Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CLOSER LOOK

By: LazerKim                 All celebrities differ from one another in terms of physical looks, and their talents, on how we see them on stage. With singers particularly Kpop artists have different style in their music. Of course we can only see their difference once we get to have a closer look at each of them. Kim Hyun Joong is a singer, dancer, and actor. Other Kpop artist may have the same talent as he does, but what factors does Hyun Joong has over other artist? Again, I tried to compare Hyun Joong with other celebs, since that time there were news articles about Hyun Joong being compared with other artists. In my assessment, it was dead end, and so I tried to view other Kpop artists video clips, at least the most popular once.

I started viewing one of the hottest idol group, I was impressed by the concert stage set up, the entire show was good. Except in my opinion, that the opening down to the finale, it seemed the music concept doesn’t change except for the beat, either fast or slow. Other than this, it looks like everything is the same that you can not identify one music to the other. Maybe something was not right with the show sequence. But in fairness they are all good singers, except that, their music has the same concept. Maybe if this group can create variation in their music should have been excellent. But individual members are really good singers.

There were other idol groups too who are currently taking turns in performing a concert in Japan. And there were new ones with the same type of music too, obviously are teenagers too, and there are time I can see the group SS501 from them off stage because they are cute and playful too. Almost all the music of idol groups are almost all the same. I just specifically mentioned this hottest idol group earlier because they’re the senior and they are one of the best in  terms of Kpop idol music.

Although I understand the age range of this certain idol group are teenagers. And probably this is the type of music is salable to teenagers, and so the group sticks to that type of music. Without realizing the type of music can easily fade in just a matter of few months. Well, in business whatever commodity is currently salable in the market will have that for months until such time it goes to the bargain section for sale. Again, I don’t think I want Hyun Joong’s music to end up just like that, I want his music stay within the limited edition.

I’m not really fond of idol groups, it’s just that Hyun Joong had always been categorized with them and artists with the same category with Hyun Joong maybe are less active or maybe I’m just not aware of their existence. The last time I’ve seen them was during MAMA and during the period of Hyun Joong was launching his first album. Are they gone with the wind? Is this the reason why Hyun Joong seemed to be in line with the idols where in fact he’s not?

May I just say this without being bias, during the time of SS501, this is one idol group that made difference in their music. They put in more variation, they did not stick to the one kind of music which is in the trend. And so their music can be easily identify because the music sound of each is quite different from the other. And so you won’t get tired of watching their concert or listening because the music concept has a variation. And SS501 music are suitable for all ages that can be appreciated by the not so young fans. Their music are still in my playlist which I still listen to everyday together with the music of Hyun Joong.

This group was able to maintain their good reputation in the public eye till the end, they remained ever loving to their fans even they perform their individual activities.  My hats off to this group, in terms of music creation, performance and their attitude towards their fans, which I admire most. SS501 may not be there, but their music stays, will always be remembered and appreciated. I was never been a fan of SS501, since they’re no longer around when I started writing with Hyun Joong. But the group will always be a part of Hyun Joong’s life that will never be forgotten.

I remember in one showdown there were three performers including Hyun Joong, it’s like one solo performer, one duet, and a group of five I think. If you watch these three set of performers without being bias because they are all good in their own craft. But Hyun Joong’s music and his performance stands out even at MAMA, I think he’s the only performer who did a totally different music from others. And I’m sure other performers in that show knows it too.

Now going back to that showdown, the three sets of performers had one common ground in their music, there were rappers, even Hyun Joong’s breakdown has a part with rap. All three musics and performance were powerful but they differ from one another. Hyun Joong still stand out from  the two groups even I would say they may be better singers in reality but having a good singing voice is not everything in performing on stage.

It’s Hyun Joong’s totality, perfect showmanship and class that made him stand out among the rest. Stage appeal is very important to any artist. Hyun Joong would just step on that stage and do his best as if that’s his last performance, and you wouldn’t see that air of competing with others.

Many had criticized Hyun Joong for doing Lucky Guy without realizing what this music brought to the young generation. This music made the difference among the rest of the music teenagers listen to. If artists will not introduce new type of music to the teenagers then, how can they learn how to identify music, concept and arts? And many were criticizing Hyun Joong’s image here as manufactured. See? This is completely a sign of ignorance, because they have gone used to the usual and so they couldn’t appreciate the new ones. Once in a while we have to bend a little to the new ones that is unique and don’t stuck yourselves to the usual, otherwise you won’t grow, specially the young ones.

And this music came to a point that Korean Gov’t authorities saying it’s a malicious song, with all due respect,  I couldn’t see anything wrong with Lucky Guy. I think the present generation are smart enough to understand what a casino is, what gambling is. I will not elaborate on this matter since that news died a natural death!!

Hyun Joong is always up to doing something new always, something different, I think that’s very obvious even in his fashion trend. He’s very creative and if you listen to all his music, everything differ from one another. Like one of the critic said, she likes Please which is an R & B (rhythm & blues) type of music, and that Hyun Joong should have concentrated on that music, and create more R&B. And so the idea is just the same as the other idol group I mentioned earlier, singing the same tone of music, which contradicts to Hyun Joong’s objective of bringing up variation in his music.

One day Hyun Joong just showed up in his dark short hair, black leather suit portraying a real man image doing Breakdown that had taken everyone in a shock!! Then the next day he appeared in a cute guy next door looks, doing Kiss Kiss which is a total contrast of his image in Breakdown. And another day came showing up in a blonde curly dandy looks which again the opposite of the other two different appearances he did. The guy will just always surprise you with a package full of different goodies that you’ll never get tired of.

Lately Hyun Joong got out of his cocoon in dark brown hair, I can’t help to think, ooppss he’s cooking something that’s very sure. We don’t hear any schedule from KeyEast which I think is much better. He’ll finally come out with another surprise. Let’s just get use to it, anyway we fans know him better. And for the new fans, this is Hyun Joong, you may not see him as often as you do from other celeb, but I bet you, you’ll fall for him again once you get to see him. Being mysterious is good, I would love the feeling of being surprised that you would say “Oh my God”!! rather have that kind of feelings rather than seeing him with the expression of “ah okay”!! meaning that expression is “had gone used to” or quite expected.

If you come up to a closer look at Hyun Joong and other artists, you would experience two different ideas on how you express yourself upon seeing them. Upon seeing other artists you would say “Oh that’s him!” Upon seeing Hyun Joong you would say “Is that him”?? Why? Because every time Hyun Joong is out there he’ll make sure he looks different. It’s like meeting a new man every time. The only thing that will betray him is when he talks!! Because that’s the only thing that doesn’t change, the way he talks and the contents of what he is saying which is always sincere. Oh yes, when he’s holding a microphone, even you do not understand what he’s saying, you’ll just hear his audience laughing!! And so you may conclude that’s Kim Hyun Joong!! No more doubts, that’s him!!


This is no joke, when he was at UN to receive his recognition appointment, I asked myself, is this an old video!!?? I stared at him for long time just to make sure it’s his current video clip!!! A fan screamed while she’s at a public transportation upon seeing him in his new dark colored hair!! See? Those are the typical reactions you’ll see from Hyun Joong’s fans every time he’s out there. Hyun Joong made the people there at UN meeting laugh again!! So I’m sure that’s Hyun Joong!!! But the feeling of seeing him again is great!!

Oh my God, you’ll only laugh about incidents like this from Hyun Joong’s fans!! For the new fans, start getting use to being surprised about Hyun Joong, it’s in his nature, the guy is restless that he wants to do a lot of things to himself, but anything he does he still looks handsome!! When he talks well,………’s either you’ll laugh or touched. He’s so adorable whenever he talks, specially whenever he says something out of context!! Who wouldn’t miss this guy!!

You got only two choices to choose from if you take a closer look and listen to him and to what he’s saying. Hyun Joong is such a fun, specially when he commits an innocent mistake or his 4D attack. When you try to reminisce those moments having him to listen to, you can just smile and brightens your day.

Hyun Joong has many talents as he sing dance on stage doing it to bring out the best in him consistently without competing with his co-artists, but merely just to share his music with everyone. He makes a lot of difference among all other artists as we dissect other idols to see what makes him different.

Kim Hyun Joong is a special unique individual, beyond comparable and in his own effort to improve himself resulted beyond anyone’s expectation, he was born to be a star.

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CLOSER LOOK

  1. I really like HJ’s album concepts. Each one is different from the other that’s why I never get bored with it. I’ve downloaded all albums of other popular idol grps but most of the time only the title tracks stays on my mind, then the rest of the songs just sound the same to me so I can’t really identify which is which. With regards to SS501, in fairness I like almost all songs of all their albums because there’s variety and big difference in sounds and rhythm. I can definitely identify and name their song if I heard it. But it’s not because I’m biased to them or whatever ‘coz I’ve done the same to other albums of other groups but it just won’t register in my mind. But performance, stage presence and effects I think they’re all equally good. I haven’t been to any concerts of SS501 but I’ve watched their videos and it’s really amazing. It’s very warm, and I get this family vibe among them and their fans even though it’s just through videos. 😀

    Well I don’t know about the others coz I don’t really know that much about them but I salute KHJ for being brave to try new different things. It takes a lot of guts and courage to step out with a whole different concept and image one after another. HJ is the type of guy that will not settle with just 1 idea and he’s definitely not the type to just follow the trend or do things just because all others are doing it too, his unique 4D brain is not hard wired for that kind of thinking. He goes way out from the norm and makes his own trend. I like it about him, makes him stand-out among others, makes me interested, hooked, thrilled, excited and full of anticipation every time he is on hibernate mode ‘coz I know he will definitely come out with something new that would surprise us all. Although not all can appreciate it but I honestly don’t care about others criticizing his choice of music. Those people have been so used to listening and liking the same type of songs over and over again that’s why they can’t appreciate new ones. Well too bad their loss, they won’t evolve. But I won’t force them if they really don’t like it, it’s their choice anyway.

    Well, I just hope KHJ won’t run out of new ideas….but then again I know he won’t ‘coz he’s a unique and smart person so he won’t definitely run out of unique ideas. And when he retires and grow older and us fans grow older too I can really proudly say to the my children and the younger ones that…..That is Kim Hyun Joong’s music! 😀

  2. KHJ is really a remarkable guy.. his music touches you in so many ways, that is so great to have that variation in music. You can take his music and experience so many emotions. We can dance, sing, think , remember some wonderful memories and most of all you can love. His style may vary from time to time from performance through performance but under all that changes is still the man,the same person, the fighter KHJ. Changes are good we can learn from them plus you don’t get tired of the same soso, not that with KHJ you can ever get tired, but LazerKim says is true you got to try new things experience new changes. How can you know if what you have is the best if you don’t have something to compare so try them before and you’ll and then analize.. one thing is for sure all KHJs changes will not make you compare him with nothing or nobody it will just make you want to love him more.. Seeing going from one change to another makes me happy it shows me we can do it too, don’t be scare to change just cause what they might thing just be YOU! KHJ is a leader and he won’t lead you the wrong way. What he does he does it for the good of others and to challange himself. I love all his looks cause again you might ask yourself it’s that him because he has change something, but if you take a closer look his heart hasn’t change at all.

  3. omo.. everyone’s asking my question.. Kim Hyun Joong, what have you done to us? hehe.. but its a great spell that you’ve cast upon us.. when we see you laugh, we laugh, when we see you smile, we smile, we are happy when you are happy.. but when you are sad, we feel sad too 😦 so always be happy coz your feelings are like a ripple to us fans, we feel what you feel.. but i know its not always happy moments as there are trials that comes your way, but however difficult and rocky the roads are, whatever you are going through, happy or sad we will always support you and we will be there for you.. kim hyun joong fighting!

    i have like local artists in our country too, and other international stars but this is the first time that i am really like an addict..literally meaning addict!! haha.. my day is not complete without seeing his handsome face and hearing his songs and listening to his voice nor hearing his laughter or see his smile.. just any of it is a dose for me to continue my everyday living happily.. haha.. when i feel sad and down, just like today, his smile and handsome face becomes my solace, reading articles like these and reading threads on twitter and connecting to other hyun joong addicts makes me feel good 🙂 because of hyun joong, i feel wonderful 🙂 and its just one thing that i want to thank him for 🙂 its really really a puzzle for many of us, wondering what happened to us, being addicted to this handsome-talented-one of a kind man 🙂 but he’s just an angel, sent from heaven for us to realize how wonderful life is and how blessed we are.. now i wonder how boring life would me if i haven’t known hyun joong at all.. he makes my life exciting.. and i am excited to join the fan club here in our country, but right now i am still waiting for my new found friend (khj addict too) to inform me about it, she’s already part of it.. this is the first time in my life that i would be doing this, joining such group.. haha.. but i am so excited about it.. to connect with other khj addicts and learn more about him.. woohho.. fighting!

    • Hey that’s great!! Joining a fan club would be nice to stay connected , that’s a great news! and I agree with you HJ is like an angel as Kaumika a fan said God had sent him to us for a purpose I guess.
      Have a nice day……God bless…and good luck in joining the fan club you’ll enjoy it I’m sure. Thanks for reading!

  4. unnie..thanks for the article..!!! i was smiling one ear to another n bouncing on my chair while reading it…being a fan who doesn’s sleep without looking at his pic or watching his video clip..we sure would have memorised evry inch of his face…so even his new look…we will be amazed how diff he look like but we will know its him…but it would be a suprise for a non-fan …i have a freind of mine whom i share stories about him…sometime when i show her some video clip or pic…it might be old or just recent….when i started showing the clips or pics to her…she will go ” who is dis ??” when i say its the same guy i showed u b4…she will be suprised saying he looks totally diff…but now she could even recognise him in midst of other idols….another story is one of my senior came down to my room…and she saw five posters of khj on my wall…she went…”who are they???” i said he is a kpop artist…then she asked…”they are in a band???” then it hit me….i said no all this 5 pics is the same person…!!! n she was not the last person who asked me that…!!!!

    • hahaha…. what a funny experience you have but it’s true if you collect HJ’s photos with different image and hair style it would look like as your friend said a band!! LOL I laughed at that really!!! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!! take care!

  5. Before i discovered HyunJoong i was already kdrama addict,i tell u i spend lot of times choosing those dramas as well as regognizing those handsome actors and actresses and how i admire them and i thought they are so perfectly created in their own way but never did i try to search for them ..after all its just the drama about that gives me pleasure then and am so addicted to it at the time.And so a little interest in kpop as well ..Then one day as i was choosing something to watch i came across BOF i was in second though actually in watching it but because Meteor Garden was a hit and so i decided to pursue and watch it.The moment i start watching BOF i immediately recognize the beauty of HJ and yet at the time i decided to like Lee Min HO bec my reason was he is the leading man and am sure he is famous so i did like LMH b4 (forgive me HJ!)but i think by force liking!! i continued to watch drama of any dramas.2 yrs later as i was infront of my monitor it suddenly flashed HJ in my mind and so i tried to find his name as i couldnt find his real one then i went back to BOF in YT,dear me and he is Kim Hyun JOOng!! gosh!!..and there he was..the unrecognizable man of breakdown and i dont know how many times i died watching him at the time..perhaps a thousand times but rose again a million times for the sake of HJ..and from that time on i began to lose appetite in watching drama,i still do but not as addicted as i was i came to know HJ..and im not even interested to any other artists now…the effect of HJ i think…for he is theOne and Only!..

    • God, we have exactly the same experience, I’ll post my first article one of this day entitled Magic Spell, make sure to read it & you’ll see yourself in that article. For me he’s also One and Only. Same as you I lost interest in watching other dramas bcoz of Hj. A while ago I was asking other fans if they are certified One and Only. I may like his boss BYJ as my 1st favorite Korean actor, but i never felt this much to BYJ as I felt for HJ. I’m just hapy HJ is under KeyEast.
      Thanks for reading……………have a nice friday! god bless

      • lazerkim,,truly i will never ever find the answer why i got crazy so much about HJ,dont u know also that i was an addict reader of anything as well, like non-fiction..gosh!! i couldnt tell who is the President of Zimbabwe already!hahaha!!..all of because too much attention to HJ’s news.God forgive me that even during sunday service time i cant still shake off of him…he is still there…well am sure am not the only one and please Lord forgive us!!..

        • I too had the same experience. When my sister downloaded some kdramas for me including Playful kiss and BOF unfortunate of others I watched PK first. Thereafter I got addicted to the male lead that’s our Hyun Joong. So I watched BOF and that’s it. I couldn’t make my mind to watch others and my sister scolds me saying that it’s a waste that she downloaded many. Hahaha… Last month I started watching one of them but still not finished, coz while I’m watching, I just pause it and keep watching HJ’s video clips. But I managed to watch Dream High coz of HJ’s cameo episode and it was a production of BYJ.
          Oh god Hyun Joong oppa… What have you done to us? Won’t you let us go away?

        • i used to dispute about politics since it’s one of my favorite topic to debate on, i was quite updated on news politics in my country and the US.Now I even have no idea about my country’s weather forecast bcoz of HJ.!!! What has he done to us?? and we have the same question.

    • Oh goshhh….i did like LMH too b4….
      I didn’t even bother about HJ at all when I watched BOF
      He started to knock me on my knee when i watch PK and he stabbed my heart with his look at Kiss Kiss Mv…kekekekekke ^^

      Now i am addited to him…there’s no a day pass without reading article about him and listening to his songs…
      Even, i cannot sleep without listening to his voice…. i always put my ipod next to me when i go to sleep, put my headset on…and there it goes…HJ’s songs till the next morning…..hahaahahhaha

      Such a relief to find someone with the same interest and feeling about Hyun Joong……
      I am 30 years old mommy with 3 friends say i am abnormal for liking someone younger than me, besides i am married and already have children….hahahahaha…..but i think Hyun joong already put his magic spell on me that i cannot take my eyes of him….

      thank you lazerkim for writing articles about Hyun Joong,
      I’m glad when i was reading your article that we feel the same about him. I like one taiwanese idol b4 and LMH but i never ever bother joining a fan club or writing a comment on a blog like this…but hyun Joong makes me me do all this things kekekeke

      Thank you lazer kim, i’ll make sure to visit your blog everyday
      Kim Hyun Joong Fightingggggg!!!!!

  6. He is blessed with multi talents, but he tries always to polish them, that’s why he outshines anywhere.
    He’s been sent here by the god. And also the god never forgot to create people to cheer up him and take care of him as well, those people are scattered everywhere in the world, when the right time comes they all will come looking for him.

    thank you LazerKim.

    • I would just be grateful to have known an artist like Hyun Joong who’s just so beautiful inside out. I’ll be one of you looking for him. Thanks for reading….have a nice Friday and take care!!! See you again!

  7. I don’t comparisons with other artists – it’s just no use. Aside from Hyun Joong I like many other artists in K-pop and when I see their music videos, live concerts or TV shows – many of them also have great personalities, strong voices, public appeal and their own unique charisma. I also quite often listen to idol groups or see their performances, and I must say some of their stages just absolutely amazing and I would love to see Hyun Joong standing there and perform. When I saw mixed concerts like MAMA, several Gayo concerts at the end of the year – I really liked a lot what I’ve seen, so my point here is with all due respect I wouldn’t never compare KHJ with other idol groups and as you say in your concluding words – he is beyond comparable.

    Just to be clear I am Henecia and Triple S for some time and KHJ stays in my heart as the Only One but nevertheless I like many other artists out there and appreciate their talents, hard work and their own different styles.

    • Thank you for reading. I can only agree with you as you echoed the content of this article. How do I differentiate which one is black and which one is white. All those artist are good in their own craft as I mentioned in this article. It doesn’t matter whoever else we like other than Hyun Joong, we have our own views anyway. Have a nice day and god bless.

      • What I think of the article, is lazerkim is reacting to KHJ being compared to other idols or groups. It is inevitable that other fans especially those who know little of Kim Hyun Joong do that. They just need to know more about him to understand him. It has been so much fun to get to know and understand this star. I look forward to forever with Kim Hyun Joong!^^

        • Oh you have guess it right !!! I’m just trying to keep the critics in a more positive way, since HJ had always been compared by critics. Thanks for reading and Have a nice day! Thank God it’s Friday!! God bless…

          • Yes, I already understand your point of view after reading quite a few articles about you. Oh she sounds familiar I think I know who she is, maybe she only misunderstood you. Thank you always for sharing your very inspiring articles.^^

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