Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BAGS of AWARDS!!

By:  LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong had been in the entertainment industry for six years, and within that span of time, he had achieved a lot from his hard work. From the teenage flower boy, Hyun Joong was a playful lad, shy boy, awkward but very handsome. As we see him now as one of the most popular Korean pop artist, a star, one would believe from where he came from.

I have been wanting to make an achievement awards portfolio of Kim Hyun Joong, a documented list of significant events in his career and what he had accomplished from 2005 as debuted as leader of the boy group SS501, until 2011 as he performed as solo artist. From the very start of Hyun Joong career, before he can step on that stage, he was already a winner.

Remember when he auditioned under DSP he was bringing his guitar all set to play and sing, but before he can do anything, he was already accepted to join a group of five singers to perform as one. But look at him now and the multiple awards recognition he had received so far, and see for yourself how he grew up so fast beyond imagination.

Significant Events from year 2005 to 2011:

  • 2006 – SS501 appeared on a TV show “Thank You for Waking Me Up”
  • 2007 – SS501 appeared on Mnet Show Idol World
  • 2008 – Kim Hyun Joong cast in TV reality show “We Got Married” with Hwang Bo
  • 2009 – Kim Hyun Joong cast in the big hit drama “Boys Over Flower” lead actor
  • 2009 – SS501 released 1st album SS501 Collection, performed Asian Concert Tour
  • 2010 – SS501 released 2nd album Destination, DSP contract termination June 8th
  • 2010 – Kim Hyun Joong signed contract under Key East in June 28
  • 2010 – Kim Hyun Joong cast in Playful Kiss as lead actor
  • 2011 – Kim Hyun Joong debuted first album Breakdown in June
  • 2011 – Kim Hyun Joong  released 2nd album Lucky Guy in October
  • 2012 – Kim Hyun Joong debuted 1st Japanese album Kiss Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong started receiving recognition from home Korea to overseas, from different prestigious awards from 2008 to 2011 as follows:
  • 2008 – MBC Entertainment Award – Best Couple Award (We Got Married)
  • 2008 –  MBC Entertainment Award – Best Brand of year Special Awar
  • 2009 – 45th PaekSang Art Award – Male Popularity Award for TV
  • 2009 – Seoul International Drama – Best Actor Award (Boys Over Flower)
  • 2009 – Style Icon Award – Most Popular Icon
  • 2009 – Yahoo Asia Buzz Korea – Top Buzz Male Artist
  • 2009 – Yahoo Asia Buzz Taiwan – Top Buzz Male Artist
  • 2009 – Yahoo Asia Buzz Asia – Top Buzz Male Artist
  • 2010 – Mnet 20’s Choice Award – Most Influential Star
  • 2010 – Sky Perfect TV Award – Best Dresser Award
  • 2010 – Style Icon Award – Popularity Award
  • 2010 – MBC Drama Award – Male Popularity Award
  • 2010 – Yahoo Asia Buzz – HongKong Top Buzz Male Artist
  • 2010 – Yahoo Asia Buzz – Taiwan Top Buzz Male Artist
  • 2010 – Yahoo Asia Buzz – Asia Top Buzz Male Artist
  • 2011 – MNT Bloomberg TV – Best CF Model
  • 2011 – Style Icon Awards – People’s Choice
  • 2011 – 13th Mnet Sian Music Award – Best Male Solo Artist
  • 2011 – Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards – Korea Top buzz Solo Artist
  • 2011 – Yahoo Asia Buzz Award – HongKong Top Buzz Solo Artist
  • 2011 – Yahoo Asia Buzz Award – Taiwan Top Buzz Solo Artist
  • 2011 – Yahoo Asia Buzz Award – Asia Top Buzz Solo Artist
  • 2012 – All Kpop Awards – Best Solo Artist for 2011

From the year 2008, there’s no single year that Kim Hyun Joong missed receiving an award.  Hyun Joong takes home at least minimum of two trophies, that was in 2008. But the following years from 2009 to 2011, Hyun Joong had been receiving six to seven trophies each year for major awards. Not to mention the weekly trophies he received for the first two albums he released.

And the platinum record award he received from Taiwan for Breakdown. Of course he was proud of his achievements as he received these awards and recognition, but he never brag about it. He’s always thankful to his fans, that he never fails to do so every time. And so I’m here to brag about his achievements!! I’m very proud to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong debuted his album Breakdown in June 2011 as a solo singer. A few days after the album was released, here comes his critics, I read a blog something like a review of the album Breakdown, well the title of the article was Breakdown Review, so I would think there should be a criteria to show basis of the review. As I read the blog, it turned out everything said about Breakdown were all negative.

And so to convince myself about the said “review” I asked the author for a criteria to justify the review. In return she replied in another set of negative comments!! And so I dropped it, I do not want to insult anyone but obviously the review was just coming from a fan. Then Hyun Joong started performing on TV and the album Breakdown kept ranking on top no. one in any music chart for consecutive weeks.

And so I went back to that blog and stated my comment and thank her that every time she throws harsh negative comments on Hyun Joong, the more trophies he receives.  In October 2012, Hyun Joong released his 2nd mini album Lucky Guy, and the same thing, the album was always on top.

Hyun Joong has many critics, as they would say he was better when he was with the group, that he can’t sing, he’s not good enough ect. And I could see the effort of his fans to defend him, in every blog I visit with harsh comments KHJ fans does not let go, they do have answers to every harsh comments on Hyun Joong. And so here comes MAMA in November 2011 one of my most unforgettable event to every fan of Hyun Joong!!

Oh that’s the most exciting period I ever experienced when voting polls opened, everyone was on their toes voting for Hyun Joong!!. As one fan commented they were like slaves of Hyun Joong getting their guts to get busy voting!!! And so Hyun Joong made it and was awarded the Best Male Solo Artist for 2011 both at MAMA and Yahoo Asia Buzz.

Many of his critics would say Kim Hyun Joong has the looks and nothing more. If I do not know the guy I would probably agree, because even back then he was so handsome. As I mentioned earlier Hyun Joong auditioned for DSP bringing his guitar and before he could sing and play his guitar, he was informed that he was accepted, and to join the group of five singers. But I don’t think Hyun Joong would not even be nominated if he doesn’t have the talent, what more about winning multiple trophies of recognition being a solo performer and considering MAMA is a prestigious Award having been judged by experts from the music industry.

Since he was a kid, Hyun Joong has already his talent that he can’t do anything but to nurture his talent by himself by joining a band to perform in school. That was his only chance to pursue his music to develop. Until such time he started training under DSP, that was his only opportunity to acquired a formal training in music. Hyun Joong’s talent in singing was re-discovered when he started doing solo.

In his dancing ability, Hyun Joong never had any formal training in dancing when he was a kid, at least none that I know. I researched anything that would at least lead me to the word “dance”, but there was nothing, except in one of his interviews he mentioned that he was quite surprised when he was informed by DSP that he has to undergo training in dance together with his members. I would believe so because all his life he’s been holding his guitar. But if I let Hyun Joong dance together with a dancer who had formal training since childhood, I would say Hyun Joong is equally as good as a formally trained dancer. Hyun Joong is a natural dancer.

In acting, admittedly he accepted the offer of BOF for him to portray Yoon Ji Hoo, but Hyun Joong doesn’t have that much experience in acting. But he took the offer having the thoughts he wouldn’t learn if he will try to do it. As the character Yoon Ji Hoo had minimal lines to deliver, which I think is just right for Hyun Joong being his first experience to portray a lead role. And what happened? Hyun Joong brought an excellent impact to the audience and started gaining popularity boost. And Hyun Joong was awarded by Seoul International Drama Award in 2009 for BOF as Best Actor. That was the only time he discovered to himself that he can actually act!!! He loves it and would want to pursue being an actor.

Following the life story of Hyun Joong, I would say he has these talents since the start, that little by little he started to discover what he has. I will not argue that Kim Hyun Joong has the perfect looks which is vital to be a super star. But for those who doesn’t know him may just think it that way, and Hyun Joong had proven them wrong and still proving himself he’s deserving.

And I don’t think he’ll ever get tired of working hard to develop further. All his awards are proof to his God gifted talents. Kim Hyun Joong may not be the best singer, dancer, actor but Hyun Joong has it all to be the best performer. These are documented facts, Hyun Joong was judged by professionals and experts in the field of entertainment industry, and he deserves all the awards he had received.

Hyun Joong never desired anything in excess to what he deserves. He’s working hard not because he wants to gain awards unlike others. For him, receiving awards is an honor to be recognized but his intention is to be developed further without being a try hard. Hyun Joong was awarded at Mnet 20’s Choice in 2010, in his acceptance speech, he said “I’m hoping to be back on this stage to perform instead of receiving an award.” His wish was granted, as in 2011 Mnet 20’s Choice, Hyun Joong performed a unique version of Breakdown on the same stage where he received his award in 2010.

Hyun Joong desires for many stages he can perform anywhere, it had been his desire ever since he was in high school to perform on stage and share his music to everyone. If an artist is given many stages to perform, that would give him more opportunity to improve and develop himself. For Hyun Joong it’s a golden opportunity for him to share his music everywhere and in all parts of the world. Hyun Joong is ambitious, I agree, that’s a fact, but his ambition is not to benefit himself but for his audience to enjoy the music he is sharing.

Hyun Joong made a good start this year 2012 as he received his first trophy from All Kpop as Best Male Solo Artist and successfully debuted his Japanese album Kiss Kiss. There will be many more challenges Hyun Joong has to face this year, and he will welcome all those challenge with open arms, as he learns from those challenges. Knowing the guy doesn’t stop, Hyun Joong would just keep going, keep working hard, maintain his strongest points and strengthen his weak points.

As Hyun Joong’s network of fans keeps on growing, there will be pressure on his shoulders, as many will be expecting from him. There may be obstacles along the way as he walks on his path towards another successful years to come, and we fans would be the once to clear those obstacles. Hyun Joong had barely started to be a solo performing artist and his portfolio started to file up with achievement awards. There are a lot more that he wants to do for his fans. It feels good to see Kim Hyun Joong receiving those trophies, out of his hard worked love for music. And we his fans join together as we lift him up to the top. I’m very proud to be Kim Hyun Joong fan..

Kim Hyun Joong is still working hard to bring out the best in him for his fans…….                    ……….as he fill in his bags of awards for 2012…………….

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing.

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20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BAGS of AWARDS!!

  1. My heart beats so fast in excitment everytime I read all his award.. He deserve everyone of them. He have work so hard that seeing the list still think there should be more.. I know he will get much more and the list will get bigger and bigger, we fans will take that path with him to achive as many as he can in his career. For those critics out there well I see them like the 3 monkeys:
    Monkey #1 covering the ears – I understand why they don’t hear how great his music is..
    Monkey #2 covering his eyes – he can see how talented and sweet is KHJ
    Monkey #3 covering his mouth – hahaha he had to zip it cause KHJ has proven them wrong
    so next time don’t talk and start listing and opening your eyes to recognize a great STAR!!!!!

    Btw LazerKim you go girl for defending what’s right!!! We really appreciate for setting things right and in the best polite way!

  2. Hello there…how long have you been in Tokyo?
    I met a lot of Japanese fans in Seoul. Thank you so much for your articles.

  3. Beaming~~^^:))know what~ you made me laugh about getting back to that same blog who criticized Hyunjoong’s Breakdown album.:D)).maybe she learned her lesson well for crossing HJ’s ~armor,his fans!!:D))..Btw…you did your homework well w/ his portfolio..^^..I hope the room (if there’s any) that KE provides to put all HJ’s achievement awards is big enough to accommodate everything because there’ll be more coming in for sure~^^…We are all so proud that we can’t help not to brag~~….hee:))..and I missed him soooo much!!

    • I think people at the internet knows how HyunJoong’s fans are. I’m writing an article Critics, that would describe how are KHJ’s dealing with critics. And yes if you can just imagine those trophies being placed in a museum the value is just priceless because it’s all Hyun Joong hard effort. I will definitely brag about every accomplishment and achievement he receives. Hey thanks for reading…I miss him too actually. have you read the latest update? Go check it out about KHJ fans. God bless.

      • Oh I will be looking forward to this article, lazerkim on netizens who are creatures in another universe hehe It is only because there is so little they know of him. If only they read more about our Uzoosin then they would understand us. God bless!^^

  4. Hi, First time leaving comment here, but I do read your articles diligently and appreciate your efforts to spread out information about Hyun Joong to new fans and established ones as well. Just wanted to clarify some issues – according to wiki – the number of awards he received in 2009 and 2010 at Yahoo Buzz Awards are 3, not 4, he got 4 for the first time in 2011.
    Otherwise thanks again for your articles – they are so nicely written and easy to read! Fighting!

      • Sure, we are just trying to set up our own website about our unusual star these days. I don’t really know where are you from but I am from Central Asia which is former Soviet Union countries. Majority of us got to know him through the BoF for about 2 or 1 years ago but we got hooked up just like you did and I find this connection very similar.

  5. hi there again. this is kind of off topic but I’m sure you’ve already read that article about KHJ’s treatment to his fans at allkpop. just want to point out the similarities of BYJ and KHJ again. Here is the link to that article on KHJ:
    and here is the article two years ago about BYJ (it’s in korean so i’ll give you the link of the translated article.)
    here’s also a fan encounter with BYJ & KHJ in Busan when they ate at a sushi resto but YJ’s fans did not recognize KHJ–we only learned later on when a picture of their autographs for the resto was posted online. 🙂

    • I’ll always be here to write about Hyun Joong and support both Hyun Joong and his fans… Thank you very much for reading….like everyone else we love him more and more everyday!! Have a nice day and see you again! God bless.

  6. You always touch my heart with your writings *grabskleenex* I always thought that my feeling to Hyun Joong already sets on the maximum rate, but everytime I read your blog I can’t help but love and love him even more (and that’s not good since I don’t wanna be a single lady for the rest of my life, lol). I love your blog, and I want more people come here to read it instead of re-posting it cos another great thing about this blog is that you always put a ton of magnificent photos of Hyun Joong to complement your writing. Keep sharing your feeling with us, let’s spread the love ^^

    • hahaha, i’m sorry can’t help to laugh you always make my day!! I put those photos because many would love collecting them. If you’re married you won’t have much time with Hyun Joong to spend and he’s gonna miss you!! Stay single like me welcome to the club!!!! Have a nice day!!

  7. Angela you’ve been doing a real good job, thank you so much for your sincere effort as always. And yes I just visited your site and it’s beautiful, thank you for giving a lot of importance to KHJ’s stories. I can see how much you love the guy, you’ve already gone of your way, but keep it up. This is the only way we can help him. One day he’ll be reading your blog. Hey all KHJ fans is no.1 to Hyun Joong’s heart…..and I’m proud of Hyun Joong’s fans!! Take care ok? God bless……….have a nice day!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog… I hope to print all your articles for HJ into a collection book and pass it to him if I visiting him this June… If you are ok wif it, I will appreciate if you could email me the soft copy of your write up so that I can send it for printing… I really want to do all my best to show my support to HJ as a small little fan like me compare to the rest… have a great day!!! ^^

      • I have an article Endless Story, the list of my articles will be attached to it. I’ll probably post it today or tomorrow please watch out for it. I post my articles everyday between 11am-1pm, it’s likely around 12 noon. Thanks for doing this, pls pls include the comments, none of my articles has negative comments, mostly are also messages for Hyun Joong. Thank you very much….Have a nice day.

      • Hi Dear Thanks for your posting… I am currently compounding all your articles and print it into a book… I hope I can pass it to Hyun Joong personally at Seoul In June this year… Thank you once again for your article as it is already our daily dose… keke!!!

  8. Thank you very much for your article once again… I have set up my blog recently to spread more loves & infos of HJ to more people… I have also included your articles into my pages which I think this cannot be missed out by the fans… Please do take a look, if there is a need for any changes or amendment, please let me know, thanks…

    I once again appreciate all your efforts & times of writing us so meaningful & awesome articles of KHJ… You are number 1 fan of KHJ… keke ^^

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