Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MY MUSIC

By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong is an artist blessed with almost all the richness a man could ever have. For those who do not know him well, would say it’s his looks that gave him a huge popularity. I don’t think so, there are many Korean artists who are blessed with handsome outlook, and admittedly who has much better singing voice than Hyun Joong. But check on the billboard music chart during the time he debuted on his first two albums, Hyun Joong is the only solo artist racing up among the idol groups to the top.

In my article Solo Vs. Idol Groups, I asked myself, what happened to his other contenders at MAMA? There were I think at least five male soloist with the same category as Hyun Joong who sings and dance at the same time. Back then I couldn’t help to think, maybe people from the music industry thinks that the Artmatic back up dancers of Hyun Joong are also singer/dancers too!!! Oh but mind you, my hats off to Artmatic, they move and breath with Hyun Joong all at the same time, they have a perfect rapport with Hyun Joong.

Being a stage performer, it’s not only the singing voice that matters, but the totality of the performance, and stage appeal. Hyun Joong has a little of everything, this is how I explain it every time somebody would criticize him. He’s not the best singer, he’s not the best dancer, he’s not the best actor, but he has all this abilities. Put all of these abilities on stage in one person plus his handsome outlook, makes him a total performer. These are the factors that makes him unique among other performers.

So ladies if somebody criticize Hyun Joong, do not brag about your explanation, simply say “He has everything”.  Well, that’s reality, Hyun Joong may not be perfect but Hyun Joong definitely has a little of everything. At least that’s for now, wait until he gets developed, and  with his professional attitude, hard worker, determination in no time he get there perfectly.

Hyun Joong’s voice range has definite limits, and I would say I’m thankful for that. You know why? It is very natural for any professional singer to maximize their voice range and usually their music composer tends to create challenging songs for them maximizing their abulity. Meaning songs that can not be sang by none singers. Hyun Joong knows his voice range limits, and he knows how to choose his music.

Apparently his audience respond to his music, they can follow him, they can sing with him and they can sing his songs by themselves. In short, his music is well accepted by majority. Very smart guy isn’t he? He’s not a try hard artist to be forcing himself to sing beyond his voice range. Because he knows very well that in singing you don’t get to develop over night. Music development is a slow phasing process.

In showbiz public acceptance is vital to any artist. A while ago I was listening to Hyun Joong’s interview in Taiwan last year and he was asked if he was worried when he did his transformation, he response was, “I want my fans to see my manly side”. It is not only his entire image that change even his style in singing and dancing had changed. Hyun Joong wants to get away from the shadow of SS501 as a singer and he succeed with the full acceptance from his fans.

For five years that he was with SS501 he was saying, that was enough time to achieve the group’s goal to stay as one. This time he was given the liberty to do his own music which he had been aching for a long time. He grab this opportunity to learn for himself what he got. He sings what he want, he dances the way he wants and perform with full of dynamics and variation.

Hyun Joong is a very creative artist. His music may not be that challenging but he considered public acceptance as his top priority. His music will eventually escalate to a higher degree, but he will take everything one step at a time. It’s important to build his music in a strong foundation so that it will not easily collapse. Once he has prepared himself for a more challenging type of music, he will just surprise you with it.

But Hyun Joong will make sure his fans can still sing with him. In one of his talk shows he clearly emphasize that he prefers to be a dance singer because he wants his fans to enjoy him every time he perform in concerts. You know what?  I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he’ll mark his title as concert king. That is very likely to happen in the near future, Hyun Joong loves performing in concert because he can easily interacts with his fans and he can be carefree to play around with them and tease them. His charisma is so strong that he can pull his audience right beside him even they are at the highest balcony of an arena. His sweet voice can capture your heart and soul anywhere you are.

When Hyun Joong was still with his group, he had very little chance to show his own ability, as understandable, he does music together with his members and so he had lesser chance of boosting his ability. Although the group was able to released two full albums, in each music Hyun Joong would just sing one or two stanza or maybe just a few lines from the entire piece of music. He was given a few solos but this is not enough to be developed as a certified singer.

Whenever I watch the group, I would wait till it’s Hyun Joong’s turn to sing which is barely a few lines from a stanza. Now I can enjoy him while he sings the whole song and I have never gone tired listening to it. Another thing that captured my heart was when he sang Love and Fortunate, live with a band. And I think he’s better singing with a live band, because you can feel the depth of his emotion. I think eventually he’ll perform with a live band, actually that was his original forte since the start. He actually mentioned singing with a live band which is another dream of his, but setting it in the right venue. Hyun Joong still dreams of his music with his guitar. I wish one day he’ll be able to do so.

This guy is a real versatile when it comes to music, Hyun Joong can play the piano too and that’s what I’ve been waiting for, for him to sing while he plays the piano. I’ve seen one of his photo a stolen shot which I think leaked out from the internet that I couldn’t locate it anymore, but it seem to me it’s like his previous house with a beautiful white grand piano, and his guitars were just sitting around. I really love to see him play his piano. In one video clip, if you have seen it, he was together with the F4 as Hyun Joong played Bo Go Shipda, unfortunately it was just a short play but he played it beautifully. Honestly, I fell in love with this music when he played it in the piano. Sigh…….. With Kim Hyun Joong, you can’t help but fall in love with him over and over again and again.

God has been very kind to Hyun Joong for giving him so much talents that people do not get tired of him. And having these talents, Hyun Joong put his heart in nurturing it deeper to be able to share it with everyone. Personal greed over his career was never been his character, his greed is to have many stages to perform for him to have the chance to develop himself and to sincerely share his music with his fans in every part of the world. I could see this when he donated his his profit share from his concert in Japan to charity. I wouldn’t say money is nothing with him literally, but he does not need anything in excess. Anything in excess for him goes to charity. And so his blessings just pour out from everywhere.

Hyun Joong is blessed with his own music that you wouldn’t get tired of listening to everyday, every minute of your daily life. Hyun Joong’s music and his story just keep getting into my very soul, it indeed inspires me a lot to share it with you really makes me happy. I would like Hyun Joong to be able to develop all his God gifted talents, I think at this time that he’s performing solo and was given the liberty to create his own music, he has now all the chances to develop his abilities. He has so many career plans and all those having sole objective in mind, to share it with his fans. It’s all for his fans, Hyun Joong is 100% focus on those plans and one day he will just surprise us with another set of music, another image, and for me another story to tell and share it with you.

The most playful Kim Hyun Joong sings and dance carrying with him a strong determination to pursue his own music had proven his strong hold over his million of fans all over the world. There are still more success awaiting for him in the near future as he cultivate his talent to bring our the best in him for his fans whom he leans on for strength to move forward. Music is his dream which he was able to attain through hard work, strong determination, dedication and passion.

Kim Hyun Joong and his music will always be with us anytime and anywhere we are…..

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MY MUSIC

  1. Kim Hyun Joong got everything..yes you said it right LazerKim; his the total package, he got it all and more! I love his music his way of doing songs that moves your heart and your entire body as well. The lyrics and melody just trap you in a whole new colorful world. The best part of it is the diversity of songs and rhythm he plays in his albums. You won’t get tired of them I promise you that. Yes Kim Hyun Joong is amazingly handsome, but that didn’t make him the singer he is or the actor he is. His hard work is what is getting him up there on top. Pretty faces comes and goes but the work and the passion you put in to something stays there forever. Performaning takes hard work, dedication, a lot of practice and lessons your looks won’t do it just by itself. It won’t kill me to just look at him but to mix it with music,dancing,acting and a pretty smile… that is just glorifying for me.

    Thanks again LazerKim God Bless

  2. Thank you gain Lazerkim, i must say that you pinpoint things that HJ said by himself, that he knows the limits of his voice abilities, but he is improving all the time and he really has a beautiful carresing voice when his sings more ballads, the Fortunate, when i heard this first time i almost cried, Please became one of my favorite songs, same goes for Smile and the fourth song from Lucky Guy album (which does not have an English name, so i really do not know the name).
    KHJ is a realist and with his feet firmly on the ground, knowing exactly what he wants for the future and that he has to improve all the time to prove those critics wrong, what i really do not get it (from-Please) is, are they doing out jealousy or what?

    • Oh I almost died when he sang Fortunate, he’s so good singing with live band I wish he would do it again!!! Thanks for reading!!! See you again Noya…and Happy Easter!!

  3. Yes he playing that grand piano in one of We Got Married episode… He also playing guitar, singing and dancing well… I read somewhere about Hyun Joong got his popularity becos of his looks, it just make me laugh… He’s not the only ‘idol’ with ‘pretty face’ in South Korea ^^. Yes I admit that his ‘die-hard fans’ (including me) also took a big part in making him more popular than any other artist. As HJ’s die hard fans, we vote for him 24/7, streaming his songs on Mnet and soribada, purchase not only 1 but all of his version af mini album, both regular and limited edition, share links and tutorial so other fans would also vote for him… It’s not a secret that almost all of HJ’s ‘die hard fans’ have lack of sleep during his album promotion and Yahoo!BuzzAwards time….in one goal, so he can bring home the trophies. He never fails to thank us cos he surely knows what we did to him. Once he mention fans not to buy more than 1 copy of his album, LOL, HyunJong such a stalker, he knows many of us buy up his album crazily to make him on the top chart. I follow his advice, only bought 1 copy for each edition ^^ but then again, I don’t think he got his popularity just because of his looks and his ‘die-hard’ fans, hehe, we’re not a big fandom yet, comparing to another ‘idol’ group with their huge number of members.. but Hyun Joong’s album sales made it to the top chart cos many ‘regular fans’ also purchase it to enjoy his works, that’s proof of his talent, am I right? ^^

    • hahaha…yes you’re very right, i witness that poll voting and I agree with you it was crazy spending sleepless nights. Thanks for sharing this, fans are getting use to reading comments too. Hyun Joong will get to his huge fans, it’s barely 8 months since he started solo, he’ll get there eventually, so we have to help him out, Hey thanks for sharing….see you again!

  4. Oh,I think that photo you mentioned HJ playing w/ a white grand piano, guitars sitting on the sides was taken from the show “We got married” fave~:)..he even played Bogoshipda there but just the first part~^^HJ don’t know how to play the rest of the song then but take note,he played it beautifully~^^..If only he still have a chance to play the piano more that could be another boost to add into his overloading talents to music!!Btw,have you gotten the chance to check that show?.The whole part no longer in Youtube but in Dailymotion.It can be easily located under the tag “Joongbo Couple” or “Lettuce Couple”..Just in case,hee”)). ..^^

    • There you are!! Thanks for reading, I like the white grand piano. It’s Monday but I got the bad day, I read a blog from a KHJ fan criticizing him, it feels bad, may I just share……I hope you’re still there….are you?

      • If you are referring to that same blog I read earlier today then I share the same bad feeling w/ you..I just don’t get it what else she could have wanted from HJ to prove himself.>sigh~….but hey,let’s cheer up!!.I know even if she criticized HJ today,she will have more praises for him in the future:))..hahaha~

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