Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FOLLOW ME!!

By: LazerKim                  Kim Hyun Joong is currently in Shanghai China to attend the Tokyo Girls Collection Festival. He left Korea this afternoon and as usual Hyun Joong’s fans were at the airport to see him off. I love viewing airport scenes simply because this is one of the ways you can see your idols as himself off cam. Although of course fans can take videos of him through their cellphones. I was never been wrong in my judgement of Hyun Joong as a role model to other celebs, and I can’t help compare him to others.

If you’ll watch the video of him at Gimpo Airport, as he came in at the airport lobby, there were four fans tailing him as his back, like passengers too!!! They followed him at the escalator going up, I would assume to the airline check in counter or the immigration counters. As usual his fans hand in their personal letters and bags of goodies, that appear like Hyun Joong went for a shopping!!! His fans are naturally thoughtful, I haven’t seen Hyun Joong got in or out of the airport without letters and goodies from his fans except the one of Hyun Joong’s secret escapade as he traveled from US last December 2011.

Hyun Joong would look to his left and smile, look to his right and smile, glance at his back because he knew his fans are following him and smile at them. As he carried the bags of goodies given to him, Mr. Jeong who has a new hair style, had a bunch of letters and bags of goodies too and so with Hyun Joong’s manager. They all look like they went for a shopping!!. Hyun Joong was quite in a hurry to catch up with check-in but he still manage to make a gesture of bowing or nod to his fans. And as he got in, he turned his back and wave to his fans.

These gestures are just simple but how many celebs can spare even just a glance and smile to their fans specially at the airport?? I’ve been viewing airport scenes of other celebs specially idols, that I would like to tell these idols, can’t you glance to your left or right and at least smile instead of looking straight ahead as if you’re walking in an empty space!! What have they got to lose if they do so? So would you still wonder why Netizens compares Hyun Joong to other idols?? Because the big difference is so obvious by just simple gestures.

Airport scenario was even strange to Hyun Joong but little by little he learns to acquire the proper way of behaving to his fans. I honestly love watching him walking at the airport lobby while his fans hand in their letters and gifts as he graciously accepts them. He knows his fans would love to take pictures of him and so he just let them be. I’ve seen in a video of one idol who literally confiscated cameras from their fans, and I can’t take that, I think it’s so rude and I think fans should know their idols better.

If idols misbehave regardless of the situation it definitely reflects to their personality, then why else would a fan waste her time following a misbehaved idol?? Hyun Joong experienced almost being crushed by crowded fans in Shanghai China yesterday, but he remained cool and still managed to smile somehow, even the situation was like a chaos. Although I honestly hope it won’t happen again.

As I was monitoring Hyun Joong’s departure to China through the twitter, I had the chance to chat with Hyun Joong’s fans who are active in posting updates. And I realize how neglectful I have been, posting updates are not as simple as it appears to be. I may be just chatting with them but I can see how fast the movement of posting information specially whenever Hyun Joong is out there on his exposure. His fans basically follow him with their cameras taking pictures and immediately feed it to twitter and news just run worldwide. Fans do stay on line to keep updating whatever is going on during Hyun Joong’s exposure.

It’s like doing a job but these fans just do it for Hyun Joong out of love. And so I was right in saying, they have gone out of their way and it’s beyond their usual support to Hyun Joong to be sitting in front of their monitor for hours waiting for updates from Korea or from anywhere and post it. Guys you’ve been doing a very good job for Hyun Joong sake and I’m very proud of you all. You just don’t have the idea how I sincerely appreciate you for doing this for him. And yes this is a clear chain reaction, I can not have my articles updated if I do not have news updates. Then there’s nothing for me to write, and there’s nothing for you to read about what’s going on with Hyun Joong at the latest. Thank you so much for being there for us always…

And then doing this posting updates, from here they build friendship, they may not know each other personally, one may be at the other part of the world and one at another end but they do meet because of the only one person, Kim Hyun Joong. And so for other fans who are fond of internet why not join in with others at twitter, you’ll be able to find the other virus there which is 100% contagious because of Hyun Joong!!! And I would say they are the most contagious of all!! And they are also addicted to what they are doing about posting info and photos of Hyun Joong. Now I would think we’re here for a purpose, and I think we’re bound to be together in thoughts and feelings for Hyun Joong.

Yesterday I have some interesting comments from my box, I think I got three Hyun Joong fans who are currently doing marathon reading and leaving comments in my box. One fan said, that she’s getting worried of being obsessed to Hyun Joong, she’s been silently doing marathon reading and she left her comment at Article Collection. I was assuming she’s checking on the list which one she hadn’t read, and she said she’ll leave Hyun Joong for a while because she’s already obsessed!!. So she’s taking a break. And she said she had acquired even Hyun Joong’s mannerism of touching her hair fringes over her forehead!!! If you can notice Hyun Joong keeps doing that, touching his hair fringes over his forehead!!

And then somebody gave me a heart pinch and teary eyes as she wrote in my box, she was reading Dark Moments. She’s a student and that time Hyun Joong was at his dark moments 2010 contract termination, she was very much affected and that time it was her exams schedule and unfortunately she failed in the exams. I can’t help to think, wow Hyun Joong had truly touched the hearts of his fans to this extent in reality.

If I will be given the choice as to what I want to do, I’ll probably choose to write about Hyun Joong, to learn his language, to dig dipper to my research about him, to the extend of asking him what I want to know, what his fans ought to know  and to write a book about him in his language for Koreans and in English for his international fans. For those fans who had gone out of their way sharing new updates, one of them said she couldn’t complete her day without doing something for Hyun Joong and they have been doing the news updates posting photos so as we have something to read about Hyun Joong, for years now.

I wonder how long have they been doing this? One fan was saying she had already posted more than 7,000 photos all Hyun Joong’s, and she’s been following Hyun Joong for three years since BOF. I wonder, does Hyun Joong knows what you guys been doing? I wish he knows, if only he could take just a glance. But I guess he already knew it, since it’s obvious he has certain attachment to his fans which was not there before.

I now ask myself, for how long will I be doing this writing articles about Hyun Joong? Just like the question “will I be able to get over with Hyun Joong?”. I got one last article to write and 10 articles to post to come up to a hundred articles. For me it feels as if I’ve been writing for a long time but it was barely that much time as to compare with those who are working on news update and photo postings.

One fan was saying, it’s not easy to be a die hard fan but it feels great. And I agree with her, she’s very right. No matter how difficult it may be, it does not really matter if you’re happy with what you are doing. Another factor why they enjoy it because they found friendship among themselves. One fan assured me that there’s a strong connection among the fans, and I myself felt it.

Because of one person, a friendship was built, because of one person things which appear to be impossible is becoming possible. There’s no single fan that didn’t say, they’re getting addicted to Hyun Joong. We do follow Hyun Joong where ever he is, we protect him at all cause, and no matter how long the road would take for him to travel, we’ll be following him.

                                                                                    LazerKim here writing.

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15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FOLLOW ME!!

  1. Is this dejavu..??? I have a straight top n slightly curly end type of hair..but today after i have my hair hair ended up being straight.n my fringe appears all diff..n i cudnt stop touching it d way hj does…n now i read another fan oso does it..this is d 1st time i have fringe n i’m lovin d way it is now….weeee

  2. I can’t help it but cry always evrytime I read ur article..Goosebumps coming..and tears keep falling..He is d love of my life..I will him all d Best n d world.!! I love him forever!!!Hyun Joong-ah pls keep ur feeet on d groud always..!! May Our Dear God Bless U More!!!
    Thank U always dear for all ur efforts!!!

    • Thanks to you without your updates i can’t write about Hyun Joong…. Thank you for reading and re-posting my articles…..have a nice Monday!! God bless. See you again!

  3. His the sweetest.. Every details gestures in pure kidness..! He gives the fans the opportunity to take pics and signs some autographs.. he don’t even run away like many others do.. He stop to smile and salute them with his awesome hi five gesture.. It’s kind of his signature. Even getting on the cars he lowers down the window to see his fans and thanks them until they can him anymore… I value those fans that takes their time to follow him in a good way not to stalk him or nothing but they do it really out of love and to share with us that don’t have the opportunity to be there present to post pictures, videos and articles as if we where there live.. again technology has been a blessing when we use it for the right purpose… I thanks them everyday of my life and hope they never stop.. to all KHJ fans god bless you all… helping us see all of that in a flash help us love KHJ more…

    Your title inspired me with some words:
    Kim Hyun Joong – Follow Me

    Follow Me
    For Joy and delight.
    Follow Me
    For a ride full of surprise.

    Follow Me
    To make our dreams come true.
    Follow Me
    To share my love and glory with you.

    Follow Me
    To a better place where we can sing and dance all day.
    Follow Me
    Till the end, to make amazing memories will never forget!

    Fans – Follow You

    We’ll follow you anywhere!
    You seem so honest as well as fair.
    You’ll see that we will follow you
    We’ve seen the things that you can do.

    We’ll follow you until the end of time
    Our stroll throught life will be sublime.
    You have won our undying devotion
    We’re overwhelmed by this spell and potion.

    Each year we’ll grow more fond of you
    It seen as a spell only vodoo cand do.
    We’ll strive everyday to love you more
    So lead the way let’s not wait anymore!!!

    Follow Me

  4. Hehe;Just got 2 see ur article though u told us last night to check it out this morning; nyways I’m glad that you are spreading how we (Hyunniz) are spreading and being connected by a strong bond thru HJ; BTW, I felt astonished+happy too by seeing my lines in this article which I had tweeted yesterday. Nywz thnks for appreciating our efforts n you too are doing a gr8 job
    keep it up.
    It’s all for the sake of our namja n we will always stay by his side forever regardless of his stardom or anything else.

    • hahaha…I told you I’ll write about you guys!! And so I reminded to read this article because you’re in it!!! LOL Thanks for reading….see you again God bless

  5. Hehe;Just got 2 see ur article though u told us last night to check it out this morning; nyways I’m glad that you are spreading how we (Hyunniz) are spreading and being connected by a strong bond thru HJ; BTW, I felt astonished+happy too by seeing my lines in this article which I had tweeted yesterday. Nywz thnks for appreciating our efforts n you too are doing a gr8 job
    keep it up.
    It’s all for the sake of our namja n we will always stay by his side forever regardless of his stardom

  6. I salute those who diligently follow Hyunjoong and accompany him wherever he goes and keep us fans around the globe updated.The scenario yesterday reminds me those times when HJ was promoting Breakdown & TFS ’round Asia.It was so fun and exciting~!!fans in every country he visited was all active posting updates and photos in twitter to share and us, who glued ourselves to the monitor spreading all the tweets!^^)..From one country to another.We never missed anything!.We share all the excitements and get connected like a close family.Try to imagine because of this one fine man we learn to know each other and befriended to people w/ other races.We talked in different languages and yet we understood each other feeling of excitement.Share our experiences that makes us even closer.It’s really very nice and feels good to be in HJ fans circle.And I am so glad I came to know HJ , became a fan and gained more friends even from other races~^^..let’s continue to spread the virus of love for Kim Hyun Joong~<3

  7. he’s really the only one. he knows how to appreciate the love of fans for him. time by time, his fans and him feels like a family.

  8. I think hyun joong knows his fans love him so much.That’s why he always says he will work harder to pay back the love he received from his fans.
    One of my wishes for hyun joong is that he can learn English and know more about how much his international fans love him regardless of nationality,language and religion.But our man is so busy to learn English,I know.
    You mentioned me in this article and I feel a little shy about how much I am addicted to hyun joong.hee hee.
    I also thank to all the fans who keep following hyun joong and updating hyun joong’s news.They are great and lucky people who can do what they want to do and enjoy what they are doing. I really appreciate them.They are wonderful. I love all of hyun joong’s fans.

  9. i reread ur article today while waiting for HJ’s arrival at Incheon…
    this has bring back some sweet memories.. the time when we need to support HJ during Breakdown, i recall we were bz creating gmail accts, send over to korean fans to load credit.. some help to down load songs…
    the accts were later distributed to China fan to vote ..
    its a global effort…. all for the only one we love and care for… to support him
    everyone contribute a little and its a chain reaction…
    i was crazy enough to be sitting here in front of the PC, creating abt 300 gmail accts a day.. in total i think i did 1500+ acct… (somehow my IP allows me to create unlimited).
    we were a slave to Hyun Joong…
    but knowing that those accts will support HJ for online voting, its just satisfying…

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