE OF ARTS

  1. This reminded me way back he was always on a corner with a pad and a pencil and when he used to draw mustaches, hats and glasses to his own pictures.. he has always been so unique among all. His creativity is superb. He was very happy with his pad when he did Haptic Mission with the F4 his drawing won first place. He always give the best of him 100% even more. We all can’t deny his great sense of style even the most simple one shines by it’s own. I think that any career he pick for himself he would have done great cause he does it with a lot of love, attention and hard work. We all know his passion for music but we also recognize his other great talents. He inspire the fans to make very nice collage and cool design for us to enjoy, plus they get to have fun while doing it.. who wouldn’t enjoy putting pics of KHJ togethers all day I know I do I even have a pack of playing cards well I mostly enjoy watching them then playing with them.. sighhhh! I like the girl from twitters wish… we all can dream and hope some day it will happen! That last thing we loose is HOPE!

    Until soon LazerKim, thanks for the article.. Hope your feeling 1000% better!

  2. unnie…the pic.ofthe pirate king wif the one piece character in it…its not luffy it’s ace…!!! just telling though…!!!

  3. It’s really nice to see our HJ fans following the same creativity mind of him. I appreciate it very much. I can see all of them are willing to do something sake of him. Irrespective of the nation, color or boundaries so many are gathered to support HJ as well as themselves. Being sick or not well, but still lazer unnie can’t just lay on the bed without writing about him and also you know without your daily dose many can fall sick as well lol..
    If I get a day to see him in person it would be great if I can spend that day with you all too. Or if I won’t get a day to see him in person, I will be happy if, at least I can meet you all.
    Thank you LazerKim unnie. Have a great day!

    • hahaha I think all of us is just as restless w/o doing anything with HJ, simply bcoz we’re use to it already, including you. Thank you always and see you at twitter!!! have a nice day…God bless.

  4. This is not connected to this article but some other previous article you have written. It is about the song If You Feel the Same and the HJ interview if he has recently met a girl who he felt is his destiny…written by Wonderrrgirl. BTW, I enjoy reading most of your articles.

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