Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

By: LazerKim            Again waking up evrey morning with Kim Hyun Joong keep flashing in my mind, just feels great!! Every morning as I wake up, the first thing I do is to turn on my computer, which I’m using a desk top located just beside my bed, let the computer heat up before I do my morning routine. After which I go back to it and first, check on updates about Hyun Joong, then check on emails with a cup coffee. This is how I do it everyday of my life since I started with Hyun Joong’s story. And I’m very sure many of you have the same daily routine.

We read the good news Hyun Joong will be releasing a new OST for the drama Marriage Tricks on April 3 on line. Well, guys we have something to listen to again and to keep in our  heart. A fan from the twitter came in late since she’s a late sleeper I think and stays up late at night on line.She was saying she dreamed about Hyun Joong’s song played at every radio station, and as she woke up, this was the news, a new song from Hyun Joong, dream come true for her!!!

May I just share my thoughts with you which I have been keeping for myself for a long time now since I started researching and writing about Hyun Joong. When I started writing well, it was half way from my list of articles, I kept looking for other Hyun Joong fans. I was trying to reach out for them but I always failed. Just before I started I already had my twitter account together with his blog account. I followed anybody which I think are fans of Hyun Joong, and they are.

Normally, the only time I open my twitter is whenever I post my article and go off line again. I tried to interact before but I feel awkward and aloof as a starter, and some could be so cold, that I felt being driven away!!. And so I stopped interacting anyway my objective to be able to post at least one article for a day.

It was only last Saturday during the time Hyun Joong was on his way to China, that I finally found what I’m looking for. I came to realize I was following the wrong people at the twitter!!! Or maybe not wrong people since they are Hyun Joong’s fans, but people who are very busy or less accommodating. And so I eliminated some of whom I was following and add those whom I think I have been longing for, months ago. And I’m so happy to have them. I wouldn’t know the effort of those at the twitter posting updates if I have not found the right people whom I can easily interact with. Now I can feel the real essence of fandom that others call it that I can barely understand the term and so you do not read the term in any of my articles.

These are the people I need for better inspiration and a very good way of understanding them as a person in reality and as Hyun Joong’s certified die hard fans. In writing an article or any write ups, I was taught in school that credibility of the writer and credibility of what the writer writes is very vital, specially if what is written reaches worldwide. As I always do write about people who are connected to Hyun Joong, and so that includes you, being a fan of Hyun Joong.

I write what other fans may think about Hyun Joong, I do write whatever comes out from the lips of Hyun Joong himself and I do write about what surrounds Hyun Joong in reality, and these are not hearsay. It’s been my objective to write credible articles in accordance to reality. If I recommend I have to be truthful to whom or what I can recommend to maintain the credibility of this blog site.

Just as I am writing this article, someone wrote at my comment box and she’s a new fan who wants to join the twitter world of Hyun Joong. She’s just like me a computer illiterate and she’s shy. Another fan followed right after, and so I informed everyone at the twitter about the new fans, endorsed them to other fans, and I’m happy as I came back the two new fans enjoyed the company of other fans. I fully understand how a new fan feels because I’ve been there. I would admit I myself had a not so good experience with twitter and whenever I thought about it I felt so small and teary eyes as I have now.

I posted my article Fan Network and a blogger picked it up and posted it and I was more thankful to her for doing so. Although that was the first and last. I felt so small as if I owe her that much for posting that article without realizing the essence of why it has to be posted. I didn’t give up on her, I was so appreciative of her effort to post my article. It’s not my lost, it’s Hyun Joong’s new fans lost, if only she would realize it. After that I still get cold treatment, and so I stopped and eliminated her from my list of following, two of them actually.

I promised myself that I will never let a new fan experience the same thing as I did. May I just say this with all my respect specially to bloggers. One single fan is important to Hyun Joong. The guy is so humble and so we fans, why should we be arrogant? I believe this blogger has a large scale of fans following her blog. I was wondering for so many times how important is it to have a large scale followers??  If you can’t take care of a single new fan who’s obviously at lost because she’s new?

I write articles about Hyun Joong for simple reason that I do not want the new fans to have the same experience as I had from the hands of wrong people. I tried to brush this off my shoulder and reverse my perception of Hyun Joong’s fans. Well in a basket of fruits there’s always one or two which are not in good quality and unfortunately these two are the ones with not so good quality, but they’re not bad either.

At this point I do not want to mislead the new fans, instead lead them to the deserving hands that she’ll feel the sense of belonging unlike what I felt in the recent past. And yes, I was indeed in search for a sense of belonging, and I just found that belonging only last Saturday, after six months of being an addict to Hyun Joong. And so may I advise those at the twitter as new comer, if you think whom you encounter with if they’re arrogant, snob, unaccommodating, then may I suggest to eliminate those. The twitter should be free and friendly atmosphere. I realize that now when I finally found the good quality ones and now I enjoy my twitter because everyone now is so friendly accommodating and sincerely caring for each other.

I’m not trying to put a war here, please don’t misunderstand. This is purely to enlighten. Sometimes people get so overwhelm with what they have gained and had totally forgotten how they started. This is just a wake up call not only to those whom I have encountered with but to everybody. This article does not imply on walking out, no definitely not. But to point out some a good lessons and learning from it. You may have a good scale of followers but somehow you’re bound to lose them if we can not take care of the new ones. I think this is just a matter of attitude. I would rather have a handful people as I have now who are deserving to be at the twitter as Hyun Joong’s fans to cite a good example to the new ones.

I do write about Hyun Joong’s fans because I’m very sure many out there are just like myself who’s seeking for a sense of belonging to be with Hyun Joong’s sheep, as he is the shepherd. I reversed everything and turn in to more positive apporch, because I know not everyone is the same. I just can’t forget how small I felt that time but had forgiven. Honestly, I can freely write about Hyun Joong because he was also underestimated one time in his career, plus his critics.

I felt the same when I started posting my articles, that no one knew about my existence. And slowly now I can identify and recognize who are positively loyal and those who just pretend to be, so as just to gain attention. I’m not trying to be a judge here, but to enlighten other fans. There are new fans coming in and let’s be more considerate to them and spare them a little guidance so as they won’t lose their way.

As one of the fan said, it’s not easy to be a die hard fans but it feels great. I do ask myself too, is this how to be a fan?? I finally found the answer at the twitter from other fans too, whom I interact with.  I’m sure these fans knows what I’m talking about, and I may have the idea that some of them share with what I feel, but endured, just the same thing I did, I endured. Being a fan is supporting a person of your own choice, this is very basic. Being a fan is unselfish because this is networking, the more fans supporting your own choice of celeb, the better. This is the main objective of being a fan, you would want many people to love Hyun Joong, you want him to be on top, you want him to be always a winner and this is chain reaction.

Until such time of getting to know Hyun Joong you start to develop love and care for him. This is very natural to any fan. If you love somebody, you would eventually learn to love those whom he loves. If one fan happened to experienced meeting Hyun Joong in person, you share it with others, but this should not be something to be arrogant about. Because I truly believe in due time we’ll all get to meet him. Many of you had gone out of your way in helping Hyun Joong which I appreciate. We do our share in caring for the guy, and what we have started building up is an unconditional love.

At first, everyone got attracted to Hyun Joong’s physique, then you started knowing more about him, until you can’t get enough of him. Once you have reached the degree of accepting and embracing Hyun Joong for what he is as a person in reality with his weak and strong points, then I would say you are building an unconditional love for him. Unconditional love is simple acceptance, that no matter who or what he is you’ll support him, and would continue to do so no matter what happens. Why? Well, despite of the criticisms thrown to him, you fight for him, despite of which you even love him more. It’s because you know him as a person in reality that others failed to do so.

Unconditional love includes those people who loves him too other than yourself. Hyun Joong’s love is so contagious that you just have to pass it on to whoever comes near him even she’s not a fan, because eventually she will through you. This is the only way we can help Hyun Joong, we’re miles away from him, he wants to reach out for his fans worldwide, then let us be that for him, let us reach out for others whom he can not reach out for. What do we got to lose? Nothing, on the contrary you gain friendship, if you only give a hand to others specially those fans who are seeking the sense of belonging.

Now, for the new fans who are interested to join in with Hyun Joong’s other fans, may I suggest that as you open an account at twitter, look for LazerKim, follow me and I will guide you to others who are following me, and I can assure you you’ll be in good hands. The people I follow are quite active in their updates, and these people are the sincere ones who will not leave you on air, until such time you can be on your own. You may be feeling at lost or missing Hyun Joong, the twitter can help you out, because everyone is there to share with you. Other than you get to know more about Hyun Joong’s updated activities first hand as fast. Because these people take turns in sharing with you updates. photos ect.

And by the time there will be no updates, that can be the time you can share with each other about Hyun Joong. Wouldn’t that be nice? At least you wouldn’t feel alone in your thoughts about him. I remember that fan student who didn’t make it for her exams, simply because she was affected by Hyun Joong’s problems that time, and she got no one to share with or comfort her. Oh well, for students you know your limitations though, studies comes first above anything in this world including Hyun Joong. He will just be an inspiration to your studies but do not over do it, save time for studies and after which then start thinking about Hyun Joong. And he’ll be happy with that, dividing your time.

I would suggest to give priorities on update news about Hyun Joong in using twitter. And if the updates are done and there’s silence, that’s the time you can read articles. Do not do everything at the same time. Reading my articles takes time because of its length. When you’re not busy and bored then touch on the articles, they are just there you won’t lose it. Updates are quite fast so give priority to it. I would rather appreciate you reading articles if you can focus, understand, and absorb. Otherwise you won’t be able to get the essence of it if you have a busy mind. Articles can wait, updates can not.

I think this the longest article I’ve written so far!! But I take this most important since we’re getting bigger I think!! To my dear bloggers, I got nothing against you, let’s just be open minded about others who are seeking for you as fan of Hyun Joong, this is just my point, nothing more nothing less. And for others I do hope we learn from the mistakes of others too, let’s just take it an innocent mistake or unaware about other’s feelings, that needs to be enlightened.

Well, I got no parting shots except…….Let’s spread the unconditional love for the sake of Kim Hyun Joong…..

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing.


Photo credits as tagged, thanks.

These cute pictures without tag are from TS’s ecommonie-omma, angela, Ms. Lina,  thanks.


27 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

  1. Hi!I’m new fan of kim hyun joong,i rode many articles about him,since january.I’m from Madagascar by the way=>just to tell u that he has fan here too!Ihi

  2. I like Kim Hyun Joong and he seems to be a very nice and humble person. that’s why his blessings just keep on coming. Advance Happy birthday to a very talented good looking star who has everything. May his fans continue to love him, support him all the way and continue to stay with him throughout his career, but not to the point of stalking him. If the fans truly love him, they will always think about his welfare. He deserves some privacy, a good rest and a time for himself and his family. There is always time for everything, I’m sure KHJ always think of how to satisfy his fans in his own ways. So let’s respect, adore and pray for this very adorable person. May he have good health always in spite of his tight schedules, peace, happiness and a stree-free life each day. More success to you KHJ! God bless you. I do pray for you.
    I read your articles about KHJ so I know what’s new about him.

    • Oh I very much agree with you, HJ had shared a lot to his fans about himself and whatever is left for him to be kept for himself must be respected. Last week during HJ’s hi5 session in Guangzhou China a fan took advantage by kissing him on his cheek! This is absolutely disgusting the fan had gone over board now she ‘s been hunted by other fans. It’s a shame to have done it knowing HJ can not do anything. It was too much, that I hope it won’t happen again since HJ is coming back to China on the 8th.
      Thank you so much for reading, have a pleasant day and see you again!! God bless

  3. reading this article feels like you’ve got me.. ugh.. honestly, i joined twitter account in another account name, coz i already have one but i haven’t opened it for a long time now.. so i joined twitter again but this time to be updated about Kim Hyun Joong.. haha.. simply KHJ addict.. haha.. but, yeah, just like what you wrote, i too felt like there are fans who are a bit hostile .. coz i answered one message from twitter.. its like saying, “what will you do if you meet KHJ in person..”, well i posted “i’m gonna die but can i hug him tight first before i die?”… and one answered “ofcourse not, show some respect”.. i felt like, i was just kidding about it, would anyone literally die seeing their idol? and i don’t think i could even move a bit when i face KHJ in person, i bet i will freeze.. huh.. just the thought of seeing him in person, i really don’t know what my reaction would be really.. huh.. as i’ve said i am like a teenager though i am way past KHJ’s senior.. huh.. and i thought, i was just kidding when i posted that comment but a bit excited with the thought of being with KHJ.. huh.. but why would she say that i am not being respectful? am i really that disrespectful for posting that message.. huh.. so i feel sad about it.. and for a while, i stopped posting messages, even commenting on your articles thought i didn’t stopped reading your articles.. huh.. i felt like, what if i’d say something that a fan wouldn’t like again, i don’t want to hurt other’s feelings.. i respect everyone’s opinion and everyone’s feelings.. i felt like, i was misjudged with my action.. huh.. and i thought and asked myself, how many fans are like that? i was just kidding.. it was just a joke about hugging him tight before dying.. can i really actually do that? hug him tight and die? i have lots of plans and dreams in life, i don’t want to die yet.. hahaha… but, dreaming of hugging him, is it that bad? it was a dream.. huh.. wouldn’t it be nice to hug your idol like hugging your best friend or family.. like being close to them.. i do hope that i will be strong enough to just brush off comments like that next time… huh.. there are a lot of accommodating and understanding fans like you and i hope to meet them too on the net 🙂 i really want to connect with KHJ’s fans and share our thoughts about him together 🙂

    reading your article, i know you understand me.. and other’s like me.. i am just new to Hyun Joong’s world.. i am just learning about him more.. i am just trying to know him better and also his fans.. i have joined and i am so happy that i am accepted and now i can read his message first hand.. hahaha.. so happy.. and i can post my message there too and i wish he could read it too.. haha.. i know he is busy, but i know he takes time to read the messages from his fans.. coz he loves his fans so much that he tries his best to know more about them too.. 🙂

    thank you lazerkim, reading your article makes me belong to Kim Hyun Joong’s world 🙂 you’re simply one of the best 🙂

    take care always and God bless!

    • You may join in the group I have now are all accommodating & friendly matured, follow me and follow those whom I follow they wont let you down i can guarantee you.
      It’s so natural for us to have to have dreams, girly giggling nothing wrong with your comment. If you can read comments from this blog it’s open we say whatever we feel for Hyun Joong without malice we do share each others feeling so don’t worry. Follow my advise you can go back to twitter, it’s also one way of relieving, it’s fun try it. Hey thanks for reading and hope to see you again… God bless

  4. andrelanz on March 27, 2012 at 3:12 pm said: Edit

    hi…its hard to explain how i become a addict of hyunjoong .. i reseach all his video and fell in love of him..his smile is very heart warming to watch and contagious..when he cry i cry like a river and i dont know why..and then i read your article in hyunniebennies blog site…everything you said about him is true..coz that is a word i want to say about him..but her you are explaining how we fell as a avid fan of kim friend my nieces call me crazy hahaha..but i dont mine them..for me hyunjoong is a facinating ..contagious and his a one million dollar smile..and i alway’s thank you for always sharing our thought for him..god blees you alway’s

  5. yup i agree wid you about being fan and also while they does some mistake or if we don’t like any thing about they told in the interview we begins to think positive….
    thats the grt about fan ………….
    isn’t it?????

  6. hello unnie…thanks again for the daily dose….until u mention it now i did not know that there are fans who feels lonely and akward when they start off in the circle of khj’s fan…i got to know khj in january 2011…even though i searched bout him n watched his clips…i neva really tho'”ught of mingling with any fans….and even i was following sm fans in tweeter,fb,or blog i only followed and never left any comments…i was what u would called a social network illiterate…though i’m known to be a chatter box among my friends, i am rather shy towards new ppl what else with ppl i cnt even imagine how their face will look like…but when i actually landed in a fan site..i guess i was lucky to have entered a place where people where as warm hearted as khj…they accepted me as though we were friends for a milenium…i am lucky to have come to know them…now i come back to my hostel knowing there will be one huge family i can go back to…
    the part where you mentioned about being student while being khj’s fan…it is true…he does affect us…but for me in a different way…i neva knew that there was a human being called Kim Hyun Joong even existed until jan 2011…so i missed all of his dark moments..i would know if it would have affected me differently if had known him earlier…for me hj is what i call a booster or energy drink…he bring out the competitive side in me…when i get back home during Breakdown period…i used to read he won in music bank or mnet….and i will think “alright he did the hard work and it paid it’s my turn…my next coming test i have to pass it…..” whenever i feel too tired to wake up or sleepy(if there is some i’m better than khj that would be me being a sleeping queen..i actually slept for 26 hr straight the day after my exam and only woke up bcos i was hungry) or lazy…i would think “look at him..he only sleep 3-4 hr a day and he still manages to do his best without a single complain…so why cant i”…that makes me get out from my bed and open my book…meeting khj was not a waste of my money as what some of my friend would say looking at how much of his stuff i have…but rather god gifted present to me when i’m all alone and down…he didn’t accidently tripped into my life….he was meant to be…it was written as i believe…

    • Maybe it just so happen I made the wrong choice who to follow since I was a newbie, maybe the ratio would 1 out of 20 there’s a less accommodating fan. But I’m happy you made the right choice whom to follow.
      And I can see Hyun Joong is inspiring you in your studies which is good, and you’re right as you follow his pattern on how you can manage your life. you’re in the right track , and so keep it up….I think most students are busy with exams and I’m sure you’ll make for as long as you do your best and God takes care of the rest……Good luck to your exams, and see you again….Take care!

  7. Hi!!!! unni
    Sriz here

    Thnks 4 sharing my dream which really turned out 2 b true
    Didn’t expect that wud b real but it really became true
    nywz I think u liked my lines as I saw it twice on ur articles
    ‘It’s not easy to be a die hard fans but it feels great” ; it’s the fact indeed

    nywz keep d gud work on ^ ^

  8. once again thank Lazer for a beautiful article to share with HJ fans…

    i had teary eyes reading this artices.. tears of joy…
    for you to share the love for Hyun Joong..
    we truely understand and support you..
    getting newbie started in twitter..
    its a chain reaction, they will then share the love with others..
    keep sharing and the networking will reach every corner of the globe..
    KHJ’s fan daebak !! Hwaiting

  9. Hi Lazerkim,may i say my piece here regarding this matter..Unconditional Love!..but before that thank u so much for yesterday for guiding me to push thru twitter,,u guys are really great!yes i got the updating now but forgive me if i cant keep up updating at the same time as u know the full reason already…hahaha!! ..the magic of HJ am able to comment already for the least..(progressing!!..).well yes.when i found out about HJ i started to search about him until i came to a few largest bloggers of HJ..i monitored their updates everyday just to know more about Mr Kim Hyun Joong as i was craving so much about his life..i was satisfied about their updating yes..but everytime they posted an article about HJ i was expecting for more at least once a day because knowing an idol is important before a fan totally go fangirling..and if the idol is deserve to be followed or to be supported..when ur article Fan Account has been posted then i thought there is some more to come but then followed i began to search for ur blog and am glad i found it..then that satisfies me really!!..thank u Lazerkim!..i still do visit o lot of blogs but with an article to read about is best and interesting because knowing HJ to the core is very vital to the new one like me..

    • Thanks for reading. I knew it, it’s not my lost but it’s HJ’s fans lost not to be able to know hj well. You were not the only one who had that experience and it took months to find their way in this blog. I’m happy that little by little other new fans are coming in everyday that others may not be aware. I just have to go on writing until everyone can find their way the right way for new comers. Thanks to you I’m happy you finally found your way…….see you again have a nice day and God bless.

  10. Hi Lazerkim, I’m in twitter now but I’ll never forget to leave a reply here as this is the place where I first met you and other friends.
    So you had gone through some bad experiences I feel upset for that. Now I know you don’t feel it anymore. As a new fan, I visited some of the blogs and I read their posts and watched videos. One day I read an article which was in one of those blogs. For the first time in my life I left a reply for an article in internet. That was yours which called “Fan network”. I did that because I really felt you. After that I didn’t know that you were writing them regularly, but whenever I saw them I read them. I read them silently and I got to know him more. You were like a guider. I must say this because of you I didn’t lose my way as a fan. Then I got to know many friends.
    And being a newer to the twitter yesterday I really felt how good are the people there. They welcomed me so warmly. I felt like a family. Thank you for everyone for treating me as one of yours.

    • Hey thanks, I will never mislead you, and if you lose your way again you know where to go back, I can see you enjoyed your twitter yesterday!! And that’s good you’ll be in good hands i promise you that. have a nice day God bless see you!!!

  11. I so love ♥_♥ this article cause you are here showing us just that to learn how to love without any condition! To help and always give that helping hand to others in need! We all started lost and having that support form others that share the same love and passion for KHJ is another gift we get from him! He has makes us one fan not many fan cause for him we are on the best fan group he can have supporting him! Its nice viewing and reading of more new fans joining and loving him unconditionally! He is that same way also he loves every one unconditionally too ☺! I told my mom I want to move to Korean and she started laughing and saying are you serious would you make that change for a singer and I told her of course without any pause or hesitation! Its not that I’m saying I want to marry him or something cause OmG ^o^ that will be any girls dream but I’m realistic and now that will never happen but to have the chance to be closed to him and learn more from where he grew up, his traditons is good too it will make me feel closer to him! My love for him is unconditional no matter how much miles, sea or continent there is between my love will never change! I cant stop talking about him even to people that havent heard his name but thats my mission to make the at least know him and try to make them realize how great he is so they will reconigze the sweet honest and sincere person he is and of course talented! I like your style Lazerkim you dont come just for KHJ we all know his the reason you started the blog but you come for us too! To share our feelings for him and to welcome all new fans and guide to the correct path! Again thanks!

    • If Hyun Joong is a role model among celebs, I would like his fans to be role model among fans of other celeb. I think this is the essence of this article, HJ fans are good people some would need a little bit polishing!!! Thanks again you’re one of those loyal to him which I believe so…have a nice day!! God bless

      • Thanks…BTW, from now on I’m gonna call you Brenda!!! How about that?? Pls don’t change your avatar otherwise i won’t be able to recognize you or if you do let me know you’re brenda!!! And one last thing, if you marry HJ I can imagine all other fans would come after you on riot!!!hahahaha
        Worry don’t dreams are you, oh I had that on Christmas eve 2011, one of my precious article. Oh if you only knew how stupid I was that time!!!

        • I won’t change my avatar.. Brenda is fine is my real name! Well Brendaliz! How did you know it? Did I told you or you got it by my ID? I don’t remember writing it, but that don’t matter you can call you Brenda or crazy girl that writes to much.. LOL.. *o* ! You made me laugh reading about creating a riot I picture that in my head and they will crush like a crushing a bee…(come on girl don’t kill me for dreaming I’m a good girl I’ll share it with you–mmmm I don’t think so… hahaha)JUST JOKING!! I don’t think you could have been stupid or nothing at that moment he makes us dream of beautiful things and every fan I think that had that dream.. I wish I haD read that article the moment you wrote it.. even reading it a bit later the article tells us exactly how you felt and I think still do.. I bet you haven’t change at it.. that christmas dream is still with you.. that’s the beauty of dreams they follow you where ever you go. When I can sleep that is most of my time I try to close my eyes and dream or think of something nice.. The first thing that comes in to my mine is KHJ and his melody I start humming his songs until I fall in a deep sleep.. and when I wake up I wake up with a smile… I bet you have watch a video it was a fanmade video with his single MarryMe/MarryYou with parts of him in a wedding scene getting prepare and holding the ring and waiting in the altar and when the song is at amlost at the end he held his hand for you and the image stops right there.. OMG that video I love… again dreaming is good… LOL..

          • Brenda is a name easy to remember so I gave you that!!! Yesterday a fan found my other first three articles they are no longer in my file bcoz I wrote those in a different website w/c was blogspot. I’ll post it one after the other, it’s magic Spell this was my first, then My One and Only, w/c talks about Marry me, then Ultimate Lover, w/c I’m pretty scared to post, that might created chaos among the fans!!! It’s alright dreams are free, take advantage of it!!! LOL

            • Where are you going to post them at the beggining of the list or as new article of the article collection list? But really Brendaliz is my name i was surprise when i saw your reply with my exact name it was like does she read minds or between the lines.. hahaha.. I will be looking forward to those article also…

              • hahaha…I was just guessing and that name pop out of my mind!! it has to be at the first 3 of my list at article collection but I’ll post it as an article, I’m sure 2 or 3 fans had read it, but I just have to post it for the record.

  12. AHHH. I was waiting for this all morning! 🙂 I’ve been reading nonstop ever since I joined and I truly thank you for doing your best all the time! I agree that Hyun Joong’s love is just so pure that is pushes us to share it with other people. I had friends who criticized HJL and my heart couldn’t take it so what I did was I showed them every interview, variety shows he guested and other cute youtube videos like “let’s speak english with SS501” and showed them that he’s very different from other people and he is worth supporting. I did not give up on them for months and I’m very happy to say that they are now living among us Hyun Joong fans. I will certainly follow you in twitter but please guide me! Thank you again, LazerKim! 🙂

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