Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CHINA AFTERMATH

By: LazerKim                   Kim Hyun Joong had left Shanghai China Sunday afternoon. As usual his fans were at the airport waiting for Hyun Joong to see him off. Unfortunately there were change of plans due to security protection. For a recap, Hyun Joong arrived Shanghai China at the airport in the afternoon, prior to his arrival, a crowd of fans waited for him and had prepared streamers for Hyun Joong.

And Upon his arrival, for some reasons that until now I have no idea about the incident, the entire preparation turned into a chaos. Fans were overly excited everyone wanting to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong, but it turned out he was being squeezed by the crowd of fans. Nevertheless, Hyun Joong maintained cool and composed until he got through from the crowd.

And so on his departure from Shanghai China, Sunday noon time, the airport security management escorted Hyun Joong through the VIP tunnel of the airport and safely boarded his flight back to Korea. One of the fan at the Twitter said, she feels sorry for the fans who waited from morning. I honestly feel sorry for them too, but maybe if the chaos did not happen as Hyun Joong arrived the airport, the fans should have enjoyed his arrival and departure.

I also feel sorry that the fans exerted effort in preparing for Hyun Joong’s arrival, that he was not able to appreciate because the fans got overly excited and turned chaos!! Hyun Joong arrived home to Korea safely, and again at the Incheon Airport his Korean fans were there to welcome him back, as he collects letters and bag of goodies!!

Anyway, many thanks to China for taking care of Hyun Joong specially for his security protection. The Tokyo Girls Collection event was successfully held at Mercedes Benz Stadium which was full house, which I was assuming majority of the audience were Hyun Joong’s fans. Seeing from the gallery and the luminous uzoosin signifies Hyun Joong’s fans. Hyun Joong was the highlight of the show.

A fan from twitter wondered, “Was Hyun Joong able to garner more fans from China?”  Apparently Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans had snowballed in numbers to compare from the time he last visited China. And you may expect after this event, another set of fans shall be coming in. And this is becoming a trend whenever Hyun Joong goes out on his exposure, Hyun Joong fans just magically multiplied!!

China is another country that seeks entertainment, demand from this country is quite high as well specially idols. Similar to Japan, in China, entertainment is also a part of their culture. In an ordinary citizen, after work they tend to go unwind. And this is another country which is becoming a target of Korean Entertainment industry, where market is good be it in concerts, Korean dramas and music. Many Korean idols and actors had filmed drama projects to join in with their very own Chinese TV series and movies.

The Boss and his Body Guard…               At the twitter I was surprised to see many photos of Mr. Jeong !! And there were Hyun Joong’s fans taking picture of Mr. Jeong together with the fans!! By the way Mr. Jeong is the personal body guard of Hyun Joong ever since he moved in to KeyEast Mr. Jeong was already assigned to protect Hyun Joong. Anywhere Hyun Joong goes specially on official activities, Mr. Jeong is always at his side.

The guy is very accommodating to the fans and very polite to them. I think KeyEast staffs are, his entourage was never been rude to Hyun Joong’s fans, and I’m happy on how they deal with fans. and so Mr. Jeong, our hats off to you for taking care of Hyun Joong with you life. You are very much appreciated by Hyun Joong’s fans all over the world.

Hyun Joong is back to his cocoon again but at least even just for two days his fans enjoyed monitoring his activities in China. Now we deal with the aftermath of thrills and excitement we had, back to the dull life.!! This morning a fan was doing her marathon reading and she was reading Time Line and had quoted a song that says…..”.If you love someone set him free. If he comes back to you then it is meant to be”….

I’m sure you’re familiar with this song “Some Good Things Never Last” by Barbara Streisand. It was rather raining this morning and reading her comment I just felt lonely, I wrote my reply and said I don’t want to write if this is my mood, otherwise I’ll let my readers cry again!!!    So I’ll take my rest from writing, I’ll take a good break and recharge!

I stayed away from my computer after Hyun Joong had flew back in Korea at noon, I said to myself anyway it’s Sunday I won’t write today. But I felt restless and as if I’m sick or something, I went back just to check on the twitters, as a fan went worried after reading the word sick from me!! I do not know the right term, but if you have gone used to be doing certain thing on routine like writing, reading, posting and you attempt not to do it just feel sick!!

And then a song came flashing to my mind that actually I forgot the title, and so I search for it the same singer Barbara Streisand the title of the song is I Finally Found Someone. I found it but within the selection of video clip version there’s a fans who uploaded this song and the video shows Bae Yong Joon. And then said, what a co-incidence.  Anyway, tell me if this is what you feel for Hyun Joong, as you read, which I quote from some of the lyrics of the song.

I finally found someone who knocks on my feet, I finally found the one who makes me feel complete

It started over coffee we started out as friends,      It’s funny how simple things the best things begin…This time it’s different, it’s all because of you..

My favorite line was….. “Can I call you sometime” ………It’s all you had to say, to take my breath away…….   This is it…… I finally found someone to share my life

Cause whatever I do, it’s just got to be you, my life has just begun I finally found someone

You know I love your hair, I love what you wear,…… You’re exceptional,……. I can wait for the rest of my life ……..    this is it………………… I finally found someone.

This song clearly describes how I think of Hyun Joong that I would like to share with you., I may have first met him at BOF, but he knocks on my feet when I saw him at breakdown. Since then upon waking up having my coffee each morning everyday of my life I look for updates about Hyun Joong. This was how simple it started that made me different and it’s all because of Hyun Joong. Whenever he talks, it takes my breath away, and whatever I do it’s just got to be Hyun Joong. I love his hair however he change it. I love what he wears no matter what, Hyun Joong is exceptional worth to be waited and this is it, I finally found someone to love….

To the fan of Bae Yong Joong who uploaded at YouTube using this music, “I Finally Found Someone”….thank you for uploading and sharing the beautiful video and song in it. This was just a wonderful co-incident, that I share the same thoughts and feelings with her but at two different persons. I as Hyun Joong fan and her as Bae Yong Joon fan, which happens to be connected with each other!!! It’s like magic!! How I wish I could make such beautiful video of Hyun Joong using the same music, because it clearly describes how I feel for him.

If it’s raining, and you know you’ll miss somebody who’s about to go back to his hiding, it somehow give you a sentimental feeling, and before you know it your love for that person is just growing inside you. Hyun joong is like a kinda, Now you see him, now you don’t!! But by just that thought makes him even special…

No matter what I do, to at least switch my spare time to think of others, but the thoughts of going back to Hyun Joong keeps ringing in my mind and keeps pushing me right here in front of you and talk about him as i normally do!! No Sundays and Holidays!!! Now I feel better to face the Monday work again with a bright smile, because I felt complete by just the mere writing about him.

And again may I mention, the Hyun Joong fans at Twitter which I’m very sure shares the same thoughts as we share news update, Hyun Joong’s photos all about Hyun Joong to bring them to you as we read coming from them. There’s one fan who literally stayed on line from morning till late night! She always say she’s a slave of Hyun Joong!! In that sense I would say she’s near to that, because she’s very loyal and so with the others with her too!!! These people are just so amazing if you can observe how they work on Hyun Joong. And the only help that I could spare is to let them know my presence of keeping them company and just viewing their movements over twitter.

I sincerely appreciate the fans at twitter for job well done during Hyun Joong’s activities in China. Thank you very much for keeping the fastest on time updates about him. I will not mention names, please forgive me, but you know who you are. Your effort is very much appreciated, and I’m sure the readers shares the same thoughts with you.

And so, I’m done again with the daily supplement dose to the Hyun Joong addicts!!! We may be back to dull life reality, but this time with smiles for having taken a short glimpse of Hyun Joong as we fans share the China Aftermath of that precious glimpse of Hyun Joong. We may face another Monday of life challenge but as we take the break from work and hit the internet as we refresh our thoughts of Hyun Joong in another world of Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                              LazerKim here writing.

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34 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CHINA AFTERMATH

  1. I really like Mr. Jeong as KHJ’s bodyguard. Great job on protecting our leader! When KHJ visited here in the Phil. last august and Mr. Jeong appeared at the stage during the Hi5 event fans were really screaming for him!!! It’s hilariously amazing 😀 and it’s the first time that I see and heard that fans were also somewhat crazy, and cheering for their Idol’s bodyguard. Well who wouldn’t like Mr. Jeong, he’s not only good at his job but he’s also handsome just like his boss!!! I think Mr. jeong should also establish a fan club. 😀

    • hahaha…..I think I’ll be the one to establish fan club for Mr. Jeong!!! I’m very impress with how he treat the fans….thanks for reading. see you again and have a nice day!!

  2. really? he has a new song. ohhhhh can’t wait to hear it.. so excited about it.. gosh..
    i just watched the video where he was being sandwiched and squeezed … when he looked up it seems like he’s getting some air.. its not easy being in a crowd like that.. but he seems cool about it.. but i bet he is sad for he wasn’t able to accommodate his fans, i now how much he loves his fans.. i hope next time fans will be more understanding and try to compose themselves even though they are so excited and so happy to see him..

    • Yeah but those fans really prepared a lot, i think somebody just started to lose control and chain reaction, i think that’s what happened. And yes HJ has a new song check it out at twitter. fans get addicted to it!!!

  3. Hey Lazerkim first of all thanks for mentioning me on this articles it really felt great I know you read all my comments and reply back most of them but being remember to the point of mentioning something that i wrote really made my days…

    Ohhh I watching BOF like i mentioned you before and they are showing the part of him singing in the streets while playing his most precious intrument the guitar…

    well back to my comment hahaha i got derailed by looking at that scene…

    Second of all don’t like to see you sad and in no mood to write like i wrote to you that day… write even if you’re sick, even if you don’t have the strengh, take out whatever is bottering you inside and share it with us will be here for your dark moments also.. we have grown to be not just a blog that comment and share the same love for KHJ but we have become a family, sister with other mother and father but sister by love… I loved the song I was my first time hearing it so looking at it and comparing it to my love our love for KHJ is fits perfectly…

    I understand when you say you felt sick…it’s like you don’t feel complete when you haven’t write about KHJ is your passion to write about him that when you don’t write about him is like your system has stop working that have come to end you feel weak so writing gives you that energy that boost to get up again…

    Mr. Jeong the great bodyguard of KHJ is the best.. I think we have grown to love him cause for him taking care of KHJ is more than a job.. for him his taking care of his own child.. they maybe don’t have so much age diference to say father and son but the love is like a father and son.. they care for each other and like he takes care of him and we appreciate we have got to love him to…

    I felt sorry for the Chinas fans, for those that didn’t had the change to see him departure but KHJ safety is more important here.. I hope they understand and don’t blame..

    Hopefully us and many other fans will learn from this and won’t do the same mistake again.. come on they almost crush my hunnie… hahaha

    • I have never done writing in my entire life. But now Hyun Joong pushed me to do it, just like other fans who were working on updates. Now I understand how it is to be a writer, I understand why writers would go and seclude themselves to serenity. I’m on my holiday since Hyun Joong came back to Korea from Japan, it’s been almost a month that all I want to do is to write about HJ. In writing whatever mood you have it reflects no matter how you twist the topic!!! And I was bothered by that caption you wrote if you love somebody set him….God that was a sad song, actually I mistaken this song to I found someone to love!! Anyway, I hope you’ll be back and read my article of the day Unconditional Love. See you…..I always thank you, you know that already!!! LOL

      • Ohh no but i didnt meant for you to be bothered what i was trying to say that he must go to other places and disappear for a while but he will come back to us better than before cause we have let him free to do what he wants and needs to do it! Not to use forget him! Hope I didnt gave you or other readers the bad impression ☹ I myself can never let him go is just a way to accepting that everybody go somewhere but went the love is there it will come back! again sorry if it bothered you!

        • hahahaha….you make my day!!! Have you read the comments down there?? I got what you mean, but honestly thanks to you, because I found the song to describe HJ. This is alright, at least you can read some variation!!!! For a change!!! hahahah thanks for coming back!!

  4. I love that song too by Barbara Streisand “I finally find someone” and every time that song comes on, I am reminded of BYJ. He is the first Korean actor that started it all for me in liking K-dramas and KHJ started it all for K-pop side. I am a fan of BYJ as well as a fan of KHJ. In fact, I did a simple youtube vid for both BYJ and KHJ a while back. For BYJ vid, I used one of SS501 songs called “Always and Forever” and for KHJ vid, I used a song called “I Need You” by Mark Bautista. Thanks LazerKim for all the wonderful articles! I just discovered these and is reading them one by one.

    • Hi nice to hear from you, we’re the same, BYJ was my favorite until now actually that’s why I have articles about him & KHJ, have you read those? if not you may check it out, Protege, Mentor BYJ, The Boss, Two Men in a Row. And still coming up Artist’s Agent KeyEast. Watch out for it. Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again….Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from that fan who uploaded that vid. that was really good. I’ll check out on vid you mentioned.

  5. LazerKim, it seems you were sad today, but cheer up girl, the new reaser of the OST is out and it is just beautiful, HJ voice is thrilling. Sunny days will come, please keep smilling, have a good week and chin up you are great at writting those articles, they’ve became an additiction, don’t matter how late I am coming home I have to check what you’ve added and you always manage to put a smile and a good thought and always learning something new from the fans, twitter (will be a new addiction so i am trying to avoid it right now, have exams to prepare, but maybe later). So till next good article…. 🙂

    • Hey thanks, twitter is good as long as you know your limitations giving priorities to your studies. I think everyone is having exams, I actually couldn’t find any student at the twitter. Oh well that’s gonna be your choice… hey good luck to your exams make good……fighting!!!! God bless to you. Take care.

  6. Hi Lazerkim It seems like you have been immersed in feelings for HJ while writing this. I was touched too.
    And I thank all the HJ fan tweeters for sharing and updating. You all are doing a perfect job. I feel like creating a account for myself too. Thank you Lazerkim.

  7. hello LazerKim,
    Today I watched movies with his departure in Shanghai and return to Korea and I watched it mimics when she was assaulted by fans and the police, border control, with passport in your mouth. effective in everything he does, movements, gestures, how to look, everything is so sweet, sexy and shy, to kill me when you look. do not know what to zic.este perfect and love more.

  8. Hi Lazer Kim, anew fan of Mr KHJ..i may say since last year..and if i could remember as u say since the time u have fallen and totally hooked by him as a soloist.I so love all ur articles about HJ and vice versa i soooooo love this perfect man as well!!..right now am thinking about joining twitter world but am afraid i might be a total computer illiterate by using it…hahaha!!*shy*!! i am not a professional such as u all fans of HJ…May God bless KHJ and so his aliens!!figthing!!

    • Now do you know that I’m actually writing about twitter. Here’s what I can suggest, don’t be shy because we’re the same computer illiterate. Now get yourself an account w/twitter include me as your following and then look for those whom i follow get them to your account and I can assure you those people are very friendly and they will help you anytime. So I’ll see you at the twitter world! Don’t worry……have a nice day good luck!

        • Ok I have notify twitter and they’re already aware of your desire, how I wish i could name them here but I can’t because I might forget anyone to mention her name and i will never forgive myself for that, I hope you’ll understand. Simply look at those whom I’m following and you’re set to go, if you have any problem come back to this blog and we’ll help you out so lose your way…good luck!!!LOL We’re the same don’t worry.

        • Its very easy Omega..I’m a KHJdie hard fan..just open twitter website ,create an account and..follow all kHJ fans..if u want to know d latest updates about him..follow them..Im sure u will enjoy and get addicted..u can retweet der tweets if u want so u can gain followers too..hoping to see u soon.. Welcome to Alien /KHJ world Omega.

        • ever since i started twitter, i learn so much from the gals…
          if u need anything, just ask and i guarantee u a few will respond..

          you will get 1st hand news, where ever Hyun Joong is, cos there are die hard fans updating twitter live from anywhere and everywhere….

          Have fun and get hooked to twitting.. kekeke (i did)

          • Sriz

            HI!! Omega
            Twitter is very easy to be in.At 1st like others u too will think it’s a bit strange but later on it’s normal. 1stly u gotta create an account thru ur email address n u can have ur own username as u wish.

            When ur account is created u can follow a strong hyunniz by 1st searching the name and later clicking d follow button n as u r a henecian u can check the list of hyunnniz and follow others too.
            In order to upload a pic , u can use twitpic and in order to tweet longer as there is restriction of words while tweeting, u can use twitlonger

            If U like som1 ‘s comment or tweet , u can click d retweet button or click d favorite
            button as u wish n if u do have any probs u can freely ask us or if we aren;t available google it
            btW I wud b glad 2 help u or ny1 in need
            all the best
            Go on!!!!!!!

            • Hi Ladies of HJ,u are all totally accomodating…feeling giddy all of these insructions!!..thank u all very now making my acct..hope i can follow my way to twitter otherwise i prefer to land in the land of Hyun Joong himself!!..sorry to share my admiration for HJ!!..he’s totally irresistable man!!once again ..thank u ladies!!

              • Oh this blog is for everybody to breath on they’re feelings about HJ. You’ll get use to it. I was once like you and still am….see you at the twitter you are warmly welcome.

      • so sweet voice of him watching now while am out twitter for a while..thank u really!!..well i will have to really learn little by little about this twitter world..what else to do..just to know more about this great man KHJ!..its actually my first time to admire a celeb man no other even a celeb in my own country and a hollywood stars!!..KHJ( he) has really this certain majic to draw people on him…to me i like he’s being so real as a man!!..thank u Lazerkim!!…

  9. Your writings sounds a bit gloomy today ^^ I just read about incident in China and lot of Hyun Joong’s pics update.. and also Mr.Jeong. I bet he’s the only K-celeb bodyguard who has his own fans (I’m one of them lol). I wish you have a happy monday LazerKim, cheer up.. We’ll hear his soft and smooth voice on the new OST track soon! (well i Hope it will another ballads) =D

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