Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SPREAD THE WORD

By: LazerKim                 Everyday as the clock keeps ticking, and the most awaited day is just three days away from now, as Kim Hyun Joong will soon rock the stage in Singapore on May 4, 2012. Many of his international fans came rushing to get their ticket reservation to fly with Hyun Joong towards Singapore.

And yes I do feel the same way as you do, to be eagerly waiting for the day to come just to watch him from up far and wishing to be with others in Singapore to share a precious moment with Hyun Joong. This day will mark another event in Hyun Joong’s career, as he visits his fans from some parts of Asia.

I have been receiving a lot of emails from Hyun Joong’s fans sharing their over joy thought of having the chance to visit Singapore or Hong Kong and most of all the chance to meet the man in person. At the same time I have been receiving emails in expression of their sentiments over the event, since many have been wishing that Hyun Joong would be able to visit their country.

We just have to be patient considering this is the first Asian Tour Fan Meeting event for Hyun Joong and there will still be chances for him to visit other countries. This is only the beginning of his journey and in due time, Hyun Joong will be able to fulfill his dream to visit more countries to share his music to his fans. We can only wait and while doing so, let’s support him and his fans anywhere his wings take him.

I have written an article Count Down which talks about how advertising is the most important factor in every success of any event, and that advertising and promotion is the sole responsibility of the event organizer. I have deliberately written this in my humble simple knowledge about advertising because I would like the fans to be aware of who’s responsible for this and that. As I read about the organizers of Hyun Joong’s upcoming fan meeting on May 4 in Singapore and seems like these organizers are experts, specializing in concert events.

In this event Asia Tour Fan Meeting of Hyun Joong, I have clearly emphasized that this is more than just a fan meeting. Hyun Joong is preparing for 14 songs exclusively for this event, and this is more than enough for a fan meeting, that I would like everyone to take advantage of this to grab their ticket.

Since the official poster of Hyun Joong Asia Tour Fan Meeting had been released, by this time this poster should be visible in all authorized public places. Advertising schemes from the countries covered by Hyun Joong’s itinerary should be done the sooner the better. By this time, posters, fliers, streamers, the media newspapers, magazine, radio and television advertisements should be shown. Information dissemination is the most important in keeping public awareness about this upcoming event.

At the internet, this information had been posted and Hyun Joong’s fans are actively posting the advertisement. Although not all Hyun Joong’s fans have internet nor is active in it, it is still important that different advertising schemes are being materialized. May I say it again, that in any concerts or events, advertising and promotion, information dissemination is important in the success of the event. Spread the word that the Prince is coming!

In another related story, I have written an article For All Ages, that talks about Hyun Joong’s fans from different walks of life, different life status and different ages. For those who are not Kim Hyun Joong fans, are quite surprise by the fact that Hyun Joong indeed have elderly fans and mother fans. This may be the influence of Hyun Joong’s two dramas Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss that he was able to capture the hearts of the queen of every household all over the world.

A fan sent me an email and relating her story when she bought tickets for herself and her two daughters as soon as the tickets were available. As she was buying the tickets, the sales person from the ticket outlet asked her if she’s a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. The mother fan proudly said, “yes, and I’m not only a fan, but a loyal follower of Hyun Joong.” And she was telling the sales person not to get surprised if the buyers of the tickets are from the teens up to the elders, because Kim Hyun Joong had already captured the world!!

I would think Hyun Joong is being categorized as an idol star, and people may perceive that majority of the idols fan base are dominated by teenage fans. For some magical reasons Hyun Joong is different. He was able to conquer all age range of fans and from all walks of life. From the teenagers in high school, college students, working ladies, housewives, mothers and the grandmothers or elders. Hyun Joong indeed is Only One, and I’m very proud to be not only his fan but a loyal follower of Kim Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong won the top place as the “healing idol”!! As a music site Monkey3 conducted an on line survey with the title who is the healing idol that you think can be healed from just looking at him. A participant responded, “I get happy when I look at him , and both my eyes and heart are healed by him.”.  Well, I can only speak for myself that indeed Hyun Joong is my healing idol!

Hyun Joong seems to be everything to me in the sense of keeping me company everyday! If I feel like crying over depression, I listen to his song “If You’re Like Me”, and burst out all the pains I feel. It’s like one way for me to release. If I feel lousy I just play his video clips of his 4Dness, and I just laugh it out with him.

If I’m not in the mood to write I just stare at his pictures, as if he’s trying to tell me something what I have to write!!  If I’m angry specially to his critics, I listen to how he talks which is gentle and full of aspirations that somehow helps me mellow down my anger.

He is my stress reliever that heals my everyday struggle in life. Hyun Joong helped me a lot in my daily routine and inspires me to look forward for tomorrow. This is how Hyun Joong is for me, he is indeed a healing idol.

Hyun Joong has more than just a handsome face and perfect physical outlook. He has an excellent brain and a big heart. The totality of his personality is so captivating that even to those who barely know him can be magnetized by his looks. Way back in his high school days, Hyun Joong’s teacher was saying, seeing Hyun Joong walking down the street, you would know he’s not an ordinary kid. He has a kind of unique personality.

During those days Hyun Joong already had that magic charisma in him, that his school mates would seek for his friendship. When he was a kid, his mom was saying his IQ is at 140!! Would you be surprise, Hyun Joong is indeed a very smart guy.

At Hyun Joong’s documentary the Universal Music manager stated:

I have thought Korean artists are more aggressive that they aggressively capture people’s hearts. But Kim Hyun Joong belongs to the type that guards, protect, and defend. This does not mean that there isn’t any boldness or daring resolution but at the appropriate time he will reveal his presence. To have this kind of ability at such a young age is something amazing and rare.

I agree with his opinion, Hyun Joong recognizes the virtue of patience. Following Hyun Joong’s career path from the time he performed as solo artist, everything was carefully planned. If you analyse his activities last year, he took time in preparing his first album. He may not waste time in working hard to improve himself, but he just don’t grab on anything.

For him timing is very important, it’s just like saying, slowly but surely. And as his clock alarmed, he stepped in and Hyun Joong just made an explosive fanfare that was beyond his expectation, unstoppable chain of success was what he gained from his hard work.

Kim Hyun Joong stated: For me, I also have a dream. Because a great dream drives me to become a better me.

World star, universal star, Kim Hyun Joong’s dream keeps getting bigger. That bigger dream is to become a Kpop star that captivate the world that made him who he is. Kim Hyun Joong is coming your way and he’ll be there with you…… Spread the Word…….            

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GOLDEN HEART

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong is an artist known to have a big heart in helping the less fortunate or others who may need his help. In one of Hyun Joong’s interview with Lee Sora, he was saying, when it’s time for him to close his curtain as an artist, on his last show he would like to perform a concert for his fans for free, and that he’ll place a can for the fans to put whatever they can afford and would like to collect the money and give it charity.

This was not the first time I heard Hyun Joong spoke about giving free concert. Way back in time when he was still with his group, he was saying he would like to give free tickets for the students who can not afford to buy a concert ticket to watch their show.

These interviews echoed in my mind as I have read an open letter coming from another Hyun Joong’s fan club OKT or OnlyKHJtimes. Some fans from U.S. Singapore and Canada had sponsored some fans who have minimal budget to afford a ticket to attend the Asia Tour Fan Meeting. I was moved by the gesture of other fans who volunteered to be sponsors of the other fans who are just desperate to see Hyun Joong in person.

These fans are not just supporting Hyun Joong but had extended they’re support to their co-fans as their ways of sharing happiness and memories with Kim Hyun Joong. Thank you very much, may you have more blessings as you do share those blessings to others.

May I share with you this open letter for those who have not read it yet.


Dear friends from the world of Henecia,
Surprisingly, we got a few emails from some truly generous and kindhearted Henecians from US, SG and Canada in the past week. Knowing that some fans could not go to the FMs because of $ issue, they sent us $ to buy FM tickets for fans who desperately wanted to go to the FMs = whether in SG, HK or TW.
So far, we have managed to hook up 2 PH friends, 2 TW students and 1 MY to go to TW (The PH and MY peeps pay for the lodging and flight themselves. We just give them the sponsored tix).
Coming up, we’re going to hook up 5 more deserving fans to go to the SG FM.
We were genuinely surprised and felt honoured how there are fans who CANNOT come to the FMs themselves or feel that since they can, they want to help others who desperately want to see HJ at least once in their lives. As this message is written, 1 more generous Henecian from SG has pledged to sponsor 2 fans.
Seeing this trend of generous Henecians who truly want to help, we decided to write this short, open letter to all HJ fans out there: If you feel you want to be a sponsor for fans who really want to go for HJ’s FMs but can’t afford it – and if you feel you can trust us with your money – email us at onlykhjtimes[@], and we’ll talk. Please hurry, as the FM dates are edging closer as we speak.
Briefly, here’s our role: We will advise you about what to do, buy the tickets for you (be it in SG, TW or HK) and arrange for fans to go for the FMs.
We are only offering to do this with the SOLE intention of combining our efforts in the best way possible, to give practical support to HJ. If you do not trust us, please by all means, ignore this message.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Warmest regards,

OKT (OnlyKHJtimes)

I have known Hyun Joong fans are very accommodating and considerate, but I have not known that Hyun Joong’s fans can be so generous. Specially fans from US and Canada, since they are not covered by Hyun Joong’s itinerary and could not attend the event, they instead let another desperate fan to attend in their behalf.

The gesture is just so touching, to think and be concern with their co-fans who are basically strangers, but they gave their trust wholeheartedly knowing what every fan feels towards Kim Hyun Joong. Again may I thank the fans from US Singapore and Canada who had gone of their way in making other fans of Hyun Joong happy.

I believe these sponsoring fans has a genuine big heart, and again It makes me think of the sayings “tell me who your idol is and I’ll tell you what you are”. Hyun Joong’s natural trait of being generous and helpful to others is I think contagious to his fans too! I remember the successful concert in Yokohama Arena, that Hyun Joong gave his profit share from the concert to the homeless kids.

And quite recently, the gifts he had received from his fans were given to those who were victims of the recent calamity in Japan. These are just a few of good deeds Hyun Joong had for those who are in need. Not to mention the various charity organizations he has been actively supporting.

In one of the talk shows, Hyun Joong was asked, who manages his finances. And he said he personally handles his finances, because many among his relatives and friends are in need of his help and he personally attend to them.

And then I remember he was again asked in a talk show, if he had given his earnings to his parents, that time he was already promoting Breakdown. And he said, “No I have to pay for my taxes and it was quite huge amount, so I don’t have much money now.” I really laugh at this, just like that, he spilled out what was in his mind and honestly admitted where his money went!!

As we are aware of, since Hyun Joong was still a kid grade school pupil, he would go to the bank and deposit his saved money out of his allownace. He would save 80 cents a day no matter what happen. In short, ever since he was a kid he already knows how to manage his finances, that taught him self discipline. In all his video clips, I haven’t seen Hyun Joong having meals at a fancy restaurant eating fancy food. Except when he is with his boss Bae Yong Joon of course.

But if he’s alone or with his staffs, he would go to a less expensive practical eatery. He loves to drink in a side walk tent stall in Korea or an outdoor bar-b-que, if there is an occasion. Now, he can’t go out to karaoke bars anymore, so he content himself with his staffs and Artmatic at his dance studio, switch off the lights to create an atmosphere as if they are actually in a karaoke bar!! Content themselves with soju and crackers!! That’s Kim Hyun Joong as himself in reality. Not that he can not afford to buy fancy food or fancy places, but he’s just being practical and always humbles himself.

Hyun Joong tends to be stingy to himself so as he has more to give to the less fortunate and to those who are close to him who are in need. Hyun Joong may have fancy clothes, fancy cars, luxury apartment, this is just because of his status in life for being a star celeb. But if he’ll be given a personal choice, he’ll be gladly choose just a room enough for him to sleep, and ride bike to take him anywhere he pleases to go.

He seldom stays home for long hours because he always out to work. He grew up working his guts out, if you remember when he was still a trainee, he works in a restaurant as a service crew to support himself to live, since he was not given allowance during the time he was still training.

Hyun Joong had not forgotten his promise to two of his childhood friends, that anyone of them who’ll be successful, they will put up a restaurant. He was the first to became successful and so he went back to his friends as Hyun Joong raised the money needed to put up a restaurant and Jaksal Chicken was born. And currently having nine outlets and still growing bigger. Hyun Joong uses his own resources to expand, so that he can have more to be able to extend his support to the less fortunate, that he never fails to do so.

Whatever is in excess from what he earns from his hard work goes to charity and to those close to him who needed support. This is the other side of Kim Hyun Joong in reality.

Many of Hyun Joong’s fans are coming from the above average status in life. They too had gone out their way in their support and admiration to Hyun Joong. His fans extended that support to their co-fans to share a big part of an unforgettable memory to spend a day with Kim Hyun Joong.

This is such a remarkable gesture from Hyun Joong’s fans with a generous heart shares their unconditional love to Hyun Joong and beyond, to those who truly loves him too. I’m so proud to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong and so proud to be in a community of fans who genuinely shares what they got in making others happy. Hyun Joong’s golden heart sink in even to his fans, as they support him anywhere he is, support anything he does and with much more unconditional love.

A man with the golden heart will always share what he got. That’s Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                      LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SHINING STAR

By: LazerKim                During the time I was researching about the background of Kim Hyun Joong, I can only sit back having this thoughts, indeed Kim Hyun Joong was born to be a star. From his childhood as a model grade school pupil, and his drastic changes in his high school days till at present, he never let go of his dream. Telling about how he was amazed by his favorite rock star, there were already signs that he’s bound to be at the top as a shining star at present.

His stubbornness about fulfilling his dreams had pushed him real hard just for the sake of sharing his music just about to anyone who would listen to him. He worked so hard for his dream and here he is now, so shining bigger than a star can be.

As I was browsing for news update yesterday, I have read an article at Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog, from the source Xinmsn Entertainment. This article is a short email interview. Upon reading the words “email interview”, it somehow reminded me of a recent similar article as Hyun Joong’s credibility was under estimated.

But as I read this article, I said to myself this one is a credible email interview. I would say it’s credible because Hyun Joong had already shared a lot about himself to his fans, and so we know very well what is the truth about Kim Hyun Joong. Here I share with you the article:

 Kim Hyun Joong is just your regular guy    (Source: Xinmsn Entertainment)

The Korean singer-actor shares with xinmsn how different Kim Hyun Joong, the Hallyu star, is from the normal Kim Hyun Joong

Korean pretty boy Kim Hyun Joong will be in Singapore for the Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on May 4, where he will now high-five all 3,000 fans at the show . Each member of the audience will also receive a set of T-shirt and brooch, featuring the U:ZOOSIN character which is designed by Hyun Joong.

Prior to his arrival, xinmsn caught up with Hyun Joong in a short email interview, though a number of our questions were unfortunately censored by the Korean management. The Korean heartthrob shares his memorable moments in Singapore, why he thinks he is a ‘Lucky Guy’ and his plans in the near future.

Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012
Date: May 4, 2012 (Friday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets: S$198, S$168, S$138 (excluding S$3 SISTIC fee)

xinmsn is proud to be the official online media for Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore.

Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore is organised by Running Into The Sun and AMC Group Singapore.

1.)  You’ve been to Singapore so many times. What are some of your most memorable moments in Singapore?
(KHJ replied)    Every moment is memorable to me — the number of fans who welcomed me at the airport and gave me their warm reception and support during my stay in Singapore. I also look forward to attending this fan meeting.

2.)  You have a song called ‘Lucky Guy’. Do you think you’re a lucky person? Why?
(KHJ replied)    I think I am a very happy person currently, because I can do both music and acting, and is well-loved by people when doing both.

3.)  What’s the biggest difference between Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong and normal guy Kim Hyun Joong?
(KHJ replied)   I feel that Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong and normal guy Kim Hyun Joong is very different. Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong tries to show his perfect side to the fans, whereas the normal Kim Hyun Joong leads a normal life just like the others. I spend my time reading cartoons and playing soccer.

4.)  What are some of your future plans? Will you be releasing another album, or participate in any drama this year?
(KHJ replied)   I want to be able to do well in both music and acting, and not just focus on one particular area. This year, I plan to have album activities and acting. While preparing for this upcoming fan meeting, I’m also looking at good drama or movie scripts. I’ll try to show my fans a better side, so please look forward to it.

LazerKim View Point: (Korean Management)

May I just point out, at the beginning of this article, the third paragraph and I quote “though a number of our questions were unfortunately censored by the Korean management”. I would like to point out this statement before it turned to be a misconception, similar to the article by Rachel Boon. Since she mentioned that there are questions to Hyun Joong that are restricted. I think it’s not Hyun Joong who doesn’t want to answer questions but the Korean management. I think Korean Management pertains to KeyEast as Hyun Joong’s official agent.

I would agree with the Korean management as some questions were censored. Here’s probably why. There’s a video clip of Hyun Joong’s interview in Singapore Razor Pop, in 2010, the journalist interviewer was a lady. And these questions were thrown to Hyun Joong:

Question:>>>   In real life do you consider yourself a good kisser?

Although back then, the question prior to this was about Playful Kiss which Hyun Joong had just finished filming. My point is this, I find this question above rather unecessary. Finding if Hyun Joong is a good kisser should be asked to the receiving end and not to the initiator. Meaning the interviewer should ask the girl whom Hyun Joong kissed if he is a good kisser! And not the other way around.

And I find the question uncomfortable for a lady journalist interviewer to ask a man if he is a good kisser!! Nevertheless, Hyun Joong responded that he doesn’t have a girlfriend so he can not say if he is or is he not a good kisser. Oh my…sigh… Here’s another question:

Question:>>>  Is your face more appealing than Bae Yong Joon?

I find this question rather tactless!! And this question shouldn’t be asked neither to Hyun Joong nor to Bae Yong Joon. And considering Bae Yong Joon is Hyun Joong’s boss, I just don’t see the interviewer’s point why she has to ask that question. It would be better to ask anyone around her who’s more handsome!! Similar question was also asked of Hyun Joong and he replied, “it doesn’t matter who’s more handsome the important thing is Bae Yong Joon is my boss.”

I would agree that in every interview of Hyun Joong, questions has to be screened. Majority of artist does this. We know very well how candidly honest he is, but Hyun Joong is such a decent man to be insulted.

Rachel Boon the writer is still in my mind. I hope this will answer her as to why Hyun Joong have some restricted questions, but it’s not his decision to choose the questions to be answered, but the Korean Management. I would just like others from the media to respect Hyun Joong or any celeb, to be tactful in their interviews. This is just my opinion.

LazerKim View Point  (Kim Hyun Joong)

After reading this email interview, I felt so happy and very proud of Hyun Joong. The guy is so smart and as usual his candid honesty once again surfaced. Hyun Joong mentioned how warmly he was welcomed by his fans from Singapore.

I have watched the video clip of his visit in Singapore and indeed his fans were so excited by his presence, and he mentioned back then that he wants to come back to perform. He made the promise and now he is fulfilling it on May 4, 2012.

Hyun Joong was asked if he thinks he’s lucky. He humbly replied that he’s happy doing both singing, acting and being loved by many in doing both. Being lucky I think is different, because we fans knows quite well that Hyun Joong worked hard in any project given to him.

He seriously consider what may be lacking in him and doesn’t stop till he satisfies himself in improving his ability in both fields, before he steps on the stage. He seriously prepares himself fully dedicated to what he does. And now he gains out of the hard work, so I don’t think this is just luck. This is his all hard work, dedication and passion to his craft.

Hyun Joong was saying the difference of being a Hallyu star and the regular guy. Oh I got a big smile on my lips as I was reading this part. As I watch Hyun Joong on stage as he performs the image of a real man, you would fall in love by his charisma, his dynamic dance moves, and his sweet singing voice that can melt anyone’s heart.

And watching Hyun Joong, the same guy in his care free outfit playing around like a kid is so adorable. I would say Hyun Joong was loved by many for what he really is on or off stage. Be it the Hallyu star or the regular guy Kim Hyun Joong is Only One.

At the last part of this interview Hyun Joong had mentioned his plans and this true brought me to cloud nine!!! Guys, we have a lot to look forward to after his Asia Fan Meeting!! What else can I say? Let’s get busy, we fans got lots of working to do in supporting our Prince!!

Isn’t that exciting news, coming from himself? There’s the album, which I can guess had already been done and just waiting to be released and the most awaited drama! So my dear co-fans, let’s take this one step after the other. We focus our attention to the big event of Asia Tour Fan Meeting as we support Hyun Joong all the way wherever he is!!

Majority of Hyun Joong’s fans became addicted to him not only as an artist but as a person for who he really is. I can still remember his video interview way back when he was still with his group, as he stated, “There will come a time, there will be new faces with powerful performance, and you will soon forget me.”

For me actually this is true. After I have watched Hyun Joong at Boys Over Flower, I have almost forgotten him. And it’s true, there’s another artist much better than the flower boy I met at BOF. The guy was very manly, quite the opposite of from the BOF flower boy. The guy is in black short hair, in black leather suit and black glasses! He performed a very powerful piece of music that I hardly recognized. The guy’s name is Kim Hyun Joong, and the same BOF flower boy I’ve known in 2009.

Come to think of it, in that video interview back in time, he had already predicted a powerful star would come out. And back then I’m sure he wasn’t even expecting that he was the artist with powerful performance would come out and forget the flower boy of the past. Hyun Joong had only one mistake that time. And it was the thought that his fans will forget him. His fans proved he’s wrong, since they stayed on with him all these years that they never had left him after all….

Because for his fans, Kim Hyun Joong is the ONLY ONE shining star….

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] COUNT DOWN

By: LazerKim             There’s seven days left to go from today before we can finally watch the beginning of Kim Hyun Joong’s Asai Tour Fan Meeting, as he chose Singapore to be the first country he’ll be visiting on May 4, 2012. The count down had started as Hyun Joong’s fans are so eager to get their tickets for the fan meeting event. I still have not heard about his expected arrival to Singapore yet, so I can only speculate that’s probably two days before his performance, in preparation for the stage.

I was just thinking, maybe there’s a bit misconception to the general public that if you say Fan Meeting, that’s literally taken as what the word describe as fan meeting which means an exclusive gathering of fans of a certain celebrity. And normally if we say fan meeting, it has got to do with interaction between the celeb and his fans, there maybe fan games, interview with the celeb, fan autograph signing and the high five. But Hyun Joong’s fan meeting is different, it’s a mini concert and the usual set up of a fan meeting is combined into one. I think this has to be clearly emphasized specially in advertising the event.

Actually a non-fan of Hyun Joong can also buy the ticket since a mini concert shall be performed by Hyun Joong. I think the organizer of this fan meeting should emphasize on featuring the show performance of Hyun Joong so that even a non-fan can come and watch the show. This event can gain new fans out of the show to be performed and a chance to meet Kim Hyun Joong in person. And so if I were you, I would bring along a friend who is not a fan of Hyun Joong. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain more fans for Hyun Joong. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I think not all fans of Hyun Joong is active in the internet, and there might a possible misconception that if you say fan meeting others may be thinking this event goes on to fans who are members of a Hyun Joong fan club. So may I clearly state that this event if for everybody, be it a certified or a none member of a fan club.

If you are a new fan and you don’t belong to any fan club, you are most welcome to attend the fan meeting event. If you are a none fan of Kim Hyun Joong, you are most welcome to come and join others to watch his performance in person and may gladly participate in the activity at the same time.

Now let’s see what composes a concert or any event to be successful. Let’s see how it works and what comprises this fan meeting in terms of production package.

Kim Hyun Joong Personal Package: (Inclusive)

  • Flight ticket – Business or 1st class (KHJ, manager, bodyguard)
  • Flight ticket for the entire entourage (eco.class)
  • Hotel accommodation – VIP suit room for Hyun Joong
  • Hotel accommodation – for the entire entourage
  • Miscellaneous – food allowances for Hyun Joong & entourage
  • Production contract cost
  • Escorts and security

Production Coverage:

  • Venue
  • Mobile lights and sounds
  • Logistics
  • Advertising and Promotion

As Hyun Joong prepares for his show, and as soon as contract signing for the project and production planning had been done, the ball turn on to the organizers of this fan meeting event and starts rolling. A production set up is not enough, another vital to an event is advertising and promotion or public awareness program. This is where it all starts, that no matter how good and popular a performer is, if his show is not being advertised on its proper place and time, chances are no one will watch his show!

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to up-hold an effective info dissemination. Advertising lay out materials should be properly printed posted, and it is important to consider the right time in informing the public about the event. There has to be an ample time given to the public to prepare in purchasing tickets and set the date as appointment to watch the show. It is also expected that some fans from the neighboring country is very likely to  visit and attend the fan meeting event, timing is also important.

As soon as KeyEast has confirmed the Asia Tour, it was officially announced, and the fans started sharing the good news through the internet. As the Asia Tour is about to start Hyun Joong’s fans actively share their own way of advertising the Fan Meeting event. Some fans are so creative in using their skills in making fan arts and post it. It’s so nice to see fans doing their share of effort in keeping other well informed about Hyun Joong’s upcoming activities. From here friendship among themselves even developed as one coordinate with the other.

As soon as Hyun Joong arrives the country destination, the organizing team holds full responsibility on Hyun Joong and his entourage including his security and protection. By the time he arrives, everything enumerated above should be properly provided. Before he performs on stage, normally there are TV appearances to promote the up coming show. Media coverage is also important as a way of notifying the public about his visit.

These are just a few basic ideas in preparation which is likely to take place for this event. Hyun Joong starts his tour in Singapore on May 4 and that’s a week left to go for the organizers to be active in advertising the fan meeting event. By this time there should be posters, streamers, tarpaulins posted in your area, advertising leaflets should be destributed and TV or radio advertisements bout the event. I would say the earlier these materials are posted the better.

Most of the time, there are organizers using the complimentary tickets to be given as winning prize in a game shows in TV or in any public gathering. There is an alloted number of tickets used as complimentary for advertising purposes, and this is natural to any organized events. Advertising and promotion plays a big part in any event to be held, making sure that the general public is aware of the upcoming event. Internet is also a powerful medium in advertising. Recently, Hyun Joong released his video clip in promoting the Asia Tour fan meeting event and his fans are actively posting the video clips.

A good example of an effective advertising scheme that I can describe is the recent concert of Hyun Joong in Yokohama Arena. Any part in Japan that time, all you can see was Hyun Joong’s posters posted in all public places. Universal Music did a good job in their information dissemination. That concert and the upcoming fan meeting may be different in nature, but this will show how important advertising is. I truly appreciate the effort of Hyun Joong’s fans who are actively posting on line their creative fan arts as they use as advertising material.

Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour Fan Meeting is quite different from the usually normal fan meeting since Hyun Joong shall be performing a mini concert added to the fan meeting activity. As I mentioned earlier, a non-fan can have a chance to watch Hyun Joong in action as he performs similar to a concert and I think it will be a good idea to bring along your friends who are not Hyun Joong’s fans.

By this way, Hyun Joong may win your friend’s heart and you may never know they too can be as addicted as you are to Kim Hyun Joong. We know very well how his magic charisma can win anybody’s heart. So take advantage of this rare chance and bring in some of your friends with you. What have you got to lose? On the contrary you gain fans for Hyun Joong and you can gain someone to share your love for Hyun Joong.

By this time, Hyun Joong’s fans from Singapore must busy in their preparation for his arrival and I can feel how that must be exciting. With the fans from other countries, let us pour in our support to Singapore since this is gonna be Hyun Joong’s first stop and let us pray for the success of this Fan Meeting event. After the event in Singapore we move in to the next country in itinerary and pour the same support as we are doing for Singapore.

At this time Hyun Joong needs us as his fans, in every activity he has, let join hand in hand and support his project and the fans directly involve in his projects. I believe in collective force by Hyun Joong’s fans is as powerful to push him up towards the success of his every endeavor. Let us stay by his side always.

As we make our own count down to the big event,  Kim Hyun Joong makes his own count down too, as he set to share his music and love to his fans in person…..

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STARDOM ROAD

By: LazerKim              May I start this article by appreciating a Kim Hyun Joong fan who left a link in my comment box last April 24, to share about the news from Jakarta Post. She did not leave her name, and I can only thank you for your concern, she was bothered and I understand what she wants me to do about the news.  I would like to appeal to other fans, if you happen to read any criticism to Kim Hyun Joong, I would appreciate it very much it you can share it with me, so that I can do something about it.

My point is simple, Hyun Joong has no way to defend himself against his critics, specially news coming from the internet. And these news are written in English and I think it would be better for his international fans to defend him. I’m sure he’s not even aware that he’s already being stubbed at his back by his critics. I do hope you will understand, that Hyun Joong is on his way preparing for his Asia Tour and as I mentioned in my previous articles, critics are bound to mess around just to put him down.

My apologies that I can not just ignore those criticisms, specially coming from reputable broadsheet newspapers. Internet is now so powerful, that one news item can either make you or destroy you. And I know how Hyun Joong fans feel every time they read anything that criticizes Hyun Joong, because I do feel the same way.

I can let go, why not, but I have to say my humble piece of thoughts first and foremost, to Hyun Joong’s critics before I can brush it off my shoulders or before other new fans misunderstood. I am not a professional writer, I’m just a simple new fan of Hyun Joong who writes all about his story and this is the only way I can defend him.

After I have posted my article yesterday, I did a little research about the news writer and the publisher. The article “Korean Idol Plays it Safe”, was written by a Singaporean name Rachel Boon, she’s a professional writer, whom I find a bit ill mannered in terms of writing that article. And had under estimated her possible readers, who happens to be Kim Hyun Joong fans who are smart.

The Straits Times a Singaporean broadsheet newspaper and this article was posted at the Jakarta Post, a reputable broadsheet Indonesian newspaper. Needless to say how this article connects, it’s because Hyun Joong will soon be in Singapore and still hoping a visit from him in Indonesia.

An Indonesian fan wrote in my comment box that she feels a shame that a reputable newspaper from her country would post such article. Now this goes to Indonesian fans and Singaporean fans, just as much Hyun Joong is being loved by different nationalities all over the world, he has that much critics too all over the world. Don’t let that shame sink in to your system, instead let it be your strength to protect the Prince. We are hurt because we love him so much, we respect him, and it is so unfortunate that these people criticizing him doesn’t know him at all.

I watched Hyun Joong documentary part 3, and I can imagine him being back to his studios. From the documentary, it was said that, shortly after confirming his Asia Tour Hyun Joong is diligently practicing very hard for the up-coming Asia Tour performances. His dance moves or routine needs a lot of stamina and energy so even professional dancers also feel the strain.

A brief break after hydrating his throat, Hyun Joong would just take a little breather, and after some minutes, on his toes again as he continues with the rehearsals. He just goes on and on, that even the Artmatic group captain would tell Hyun Joong that he also needs to take a rest, Hyun Joong will. But while resting, he’s singing!! He’s just so restless and wouldn’t waste time. After his dance rehearsals, Hyun Joong moves to the other room which is a gym and had his training for two hours.

Hyun Joong spends more or less seven hours in his dance studio, two hours at the gym and hit the recording studio for five hours depending on the out come of his recording. He literally works his guts out to achieve perfection. He wouldn’t mind repeating this routine over and over again until he satisfies himself. Hyun Joong is just tireless, and not to mention his presence during production meetings that he seriously been attending since he pays attention to every details of his Asia Tour project.

These are the matters he has to undergo in production preparation, which involves his physical and mental ability to be able to achieve a successful show production results. I still believe that anything Hyun Joong works hard for, his formula in attaining perfection turn out more than what he expects. He might encounter internal problems during the preparation, and those matters do happen at times.

This creates stress since Hyun Joong does his projects hands on, it’s a responsibility he has to manage, but it’s a worthwhile experience for him. Anything Hyun Joong work on is something he values because it’s not only his talent that makes it effective but his dedication to it. These are the things we do not see as it happens behind the scene.

Hyun Joong’s road to stardom is not an easy one. The further he steps up, the more trials he will encounter, and these trials are his learning process. In every door that opens for him, he takes all his chances as if it is his last since Hyun Joong is constantly trying his best to improve himself. There are still a lot to look forward for this year as Hyun Joong plans it out and materialize. And while he’s doing his best, there may be obstacles, if not within his work place, then outside of it.

And these are his detractors, which are like termites hidden in the dark that you barely see but can multiply as fast, called rumors. That you do not know where it is coming from these termites have only one aim, and that is to destroy. This is where the alien soldiers should come in. Are you running away from those termites? No of course not,  face them before they multiply further and fleet them to eliminate until it dies.!!!

As Hyun Joong shines, all eyes are at his movements. Specially at this time that his popularity is still growing bigger around the world, it is very likely that others may be extremely jealous of his success. Since I don’t see any rivalry among the Kpop idols, other fans of another celeb may be envious and this is natural in showbiz. The media is just so greedy to get their scoop or news about rising celebrities. His critics will just be roaming around finding ways to destruct Hyun Joong’s  activities.

These are just a few obstacles that Hyun Joong may encounter. While we prepare for his every event, we happily wait for his visit to our respective country, at the same time let’s keep our awareness open. I’m writing this article not to alarm you but to be aware that there will always be something to destruct his good works and plans. This is his road to stardom and let’s be with him as we cast out obstacles along his path. While Hyun Joong is doing his best working hard to bring out everything he has got for his fans, let’s do our share in supporting him all the way and protecting the Prince.

We fans may have differences which is just natural but I still believe we can unite ourselves in Protecting the Prince and this is the most important thing above everything else. The respective countries in his itinerary for the Asia Tour Fan Meeting, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and still waiting for the chances for Indonesia and Thailand please do take care and Protect the Prince.

Enjoy yourselves with Hyun Joong as he creates a memorable event that you will always remember. We fans not enlisted in his itinerary will be watching over him from up far. We may not be with you but we will be praying for Hyun Joong’s safety and his fans. We will be praying for the success of this Asia Tour Fan Meeting event as it transpires.

Hyun Joong’s road to stardom may sometimes be rocky and bumpy. We fans, can help each other to lighten up any possible burden that may cause Hyun Joong’s bumpy road. While the Prince works hard for his fans, let’s do our share in eliminating those obstacles. The termites and other insects has to be fleeted away, if you know what I mean!!

As I mentioned earlier if in case you happen to read articles or write ups against Hyun Joong which may also causing pain to you personally, please don’t hesitate to share it. I will always be here for you to hear you out. You may twit or email me as other fans do, specially the new fans who are shy to leave message at my comment box. You are most welcome to share with me and I will respond to you as I normally do to other fans. And with that, I’m done with my daily dose again!!

Kim Hyun Joong had chosen this Road to Stardom, and needless to say as his fans will take the same road with him, to bring him up to the highest place of Stardom……

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong Schedule:  Asia Tour Fan Meeting 2012

Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PROTECT PRINCE!

By: LazerKim                   Kim Hyun Joong has been gaining a huge popularity within a short period of time ever since he released his first album Breakdown. And we all know very well that his gaining popularity started since 2009 as he did the character Yoon Jo Hoo for Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss. As Hyun Joong debuted in June 2011 as a solo singer, his popularity even boost remarkably higher. This year 2012 Hyun Joong debuted his album for Japanese market again marked a history in the Japanese music industry, bringing his first album in the gold record status.

History would tell that every time Hyun Joong gets into a big project, his critics are there to just mess up. I have already accepted this fact that he will always be surrounded by those critics or the antis. That is just as expected since Hyun Joong had been gaining more and more fans.

Gaining more popularity and getting his steps upward to stardom remarkably in speed that none can stop him. What can we do? No matter how much degree of attack thrown to Hyun Joong, the more he goes up. Haven’t the critics and anits realize that fact?

Last week a news broke out about Taiwan complaining about ticket price and yesterday morning  the news was there again. Now this really makes me doubtful about the legitimacy of that news. I was thinking these fans allegedly to be complaining about ticket price may not be Hyun Joong’s fans.

These so-called fans may not be genuine fans but the antis pretending to be Hyun Joong fans. That’s possible, because it’s so easy to say you’re a fan of so and so and brought the matter to KeyEast. Of course KeyEast made an explanation, but you can just imagine how much pressure this would cause Hyun Joong.

I truly believe that Hyun Joong Taiwanese fans are dedicated. And they will do anything just to support Hyun Joong. We have witness this once when Hyun Joong visited Taiwan for The Face Shop and he was warmly welcomed by his fans and the media. So this news is just impossible.

I’ve been receiving emails from other fans from Taiwan after they read my article Fan Meeting, and they said ticket price are reasonably affordable. So what does this news mean? It could be somebody is putting pressure on Hyun Joong, and that’s how I see it. I believe there’s a bigger demand from Taiwan since Hyun Joong will be having two performance.

Someone from my comment box left a link for me to read, it’s an article from Jakarta Post dated April 24, 2012. If you read the article it seemed positive but as you read it, it appears to be negative criticism. Don’t be mislead if you’ll read the article, it appears to be nice at the beginning but with negative insinuation against Hyun Joong.

Jakarata Post    Korean idol plays it safe    (source:  The Strait Times)

Here are some things Life! found out about him in an e-mail interview that is the equivalent of an anatomically correct Ken doll – there is only the smile and perfect hair with no controversial bits to mar his image.

His e-mail interview technique makes perfect sense since the man comes from a land where plastic surgery is commonplace.

Don’t like the nose you were born with? Get a new one. Don’t like questions you are asked? Cancel them out.

Here are some of the questions he took a scalpel to: How do you stand out from other solo artists such as Rain, Se7en or Taeyang and G-Dragon from Big Bang? Do you find it harder to succeed in K-pop as a solo artist, compared to being in a K-pop band? What is the one fashion style that you really like?

Forget about him speaking out in support of fellow entertainers in South Korean show business who have been harassed.

Questions about Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Seok Woo, who is being investigated for alleged charges of sexual harassment, were all crossed out.

While he will not admit it, he sounds – just a little – like he could be looking over his shoulders at the competition from other singers.

He sure works hard for his money, er, sorry, we mean his fans.

LazerKim View Point:

The writer of that article has her opinion that I should respect, fine. I’m just wondering, what’s her motive writing that article? Is it for fun? May I just quote “forget about him speaking out in support of fellow entertainer in S.Korea show business who have been harassed.”            Is there such thing in showbiz?

I may not be aware of, but was there any celeb who publicly defended Hyun Joong when he was caught in a malicious controversy? In my language we say this as “Buntot mo Hila mo”. In English we translate it as – Pull up your own tail. That is how it is in politics and in showbiz reality. You don’t need to broadcast about your support to a friend! Not if the celeb needs air time and photo shoot for publicity!!!

May I quote: “His email interview makes perfect sense the man comes from a land where plastic surgery is common place”.

Wow! What a way to insult a country! Forgive me my dear readers, but may I just write what I feel, anyway this is my blog, it’s my right. How I wish North Korea missile would point their target to this writer! My goodness!

I really hope this writer would have time to read my articles to know more about Kim Hyun Joong, before she insult him. She might just regret she ever had written that article. *wink* Spare me some time, anyway I gave you sometime to read your article, you are most welcome to read mine, and I’m sure you’ll know who Kim Hyun Joong is.

Since there’s a plan to include Indonesia in Hyun Joong’s itinerary, I can’t help to think, is this another way of under estimating his credibility? It seems to me that the writer is against Hyun Joong.  And towards the end of the article she wrote as “He works hard for his money…err…sorry we mean his fans.” Very clever but not funny at all. Ms. Writer, are you somewhat jealous?? Oh please don’t be, whatever chain of success that Hyun Joong attains, is his fate. He works hard for it, Hyun Joong is a nice person that I don’t think he deserve such insinuations.

But she did her criticism in a subtle way, yet it’s still so insulting to Hyun Joong. Alright girl, you won my attention, but bear this in mind, the more Hyun Joong is being criticized, the further he goes up to his ladder of success. Nobody can stop Hyun Joong, because he is destined to be up there. So keep doing so whatever motive you have, we’ll throw it back to you with love!!  *wink* *wink*

In another news update the other day, it was said that Hyun Joong has been practicing for the fan meeting and Hyun Joong even added a high-five session on this event, I think that’s gonna be 500 fans for the event. My goodness!! He’s doing this just to satisfy his fans. What else would you wish for? It’s good China agreed not to have the high-five session. And aside from the high-five there will be T-shirt be given for every purchase of ticket in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Ladies you are so lucky, you’ll not only get to watch Hyun Joong perform and interact with, you still be taking home some goodies!! Now go run to the nearest ticket outlet in your area and grab the ticket. Don’t mind those insects roaming around to mess up the event, the alien soldiers will take care of them.. Oh Hyun Joong just hate insects, and we all know that!! How I wish to gather those insects in a net, wiggle it till they realize that they are indeed insects!!

In many events in the past, we have all witness how Hyun Joong was warmly welcomed by his fans from his arrival at the airport to his departure from different country airports in Asia. As we recall his recent visit in China which was unexpectedly turned out in a fan crowded commotion, as fans went out of control of their excitement upon seeing Hyun Joong. But I’m very sure that will never happen again. This may just be a friendly reminder as we observe orderly and organize warm welcome to Hyun Joong’s arrival to your country.

Yesterday I read another news, and it was said that Hyun Joong took the challenge of high-five session to all 3,000 fans in Singapore!! This must be tiring, but what can we do Hyun Joong wants to get closer to his fans. Even I know his fans would be contended to watch him perform as he sings and dance, to have Hyun Joong just sit back and talk about himself as everyone listens to him. That would be nice I think. It’s more relaxing, but I think Hyun Joong wants his fans to have a closer look at him. Anyway, I’m sure Singapore will take care of him.

As Hyun Joong takes his journey to visit his fans, the world will be keeping an eye on him as we always do, and wishing we’re there with the others too. Of course it’s everyone’s first instinct to get really excited patiently waiting for the coming of the Prince,that’s very natural. But let’s not forget that Hyun Joong’s comfort is important above everything else. I’m sure HyunJoong’s fans will be preparing on his arrival to your country, and so welcome him with all your excitement, but allow him to take a glimpse of what you have prepared for him.

In my previous articles, I always have been saying, being a fan is not only cheering for Hyun Joong, supporting, caring and loving him. We fans have to Protect the Prince at all cause. We know very well his status in the stardom, and it is very likely we will encounter many detractors along his way. There are many instances that he can not defend himself and we may never know, he might not even aware who his detractors are. We fans then defend him on his behalf, we see who those detractor are.

Hyun Joong would only remain silent while these people insult him or criticize him. If not, they will try to mess around just before Hyun Joong can make his first step towards his plans of meeting his fans. My dear co-fans specially the new fans, do not let this put you down. I know it hurts whenever these things are being done to Hyun Joong that he does not deserve such insulting insinuations. But remember, a tree that bears good fruits tend to be stoned down. So let’s keep our awareness open, keep your eyes open about updates too.

Again may I say, Kim Hyun Joong just hate insects, he doesn’t even like the sight of it. Let’s pumper our Prince, making sure those insect doesn’t get near Hyun Joong, fleet them right away!! As Hyun Joong visits your country, welcome him with all your love and while he is in your country, keep eye on those who will try to mess around Hyun Joong.

This is how it is to be a fan, but you’re not alone in your defense in protecting Hyun Joong, somebody will always come to help you defend him. Let’s just take it as many are quite jealous of Hyun Joong’s success, and jealousy can push a person to his downfall, but one can never put a good man down.

As we started our count down for Singapore, 8 days to go before he steps on that stage, for those who have not gotten their tickets for the Fan Meeting go get them now. This is your chance to show your sincere support to Hyun Joong and this is a very good chance to spend a memorable day with him.

I can only say this to every fan of Kim Hyun Joong…….PROTECT THE PRINCE!!

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing.                                                  

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] USEFUL INFORMATION

By: LazerKim              ” Kim Hyun Joong practicing hard for Taiwan Fan meeting”. As I woke up this morning, this was the first update news that I have read. I think Hyun Joong is pretty excited in his upcoming Asia Tour Fan Meeting event. And the happy news I read after this is that Hyun Joong will extend his tour to Indonesia and Thailand. I’ve been praying for this, since fans from these two countries are among the rest who have been wishing for his visit. I sincerely hope this would push through, and still hoping for more countries to be included in his itinerary.

Many of my readers have been preparing for the fan meeting specially fans from the neighboring countries which were not included in the itinerary. I came across an interesting article which can help international fans find their way, specially those who are traveling by themselves. I fully understand the feeling of traveling alone in a strange country but a group of fans OKT (onlykhjtimes) thought and planned on how they can help other fans specially those coming from other countries.

As I have mentioned in my other articles, Hyun Joong’s fans is a one big family any where you go around the world there is that feeling of instance familiarity once you hear the name Kim Hyun Joong. And so I won’t take much of your time, since I would like you to focus your attention to this important information. May I just say, if there’s a will there’s a way…. With Kim Hyun Joong nothing is impossible..

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing.

This information is coming from and I got this copy from Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog Thank you for sharing these useful information.

[Info] Useful Informations for Henecians Attending KHJ Asia Fan Meetings


When the fanmeet stops of KHJ’s Asia Tour 2012 were announced, many of us in OKT got busy looking at which were the venues that we could go, which was the nearest, the most convenient for us.

Our members are scattered in about 12 countries = some in Asia, some not.

Many of us do not have a FM in our home country but we didn’t waste time lamenting about why a FM was not held in our home country.

Maybe that is not our way. After all, we all live in a world now that supposedly everyone can fly. Erm, I mean there are some cheap flights. (Thank goodness for the flourishing budget airline industry!)

So instead, we planned, we discussed, and we pulled strings. We got friends and friends of friends to help in booking tickets, hotel recommendations and voila!

About 12 of us are going to going to the FMs in Hong Kong, in Singapore, in Taiwan. To save money, many of us are sharing rooms.

Many of us have never met each other at all…so it is a meeting of dongsaengs and eonnis who have come to know each other over the last 1 year, all through our love of KHJ.

The point of the little story above is merely this: we understand that some of you out there who are from other countries may be vacillating about whether to go for HJ’s overseas fanmeets or not because none is held in your home country.

You may have a partner to go with you, you may not.

You may worry about visiting a foreign place all by yourself.

You may be thinking about waiting for the world tour that HJ had mentioned some time ago.

Some of our members had the same worries, as not all 12 are going to all locations. But we remembered something important: ‘Life is just ONE shot’. Don’t live with regrets. You never know what tomorrow brings.

The reason why many of us in OKT rushed to get tickets to see HJ is because not all our members have seen HJ in person and many are done with waiting for others to tell them how wonderful HJ is. They are impatient to see for themselves.

They want the real thing. They are tired of shouting ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ online, in twitters, on blogs.

And they want to tell him personally, to shout aloud with the rest of Henecia and Triple S out there…the one word that’s resounding in our hearts all along: Kim Hyun Joong, hwaiting!

But we understand how you feel as you dither about whether to go for the FM or not. In view of the possible difficulties you think you will face, in view of some of the worries that you may have in your heart, we want to let you know that all of us here in OKT will try our best to help you out. Be it in ticketing, hunting down reasonably-priced accommodation, or helping you find your way to the FM venue.

Some of our members will be at the Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong meets. We are a network of friends who work in support of HJ. So please do not be shy to talk to us if you need help. You only need to ask. Our email is: onlykhjtimes[@]

Oh, and if any of you out there may have somehow been misinformed by irresponsible parties that it is just a FM and not worth the price, well, HJ is going to be bringing a crew of over 40 people to give his fans what may amount to a full-concert experience.

In the two-hour FM, there will be 14 songs, a lucky draw for 500 fans to go on stage and hi-5 with him, and HJ is personally preparing mystery gifts for his fans as this post is written.

He will sing, he will dance; he will talk, he will laugh, and he will share stories with us.

To many of us who had been to numerous supposedly full-scale concerts, we are actually THANKFUL that this is not like other full-scale concerts. BECAUSE IT IS WAY BETTER. Hehe.                                                  

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Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour Fan Meeting Schedule: