Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BACK TO STUDIO

By: LazerKim                       KeyEast had finally released their layout plan for Kim Hyun Joong. KeyEast revealed the biggest world tour in Kpop singer’s history to be performed by Kim Hyun Joong, which will begin on the third week of September. The world concert tour will start in Seoul as its first stop and will travel in 20 cities worldwide with about 30-40 concerts and the final concert shall be held in Busan. Well, Hyun Joong is set to mark another history in the Korean music industry, since it was said that the world concert will cover North America, Sounth America, Europe, Central Asia and North Europe. It was said in the news that these are places where no other Korean celebrity ever step foot into before.

Well, there you go the big guy is set to fly towards the end year, as I have mentioned in my other articles, I wasn’t surprised when I read this news. This world tour project is the result of the noise Hyun Joong created in Japan last Feb.5! Excellent, KeyEast in partnership ally Global IT to invest with the project. Hmm this is quite fast development, but a very good news indeed. Other than this activity prior to this project, Hyun Joong is also set to fly by April in China for a project album collaboration with Chinese showbiz top star. But let me set aside this activity in China since the information is still raw. Let’s talk about the World Concert Tour and I’m assuming this is a major concert which is not a joke as far as preparation is concern.

I should have guess, Hyun Joong is already on the process of preparing for his 3rd album. Talking about the concert, from this day Hyun Joong has a full six months to prepare to be able to attain his dead line which is on the 3rd week of September. I would say he has ample time but no time has to be wasted since he’ll still be releasing album and its promotion has to be considered. If this world tour project is a major concert, Hyun Joong has to prepare at least minimum of two hour show. Let’s see how many music he has to prepare to come up to a two hour show. His music runs at 4minutes for each music piece, therefore he’ll be needing at least 20 to 25 music pieces to come up to a two hour show including intermission in between 1st and 2nd half of the show.

Well this is a lot of work for Hyun Joong, considering he’s an extra ordinary artist since he sings and dance at the same time. Although a lot of idols have the same category as he does, the difference of course idols are in a group, effort is being divided among the members. Hyun Joong will be doing the concert all by himself, even he has Artmatic, they are just his back up dancers to fill in a huge stage. Many solo singers perform concerts but they are the type who stands on stage and sing, that’s it. But not Kim Hyun Joong.

With Hyun Joong’s case, he’s totally hands on in any of his projects. He chooses his music from the tone to the beat down to the concept. As you notice he’s totally doing a different concept from the way he’s been doing with SS501. Simply singing and dancing is not enough to satisfy his desire. There has to be variation and must leave a total impact to his audience. His style in choreography had also change to a higher degree with a combination of hip hop and jazz, which is quite unique and had set a difference from what other idols or solo singers normally perform.

By this time I’m sure Hyun Joong already has his repertoire in his hand. Considering Hyun Joong is a starter as a solo singer, he still has to create at least one full album to perform  a major concert. Hyun Joong is smart and practical enough to settle with creating mini album instead of a full studio album, considering nowadays CDs are not as salable as before.

Well nowadays you can always download any music from the internet, burn it CD, and you have a copy of an album. In Hyun Joong’s case since he still doesn’t have that much number of repertoire, he can resort to creating at least 2 to 3 mini albums plus additional music not included in his album to be able to come up to in two hour show concert. Or he can resort to using his first two albums, create an extended mix version, to fill in the missing gap from the required number of minutes for the show concert.

Hyun Joong is very creative, he has a lot if ideas in mind that all he has to do is to materialize what he can visualize in his mind and of course financial backing up which is not a problem, since he already has two excellent investors. Hyun Joong had a bit hard time when he was on the process of doing his first two albums, and that is expected since he was doing it for the first time, made a lot of self adjustment, from singing style and choreography, since he made everything totally 100% different from the usual thing he did with SS501 for five years.

For anybody like Hyun joong it’s like a nightmare, he’s like a toddler who’s learning how to walk. You can just imagine his daily schedule as he spent seven hours at the dance studio, five hours at the music studio plus the gym for two hours. Hyun Joong worked 14 hours a day. Well for a dancer this is a bit normal specially if they’re rushing to beat a deadline. But I think Hyun Joong had adjusted himself to different styles in dance and his music by this time.

With this guy nothing is impossible, being a hard worker is very natural to him for as long as its his music that he’s working on. He’s filled with inspiration and that is you his fans. Specially at this time that his fans is expanding by itself, the more adrenaline builds in his body, believe me I know the feeling!!! That’s a very natural instinct for any dancer, what more being a star dancer and singer like Kim Hyun Joong.

Everything else is gonna be easy for him now as he work on this project although very challenging as far as time constrain is concern. I wouldn’t be expecting too much from him because that would create pressure on his shoulder, but to let him feel we’re all here supporting him would be enough to build in his adrenaline. How I wish to go to Korea, visit him in his studio and bring him a bottle of Gatorade!!

Oh yes, for dancers, drinking energy drink or any fluid containing just a bit sugar is better than drinking plain water and a bite of chocolate keeps energy going. Water can relax the body muscles which is not good if Hyun Joong is on continues dance rehearsals. If his rehearsals finally end for every session, that’s the only time he can drink water. But in between rehearsals or for short minute break, energy drink is the best. During his show performance, water in room temperature is essential. There’s a big difference between dancing in rehearsal and actual performance of course. During performance anything sweet is a big No.

Hyun Joong has a habit of bringing something new on stage, so I’m sure he’ll be changing image again!! Like a new hair style as he normally change from time to time, and it’s been his habit as if the hair style goes with his entire body that change and so with his fashion style. Hyun Joong is that type of person, and the only thing that doesn’t change in him is the way he talks!! As I’ve said in my other articles, when he talks the world turns upside down!! Don’t you agree??? But that way makes him even special.

And so what do we expect at this time? Well, he’s back on his Hood shirt and training pants!!! LOL… I would say this is one thing that doesn’t change in his fashion trend!! But honestly I just love watching him in this outfit while rehearsing. And that goes with his slippers too! This guy is so naturally carefree, but anything he does to himself, he’s still as handsome as ever. He even goes out of his dance rehearsal studio to the street in wet hair! And yet he’s still handsome.

I can’t help to be thinking ahead, if Hyun Joong is set to fly on September to start his world tour, would this mean he won’t be around for MAMA? Oh but I can only guess, nothing is impossible for this guy! But for sure he’ll have an entry since he’s already preparing for his next album. Well it doesn’t matter for as long he has an entry his fans can take care of everything to put him on top.

Finally, Hyun Joong will be able to fulfill his dream of a world concert tour to meet his fans from different parts of the world. Hyun Joong is a natural artist, he’s the type of artist who he can just stand on stage as he sings and share his music with everyone and simple cheering, enjoying his music is enough for him. He’s that type of artist and revenue is nothing to him, money just follow him. If other artist runs after money, for Hyun Joong is the other way around, it’s money running after him. This is same with sunbae Bi Rain, he wasn’t expecting revenue could flow around him so easily, marking Bi Rain as one of the richest Korean celeb. As Hyun Joong had been a long time fan of Bi Rain, sunbae’s  modesty is one trait that Hyun Joong truly admired in him.

Well as September is not too far from now, Hyun Joong is back to his studio working hard again as he always does, preparing for one of his biggest project just to be able to reach out for his fans to share his dream music with them. Whenever Hyun Joong hit his studio, he seldom go public therefore we’ll seldom see him on screen. But it doesn’t matter at all I think we can endure the time of his absence by occupying our minds with good thoughts about him. By reading more about him can keep him close to you.. As one of the fans said, “Hyun Joong is my daily vitamins”.

As we struggle in our daily routine life, let’s be thankful that a certain Kim Hyun Joong had brought us life in our daily lives…..

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BACK TO STUDIO

  1. Kim Hyun Joong I want you to come to North America and I low you and you song I cry I hope I could meet you and never forget your fans that you have

  2. Back to his second home… we know how hard he works.! Being a performer is really hard many people think of joining that career for the money but he does it for love and cause of that he can endure all his hard work.. I bet he would love to be more around his fans also but to gives us the best it takes practice and dedication. Yeah dedication one thing we sure know he got.. That world true we know will be in great success cause he has work for it.. we know he will do great. It’s going to be so excited for us fans also while we watch and followed his tours and see what will KHJ do next what else can he do on those stage that he haven’t done, but this guy is so smarrrt, he will open with a boom and end with a bang.. Oh hope the best for him always..Back in your studio, on any other city or in your humble home we know you always thinkg of us fans as much as we think of him!

  3. you wrote some previous article about contagious, but it is addiction, to KHJ, so thank you for all you articles. love them all. and yes HJ is not hibernating for sure, he is an workaholic (as he said in one of the interviews) most probably preparing for something. so i am looking forward to some exciting and new things that only HJ can do, because he really likes to surprise his fans.

  4. i TOTALLY agree with the line “when he talks,the world upside down”. LOL He is so cute in making such small cute mistakes.

    • LOL… talk is the most precious gem of Kim Hyun Joong!! Because he’s so adorable every time he makes a mistake!!! thanks for reading! see you again!!

  5. not a day goes by when i don’t type KIM HYUN JOONG in Google!!! I am so glad I watched BOF!! I actually watched d drama because of Lee Min Ho. But now I’m a complete hyun joong fan!!! how can someone be so imperfectly perfect….!!!!

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