Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MISSING KID

By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong was spotted at Jaksal Chicken having dinner the other night, and a fan sneak out a stolen shot of him which is now all over internet. I can’t help to think his fans really miss him a lot. I can assume that fan who had spotted him may be too shy to approach him and ask if she can take picture of him, which I think he will grant. Although that was his private hour and he’ll probably be surprised to see himself all over the internet, or maybe he already knew it, that somebody had taken his picture. Thanks to that fan, at least a little glimpse of him makes our day!!!

Kim Hyun Joong, the apple of the eye of every Talk Shows and Game shows, the darling of the press, the fashion icon and the cute playful kid leader of SS501. These are nicknames that I can call Hyun Joong. Would you imagine this kid was the same kid who run away from home to pursue his music? This was the same stubborn kid who dropped out from school because he wants to be a rock singer. And look at him now. He’s the same kid who now has the ability to rock the entire continent by his presence.

As I watched Hyun Joong’s video footage and read news articles about him, can’t help to say to myself, indeed the playful kid I used to know had grown up to be a real man now. It’s not only his age, his physical outlook but his career grew up real fast!! But I can’t deny that I missed the kid in Kim Hyun Joong. I reviewed his video clips when he was just starting with SS501 which I have watched a dozen times, until now I still laugh with him. His playfulness, childishness, awkwardness, was a part of his personality that brought us fun memories of that kid!!! He was just so restless even in his TV appearances, and who would think that playful kid would be a big star now? The sleepy head was just careless, when he’s sleepy, he would just drop anywhere, given the chance.

Many of you had actually seen or witness how he grew up from the time he was about to start his career. As I watched all the video clips of Hyun Joong’s old days of his past makes me feels I’m a a part of his growing up. And it feels good to reminisce those funny things he does. There are a bunch of video clips of Hyun Joong guesting at game shows, and you can see how he candidly enjoyed playing.

There was this show Youth Investigate Life, he guested on, in an art drawing class, Hyun Joong took the place of a model while female students draw the half-naked man. As Hyun Joong imitates the model removing his shirt and did the pose. Oh he was so cute back then!! Hyun Joong is fond of imitating, and he does it very well. He imitates the voice of Andre Kim, a famous Kdesigner who passed away, he imitates JaeJong, Top’s voice and these gives me a good laugh even I’ve watched it dozen times.!!!

I remember Hyun Joong’s first kissing scene ever at BOF with his Sunbae Han Chae Young, Hyun Joong asked the director if he’s suppose to show his mouth!! The director said, “it’s not a scene about showing the shape of the mouth, it’s filming of kissing”!! Hyun Joong was very nervous on his very first try!! When the camera start rolling, Hyun Joong was waiting while kissing, for the call CUT, and when the director finally said cut, Hyun Joong was the first to break away from Han Chae Young, he was all blushing while Chae Young laughed hard on him!! Hyun Joong was a green horn actor, a first timer and he’s funny about the kissing scene!! He was so innocent, a typical flower boy!! He’s so cute!

The scene at the ballroom, there was an ice sculpture as a center piece of the table and while waiting for Hyun Joong’s turn to shoot, he wrote or curved SS501 on the ice sculpture, using a dinner fork!!.He missed his brothers, that anywhere he was he would attach his group name. That’s Hyun Joong whenever he gets bored, his hand gets itchy!! Sometimes he draws any character in any surface where he can write or draw on. And I think the comic face that he drew probably out of boredom landed in a canvas bag which earned good money!! And of course the famous Uzoosin was drawn personally by the alien prince KHJ may probably out of boredom too!!!

And again at the same set, on the scene when Hyun Joong had a cut on his finger from the violin string, the PA was putting blood coloration on his finger, then he said,”why don’t you use a knife and cut my finger to make it more real, blood would come oozing looks more real!!” The staffs laugh at him. Lee Min Ho said he likes Hyun Joong’s natural personality to be charming and has his own world which is cute! Hyun Joong seem to be the ice breaker in the production, he was very playful that the director and production staffs were quite fond of him.

I remember the time in Japan when the cast was promoting Boys Over Flower, some sort of reunion, when it’s his turn to be on stage to sing, he brought a balloon dog toy (where he got from the junk at the back stage) with a leash on stage!! And he has it all through out his performance, until he exits!! Everyone in the audience goes laughing at the scene! Hyun Joong finally brought his imaginary dog on stage, when he brought Art and Matic at his fan meeting last January!! This guy is really something!!!

There was a video clip when he said, his friends were asking why was the role Yoon Ji Hoo was given to him. And many critic said Hyun Joong was better when he did WGM. I was wondering why do people would comment as such and why does his friends think Yoon Ji Hoo is not a good role for Hyun Joong. While I find him to be perfect for the role.

And when I started watching his video clips with SS501, that was the only time I understood why!!! Because Hyun Joong by nature is a playful kid, and there was a comment that says, to those who doesn’t know him would think, doing the character Yoon Ji Hoo was alright for him, but for those who knows him would think he’s a lousy actor.!!

There was even a comment, those who do not know Kim Hyun Joong will never like his role Yoon Ji Hoo. Although I don’t agree with this, actors do act opposite to their true character in reality, and that makes an actor to be a good actor. Knowing Hyun Joong to be a playful kid, people probably expect him to play a comic role, which I think would not suit him because of his outlook which is pretty obvious, he’s a natural flower boy image.

I’m not saying he can’t act as a comedian, it’s just that his outlook back then signifies the opposite. I always get to read comparing Hyun Joong at We’re Getting Married a reality show and his acting at BOF, I think this is some kind of misconception, because WGM is a reality show, so whatever comes to his mind with no script, Hyun Joong would just spill it out and do anything in front of the camera in his most candid way. This was not acting, it was Hyun Joong in his own natural way. Doing BOF was of course purely acting contrast to his true self.

Well, let’s just accept the reality that Kim Hyun Joong is indeed a very unique individual. He’s one of a kind that you can hardly compare him from other celebrities in both aspects inside out. A choreographer or a director can get much amount of inspiration from Hyun Joong, because the guy is so versatile that he can do anything under the sun. He has a little of everything that only needs a little polishing in acting and he’s set to be on the go. I just mentioned this because he’s currently with his acting couch on regular sessions.

The guy doesn’t stop, that even we don’t see him around we do know he’s in his hiding place working and let’s give him that ample time for his studies, anyway he’s doing it for us. So for us fans, what do we do? Well, we just have to occupy our minds with daily routine and refresh our mind by thinking about him, whenever we’re at internet, I think this is better than reading gossips!!!

In one autograph signing event in Seoul, a Korean fan was relating her experience with Hyun Joong during that event, when she approached him for autograph sign she asked Hyun Joong, “where is Jaejong?”. He just hesitated to think, then he replied “I really don’t know”. After he signed, he reach out for his cellphone and she heard Hyun Joong said over the phone “Jaejong ah, where are you?….nothing….I’ll call you back later.” Then Hyun Joong told the fan about Jaejong’s whereabout and proceeded with the next fan in line. The fan was asking where Jaejong could be, so he called Jaejong to find out where he was!!

Looking at Kim Hyun Joong’s physical outlook on and off stage, he’s extraordinary, it immediately gives you an impression that he’s a somebody, he’s a star. But when He starts to talk, it would make you think twice as to who he is!!. Because he has a gentle voice, none demanding, on the contrary it practically makes you just melt. When he talks, it immediately tells you that he’s very kind, and he doesn’t seem like a rich guy, nor a CEO as he is in reality. He may sometimes sound to be eating his words, but listen to what he’s saying, you would know that this guy is so smart.

I can’t blame his fans, including myself, why they are so defensive whenever he’s being criticized by his ability as an artist. Because Hyun Joong is so nice, very gentle, and ever humble, to be thrown harsh comments on him. He’s not even defensive about his weak points, on the contrary, he has embraced it and work hard to improve those weak points. A critic of any Korean celebrity said, “you may criticize Kim Hyun Joong, but you’ll feel guilty after doing so, because the guy is just too nice to be criticized.”

The person who said this is not a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, but she was able to attend one of his fan meeting out of curiosity, just to see how he actually looks like. She witnessed how courteous, how warm and friendly Hyun Joong is. She can’t help to compare him with other Kpop idols, saying Hyun Joong is one of a kind and so are his KeyEast staffs. She’s probably reading my articles by this time, since I was telling her Hyun Joong is not difficult to love. She said, she doesn’t want to get caught by Hyun Joong’s net because she’s a critic of all Kpop celebrities. I’ll leave her to that, but I know she’s reading about HyunJoong.

I’ve been following Hyun Joong for quite sometime now, I can compare from all his videos that something had made his drastic changes. It started after doing BOF, he became less cheerful when he was with his group, that was between 2009 and 2010. At first I thought, I was imagining this, and quite recently I found out, his becoming less cheerful became an issue which I do not want to talk about. Until his come back stage, he became more responsible, but I barely see the playful flower boy anymore.

Ever since he moved in to KeyEast, he became visibly responsible, and got himself personally involve with his first album production. Specially during stage preparation, it’s Hyun Joong who makes the call, and he was quite serious the entire period he was preparing for his first album. Well, until at this time, he’s still harvesting excellent results from his hard work and matured working attitude. The playful kid had gone missing now!!

They said everything that’s happening to our life has a reason, in every good and bad time we had,  teaches us in our daily lives. And when you come to think back in your past, that’s the only time you realized why a thing in your past to happen. Hyun Joong learned a lot from his past, I would say he had built a strong foundation while he was with his members, learning from each other, through good times and bad times they were together. Hyun Joong had a bunch of good laughs that made us laugh at the same time that many find him adorable.

I have regrets for not finding out who Kim Hyun Joong was when I first saw him at BOF, as I’ve said in my other articles, all I know was that he’s Yoon Ji Hoo. I only knew his real name when he came to Tokyo with his boss.  But as they said, everything had its own time. And when I was doing a marathon reading and watching about him, day and night it already felt as if I was already with him during those time. It felt as if I was already a part of his growing up process from the time he started in the industry. Just like you guys, I felt as if we’ve met a long time ago. The connection was so instant.

Okay, I know you knew all of what I’m talking about!! What can I do, the guy just showed up like a mushroom at Jaksal leaving us with a glimpse of him, so what else do we expect but to miss him more!!! Yesterday my topic was rather intriguing, so this time let’s have something to reminisce about him instead, just to give us something to smile about!! And for those veteran fans who knows more, I’ll give you the floor and I’ll expect you to share with us your unforgettable moments with Hyun Joong in the past. Wouldn’t that be nice, my readers do enjoy reading the comments box too. And for the new once, they can also pick up something from the veteran fans. Just hit the comment box and let everyone do the reading!!

I miss that kid from Hyun Joong, his childish side which I rarely see from him ever since he became a solo artist. In one of his interviews in 2010, he mentioned he was starting to get lonely so he wants to get himself a pet dog. That I think it was the time he got Art and Matic when they were still puppies. And seeing them again at his fan meeting, I was quite surprised that they grew up so fast. Or maybe time was just running fast.

Kim Hyun Joong, may have outgrown his playfulness, but the little kid in him can still be seen when he’s with Art and Matic. I miss the playful kid though, but the guy has to start somewhere in being a grown up man. The kid who would just take the floor and dance, the kid who played by his own imagination during breaks from filming, and the kid who would just die laughing at just about anything!!

Kim Hyun Joong had grown up as big star, but the missing kid is still inside him…

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing


Breaking News:   May I just insert this news, which I just have read about JYJ member Yoochun who is a good friend of Kim Hyun Joong. Yoochun’s father died of heart attack this morning, and Yoochun in now on his way from Chile to back home to Korea. May I extend my condolences to the family of Yoochun.

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17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MISSING KID

  1. honestly,hyun joong was so adorable when he’s still in we got married! he’s so transparent as well as hwang bo! ive watched that show for how many times already. i am so sad that they had to stop because hyun joong will be doing another project. till now,i kept following hyun joong and hwang bo through their shows,kdrama and etc..

  2. really ur articles so good.when u look to hyun joong seems like he didn’t experienced delivering a chicken.i cried bout his past life its not like i overacted.but it really made me cry.and he’s so nice. I hope i can meet him someday 🙂 ^^

  3. hello,lazer kim 🙂 ive read ur articles and its so nice.. At 1st when i saw hyun joong in BOF as ji hoo.i really said he’s cool.. His acting is fine,and i thought that he’s from a good family but after reading ur articles about his truely i cried.

    • Well, there are more stories about Hyun Joong that will touch your heart, he’s a very interesting individual. That’s Hyun Joong’s story it’s either will make laugh or make you cry. Thanks for reading and see you again, have a nice day!!

  4. You’ve done it again LazerKim, another wonderful article about KHJ and just bringing in all of us memories how it all started. Our love story with Kim Hyun Joong.
    With BOF of course and then I got hooked, I’ve never been into dramas or whatever other telenovelas, don’t have the time, but with KHJ in BOF it caught me, and it caught me hard, i didn;t even see it from the begining, but luckly found it on the net and watched from the begining. I am not an “ajhuma” at all, still a student with lots of works to be completed and exams and a life to live, and can’t pass a day without (after i have discovered your blog, earlier i was reading your articles on wordpress) reading something new about KHJ. I have been to Macau last year and at the Venetian my friends were laughing that I had the biggest smile on my face,thinking about the scenes that BOF shoot there, childish I know, but it felt soo good. In Pukhet this year you could not find a bigger smile than mine after finally I found and bought ,the last on the stand, Lucky Guy CD, it made my entire holiday, even though I was dissapointed could not find the Break Down album even though I was searching every music shop. This is one guy you can not ignore, his magnetic personality, 4D – don’t know, but he is soft spoken, gentle, kind and his voice is caressing when he speaks, his smile is melting. My friends call this infatuation, I call it being a fan of a Very Special Star.

    • Thank you so much for always reading my articles. I think we met Hyun Joong all at the same time at BOF!! The unforgettable drama..have a nice day and see you again!! God bless.

  5. Whether veterans or newly fans there’s these same experiences that we all can relate about how we are being drawn to HJ.It’s exciting sharing how this wonderful man changes our life.Me,personally I never thought I possess this kind of fangirling inside me!.Geez,I even have two teenage kids already~hahaha..I was not even interested about any celebrities in my entire life but HJ’s effect is quite serious but the most I gladly appreciate!!..I tell you he changed my perception in life.He is an inspiration.The way he faces all the challenges and deal in whatever circumstances it may bring.He is indeed contagious.I’m just so happy that I came to know HJ even though I haven’t meet him in person yet his existence is just enough to make me feel lighthearted.And nothing could ever tainted my passion for admiring this guy.So critics~back off!.

  6. I miss the playful HJ too but yeah he has to grow up too. Still love him though. He may look all serious and responsible now but I know the very playful HJ before is still there and his 4D attacks will just pop out all of a sudden. I miss him but he’s super worth the wait! 😀

  7. Loves your article. Its really speak oot my feeling and thought of Hyun Joong. Really mean it, whenever I read article about Hyun Joong, I cry a lot because I felt so proud, bless, touched and mix feeling. Thank you for the great article!

  8. WOW! Love reading this so much! My face light up and my heart gets all warm just by reading this cause I does make me miss that playful kid also! But he has grown and so we did too with him! I still see some of it in his eyes!Its there somewhere but he knows he have to get more serious now cause his not a kid anymore! For me his acting in BOF was perfect! I love him from before, but seen him doing that role made me love him more! I cried when he cried, I smile when he did also! I lived with him all those hard moment he played in that drama! So that they are showing it again on TV here that I see it again and again just to see him cause i’ve become a HJ junky! LOL! Well thanks again for an amazing tppic to write today and for sharing with us!

    • Oh dear, I wrote this article to cheer you up, I know how you miss him, now go open my article White Day ans say what you feel for him…thanks Happy white day! see you again!

  9. when i 1st got to know Hyun Joong, i love him as Jihoo sanbae.. and i search him out and landed with WGM and SS501.. his 4Dness in WGM made me laugh and till date when i am down, i still watch them to enlighten my stress..
    in BOF, he portraits Yoon Jihoo and i believe many fell in love with Jihoo like i did…
    in WGM, his true self emerge and we love him more.. i like the epi on wedding pics session, i think he was sported in that epi that landed him the role of Jihoo..
    in SS501, i was like :O this kid is the opposite of the person i knew… as my mindset was hvg jihoo in mind… needless to say… i checked them all out and became a tripple S..
    when i first got to know KHJ, my dream was to be able to meet him.. n yes i did in 2010 !!
    he came to Malaysia for TFS event..
    my 1st encounter
    1. KHJ’s 1st phrase when he reached the venue was expressing his concern over his fans on the left, do not push and hurt yourself… *so sweet n caring*
    2. his eyes is so pretty… it blinks asif its smiling at you *mesmerised*
    will never forget my 1st meeting with him…

    gtg for appointment.. update more some other time…

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