Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EXTRA THOUGHTS

By: LazerKim              Upon waking up in the morning and having Kim Hyun Joong in mind was the very first thing that popped out from my brain, just makes you feel great and energetic to start your day with a smile. I know, we all do miss him, but we fully understand  well enough what he’s up to, we’re matured and considerate because we trust the guy who’s doing well right at this moment. It’s a nice Monday morning to start with work and putting a smile on your lips can even brighten up your day. Well, I’m happy to be back home and done with chopsticks and Japanese food!! Cheer up it’s Monday!!!

This morning as I woke up, check on my emails, and overnight, I got a bunch of comments from my comment box from everywhere different nationals which started my morning really great!! Because I felt the love from Hyun Joong’s fans to him. Many fans now do share their experiences about him, and that gives me inspiration and a lot of inputs that I can also share with you. In a basket of fruits, not all fruits are perfect, there’s always one or two which is not so good. And that happened to me this morning, not everything I read is always good.

I happen to passed by at other’s blog site, I read a post written by a KHJ fan, as she claims to be. Prior to this article draft, I wrote the first one with the same title, was a bit out of fury, but hold it, I don’t want to post anything that was made out of anger. But it’s good, I was able to burst out emotions and leave it. And so here I am, trying to be gentle as I could. The post was about suggestions in a most mannered term, although the post doesn’t appear as so.

But before I go on, may I suggest if in case you happen to have any suggestion addressing to KeyEast which would mean business pertaining to Hyun Joong, I think it would be better to come up straight to KeyEast have your suggestion written in black and white, and send it through email or snail mail. I think this is the most appropriate and professional way, rather than posting it! I believe KeyEast is a professional company and not a fly by night agent, that KeyEast management can easily respond to your suggestion in their most professional way.

And if we have any suggestions to Hyun Joong, I think it would be better to write your personal letter address it under KeyEast, as he appreciates it better rather than posting it! Come up straight to the person concern and state your piece. By this way, you will not be misunderstood by others who might read your suggestion or criticism, by post it!!.

I believe Hyun Joong is not a self centered artist, he’s a professional and would take your suggestion to be considered. For me, it just doesn’t appear good for a fan to be publicly criticizing her idol in a wrong way and in a wrong judgement of Hyun Joong. It hurts because I’m a fan, it makes me think that the writer of that post barely knows Hyun Joong. Because if she knows who Kim Hyun Joong is, I’m sure she’ll have the second thoughts of posting as such.

Here it is for a better understanding about the said blog in random.

First 1st,    The writer is a she, stated that it is not advisable for Hyun Joong to go for a world tour this year unless her suggestions are being followed. Hello!!!

My respond #1:  KeyEast, I would consider a prestigious company, having a chain of various business entity, therefore I firmly believe KeyEast has a team of business strategist. Having said this, I don’t think KeyEast will dive in any business project without brain storming. Now I can tell you, I may have a small-scale of readers, but I can tell these articles had reached the following countries: Poland, France, Israel, Russian Federation, Canada, Romania, Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Morocco, Argentina, USA ect. not to mention Asian countries.

Please don’t misunderstand I don’t mean to brag about this, this would at least shows that Hyun Joong’s presence had already gone outside Asia. And most of these nationals do leave comments in my comment box and sends email letting me know from where they are. The actual daily scale is being recorded and reported at wordpress daily, which I have a scale of countries who has taken interest about Hyun Joong.

I myself was quite surprised, it may be in small-scale of readers but my point is, the name Kim Hyun Joong had already reached beyond Asia and mind you, USA ranked above other countries for the whole week. I would certainly believe this because there were high demand from US fans, a proposal for a visit from Hyun Joong in US. I got the scale report everyday on which country my articles go. And so I think KeyEast is right about their plans. Hyun Joong’s purpose is simply just to reach out for his fans in every part of world who are identified to be U;zoosin!! For what purpose would that visit be? To thank Hyun Joong’s every fan from everywhere, for the continuous success he has been gaining, through sharing his music.

Second 2nd,   The writer stated her suggestion to KeyEast, “You have to put Hyun Joong to variety shows KeyEast”.  (Demanding in bold letters!!)

My respond #2:    I miss Hyun Joong so much as you do guys, but I’ll content myself on watching his old video clips than putting him on these shows. Are you aware of over exposed image can sometimes lead to deterioration of a celeb’s image? Because people had gone used to watching you over TV, there will no longer be that feeling of missing that celeb, and when he goes out for a concert to perform, do you think people would still buy ticket to watch him if I can watch him at least once a week for free? Of course doing drama is quite different.

If you’re a host of a regular show, I would certainly get tired of you, and besides, if I watch that show, it’s no longer him whom I would take interest, of course it has to be the guest of the show. This idea totally downgrading Hyun Joong’s talents, how can he develop his talent if he’ll just be standing as a show host?? I don’t want Hyun Joong to be included among the celebs that’s like being sold for as bargain items, I would like him to be at the section of one of a kind items with class rare item. I mean, I’m taking this out like a commodity as an example. To go guesting on these shows once in a while would be fine, but please, the guy has a natural touch of class.!! Let’s not ruin it just because we miss him.

Third 3rd,  “Image”…… The writer stated that Hyun Joong should find a consistent image and stick to it.   “Music”………the writer said, Hyun Joong should find consistent music sound and stick to it. And that, in Hyun Joong’s image change there should be concerted effort, in short there should be agreement or maybe a consent from the public that Hyun Joong will change his image. Oh my God!!!

My respond #3:   This idea about image and music is short of saying, let’s have pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week and months!! And the writer’s idea that there should be a concerted (mutual agreement) effort with the public that Hyun Joong is going to change image from now on!!! Come on!!

Let’s face a little reality here. Any part of Hyun Joong’s body is his private ownership, including his clothes it’s his property, it’s his life. I think this writer had gone overboard being a fan. Why should a celeb notify the public that he’s gonna cut his hair, he’s gonna change color of his hair ect before doing so? What right do you have to even suggest it to Hyun Joong??? Hyun Joong is not anyone’s property, his whole being completely belongs to him alone. This is the first time for me to hear that a celeb should ask permission from his fan that he’s gonna cut his hair!!! Are you Hyun Joong’s wife to reprimand?? He’s still single and uncommitted!! May I just clear that matter. Nobody owns Hyun Joong.

Fourth 4th, The writer said, Hyun Joong’s likability slowly eroded after the reality show he did entitled We’re Getting Married. His image seem “manufactured”…not even sure of what his direction is.

My respond #4:  Everyone knows that right after WGM, Hyun Joong did Boys Over Flower and from here on Hyun Joong’s popularity started boosting until at present. What was she talking about?? My apology, but I think the writer barely knows Hyun Joong. KeyEast had already layout their plans for Hyun Joong this year, I think we do understand Hyun Joong’s career direction, if you have read my article Back to Studio, everything was written there. The writer also mentioned about Hyun Joong’s acting ability. I’ll leave that part since Hyun Joong is currently on regular training with his acting couch.

Fifth #5:  The writer said, Hyun Joong’s songs are only favorites of Hyun Joong’s fans. It hadn’t made much of an impact with the general public.

My respond #5:   I hate it whenever she writes “general public”, as if the writer is the representative of the general public to speak for them!!! This is just not fair. Where’s Hyun Joong’s Bags of Awards!! Isn’t it the entry of Hyun Joong at MAMA was Breakdown, his first album? It was in this album that Hyun Joong attained recognition, being awarded as Best Male Solo Performer for 2011. He was able to receive three trophies for Breakdown at any weekly music chart, and this music piece was at top rank no.1 at any music billboard chart when it was released.

Another thing, Hyun Joong was being compared to some celebrities hosting variety shows success. I researched on this particular celeb mentioned, this host had been sitting there for eight years as solo artist. Hyun Joong debuted in June 2011 as solo singer, he barely had just started. Hyun Joong even did a better start since he was awarded immediately after his debut as solo artist. The difference is too wide to compare in terms of experience as soloist.

A TV drama for this celeb host last for two or three months, so what would he do if he doesn’t have a project, go hosting!! But Hyun Joong is a multiple talented artist, why would he resort on TV hosting? Artist who doesn’t have much project offers, simply content themselves with simple job as hosting. This job is a fall back for other celeb, who doesn’t have much project offers. But Hyun Joong is different. Hyun Joong has a dream, he doesn’t need to earn more than he gets. Those artists may just be contented with their ability, but not Hyun Joong, he aims to develop himself.

I honestly had a very good morning today, but after reading that post, my morning just fell apart!!! Aigoo!!! May I beg your indulgence my dear regular readers, please just allow me to say this for once and for all, addressing to that writer. Before I did all my articles or before I attempted to write, it took me some months to research all about Hyun Joong. To the extent of putting myself into his shoes so that I can understand him not only as an artist but as a person in reality.

I admit I may not know everything about him, yes, but I think I knew enough to be called a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. But before I write I would make sure at least not to leave my readers hanging questions in their minds. Or if I did, I would go on with my research and find answers. I actually did this, when I wrote Fans and Idol, I left my readers doubtful, but I found the answers and I’m going back to that article to answer, the article entitled Fan Hassle.

Why am I writing this article, First, I have considered other fans who might shared the same opinion as this writer. Second, as I mentioned earlier it doesn’t look nice at all, for a fan to be criticizing her idol publicly. As a loyal fan you know how it hurts whenever Hyun Joong is being unjustly criticized, what more coming from a fan who just carelessly post her criticism to Hyun Joong. It’s her opinion that we have to respect, fine. But let’s put our opinion to its right place and in a proper mannered way, that may reflect to our personality.

Third, I would just like to clear it out, suggestions should be address to the person concern, I just find it unprofessional if I would make suggestions to a reputable company and just post it anywhere. I feel it’s disrespectful. Internet is good if being used wisely, not because we are given space and freedom to speak out, there’s a better way of doing that specially in terms of business, through email is the best, but definitely not in a post it.!!

I think I still have to go on writing more about who Kim Hyun Joong is. I just feel hurt for him every time he’s being criticized specially from a fan. And I honestly hope Hyun Joong won’t be able to read that blog entry, oh it’s good he can’t read English!! Or in case he would, at least reading from this article would let him know that we’re defending him from whoever criticizes him. Hyun Joong had already trusted us just as much as we trust him. I’m not saying let’s go blind about Hyun Joong’s short comings, definitely not. But we all know him, we know his weak points yet we still embrace him all our hearts, that’s why it hurts. I felt bad this day, because I wasn’t expecting anything like this from a fan.

I remember, last night I was reading an experience from a fan who cried out because she was worried she won’t be able to see Hyun Joong in his fan meeting, but another fan spared her a ticket so as to be able to enter the venue. You can read her experience in my article Hello Critics. I was so touched by her story, and this morning I was happy because one of the fan made a marathon reading over my articles about six articles I think, and she left comments on every article she read, that can be shared with others too. I just love doing this because we learn from each other in a friendly atmosphere. It’s just not being a fan as the essence of my articles but what we can learn from Hyun Joong and his other fans. And then I end up reading a post that……….I don’t know.

I certainly hope that writer would be able to read this article and I hope she’ll be enlightened by what she had missed to understand being a fan of Hyun Joong, and understanding Hyun Joong as an artist who has a dream, and person who’s very loving and considerate.  I don’t know I just feel so shameful. You know, Hyun Joong is just so nice to be criticized. Oh yes, in fairness, she said she’s just concern with Hyun Joong. I would agree but the concern is over killing in a wrong way I think.

There are better ways of showing concern, if only she had directly address her sentiments to the people concern. At the same time, I get worried if other new fans would come to read that blog, the first question in her mind would be, if you’re a fan of Hyun Joong, why do you criticize him, what else are you doing in front of him, if you can’t take him for what he is. So there’s an immediate negative reaction. And if media picks it up, well, we have a long journey to defend Hyun Joong.

These are the consequences that, that blog may create, that’s why I get worried, hurt, angry. I just hope others realize, that once we open our lips we have to think first. This was why I trash my prior article before this. Because being angry can only make anyone a loser and I don’t want that. Hyun Joong is always a winner, and so we are. They said sometimes when you get hurt, you come to realize how much you cared. And so this explains why we the loyal fans of Hyun Joong feel the pain whenever he’s being attacked. I can take a bullet of criticism so as not to hurt him. Let’s give some extra thoughts for Hyun Joong’s sake.

Kim Hyun Joong is awake looking forward for another day with us in his heart……..

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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30 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EXTRA THOUGHTS

  1. Hi there!

    Thank you for writing lots of KHJ. Your writing and thoughts are very matured. I just love reading your articles. Every morning, my breakfast includes going to Hyunnie Pixer blog, Kathy Bench blog , My Crazy L’ll corner and now I just have to add you in my breakfast too. LOL. Your articles made me understand more of KHJ actions and what a wonderful person he is. I am in my late forties and I think I am obsessed with him. ( I watched BOF over and over again (fast forward to his part only) and keep watching SS501 just to hear him sing and dance.) At least that’s what my hubby said. Like you, I get upset when people critized him. I just love to look at him and his character so far is good enough for me. Infact, him being such a rebel during his teenage years and the troubles he went thru’ also made me wants to know more of him. Ever since knowing him in BOF, I began reading and watching videos of him. (sometimes for hours on marathon reading – I think my spectacles power goes up-). If you have any nice blog to recommend , let me know. I sometimes watch and read again articles on him especially videos on newton concert (X concert).

    Thank you Lazer Kim. Keep on writing! Love U KHJ!!!. Love your honesty and 4D. You made me laugh.

    • Thank you for reading. Please refer to my article entitled Article Collection, this is a list of all my articles, there are about 80 articles by this time, you may find me at Google Kim Hyun joong blogs or Tags Kim Hyun Joong Please do enjoy reading, the pleasure is mine to share what I know about Hyun Joong. My apology for not putting my other articles on display at my blog site, so as not to distract you from reading. Thank you and see you again God bless.

  2. Hey, Lazer Kim, love reading your articles. I believe HJ would appreciate your love for him through your works. Just don’t get affected by those kind of negativity. I’m sure the writer’s article won’t get our HJ hurts or whatsoever. Like HJ once said, don’t bother people who doesn’t love us, just focus on those who care for us. Don’t you agree? ^^

    • Hey thank, don’t worry being affected makes me talk a lot!!! but it’s good the article was no longer there. With that I’m thankful to the writer. She must have read my article. Hey thanks and see you again!

  3. Thank you LazerKim again for an wonderful written article. what can I say, so dissapointing to see those so called “fans” taking the “reins” on their favorite star and manging his carrer and his life, they are so ridiculous in doing that, that is not even worth the energy to read it. A true fan will support their star whatever and whenever and will never forget that the public persona is what we see and what is private is private and if he share with the fans some aspects of his private life is more than expected. (KHJ is quite open and frank – that is why he so special and loved). What ever decisions as career wise, for sure HJ knows what is best for him and now with KE he has their support to achieve his full potential either as a singer or actor or even behind the scenes as CEO of some company (he is very intelligent and that can be seen how he reached his goal since a teenager). I belive, no, I am sure that if he decides to do a drama or movie he will just do his utmost to be the best (proving his critics, again, wrong). HJ is an achiever. By the way I do belive that there are people at KE reading/monitoring blogs on KHJ and gattering data on fan base and they can plan his activities accordingly. This is a serious bussiness which needs careful planning forward, this is not child play (as in one of your articles you mentioned you know some behind the scenes, you being in the bussines) as you well know. So my suggestion is to take it more lightly on those so called “fans” more like anti-fans and just put them in their place nicely. sorry to take so long. please continue writing.

    • Do you know that you were the fan who did a marathon reading I mentioned in this article!!! Thanks you made me happy that day! Hey see you again! God bless…

      • LazerKim, thank you for taking the time and replying. I really try to read and read your articles, just love them. Thanks for your time and it seems that KHJ syndrome is making friends from all over the world this is for his credit and your wonderful articles.
        God Bless.

  4. I agree with you,Lazer.Don’t worry so much.She is the only fan who criticize hyun joong,I think.There are many fans who believe in hyun joong.May be she also misses hyun joong a lot like us and going overboard.I like hyun joong because he is changing himself(music,hairstyle,fashion,etc).He is doing these because he is an artist and like you said,he has many talents.In real life,he is constant in clothing,eating habits,etc.Not everyone can undergo changes like hyun joong does.some artists have the same hairstyle since debut because their faces don’t suit all hairstyles like wuri hyun joong.That’s god given gift to hyun joong.I am with you,Lazer. See you again.

  5. I am from Malaysia and a die hard fan of KHJ. I read the article you mentioned and was thinking to myself about the suggestions made. One thing fans should remember is that KHJ wants to be THE ONLY ONE and not just number one doing whatever he sets out to do with his talents. I hope he enjoys himself while entertaining us fans. After all these years, I think he is still pure and innocent in his very own ways. His appearance is beyond handsome. He is very unique and bright and truly the only one. I read most of your articles and enjoy them. Keep on writing!!!

    • Thanks to you. And thanks for your comment, that writer had protected that article after I posted this article so no one can read it, anymore. See you again! God bless…

  6. hello lazer kim, can you share to me the link of this blog that you were mentioning, I want to see the blog. thanks

    • The article was already protected after I posted this. The title Dissecting Kim Hyun Joong solo career….Le countess bobo.define. you can find it at Tag Kim Hyun Joong @wordpress. She has an article on display valentine 2012 in Japan on display author’s name is a lil’ bit kittenish. then you’ll find the Dissecting khj withing this article but she already protect it

  7. I super love your blog. I always read your articles although I haven’t made comments yet but I can’t help myself not commenting on this one. I’ve been HJ’s fan eversince BOF and I like & love him regardless of what he can or he cannot do and give to all of us. Positive or negative I’ve accepted him because he’s also a human being just like us. KE is a great company. I’m glad that they got HJ in. HJ is really a lucky guy in KE and vice versa. He may look just ok and may even laugh about himself for negative criticisms about him but I know subconciously and deep inside him he’s also hurt which makes me hurt too. But of course we all know how HJ is. He is very optimistic. He always see things in a different perspective which makes him admirable. I think that writer has a serious brain damage. She’s definitely not a fan at all. HJ keeps thanking his fans that whoever or wherever he is now saying that he owes it to all his fans. But we owe him a lot too, right? We do not own HJ so we don’t have the right to order him around on what to do with his life. He is already giving a lot of himself to public and we should be really thankful for that but asking for permission to the public to change his image is too much and just plain stupid.
    HJ is a very hardworking and determined person. His honesty and straightforward personality without being rude is what I really like about him. An ordinary person mainly works for himself and his family but HJ works very hard not just for himself and his family but for millions of fans out there. Just imagine how tiring it is. The benefits of being a celebrity may be overwhelming and outstanding but it’s very hard. You worry every single day and every minute of your career and what to do to give back what you receive. But he never complains because he loves what he do and it’s his dream! I myself owed him a lot. Eventhough I spent money to support him I don’t mind at all. Money is just money. I can’t bring it to my grave and use it when I die but with the happiness and inspiration that I feel because of him, that’s priceless and forever for me.

    • Thanks for sharing this is very nice of you to accept Hyun Joong no matter what, and I think we all feel that way for him. Maybe other fans just need a bit more enlightening, and that’s what I ought to do. I won’t give up on them. Thanks and see you again…..God bless

      • Well, I also have my positive and negative but I still love and accept myself despite of my shortcomings so what more of KHJ. A day would not do justice to fully describe his very complex life and personality. But then again KHJ is KHJ, a unique and very rare one in this world, so what’s not to love, right?

        Thanks also for your wonderful articles and continuous support for him. You’re blog is of great help especially to those new fans of KHJ. Keep it up! 😀

  8. OMG ☹ That person dares to call herself a fan! A fan dont bashes out like the of an artist or even try to give Opinion on what or where he should be or do! A fan supports her Idol no matter what and if that idols falls help him get back up letting him know we are here for him and will always be and we appreciate all his done and given us as an actor, singer and human being, cause like you said He personally dont belongs to none of us so what we gives us we should accept it with Love and Kindness cause he as an actor, music is up there cause his fans but mostly cause of him cause his the one not sleeping and resting to gives us the fan an excelent performance and not only that he has help so many people too! He has come from bottom to the being on the top by just being who he is! I really get angry at those who talk with no true basis about others! Ohhh I’m so angry everybody got a right to speak but do they need to hurt others to do it! What have KJH done to them? Is being himself and fighting for his believe a CRIME? Can does people could just concentrated on whoever they like and let KHJ just BE!!! LazerKim keep us posted on anything cause for every critic there will be hundrends more fans on KHJ side! Never feel down, but keep showing all the LOVE and spreading the world of how good he is and just one by one will make them a believer cause KHJ will show them with his talent himself!

    • If you happen to encounter similar post pls let me know, this all I can ask from all we have to enlighten them to where we all should stand as far as Hyun Joong is concern. Thanks…see you again….God bless.

  9. I like your blog..I`m from Guayaquil, Ecuador..I like KHJ ….Como seguidores de KHJ creemos que es un individuo con gran carisma y cree en lo que esta haciendo (desea ser reconocido como un gran actor y cantante ) y para ello le ha tomado mas de siete años realizar lo que ahora esta viviendo..una oleada de fans por el mundo..que lo apoya sea lo que sea…en las buenas y malas…se esfuerza mucho para dar siempre lo mejor de si…Sigo tu blog pues tratas de enfocar varios angulos de lo que escribes…sigue adelante..ademas de la admiracion que compartimos…en Ecuador estamos aprendiendo coreano y haciendo campaña por KHJ…estamos bombardeando con mensajes a los empresarios para que puedan traer su concierto a ECUADOR…ademas tenemos un lugar excelente para que descanse de su GIRA MUNDIAL…las Islas Galapagos…que te parece??Para nosotros seria genial que esto ocurriera..pero bueno soñar no cuesta nada…Una vez mas felicidades por tu blog… chingu gamsahapnida…

  10. I’m curious about this writer, I mean… at some points she’s just being ridiculous asking KE to put him on variety shows and fans’s approval for change his image, LOL. I think I’m quite familiar with these kind of fans who act like they own their idol.. They shud know their limit. Hyun Joong only shows up in variety shows during his album/drama promotion. Let it be that way. I’m not too interested with variety shows especially with unfamiliar guest. But when I saw almost the same faces here and there, I get bored. Hyun Joong being not overly exposed is the best way to maintain his popularity.. For me, he’s limited edition ^^

    • Oh I agree with you a thousand times!! If you happen to read similar post please let know. And yes, there are fans who really had gone beyond their limits, and so we have to enlighten them as to where they should stand. yes Hyun Joong is a limited edition a rare artist. thanks again for always being present!!! LOL see you again! Have a nice day..

  11. Oh dear, another one, there was also a similar incident sometime in April 2011.
    but I got to forgive that person…
    Yes, definitely, that person you are talking about knows so little of our Kim Hyun Joong. Those who know so little are bound to judge, it happens all the time even to us non-celebrities. But I wonder which blog you are talking about because I do only so little blog walking.
    When I encounter such fans or new fans, I always say suggest sites, blogs and forums about Kim Hyun Joong. I tell them to enjoy getting to know more Kim Hyun Joong and continue to dig deeper and have a great time!
    I wish you would avoid reading blogs that make you and anyone sad or angry
    but it does help that so many of us try to defend him. Other than this, it makes us think how to help this person, makes us want to make this person understand Kim Hyun Joong more, makes us think of ways to be more convincing, to evaluate why did I learn to love this star very much.
    And most of all, I noticed it makes you become an better writer.[wink]

    And for Kim Hyun Joong, it will definitely make him a better singer, the best actor surely those acting awards will come soon, the top endorser, the best total performer and all the best of what he can be!!!

    p.s. sometimes i feel shy to post here I hope you will always welcome my posts…hehe

  12. Oh thanks million for writing this… Im lost of words after reading this, my mind keep flashing question like “Why she did that? Are you sure SHE is HJ fan? What is inside her mind?…..” Omo I just cant control my anger… But your article is really a good one that have fight back her stupid comments with a nicely way… and I proud of you as HJ fan acting so professionally… I really appreciate all your efforts… I really hope she can read this article and wake her up to make her realise what she has done is so childish & foolish. If she cannot accept what HJ is then dun call herself as HJ fan, Im just feel shame for her… Sorry as Im just too upset & angry wif her!!!

    • Thank you very much! This is very flattering!! some said she’s not a fan but I believe she is bcoz she has other post w/c is much better except this one that I read. If you happen to encounter similar post please let me know. I can’t let them go just like that in passing, no way!!! Thanks again see you again…have a nice day!

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