Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE LETTER

By: LazerKim                     How do you feel if you receive a letter or simple message from the one you love?? You definitely get excited and you can’t wait to open it up and read. That’s how I felt upon seeing a post of Kim Hyun Joong’s 18th message to his fans!! Loading the message felt forever that I can’t wait to read it!!  Oh I was smiling at my monitor while reading the message, well the guy feels exactly how his fans feel. He’s getting bored!!

Well why not, Hyun Joong had been out there for eight straight months, and when he was given the chance to rest, he became restless and bored. At least Hyun Joong was given a time to himself and it’s nice of him to think about his fans…..sigh! He must be truly lonely and just like us we get bored for not seeing him. But once he has fully recharged he’ll be excited to go back to work, as good as new again.

Hyun Joong was saying, he’s home reading books he haven’t read, and watching dramas, which is unfamiliar to him and seemed strange. And yes I agree because Hyun Joong is a type of person you can not let him stay in one corner or sit even just for one hour!! Oh I can just imagine the guy to be just walking around his apartment and sit for a while grab a book or anything to read, and on his feet again!!! And finally, Hyun Joong thought about his fans that he doesn’t have a single idea how we thought about him everyday!!! How we get crazy watching his video clips over and over again!! But it’s so sweet of him to write, as he normally does if he finds the time to do so.

I read from the comment box, she’s a new fan and she was quite surprised that Hyun Joong do write messages to his fans. She was thinking his staff does the writing for him. Actually in Hollywood that happens, celebs do let their staffs write letters and on line messages to their fans. But not Hyun Joong. If he has time he simply type just about anything for his fans. And that makes him special.  Remember before he flew to Japan last January, it was Chinese lunar year, and just about to leave he left a message for us? It was sweet nothing but the gesture made him close to us. Just the same as he wrote his latest message to his fans is another thoughtful gesture.

Hyun Joong was saying he hadn’t shown himself for a month, well, his last public appearance was Feb.5, his concert in Japan. He misses performing, well I told you the guy is a stage addict, do you think we fans are the only ones who’s an addict?? Hyun Joong is an addict too, I’m sure he’s just dying to be on stage and dance sing again!! Don’t you see any connection here? For the past days, if you can read the bloggers at Twitter, all of a sudden someone would just pop out and saying “I miss Hyun Joong so much”. And some would say, “It’s getting boring without Hyun Joong”. And I would post “So this is life without Hyun Joong”!!!

Everyday I read this from his fans, and what? We simply content ourselves with reading, and for me here it’s writing about him. Someone at my comment box said “LazerKim what have you done to us, our day is not complete without reading your article”. Thank you, but  it’s not me, we all feel the same way and this is our outlet. I can’t complete my day without writing about Hyun Joong, while you can’t complete your day without reading about him. This is our outlet for getting bored because we’ve gone used to seeing Hyun Joong for 8 straight months. And we’re not even aware Hyun Joong feels bored too. The feeling is just mutual. Well, at least the guy is just being honest.

Is this normal??? Can anyone help me here? Is this how it feels being a fan of any celeb for that matter? I’m sure many of you maybe asking yourself the same question.  I mean this is my first time to really get involve with a celeb and this is not normal for me. As I have mentioned in my other articles, I got a long list of favorites both Korean celeb and the Hollywood, but I never get to this extent of knowing more about those celebs, and just like one of my regular readers said, she feels like a fan girl giggling over Hyun Joong!! And I do share the same feeling with her. I’m just curious, does other fan and idol has the kind of connection like Hyun joong and his fans? Is this natural?

And may I just share, Hyun Joong’s message is just so contagious. Honestly, this shouldn’t be my topic for the day, but after reading the message, which I did five times, I just found myself staring in a space. I was asking myself, what’s happening to him? Out of the blues he’s bored!!! I thought hard about it and I found the answer, Hyun Joong is experiencing a natural dancer’s instinct of having a hang over. If we do experience hang overs like after watching his show, you would just reminisce on how good he performed. Hyun Joong experience the same hang over only once he stop moving. After his tight schedule for eight months straight just moving around and suddenly stopped. He has now the time to think clearly, after being rested.

The thought of him getting bored is exactly how we all feel for a month now. Well everyone say the same thing over and over about missing Hyun Joong and getting bored which I do feel most of the time. It’s because we seldom see him, and somehow the feeling of missing someone makes us even miss him more once we get a glimpse of him. All the while I thought it’s only us who feels bored, Hyun Joong feels it too. I can only read in between the lines of his message. This is just short of saying he misses the fun of being on stage to share his music with us.

I’m not trying to deliberately misinterpret the message. But men are men, they may say this and that, but deep inside it’s the other way around. And women just have to read them from inside just to understand that men finds it hard to disclose themselve about what they truly feels. I can see from his message he really miss the fun of being on that stage, he misses his fans being there to listen to him. This is how I read his message. The guy wants to sing again, he loves to be on live stage and that’s why he loves performing a concerts no matter how difficult it is to prepare. He loves to see his fans listening to him as he sings, cheering for him on top of their voices, Hyun Joong misses it.

It’s so natural for an artist like Hyun Joong, that after every performance feels like he wants to do it again, specially if his show was a success. I’ll tell you how it feels. If an artist perform series of shows for months, just like what Hyun Joong was doing, his schedule was full pack from June 2011 to Feb 5 2012, at the first few months, adrenaline was so high that you can’t imagine he performed so consistently.

But there are times with the span of 8 months, it’s very naturally human, he would feel tired and would wish it’s over, again that’s very natural. I’ve seen that kind of feeling from Hyun Joong in November when he did his series of concerts in different locations in Japan, and was no joke, moving from one place to another performing shows for just a matter of weeks. In January 2012 at the fan meeting and Feb.5 at Yokohama Arena, he was able to fully recharge and he was so refreshed back then.

And it suddenly stopped. Now this is the time he gets hang over from the performances he did, this is the time he reminisce all those fun with his fans as he sings and dance non stop. He’s now fully rested, and with a very clear mind nothing to think about and so this gives him the chance to look back in time. This is how I read his message. As he said “when you’re resting try to rearrange your life, after rearranging my thoughts I have great plans”. He’s saying this to us, but actually he’s saying this to himself. He’s thinking whether he’ll do the plan or not. He’s reading, but I don’t think it’s a book that he’s reading!!!

He wants to do something, but definitely he wants to sing and dance, rock the stage again have fun with his fans. This I think is what he actually miss, which is very natural to any artist like himself. A dancer is always a dancer, he may take a rest, but his body will keep seeking for dance and perform, and that is very natural to any dancer like Hyun Joong. But I think he’ll be doing drama instead, as he mentioned at Aeon press conference, but nothing is confirm yet. I’m just letting you know what he feels, reading from his message.

Hyun Joong is lonely when he wrote to us, well who wouldn’t be, he’s all alone in his apartment and the weather is not so good in Korea this time around, and so he’s being stuck up at home. Lucky fans we are!! If he has a girlfriend and he’s lonely it’s very likely he’ll go and have the company of his girlfriend!!! But instead, he grab his lap top and type a message to his fans who has the same feeling and thought with him.

Sigh…..    Lucky for us fans, because Hyun Joong personally writes to his fans and disclose his feelings of being lonely. It feels good though, Hyun Joong can share with us his private thoughts from time to time. Every time he does, it even makes us closer to him and here we are sharing his thoughts with each other.

There’s that connection which is apparently can not be denied. Oh yes, he wrote about White Day and he was apologizing for not having prepared something for us, and that’s very thoughtful of him, but it doesn’t matter actually, the important thing is we thought about him on that day, since valentine Feb 14, we spent it with the real world with our true to life partners, and so I gave that day Mar 14 exclusively for him.

Oh by the way, if anyone wants to write any message for Hyun Joong the article is White Day. The article just stays there, the comment box is still open that’s for you. Don’t worry I don’t open that article. It just stay at the internet. I’m still hoping one day Hyun Joong will be able to read coming from you personally.

Now going back to my question, is this all natural? Is this how it is to be a fan? I have organized a lot of concerts, my work is at the back stage running here and there during each shows, or I stay at the control area, that’s my job. My attention is solely on stage, though I hear cheers from the audience but I don’t actually know how it feels to be there at the audience cheering for an artist. And that’s my dream, I want to be with Hyun Joong’s fans to join in and enjoy the show. I want to experience falling in line with the rest of the fans patiently waiting to get in to the venue, I want to know how it feels. And so with the  aftermath, after the show, fans do go home and I can only imagine you would probably check on updates about him.

I wonder does the fans of other celeb have the same connection as we do with Hyun joong? I’m sure some of you had other celebs whom you are a fan before you met Hyun Joong. Was the feeling and thoughts the same? Because with Hyun Joong, among the fans they have a strong connection and I can feel that. And apparently there’s a very strong connection between Hyun Joong and his fans, that I strongly believe. I think I’ll give it a try to investigate other celeb and their fans!! Actually I haven’t tried to visit and stay at other celeb’s fan blog although I made an attempt but if it’s not my interest I find it difficult to stay longer!!! Except for his boss of course.

Kim Hyun Joong is like a lover for us in a different world, having an unconditional love because we can share the love for him with each other. No one has been selfish, on the contrary we want more people to love him. Many lucky Koreans can hand in their personal letters to him and let’s just consider it as the Korean fans speak or write in behalf of his international fans.

Every time I watch Hyun Joong at the airport, I always look for fans who can hand in letters and presents to him and do you know what I say to myself every time I see them? I would just say “that letter comes from me too”!! I can only assume that Korean fans and us his international fans, join in having the same feelings and thoughts about Hyun Joong and letting him know about it through his Korean fans, that Hyun Joong can understand better in his language. And I’m sure Korean fans do share the same thoughts with us through a love letter!!

And so Hyun Joong wrote back to us that I find it so sweet of him being an ultimate lover from another world as a Love Letter was specially delivered to us from Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE LETTER

  1. all i can say is thank you..for expressing our love …love ….love to our leader..your the best lazerkim and thanks…

  2. No other words I could say than.. being proud of knowing him since SS501 till the present.
    The one and only greatest star, Hyun Joong TT
    Thank you again Lazer Kim!
    Your writing expresses what fans are actually feel towards him ^^;;

  3. I felt restless & excited when I first saw there’s a msg from HJ in my timeline too~!..smiling and giggling like a teenager reading a love letter,omigooosshh~!!!hahaha..^^..Scrolling almost all the blogs reading the same post as if I could find anything different by doing so.~laughs.He feels lonely and bored?,sure he misses us too!.The feelings mutual.I also believe it is not a book he is reading unless it’s a comic book.^^..He apologized for not giving us anything during White Day~and yet the apology itself coming from him is already a gift!I should say it’s the thought that counts even though he forgot^/^”).kekeke..

    • Gotcha!! There you are….and I must confess, you were the one I was pertaining to who’s back being a fan girl to be giggling!!!! LOL! I knew it you’ll giggling once you read the message!! kekeke………..hey thanks see you again!

  4. HELP HELP!!! Someone is in need of help in locating my other articles, she’s asking for link for the articles…Please forgive me I’m also a computer illiterate!! She left a message at “ARTICLE COLLECTION” if somebody can give her a hand please, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you…..God bless.

    • Kim I posted the link under “ARTICLE COLLECTION” couldn’t find one but at least are good 87..another thing it shows the links black cause maybe is your theme colors but they are there..if you’ll like to check and see if they are fine…

      Took my 2 hrs of reading to help ..hope your readers enjoy it!

      • Gosh I feel like crying!!! Thank you very much, you’re really so kind, I pity her she’s having a hard time and she’s eager to read more like you!! Thanks for your time and effort. I’m sure she’ll be happy now. God bless….

  5. As soon that the letter started circulated all over the internet thank to those blogger that are near and can get those news when there hot to quiclky let us know what he wrote! In in side I was so happy to see you remember us and gave us some loving and on the other side was ooohhh noo my baby is bored I dont like that! He is man that can stay still for too much time his feet dance alone even when his sleeping the beep of the music plays in his head 24/7! He must be thinking a lot cause if I’m not wrong he wont go into tour again like for a few more months! We cant have him feeling bored and even lonely..oooh how could I be there to give him my support! Keyeast needs to read this and put him on any job cause if his bored we are also bored to without seeing or hearing nothing from him! The fans need some loving and we want to shout out on any corner we see and say we’re here for you! He wrote to his fans mostly cause he care for us, he knew he had to make presence in a letter without him knowing that he might have not dont nothing for White Day but this letter filled that hole and surely put some smile on many faces! That was so generous of him! We are his family….KHJ tell me what can I do to make up less bored? I’m here for you and many more are too!

    • I agree with you, how I wish we can all sit with him while he plays his guitar and sing for us. I know he would just love to do that. ……sigh thanks for reading as always, How is your marathon reading coming along? I always read your comments, thanks so much.

      • My marathon is goin super great loving each and everyone them! Have read 45 already 1 to 40 on the list and the last one that i read as u post daily! Still got 30 more to catch up getting there! Today took some time to go to memory lane and watch KHJ playing his guitar and was watching a video of KHJ & Top @Universal OMG how lovely is to see that!

  6. You know lazerkim your thoughts are exactly my thoughts. I got a few opportunities to meet him and send him off one time in an Asian country and there in Seoul & watched his radio guestings in KBS & got to join some of his fansigns too. How I wish that I could compose letters in Korean but most of the Korean fans I know they always prepare one everytime they know they will have a chance to see him. I tried it once or twice, asking help from some Korean fans and tried to talk to him in Korean too in 2 fansigns but my accent just made him confused. lol! Then I learned my lesson I just spoke to him in simple English then from his eyes & from the smile on his face, I know he understood. He always says thank you to intl fans…I felt that sweet Thank You was even more sweeter with those sparking eyes. I really notice that they sparkle and I like staring at him in the eye too. But in that one HI5 event, it was funny I got so nervous that I failed to stare at him. His hands are so soft. I wish I could hug him! hehe
    I also wonder often if other Kpop have this kind of relationship, this kind of longing for Kim Hyun Joong! I met some young Elfs, stayed in the same guesthouse then helped them out how to get to KBS because they wanted to watch Kiss the Radio show. I learned that they also buy expensive gifts, some perfumes, some even expensive underwear [CK I mean] wow! and their own underwear is probably just the regular nice ones because most of them are either students or fresh graduates. They seem to be competing which is the more expensive one. This is just my opinion on some fans though. I still need to dig further. There are also accounts of how other Kpop fans give computer units etc to their idols. I also met a Soshi German fan and she bought all the albums she could find in Myeongdong, bought those shirts endorsed by their group too. This is normal because we grab too all the Uzoosin merchandise, buy Hangten, The Face Shop items we can use or eat at Jaksals whenever we can and if we have enough funds too.^^
    I always proudly mention every other Kpop fan that I meet, that I am a Kim Hyun Joong and I realized most of them like him. I met one Elf who is now a dedicated Henecian and often goes with me around Seoul. She just got bored and moved on to other idols. She is still young though and exploring also other groups. She considers herself as having a big heart. hehe Other fans from other groups feel comfortable with Kim Hyun Joong fans because they feel welcome. One time, Elfs and Henecians watched their idols together in KBS because Kim Hyun Joong was the guest on Kiss the Radio. It went well. Elfs were surprised why there were so many fans that night but happy that we left after the first half of the show when KHJ left too.
    One thing I learned from this is that other Kpop fans do monitor the schedules of activities of their idols, follow them wherever they go, do give also expensive gifts if they can afford but letter sending I wonder. I noticed only how anxious they are of buying them gifts or buying their albums and other souvenirs.
    Although I wish that I was as rich as some fans who can regularly buy gifts for Kim Hyun Joong it is nice that Kim Hyun Joong cautions his fans to lessen their expenses. From some fan accounts & interviews, he would ask fans: “How much have you spend on following me?” or one time he told one fan, “noona, it is expensive if you keep following me all over Seoul” hehe But all the replies of these fans are all the same, this is alright, you have nothing to worry about. The reason why he says these things is because he is worried too that we spend too much. This is also the reason why his first fan meeting for 2012 was almost given out for free. He often would mention that he prefers letters or personalized gifts like scrapbooks or I remember he liked those “origami” folded hearts rather than very expensive gifts because they are this so called, “labor out of love.” So much time and effort was done to finish them. Now this could be the reason why he often sends messages to us his fans.
    Pardon me if my thoughts wander often here. I just want to share a few things I learned from reading and from talking to other Kpop fans and that my thoughts are the same as yours. It is still a question which needs more answers. Thank you so much lazerkim for sharing…^^

    • Thanks for sharing and pleasure is mine writing about HJ. And I agree with you, Hyun joong is not a materialistic type of person. HJ is a freedom loving person I think it’s better for us to give him that space. Let’s just content ourselves to what he can give to us and let him have more privacy so that he can be happy with his ordinary life just like what we have. For someone like HJ privacy is becoming smaller for him. Thanks again….have a nice day God bless…oh see you again!

  7. Yesterday found myself smiling reading the translation of his message, and I feel warm inside… He always this nice to his fans. And today, the first news I read in my timeline with the headlines: Kim Hyun Joong First Celebrity for “Yahoo! Celeb” – Hyun Joong was chosen as the first celebrity for Yahoo Korea’s new celebrity information website, “Yahoo! Celeb.” OMG! This is waaayyy much better than asking him to make personal twitter account. He started great this year with succesful fanmeeting in January, sold-out Japan concert in February and for March: UN ambassador, and now this ^^ good things comes each month to please his fans. Unconfirmed news about him taking a lesson for acting, won’t be surprise if he’ll start a new drama soon, who knows 🙂

    • There you are!! Isn’t it exciting?? last night that news broke about the Yahoo Celeb, and I was so happy to see his Korean fans being interviewed about HJ. And yes that news today is really something to be happy about!! i can guess he’l be doing drama too, he said it though in Japan well, let’s cross our fingers. But I bet you it’s not books he’s reading. I think that’s a script or a drama plot!!! Well i can just guess……have a nice day, and thanks always

  8. Thank you again for gathering your lovable thoughts for Hyun joong. Your articles are the first thing I look for in the internet everyday.
    I do feel the same way, when he gets bored or feels lonely he gets rid of it by sending us a “love” massage. Does he know reading that massage how many people’s lives were lighted up? Thank you Hyun Joong.

    • Hyun joong has his outlet too same with us!! But this is good we get to hear from him personally from time to time. he knows we’re just somewhere around him. Thanks for reading and have a nice loving day!!! Aigooo!!! LOL see you again
      God bless

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