Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FANS and IDOL

By:  LazerKim                Today’s update, “Netizens take note of Kim Hyun Joong’s  manner when dealing with fans”. I read two similar updates about this matter and a blog. I do not want to pretend to be knowing everything well in fact I don’t. First, I’m not familiar with Korean terminology such as “sasaeng fans” is this some kind of nuisance fans??? Second, from where I read the news it seemed to me they are worried about the news. I wonder why??

The news was saying that Hyun Joong and another star were on their way out from the office of company agent, whe n a bunch of fans were there waiting for them, Hyun Joong’s manager were trying to prevent the fans from coming up close to Hyun Joong, but Hyun Joong allowed the fans to take pictures of him.

Since I do not know the meaning of “sasaeng fans”, may I just consider them as nuisance fans, who follows their idol wherever they go. I have just posted my article Sharing Love which pertains to fans and idols or similar topic before I read this news. I also had mentioned an idol group experienced violence with their fans. I just couldn’t understand how this incident be connected to Hyun Joong.

My question is, was Hyun Joong hurt when he met his fans waiting for him outside his company office? Of course not, who would dare to hurt Hyun Joong among his fans? Anyway this incident happened in Korea, and not in other counties. I believe Hyun Joong is a very diplomatic type of man and he knows how to handle his fans. And so may I address this article to the new fans of Hyun Joong, for precautions.

I’m done with this article and was just about to post, a fan shared with me an article regarding a similar incident to this update, now I understand. Thank you so much for sharing. There were violence between the artist’s managers and the fans, similar incident in the past. May I explain the situation in reality.  Body guards and managers are responsible in protecting their artist and that’s their job. If you come up close to their client or subject for protection, those body guards are trained to drive out anybody who would come up close to their subject irregardless of your intention good or bad.

That’s a general rule as far as body guards are concern. I agree, to be violent can sometime over killing but these body guards will only make their move once you come closer or touch their subject. It is their job, if any untoward incident happen to their subject, with no excuse they are 100% liable. This kind of incidents happen to any VIPs even to politician or anyone who creates a crowd. I think it would be better if we, Hyun Joong’s fans to take precaution, let the body guards or managers do their job and follow the rules if we can’t come close, so be it.

For the sake of Hyun Joong, to avoid untoward incident that might put him in an embarrassing situation, let’s follow rules, it can not be harmful to anyone to follow basic rules. Everything in this world has limitations that we are bound to follow. This is just as simple as that. Any untoward incident will reflect on Hyun Joong even if it’s manager or body guard’s fault, let’s not provoke. And one very important thing, in any event that Hyun Joong is on his exposure, be careful with infiltrators.

I do not want to elaborate this further, I think it would be better if we fans oblige ourselves in protecting Hyun Joong from these infiltrators. How I wish Koreans fans can read this, because this is their concern actually. I don’t think this will happen during Hyun Joong’s visit to other countries, since he’s heavily guarded.  Anyway, let’s consider this matter since Hyun Joong will be on his world tour.

I don’t think matured ladies who are majority to Hyun Joong’s fans, would behave in a most unconventional and unexpected to their personalities. Maybe teenagers, but then so far I haven’t read any untoward incident between fans and Hyun Joong, so let’s be at peace and then we matured fans, let’s guide the teenage fans of Hyun Joong in more appropriate way of appreciating him. Let the young ones be guided, then I think we can build up a better reputation as Hyun Joong’s fans, to prevent untoward incidents similar to what happened to other celebrities.

And also for the fan clubs, may I suggest to protect your members from being infiltrated, I can not eliminate the thought of any possibilities, you know, someone pretending to be a fan and would only create something not pleasing to anyone. Although I’m sure Hyun Joong’s fan club officers are smart to encounter such.

I believe KeyEast has been doing their job in protecting Hyun Joong, the staffs know how to handle such situation, and besides I think Hyun Joong is always with bodyguards anywhere he goes. It’s so natural for Hyun Joong to be well mannered at all times specially whenever he sees his fans. Now being his fans, we know exactly where our limits fall. With the teenage fans, well these girls are young they sometimes get so excited for fun of it, it’s natural. Hyun Joong would love to hear you cheer for him, but of course we do it during his performance or other events.

Now, Hyun Joong is a very private person and he would like to have a free life style, let’s give it to him. Anyway he had already given almost half of his life to us, so let’s give him some space. Let’s not allow Hyun Joong to be slave of his fans. He’s very nice to his fans but let’s not take advantage of his kindness by going over board with our limitations. Mutual respect is something we can value for a long lasting fan idol relationship with Hyun Joong.

There are lots of ways we can show our love for Hyun Joong without being physical or to the extent of invading his privacy. What he had shared with us about his private life is all he can give to us, let’s content ourselves with it and appreciate it as he appreciates anything we give to him. We all want Hyun Joong to live his life to the fullest and he can not do so if he’s being followed around.

As he said, he wants to walk around, eat in a public restaurant or street tent stalls and that’s his only free time of being normal like us. And if you happen to meet him in such places, then content yourself to look at him appreciate his beauty like a normal person, you may take his picture only if he will allow it and let go of him if he has to.

I do not want to be harsh to any fans who’s doing such nuisance or judge them, no I don’t think it’s right. I still believe they can understand and we Hyun Joong ‘s international fans would maybe enlighten them, that whatever is not good in the eyes of others may reflect on Hyun Joong. And we would not want that to happen. For the nuisance fans, if ever there are, who are there in S.Korea, I would understand your being a big fan of Hyun Joong, but keep your cool Hyun Joong had given almost half of his life to us his fans, let’s just acknowledge what he’s giving us, spare him a little space for him to breath on his own.

Ah I remember again, at one event, I think it’s high five event, there was this fan who came to approach Hyun Joong on stage and out of excitement, caught unaware she just hug Hyun Joong!!! Well, what can he do, he was in front of a thousand fans, he handled the situation so as not to embarrass the fan. I don’t think it will happen again, because the girl earned a lot of criticism on line!!! It’s alright girl, I understand you were just so excited, but I’m sure it won;t happen again!!

I think those fans who were there at the company agent’s office to see Hyun Joong would just like to see him and to take pictures. For as long he was not hurt or anything, then that’s fine. I would say it again, “tell me who your fans are, and I’ll tell you what you are”. Hyun Joong is a very respectable man and I still believe his fans, with no exception, is as respectable as he is. And as for the media, if ever they caught an incident as such, there’s nothing wrong with it, Hyun Joong being nice to his fans is just but natural to him. I don’t think they are nuisance fans. No big deal.

For the teenage fans again, just content yourselves to know more about Hyun Joong by reading articles, then content yourselves with listening to his music and collecting pictures which I got a bunch of it that you may collect. And when the big event comes, now I would gladly ask you to please cheer for him as loud as you can because he loves it. It gives him a high degree of adrenaline which is good for any dancer performing on stage. After the show, your limits starts there. Back to on line collect photos again and read the updates.

And for us fans who are matured enough to absorb the adolescence period of the young once, let’s guide these teenagers and cite the good example. As usual we content ourselves by just reading and wait till the time comes for another event, of course cheer on top of our voices and upon going home we’ll reminisce about Hyun Joong again!! I think that’s gonna be the pattern of our lives with Hyun Joong. Oh not to mention poll voting!! Again we become slaves as ever, but happy we are joining together as we push Hyun Joong up to the top!!! That’s gonna be our job!!

Oh well, I wasn’t intending to prolong this news item, actually my mind was about different topic but since the news is there, I end up talking about it!! There’s nothing to dispute about this matter actually, because there wasn’t any untoward incident happened to Hyun Joong then be at peace, this is no big deal.

Hyun Joong said once in June 7, 2011, “from now on we’ll share all happiness through my music”, so that’s what we’ll do. Let’s keep those nuisance fans busy reading and dreaming instead of getting curious about Hyun Joong’s or whoever idol they adore.  Let’s show them Hyun Joong’s fans are in peace and happy having Hyun Joong at our side. We prided Hyun Joong being his fans, and so let’s give Hyun Joong something to be proud of about his fans for being matured, considerate, caring and loving. A unique kind of fan and idol relationship.

And so my daily dose is done for today, I’ll see you again on another episode of Hyun Joong’s story. For my parting shots…….    Kim Hyun Joong has a motto for himself that is, “I only live once, &  make it to the fullest……”

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing.

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20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FANS and IDOL

  1. They are so many crazyyyy people in this world.. it just make me wonderful who is stading next to you sometimes. We never know why do people react this way in many of this cases and why they don’t think about the harm they cause others. He can always hope or wish that this things won’t happen again, especially where KHJ is or his name is mentioned, cause he don’t deserve this kind of scenes. He love to go out and share his love for his fans as much as he loves to recieve all the love in return. We can do it in a respectful way that when he return to his home from a hard working day or just a day at home he can remember how much he is love and how the fans are so well behaved. All of this bad drama hurts the Idols and by hurting him we will be hurt too. Like you mentioned before the bodyguards are there to protect the artist from any wrong situation if you don’t do nothing inappropiate they won’t have the need to attack or better say defend themselves back.. It might night be right all the times what you see or read of some bodyguard or some fans but in some occasions what can you do? Stand there and take it? Let others get hurt cause someones bad actions? Well thank God KHJs fans are very respectful, mature and understanding.. and the ones that are not that we know got to be a little population will learn that there way is not the correct way it can only get you in trouble and they will learn and change… like you said let’s go do our part.. keep supporting him, collect many pics, read more article, vote in all the polls, sing and dance with his music everyday! That will help us get by in the days we don’t see him! Fans and Idols are a team!

    • I think these articles are just in time since there’s an update about his Asian tour fan meet, although this isn’t confirm yet. At least I have already given some precautions. I’m not worried about HJ’s fans but the infiltrators are the ones I get worried about. It happened in my country although that was all politically motivated, but you can never say. I have an article still pending though that talks about Kpop and Korean dramas and actors. I’m worried about this. Just watch out for it as I post it on the right time.

  2. I love this article especially that there is a comment written clarifying what sasaeng fans are. I keep on wondering what are they, are they simply fans just like me and the others? That is such an eye opening to me. You mentioned world tour in the article that made me way happier. Final ly, KHJ to USA…. whats more exciting than that! I just wish he goes east coast NYC.

  3. I remember that also when KHJ once sent a message about spotting a Hyundai Sonata following him on his way home. But these are unconfirmed as those kinds of people. That girl who went into his home disguising as a gas delivery person could be a good fan because she prepared him porridge seeing that he was sick. Other reports are but unconfirmed. But that hacking incident of his official website is like a nightmare which happened a few days before his Breakdown when we were all trying to catch the deadline. I was lucky I already paid earlier. Someone changed the bank account no. and also added a supposedly special event in Jeju island with a considerable fee for 01 June 2011. Good thing some fans asked for verification then KeyEast was able to send out a memo and remedy the situation. Fortunately, there were only a few who paid and KE refunded them. This was also a good lesson to all fans, everyone does the habit now of confirming in the Henecia site and calling KeyEast if possible for every event of KHJ.
    Oh it is comforting to say that most of KHJ’s fans are noona fans.^^ Lee Sora’s interview comes to mind again, him saying most of my fans are noonas, some married, avoid being seen on TV and need to go home right away after the show to prepare dinner lol!
    Do you remember the Chinese fans who waited long hours when he was still living with JJ? and that incident where they met him again and he bought them hot soya milk, gave each autographs and also jokingly said “Go Home” hehe Kim Hyun Joong talks to fans in fan signing events, lucky you if you are fluent in Korean. In other events like football games, one time when he watched a fellow FC Men’s musical, and in the coal delivery project. I wish his encounters are more like these. I know that KeyEast especially Mr. Jeong who now also needs a bodyguard hehe does a very good job. I hope and pray that KHJ will always be safe from these so called group of people.

    • Thanks for sharing this I really appreciate it. This is actually my reason for posting this article, I do not want to alarm anyone specially the new fans. One can not pinpoint who’s the nuisance fans, but I sincerely do hope this article would reach them and take them in a positive approach instead of counting them out, that I hope they will be enlightened. I felt bad yesterday reading the not so good news. I will still be posting this article again and again until I get to reach those who may have the intention of being a nuisance fan. You’ve been very helpful thanks you so much…….see you again……God bless..

      • I really appreciate how KeyEast handles it. At first, I also felt that they are overreacting, too strict. But when I also read other stories of what they did to other KPOP groups, it is so horrible. An incident in a Dream concert, what they did to SNSD, SJ, Shinee etc. I would understand if sometimes KHJ would be very careful especially when he arrives and leaves from radio guestings & similar events where he has limited security. If fans, would notice, he goes in and out of the building in different ways and they also do that in fan signing events. It must be tiring for good fans, running with cameras and letters, who want to be closer with him. lol! Even more stressing for security. But diehard fans understand this. I almost got disappointed when one time he entered in a car in one parking entrance but left in the same car in another entrance. We thought he was just going to leave us like that, most of us wanted to cry but he made the car turn around, opened his window, waved, got all the letters and gifts that we had then left. Everyone felt so happy then. It is a good thing that he tries to know his diehard fans since he sees them very often, this could build confidence and helps protect him. He will surely be safe with them. He always jokes and teases his diehard fans. It also helps he only has an official site, as you also mentioned earlier, every member there is properly identified and all have personal pictures rather than graphics, logos or avatars. It prohibits bad comments. They resorted to hacking once, it appears so desperate but definitely KeyEast made sure that it is the last time since they created an even more restricted site for diehard fans who underwent all the processes of identification and application to a site we now call Henecia for all Korean, including international fans and another one for Henecia Japan.
        I like the way security handles everything, they always arrive first and checks the area really well. They make barricades for his walkway which is really quite a distance from where KHJ will stay and where you will sit or stand. That incident in his first TFS Asian tour in a mall was scary that it delayed KHJs arrival, too many fans hehe but fans understood and cooperated with security. In some countries where security maybe be less accessible, KeyEast’s own security men always come along. Although I always believe most fans just want to be closer to him, we understand from some fan accounts. In concerts and events overseas, we do notice those steel barriers and this helps. I understand the importance of VIP entrance and exits and all these measures that security does now even more. There is always a way to get closer to Kim Hyun Joong, it is a matter of chance and at the right time and place and especially when he is a little less preoccupied. I continue to pray for KHJ’s safety from these people. Thank you very much lazerkim for putting your thoughts together like this. Have a nice day!^^

    • Thank you very much for sharing, we’re lucky to have chosen the right person to follow. I researched on this matter last night and I left my opinion at the comment box of those idol’s concern. KeyEast had been doing a good job on Hyun Joong’s security, it’s their responsibility. It’s alright if Hyun Joong doesn’t have to do anything at the internet, I prefer that way. thanks see you again!

      • I just to share this link, another proof that Kim Hyun Joong tries his best to know and talk to his fans.

        In my experience, since I can only communicate to him in English…so I just used common words…for eg. Please study English, Kim Hyun Joong! LOL! With smiling and begging eyes…then he laughed and said YES, OF COURSE! THANK YOU! hehe…the previous attempts I asked for Korean fans to write me a letter and I tried to speak Korean but he only got confused so I resorted to just speak common words and smile and laugh with him hehe I am feeling giddy recalling all those fan signs… Have a nice day! hehe

  4. even i was confused by this “sasaeng fan” term… who are dis people??!! when i read that article about jyj membrs cursing and hitting them I was kinda shocked!! their voices were also recorded by the fans but it was in korean so I couldn’t understand it but it sounded very violent!! later while researching this scandle i read the kind of things these fans/stalkers do and its really scary!!! anyone would snap under such circumstances!!! i hope it doesn’t happens to KHJ!!!

    • I thought about it sasaeng fans are nuisance fans, they are putting up bad news to scare people, so please ignore those news. As I stated in this article I couldn’t fully understand that news but I realize they’re making that up so ignore those awful news. Thanks for reading. see you again

  5. I’ll like to point out the video that was shown in allkpop and other’s that’s HJ and Kyujong, they came from the taping of happy together, the fans waited for them to be finished with the hj knows this so he said that to the fans to take pictures.those are not sasaeng fans, those are real fans.Hj had some sasaeng fans, he even mentioned it in his message about a back sonata, hyundai, who’s been following him, that’s hy keyeast doubled their security that time, that was december 2010, MBC awards if you watdh the video, that was the time HJ’s grandma died too. Watched the video HJ bodyguard was allowed inside the hall, mr. shin was there to check all ares becuse HJ received a lot of treats and stalker calls.But all real fans Henecia,Triple S and just KHJ fans are peace-loving people just like HJ

  6. Sasaeng are not considered fans. they follow around and kill the privacy of idols. A lot of idols have sasaeng but TVXQ is known to have the worse. They are following idols around 24/7, touch idols on their private area, breaking their house, even send idols their menstrual blood. As fas as I know, SS501 didn’t have this kind of fans, but sure Hyun Joong knew how bad they are (since he shared apartement with Jaejoong once). The news about “Hyun Joong being nice to his sasaeng fans” in the middle of JYJ’s controversy is just so wrong. Hyun Joong doesn’t need this kind of publicity (which only make worst of JYJ’s image in this case, they are good friends for God’s sake). Even IF Hyun Joong get sasaeng fans now becos of his popularity increased, I know KeyEast will taking care of him, he got BYJ’s personal bodyguard with him, and also his manager…. And of course, Kim Hyun Joong has us, his fans who will protect him like the way he protecs us. We won’t let these crazy sasaeng do something bad to him, don’t we? 😉

    • Oh I got it, this must be horrible! I see sasaeng fans are infiltrators who pretend to be fans. Now I understand. i appreciate you very much, you’ve been so helpful always. Do you think these sasaeng fans are being paid to do such thing? I would probably think so. Anyway, thank you very much for this info. My God I only want to love!!!! hahaha……let’s have a nice day!!! Hey see you again! I

      • I read somewhere, some of them are rich, cos yeah being stalkers must be cost them a lot of money (yet it confuse me cos most of them are underage that’s why they can’t get arrested by the cops). Other sasaeng get money from selling those idol’s personal information or sleep with the taxi driver if they can’t pay the rent (around $800) to follows those idols around. That’s pretty scary and I feel sorry for these idols. The truth about this ‘sick fans’ Is revealed just now for us International fans (Korean fans knew it a long time ago). Now I get it why Hyun Joong has soooo many bodyguards in his “TFS fan-signing” event in Seoul. At that time I thought KE was overreacting with put over 30 securities in front on the shop. It turns out Korea is not a safe place for idols becos of this sasaengs, poor them. I like sharing this info with you cos I really enjoy your writings. Now I’m waiting for your next topic, pls don’t get bored if you keep seeing me in the comment section lol…

      • Are you kidding…i shall miss you if don’t show up on my comment box!!!! This will be the last time I’m gonna write about nuisance fans, I want Hyun joong’s fans to be happy always!!! So cheer up everyone!!! Hey thanks for dropping by, I shall never forget you so pls don’t change your avatar! Hyun Joong will always be safe because we’re all with him always. See you around!! Take care ok?

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