Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GET MARRIED

By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong had been guesting in talk shows, games shows, specially whenever he’s promoting his album.  In 2008 Hyun Joong was a cast in a reality show entitled We Got Married, which became significant to Hyun Joong’s fans specially his mainstay fans during his SS501 days. This reality show was done before he signs up his first acting project Boys Over Flower. But why was this reality show became significant to Hyun Joong’s fans? What was so special about the show?

After four years, this was the only chance I had to watch this WGM reality show, although I have watched some previews at YouTube, a fan of Hyun Joong name Omma from the twitter spared effort to upload the entire episodes of WGM, many thanks to you, I was able to watch this reality show. And while watching, I never thought how lengthy this reality show was!!

It was over 30 episodes, and I know many fans are interested to watch it.  And this is a “must watch” reality show if you want to know more about Hyun Joong. Somebody from my readers was asking about this WGM, so I hope you’re reading this article. To everyone, I’ll be leaving the link below this article so you can watch it. It’s nice and you’ll enjoy it I’m sure.

What is this WGM reality show all about? It’s a show that tells us about reality, what actually is happening in our daily lives. It’s like watching a drama that the guest celebrities does not have a script to memorize and lines to deliver. It’s neither acting in a specific character to portray. In this reality show WGM, Hyun Jong was being paired up with Hwang Bo as couples.  Hyun Joong was about 23yrs old and Hwang Bo was about six years his senior, in short she was Hyun Joong’s sunbae. Both may know each other by names being celebrities but they were not connectd with each other at all.

The objective of this show is see if two strangers living together in one roof as couple can be able to develop their thoughts and feelings considering there’s an age gap barrier, by putting themselves in such situation as couple. Everything were done in their most natural way that shows who Hyun Joong is in reality when it comes to having a relationship. This couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo was called Lettuce Couple and in every episode, they were given mission to accomplish being a couple to compete with other couples guested in the show. There were games played in the show that each couple work together to achieve certain goals.

As a couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo did lived together at least the audience was given that impression to be as couple in front of hidden cameras, which filming takes place every Tuesday. They started as strangers, there was a clear sign of getting to know each other better, developing closeness since both were being left on their own, and finally friendship was built. Although the entire show was never been an acting ruled by a script, the couple simply played their role being what they are in reality. Much as the show was done in reality, the celebs were still aware that a camera was rolling on anything they did at the entire show.

I enjoyed watching this show, very entertaining as Hyun Joong was so funny and you can’t just get enough of him!! In every challenge given to him and Hwang Bo both worked it out together with the same determination to win. I’m so impress with Hwang Bo while I watch her struggled with Hyun Joong over the games they played and they have a good team work. Although the first few episodes of this show, Hyun Joong was totally awkward, seeing Hwang Bo as his senior and really took time before he finally loosen up with the help of Hwang Bo.

Hyun Joong is a shy type of guy even his work is in the showbiz and uncomfortable with strangers. Hwang Bo may be feeling awkward since her partner was much younger than her, but she was able to gotten rid of her inhibitions and being more friendly and comfortable to be with the company of Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong slowly found his comfort zone with Hwang Bo being at his side and had developed a friendship within the period of the entire episodes of the show. I was carried away by how Hwang Bo showed her open-mindedness and her sincere caring for Hyun Joong as he reciprocated. I believe he is not difficult to love, but he has his own way of showing his affection to the one he loves.

Hyun Joong is a man of few words to say, much more difficult for him to express himself that you have to read his heart to be able to understand him. He can’t stand it to see a girl crying, feeling sad or upset, not because he’s cold but he simply doesn’t know what to do to comfort her. He would always want a happy atmosphere around him. And Hwang Bo was the typical girl suitable to his personality.

In another scene, Hyun Joong and his members flew to Japan for work, prior to his departure Hwang Bo wrote a note to him and hid it inside his wallet. Ever since Hyun Joong departed to Japan he never called Hwang Bo, and so she followed him to Japan. As she reached his apartment Hyun Joong and his members were at the recording. She cleaned up the apartment and found the letter she wrote for him just laying on his dresser. Of course she was pleased with the simple sign that Hyun Joong indeed cared.

There’s another episode Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo that both shopped for their wedding. Hyun Joong tried some tuxedos and kept asking how much the tuxedo cost!! He won’t go for anything expensive. Just the same as Hwang Bo tried many wedding gowns, Hyun Joong would immediately asked how much the gown would cost!!! And he was saying “I have to work hard to buy the wedding gown!!” But take note, Hyun Joong has a very good taste in ladies clothes. He’s a bit conservative, his idea was one can be sexy without revealing too much skin.

There’s a part in the show that Hwang Bo had to perform in a military base as he chose which costume Hwang Bo had to wear for her performance. He chose a type of dress that reveals the body contour with a long sleeves top layer. He cares what his girl wears.

One episode in this show that caught me up was Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo’s first kiss. They have a mission that Hwang Bo has to kiss Hyun Joong and leave a lipstick mark on his cheek. Before doing so, Hwang Bo ask Hyun Joong to talk to his fans!! And so Hyun Joong spoke to his fans in front of the camera and said “this is only a kiss, if you leave me because of this I’ll be mad!! I don’t know, I don’t care it’s up to you, anyway you also have boyfriends, right?”

I really laughed at that!!! This is the very first time I ever heard a celeb who would notify his fans about a kiss!!! The kiss was not even to his lips, so I can’t help but laugh!! But I find him thoughtful to have considered what his fans might think, or maybe Hwang Bo was very thoughtful to his fans too.

There’s a scene in that show as Hwang Bo pretended to be upset over a matter with her friend, Hyun Joong was sincerely worried that he doesn’t know what to do to comfort her. And at last he initiated to have a talk with Hwang Bo that she was able to speak out what she felt while he was trying to cheer her up. I think it was from this time on, they started to get closer with each other.

It was at this part that showed Hyun Joong can’t stand heated confrontation as he watched Hwang Bo and her friend was having it. Without the slightest idea that both Hwang Bo and her friend was just pretending to be fighting just to see how Hyun Joong would react and how he would comfort Hwang Bo. He didn’t leave her at all, he stayed with her to comfort her. Hyun Joong is a peace loving person, he doesn’t like any heated confrontations or any arguments. You’ll be able to see how he reacts on such circumstances in this show.

Towards the end of their episode, Hwang Bo cried and I cried with her. Who wouldn’t be, even it’s not a love for a lover that she felt for Hyun Joong, the memories of their closeness was something difficult to let go. At the very end Hwang Bo stated that Hyun Joong finds it hard to express himself and you have to read his heart to be able to understand him.

I’m convince to this fact, and at that certain point, Hwang Bo was able to help Hyun Joong to express himself by being a comfort zone for him. She assured Hyun Joong that his weak spot in his heart is safe with Hwang Bo. Letting go of someone whom you have shared Joy, laughter and sadness is something difficult to do. Which reminded my of a song that says……”If you love someone set him free, if he comes back, then it’s meant to be.”

When I was still on my stage of researching about Hyun Joong, I read an article about intriguing the Lettuce Couple, as what Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo was being called in the show, I ignored it back then. But after watching this show aftermath I came to understand what the intrigue was all about.

After the show We Got Married, the Letuce Couple, had won the Best Couple Award for 2008. Then, this now is reality, since Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo parted ways after WGM, Hyun Joong was doing Boys Over Flower and Hwang Bo had other project, it was said that there wasn’t any communication between them after WGM. I have watched the MBC Award ceremony, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo were not seated together although they were both at the same table, and you can no longer see the previous closeness they had at We Got Married.

Now let’s set the reality here, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are both celebrities, they are professionals. Even they were normal and had showed their true selves in this show WGM for what they are in reality, there’s still cameras focus on them, they were still working, they are professional artists so whatever happened in that show was plainly their work. Many of the fans who watched this show fell in love with both of them because they do have a very good chemistry and how I wish they can be real couple. It was fun watching them at the same time you’ll be touched by how they build up their partnership.

As Hyun Joong said, if he gets married he will think he has done this show and memorable one, just the same with Hwang Bo. Just to be pretending as couple, it was an experience how it was to live as husband and wife, with no strings attached in reality and that’s showbiz. Although there are celebrities specially in my country who are being paired up and ended in marriage in reality. Unfortunately, with Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo, it was purely work.

Just like Hyun Joong did Playful Kiss, well there are lots of kissing scene, Hyun Joong was even asked in his interview in Singapore, if he ever desired to fall in love that time he did the drama, and he said “I can’t think of falling in love because I was busy memorizing my lines.” After the drama, Hyun Joong and his lead partner parted ways just like that, because everything was purely work. And I think this is better, that Hyun Joong doesn’t get linked with his leading ladies from any of his dramas he had worked on, to prevent from  being intrigued.

Watching from this reality show We Got Married, I can’t help but to think that, I was right in my personal assessment of Hyun Joong as a man. As he was saying towards the end of their episode, it’s been 20 years that he never express what he truly feels, and that Hwang Bo was able to helped him in doing so. Hyun Joong was saying he used to lived in a confined life, that none outside his friends truly know him as a person.

I’m writing about WGM which I haven’t done so, as for a way new Hyun Joong would know him better. Now I think Hyun Joong doesn’t need to say, “nobody knows me other than my friends,” because his loving fans had started knowing him better as to who Kim Hyun Joong is. He will never be alone again, because his fans will always be there to understand him better.

At the end, Kim Hyun Joong said whenever there’s hard times there will be laughter.

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing.



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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CROSSROADS

By: LazerKim                I’m sure many of us are waiting for a chance that Kim Hyun Joong would visit us in our respective countries, and I’m sure he feels the same way as we do. Remember the last message he has for us? That he feels bored and lonely since he was given a chance to stay put and take rest, but knowing the guys is just restless. And as I wrote in my article Love Letter, Hyun Joong is just aching to be out there to be with his fans, to be on stage to share his music with us. At the same time waiting for a good material for drama project. Timing is very important to his career, that’s all I can say.

A while ago, I was viewing some old video clips of Hyun Joong and had brought me in this sentimental mood!!! In a game show during the time he was still with his members something had caught my attention. I could hardly read the Eng.Sub. but I think the host was asking him how was his school days. Hyun Joong was very proudly saying he was a model student and that he has high grades, he was doing good in school. Then one of his members bat in and asked, “until when did it last”? It was intended to be a joke and doesn’t mean anything.

Of course we all know Hyun Joong was indeed a model student when he was in grade school, and everything changed when he stepped in High School. And so he responded only in grade school and laugh at that, but I felt a pinch in my heart and teary eyes. Hyun Joong was blushing but I know deep inside he was somehow a bit hurt.

In another talk show during Hyun Joong’s time with his group, the host asked all the members about their audition with DSP except Hyun Joong, he was asked a different question. As we all know during Hyun Joong’s audition, just before he can play his guitar and sing, he was already accepted and to come back the following day no matter what happen. But DSP made the right choice and Hyun Joong proved himself right from the start of his career.

And in a game show guested by Hyun Joong and another member from another idol group. The host asked both of them as to how was they’re first time audition. The idol was trying to impress Hyun Joong jokingly, and he said he just sang one song and there and then he was accepted, and it was true because he is indeed a very good singer and one of the most popular. The same question was asked to Hyun Joong, and he said before I can sing and play my guitar I was informed that I was already accepted!! The idol scratched his head because he knows it was true, since Hyun Joong and this idol were already friends back then!!

I viewed almost all the shows of Hyun Joong from 2010, as his first fan meeting in Japan, I think it was his birthday celebration with a cake with four candle that can not be lighted!! And from Hyun Joong’s first launching of Breakdown showcase, his series of concerts in Japan, his first fan meting in 2012 up to his first concert 2012 at Yokohama Arena. We all have seen how his fans grew in numbers, not only in Korea or Japan, but worldwide.

Somebody from Romania wrote at my comment box in her language. The other day it was from Ecuador in her language too. I would like to encourage other nationals to write at my comment box, it’s alright to write in your language, we do understand your heart because we all feel the same way for one Kim Hyun Joong. And as I responded to one fan who wrote that she calls this Blog as Henecia Republic!! Well that gave me an idea, I think we’ll call this Blog “United Colors of Kim Hyun Joong”. How about that??

I have already written the history of this blog from my other article, that at first I was intending to have this space to fight over Hyun Joong’s critics, but when I started to write as my first article was Magic Spell which was written filled with love and Memories 2011 which was also written filled with love. Until I got addicted to writing about Hyun Joong and as you notice even a not so good news that I write in the end of each article is still filled with love.

I got one negative comment yesterday, my first one, and another fan replied to the comment as to how she understood the article which was right, It was yesterday’s article Closer Look.  I think she missed to understand the article, she’s an anonymous  but she claimed which I hardly believe, to be Henecian, Triple S, and that Hyun Joong is Only One in her heart, but she likes other artists which I think made her upset by the comparison I did in that article. I just simply replied How can I differentiate which one is black and which one is white!!! And this is the intention of the article Closer Look, to differentiate one from the others.

If critics can compare Hyun Joong with the idols without basis, then why can’t I make my comparison which I did, stating my fair basis of comparison, I didn’t even name drop. Actually I was reacting to critics opinion about Hyun Joong being compared with other idols. And the article Closer Look clearly stated how Hyun Joong differ from other artist. How can you view beautiful if you don’t see the not so beautiful or vice versa.

Just like one fan who’s doing marathon reading said, how would you know if you’re getting the good quality if you can not compare it with others. The article did not mean to criticize other artist, I think that was clear enough. Or even if I did, if Hyun Joong’s critics can freely criticize, then why can’t I have the same right to criticize other idols, and if ever I would criticize, I would make sure to state my basis.

If you see all artists as the same, then she should not claim that she’s Henecia, Triple S or Only One, then there should not be fan club if you support all artists, then there should not be number one in the music chart, if they are all the same. If you’re asked why do you support a certain idol, then there must be a reason. You may say he’s different as you state the qualities that makes him different. We may have different views but still the same, we have our own favorites.

I was thinking, maybe anything that was being built out of love, can build a better foundation of just about anything. I know those critics are reading my articles too. And I really wish they would, because the only reason they criticize Hyun Joong is because they barely know the guy. But if they read the articles they can get to know Hyun Joong better and hopefully they will change their opinion or perception about him.

Many had said Hyun Joong had changed their lives, even a student fan was relating her story on how Hyun Joong changed her life at her young age. Another fan said she wasn’t expecting that Hyun Joong was working as delivery boy. Nobody would believe it, for a perfectly handsome guy and smart would go through those struggles in life. His story of saving every penny he earns from those hard labor, is just unbelievable.

But it’s his reality and he’s proud of what he had been through. That’s why as I started this article as the opening part, I felt a pinch in my heart because I know how it was for him to go through with those hard life struggles. And his critics would only insult him and harshly criticize without basis. He may just laugh it out but deep inside Hyun Joong is a very sensitive type of guy, even he wouldn’t admit it. I think everyone of us has a weak spot in our heart which is humanly natural. Hyun Joong is a celeb who probably gone used to criticism, but still he has feelings just like us.

In one of Hyun Joong’s interviews in Taiwan, he was asked what do you advise to the young ones who are aspiring to be a star? Hyun Joong said, “do not be like me, put time to studies, while you practice your talent, you have to be the first to wake up and the last to sleep. Be patient wait for your time”. Hyun Joong’s mom was relating, “he would come home late in the evening, we pretended to be sleeping, but we’re waiting for him till he comes home from work”.

Hyun Joong underwent two years of training before he debuted. And during the time he was on training, he was working at the same time, because his agent doesn’t provide allowances for trainees. This is not easy at all, because training in dance takes the whole body and mind to work yet he still had to work for part-time job and earn, as a service crew at a chicken restaurant. His part-time job isn’t easy too, it was also physically tiring since he’s been dancing all day and working as service crew.

Hyun Joong’s pain did not stop there, even as he was already in the lime light, he became the center of envy jealousy from people he never expected to. But he kept everything to himself until such time he decided to pursue his dreams by himself that some fans failed to understand. He couldn’t do anything but to close his eyes about everything happening around him, as he remained focus to his dream and his first album. When he read his letter to his fans on June 2011, I hope that will be the last time he’ll ever cry.

All of us do experience different struggles in life, that sometimes it seem unbearable and a lot of times we get tired that how we wish to just stop and do nothing. As many of us had change our lives because of Hyun Joong, we have found someone to lean on and in the process of knowing more about him became our outlet from the real world.

One of the fan said by simply posting Hyun Joong’s photos and updates everyday of her life is enough enjoyment for her. If I can not last my day without writing about Hyun Joong, same with you, you can’t last a day without reading updates about Hyun Joong on what’s going on with him or around him.

And so we all meet here, we share our thoughts and love to Hyun Joong until friendship from different nations started building because of Hyun Joong. I’m happy to have found this space built out of love from his fans for Hyun Joong.

All of us coming from different directions meeting our crossroad towards Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CLOSER LOOK

By: LazerKim                 All celebrities differ from one another in terms of physical looks, and their talents, on how we see them on stage. With singers particularly Kpop artists have different style in their music. Of course we can only see their difference once we get to have a closer look at each of them. Kim Hyun Joong is a singer, dancer, and actor. Other Kpop artist may have the same talent as he does, but what factors does Hyun Joong has over other artist? Again, I tried to compare Hyun Joong with other celebs, since that time there were news articles about Hyun Joong being compared with other artists. In my assessment, it was dead end, and so I tried to view other Kpop artists video clips, at least the most popular once.

I started viewing one of the hottest idol group, I was impressed by the concert stage set up, the entire show was good. Except in my opinion, that the opening down to the finale, it seemed the music concept doesn’t change except for the beat, either fast or slow. Other than this, it looks like everything is the same that you can not identify one music to the other. Maybe something was not right with the show sequence. But in fairness they are all good singers, except that, their music has the same concept. Maybe if this group can create variation in their music should have been excellent. But individual members are really good singers.

There were other idol groups too who are currently taking turns in performing a concert in Japan. And there were new ones with the same type of music too, obviously are teenagers too, and there are time I can see the group SS501 from them off stage because they are cute and playful too. Almost all the music of idol groups are almost all the same. I just specifically mentioned this hottest idol group earlier because they’re the senior and they are one of the best in  terms of Kpop idol music.

Although I understand the age range of this certain idol group are teenagers. And probably this is the type of music is salable to teenagers, and so the group sticks to that type of music. Without realizing the type of music can easily fade in just a matter of few months. Well, in business whatever commodity is currently salable in the market will have that for months until such time it goes to the bargain section for sale. Again, I don’t think I want Hyun Joong’s music to end up just like that, I want his music stay within the limited edition.

I’m not really fond of idol groups, it’s just that Hyun Joong had always been categorized with them and artists with the same category with Hyun Joong maybe are less active or maybe I’m just not aware of their existence. The last time I’ve seen them was during MAMA and during the period of Hyun Joong was launching his first album. Are they gone with the wind? Is this the reason why Hyun Joong seemed to be in line with the idols where in fact he’s not?

May I just say this without being bias, during the time of SS501, this is one idol group that made difference in their music. They put in more variation, they did not stick to the one kind of music which is in the trend. And so their music can be easily identify because the music sound of each is quite different from the other. And so you won’t get tired of watching their concert or listening because the music concept has a variation. And SS501 music are suitable for all ages that can be appreciated by the not so young fans. Their music are still in my playlist which I still listen to everyday together with the music of Hyun Joong.

This group was able to maintain their good reputation in the public eye till the end, they remained ever loving to their fans even they perform their individual activities.  My hats off to this group, in terms of music creation, performance and their attitude towards their fans, which I admire most. SS501 may not be there, but their music stays, will always be remembered and appreciated. I was never been a fan of SS501, since they’re no longer around when I started writing with Hyun Joong. But the group will always be a part of Hyun Joong’s life that will never be forgotten.

I remember in one showdown there were three performers including Hyun Joong, it’s like one solo performer, one duet, and a group of five I think. If you watch these three set of performers without being bias because they are all good in their own craft. But Hyun Joong’s music and his performance stands out even at MAMA, I think he’s the only performer who did a totally different music from others. And I’m sure other performers in that show knows it too.

Now going back to that showdown, the three sets of performers had one common ground in their music, there were rappers, even Hyun Joong’s breakdown has a part with rap. All three musics and performance were powerful but they differ from one another. Hyun Joong still stand out from  the two groups even I would say they may be better singers in reality but having a good singing voice is not everything in performing on stage.

It’s Hyun Joong’s totality, perfect showmanship and class that made him stand out among the rest. Stage appeal is very important to any artist. Hyun Joong would just step on that stage and do his best as if that’s his last performance, and you wouldn’t see that air of competing with others.

Many had criticized Hyun Joong for doing Lucky Guy without realizing what this music brought to the young generation. This music made the difference among the rest of the music teenagers listen to. If artists will not introduce new type of music to the teenagers then, how can they learn how to identify music, concept and arts? And many were criticizing Hyun Joong’s image here as manufactured. See? This is completely a sign of ignorance, because they have gone used to the usual and so they couldn’t appreciate the new ones. Once in a while we have to bend a little to the new ones that is unique and don’t stuck yourselves to the usual, otherwise you won’t grow, specially the young ones.

And this music came to a point that Korean Gov’t authorities saying it’s a malicious song, with all due respect,  I couldn’t see anything wrong with Lucky Guy. I think the present generation are smart enough to understand what a casino is, what gambling is. I will not elaborate on this matter since that news died a natural death!!

Hyun Joong is always up to doing something new always, something different, I think that’s very obvious even in his fashion trend. He’s very creative and if you listen to all his music, everything differ from one another. Like one of the critic said, she likes Please which is an R & B (rhythm & blues) type of music, and that Hyun Joong should have concentrated on that music, and create more R&B. And so the idea is just the same as the other idol group I mentioned earlier, singing the same tone of music, which contradicts to Hyun Joong’s objective of bringing up variation in his music.

One day Hyun Joong just showed up in his dark short hair, black leather suit portraying a real man image doing Breakdown that had taken everyone in a shock!! Then the next day he appeared in a cute guy next door looks, doing Kiss Kiss which is a total contrast of his image in Breakdown. And another day came showing up in a blonde curly dandy looks which again the opposite of the other two different appearances he did. The guy will just always surprise you with a package full of different goodies that you’ll never get tired of.

Lately Hyun Joong got out of his cocoon in dark brown hair, I can’t help to think, ooppss he’s cooking something that’s very sure. We don’t hear any schedule from KeyEast which I think is much better. He’ll finally come out with another surprise. Let’s just get use to it, anyway we fans know him better. And for the new fans, this is Hyun Joong, you may not see him as often as you do from other celeb, but I bet you, you’ll fall for him again once you get to see him. Being mysterious is good, I would love the feeling of being surprised that you would say “Oh my God”!! rather have that kind of feelings rather than seeing him with the expression of “ah okay”!! meaning that expression is “had gone used to” or quite expected.

If you come up to a closer look at Hyun Joong and other artists, you would experience two different ideas on how you express yourself upon seeing them. Upon seeing other artists you would say “Oh that’s him!” Upon seeing Hyun Joong you would say “Is that him”?? Why? Because every time Hyun Joong is out there he’ll make sure he looks different. It’s like meeting a new man every time. The only thing that will betray him is when he talks!! Because that’s the only thing that doesn’t change, the way he talks and the contents of what he is saying which is always sincere. Oh yes, when he’s holding a microphone, even you do not understand what he’s saying, you’ll just hear his audience laughing!! And so you may conclude that’s Kim Hyun Joong!! No more doubts, that’s him!!


This is no joke, when he was at UN to receive his recognition appointment, I asked myself, is this an old video!!?? I stared at him for long time just to make sure it’s his current video clip!!! A fan screamed while she’s at a public transportation upon seeing him in his new dark colored hair!! See? Those are the typical reactions you’ll see from Hyun Joong’s fans every time he’s out there. Hyun Joong made the people there at UN meeting laugh again!! So I’m sure that’s Hyun Joong!!! But the feeling of seeing him again is great!!

Oh my God, you’ll only laugh about incidents like this from Hyun Joong’s fans!! For the new fans, start getting use to being surprised about Hyun Joong, it’s in his nature, the guy is restless that he wants to do a lot of things to himself, but anything he does he still looks handsome!! When he talks well,………’s either you’ll laugh or touched. He’s so adorable whenever he talks, specially whenever he says something out of context!! Who wouldn’t miss this guy!!

You got only two choices to choose from if you take a closer look and listen to him and to what he’s saying. Hyun Joong is such a fun, specially when he commits an innocent mistake or his 4D attack. When you try to reminisce those moments having him to listen to, you can just smile and brightens your day.

Hyun Joong has many talents as he sing dance on stage doing it to bring out the best in him consistently without competing with his co-artists, but merely just to share his music with everyone. He makes a lot of difference among all other artists as we dissect other idols to see what makes him different.

Kim Hyun Joong is a special unique individual, beyond comparable and in his own effort to improve himself resulted beyond anyone’s expectation, he was born to be a star.

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RUSTLE DAZZLE

By: LazerKim                   Kim Hyun Joong had been in the entertainment industry for six years, as he started an idol of the group SS501, in this span of five years, the group as expected have teenage fans, surely even younger than them. Now that Hyun Joong has been performing as solo artist for over a year now, he was able to gain his fans in all age bracket, but still there are teenage fans, which is not bad at all. You won’t believe this but I got five reader who are minors and they emailed me to inform that they are minors age range 12-14 and new fans of Hyun Joong. And you would be surprised, they do read my articles, two of them even subscribe through email. I’m sure there are many more out there to be teenage fans of Hyun Joong.

I’m restless that while we read good articles about Hyun Joong, and I couldn’t  just close my eyes to reality, about what is actually happening around Hyun Joong because he’s in Korea. And so may I ask for your indulgence to please bear with me as I write about reality in Korean showbiz where Hyun Joong belong. I’m taking this advantage as well, since I now have teenage regular readers and college students. I’ll keep this article as positive as I can.

I have written about two articles pertaining fans and idol, and I wrote Role Model, citing Hyun Joong as a good example being a celebrity. When I did my research on article Stalkers, the video clips are just in the blogs. Lately, as I was browsing YouTube, there are a lot of video clips that wasn’t there during my research. This matter caught my attention.

There were video clips all scenes at the airport of Korea. There was one scene, a member of an idol group was there to depart, and there was a huge crowd of teenage fans were there to see him off. But the scenario turned into chaos and ugly, when the idol came in to the airport. As I view this scene, it seemed to me that the airport management are so lenient about security. The idol had I think four body guard, but it wasn’t enough to control the crowd. Fans came running everywhere that they do not care about other airport passengers.

And there’s another one at the same airport I think, with the same scenario, the airport lobby was crowded with teenage fans, this idol group were also on their way to depart and their fans were there to see them off. All of a sudden somebody shouted, it was one of the members of this idol group, he shouted twice, and he looked very furious, and seem to me  the idol had a bad temper. He shouted because they can not get through to the immigration reception, since their passage had been block by the crowd of their fans. There were body guards with them but the scenario was such chaos to control the crowd.

This scenario should have been alright if the fans would just stay put in one place, but the problem is, the fans were tailing at the idols to see them up close, which resulted in an ugly scene. This again may be security lapses, this incident should have been anticipated and precautionary measures should have been implemented.

Another video clip showed an idol group manager, just slapped at a teenage fan and the group didn’t do anything about it. Another clip was the other way around, the manager was being slapped by a fan!!! Why is this happening in South Korea? And another suspicious thing is, I viewed this video clip the other night, but when I checked on it the following morning it was there anymore. Somebody commented that those videos are only shown in the late evening, well I would assume she’s right because it was past 2am when I viewed.

Oh yes by the way after that scene, as an idol shouted at his fans, it was followed by a video of Hyun Joong on January airport departing to Japan, showing that Hyun Joong had almost the same crowded fans at the same airport but he had at least eight security and six bodyguards I think, and Hyun Joong was able to smile at his fans and as usual many fans still managed to hand in their personal letters and gifts.

And yes if you compare the security given to Hyun Joong and well behaved fans, it had a big difference. Fans may be moving around simply because they want to hand in their letters, and Hyun Joong’s body guards were kind enough to collect them. And the fans let go of Hyun Joong, which I’m proud to say, they are indeed admirable.They just content themselves to taking pictures from where they were standing.

Majority of the fans of this idol group are plainly teenager, or there may be a few in their early twenties. This is just my opinion, I do understand how it is to be a fan and how it is to be a teenager, I’ve been there too same as your age. But I don’t think it’s necessary to go crazy with your idols if others who are not fans be affected. It’s alright to go to the airport to see your idol depart, but do behave yourselves. And so to other public places too if you happen to see your idols, then behave like young ladies. And please don’t follow them around, to wherever they go.

When Hyun Joong went to China recently and his Chinese fans prepared for his arrival as the put beautiful streamers for his arrival. But the preparation ended in a chaos that Hyun Joong was squeezed by a crowded fans. But Hyun Joong still managed to smile at his fans no matter what happened, and he let his body guards and security do their job. The scenario may be alarming because of the rampant stalkers around but I hope this will be the first and last incident to happen to Hyun Joong.

Celebrities are human too that needs their privacy same as we do. I’m writing this article  for fan teenagers. When they’re up on stage in concerts or TV shows, you can cheer for them on top of your voices and they would love it. But we have certain boundaries as fans, and so follow the certain limits. I’m saying this because Hyun Joong has the plans of a world tour and so this time, it’s international fans concern. We’re just lucky because Hyun Joong has a majority of big sisters fans, and be guided by them. Don’t worry because they will also be there at the airport to meet Hyun Joong, they will also be cheering with you when he visit your country, but be guided by noonas (big sisters).

And then with this idol who shouted at the airport, I do not want to pass judgement since I barely know the guy, but I think it’s not proper to shout at his fans at a public places!! I do understand, he’s catching up with his flight, but let the bodyguards do their job so as people will not misunderstand him. I think this idol has a short temper, he was together with Hyun Joong guested in one talk show, well my first impression there’s bit of air of arrogance in him. Although you know Hyun Joong, he is a friend of everybody, and I would say he was friendly to this idol too, so he must be a good person too only maybe he has a not so good experience with fan stalkers.

But my point is, celebrities are public figure who are bound to be prim and proper, they are bound to keep a good reputation and keep a good behavior, specially in public places. Freedom for celebrities may be at stake,  but this is reality in showbiz, this is the price paid for fame. This idol group may be so polluted by stalkers, but then not all your fans are stalkers, majority of them are decent. Well, except for a few teenagers who misbehave but then they’re young and I think idols should know how to deal with teenage fans who are legit.  And for the stalkers, where are your parents to guide you? Don’t waste your time following idols, you have a better future to look up to than doing something inappropriate as stalking!!

And for that manager of another idol group who slapped the fan, that’s totally foul, and the idol group didn’t do anything but simply watched their manager as he swear on the fan!!. Here’s a good example. Hyun Joong was still with his group SS501, they were surrounded by teenage fan, one of the security accidentally pushed one of the fan and she fell off the ground, Hyun Joong help her to get to her feet. Did their fans hurt them? No, the group were all in smiles and the fans let them go. It was said SS501 experienced stalker fans but it didn’t take long since it was controlled.

Hyun Joong experienced a stalker as he was saying in his interview in Singapore, that a fan pretended to be a gas delivery. Although she was kind enough to cooked for Hyun Joong but this was way out of hand. This is a clear invading his privacy even if the intention was good. This should not be done.  Just in case Hyun Joong would experience having stalkers, I do hope he’ll expose them at once, so that other stalkers can be controlled.

And so I think it’s high time to know your idols, I’m sure many out there has some idols other than Hyun Joong, it’s alright, that’s just but natural. But know them better, who are they in reality. Specially to the young ones, who takes their idol as their inspiration, and can somehow influence your life. That’s natural too, Hyun Joong was influenced by his favorite rock star. But my point is, are they deserving of the love and time you spend watching and them?

Idols and celebrities are someone whom we look up to, and I have said earlier, they are bound to keep their reputation clean because people do look up at them. If you can see any sign or air of arrogance, I would advise you to have a second thought about them. Arrogance can take these celebs nowhere but down there. And those celebrities who could hardly keep their feet on the ground tends to drop easily. Fans do feel if their idols are sincere or not, and so you should feel it too being a fan.

Hyun Joong’s fans grow everyday from, different ages, different walks of life, different nations and in the near future he will be able to attain the same numbers of fans like this idol group. The bigger his fans grow the bigger the risk, that’s a natural chain reaction. And so I’m writing this article for every fan specially fans from Korea to protect your fan  community from being infiltrated by stalkers. We international fans can not just close our eyes with what is reality in Korea. Although I believe Hyun Joong’s fans are better behave and responsible in taking care of Hyun Joong’s teenage fans. We as their noona (big sister) have to guide these youngsters. Let us treat each other as one big family in Hyun Joong. Isn’t this wonderful??

May  I just share, one day, a reader buzz me and ask for help since she wants to read my other articles and she was asking for hyper link. But then LazerKim is a commuter illiterate, and so I do not know how I’m gonna help her, I was so apologetic for the inconvenience since I do not want to mark anything on my blog site, so that readers like me can focus on the article you’re reading. And so I asked for help from my other regular readers. And in no time two of them came in to rescue, one of them spent two hours to do the link. I’m really so thankful to you for helping others just to be able to read my articles. Really I appreciate this very much. So can you not be proud of being Hyun Joong’s fans?

Do you know, you guys can inspire other new fans to stay with Hyun Joong, and that is also one reason why I try to encourage Hyun Joong fans to leave comments on my box, this is not for me but for the new fans since they read the comment box too, for them to get inspired through you. Remember the tale of the boat I was talking about in my other articles? I’ll write it again…..

Hyun Joong’s fans were stranded in an island, there was no food, no shelter and the place was completely deserted. The the only way to survive is to help each other find for food and shelter to stay. Do you have a choice? Hyun Joong arrived boarding a boat to collect his fans, and he will not roar unless everybody is on board. By the time Hyun Joong arrives that island his fans are already friendly to each other now they’re like family of Hyun Joong.

I’m done with daily dose again all coming from Kim Hyun Joong for his one big family!

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ACTOR’S GUILD

By: LazerKim                 Many Korean producers have been trying to develop young artists into acting, specially those who are from the Korean Pop idol groups. Kim Hyun Joong started from the idol group SS501, before he was offered on his first acting project Boys Over Flower, and as we all know it was a huge success. Producers are being encouraged to pick from Korean Pop artist basically because there are indeed many handsome artists within the Kpop community, and most of them are already popular. And so what happen to those actors who belongs within the Korean Drama category?  Well, I think they’re slowly fading from the lime light. At least this is one thing I have notice lately, the concentration on choosing actors are within the Kpop category.

I used to watch a lot of Korean drama, in fact it’s already been years that I have forgotten all about the Hollywood and my local showbiz. I have certain list of Korean dramas that I can watch repeatedly that I haven’t gone tired watching. And Kim Hyun Joong had changed all of those!! Anyway, Kpop actors has been criticized of course by the international fans!! The trend is getting higher having Kpop artists doing dramas, unfortunately I haven’t watched any Kpop artists doing drama after BOF. The last drama I have watched was Lie to Me which I think is good, and currently the top rated drama The moon Embracing the Sun, which is also a good drama and had gained a very high TV ratings.

There’s an actor that used to be on my list of favorites, and this actor is quite good specially in doing martial arts. I have watched almost all his dramas and I’ve notice there’s only one specific character that suits him perfectly. He had done three consecutive historical genre and it had all good ratings. After doing these dramas he switched to two modern action drama which did not rate as good as the historical genre that he did. And now he’s I think he’s out of the lime light. Oh he got married by the way, I would consider it another factor as to why his popularity just dropped down.

Most of the actors stick to their image on and off camera, and so I was thinking about Hyun Joong has the ability to change his image, I would think any role will be good for him. Since Hyun Joong had done barely two dramas with the same image but different character, I would think he’ll be a good actor given the chance, I think he will excel. Switching image may be difficult for other actors but that’s gonna be very simple for Hyun Joong, because he’s already been doing it constantly. I believe Hyun Joong has a very good potential and with just a little polishing here and there, he’s set to be on the go for acting.

Kim Hyun Joong was interviewed after his filming AEON ad commercial, using Kiss Kiss as the music theme of the commercial ad. In the interview, one of the question was “what kind of a drama would you like to play”? Hyun Joong replied, “I want to play the role of Roronoa Zoro in the Japanese manga One Piece”. This had caught my attention, for one thing I heard him mentioned One Piece, which I have heard in his first concert tour in Japan at the Q and A portion of his concert. I didn’t get it at first, what’s with One Piece anyway!! And so I researched on it.

And so I got it, Hyun Joong wanted to play the role of that anime character named Roronoa Zorro!! Was this one of Hyun Joong’s 4D strike again??  This is not new to everyone, since the character was in his cellphone, but since Hyun Joong mentioned the character again and this time he mentioned that he wants to portray the character, I deliberately look into it. Quite honestly, I find the character interesting as I browse over it and I think I’ll end up reading the entire story of Roronoa Zoro!!! But was Hyun Joong joking about this?? Let’s pretend he’s not!!

Roronoa Zoro is a pirate former bounty hunter and one of the main protagonist of One Piece. Zoro is an average sized muscular young man. He almost always carries around his three swords, bundled up with green haramaki or ob sash over his right hip, allowing him to easily draw them with his left hand. Zoro normally keeps a black bandana  tied around his bicep and ties it around his head when he is fighting seriously against his opponent. Zorro wears three identical gold earring on his ear lobe.

I’m trying to visualize this image on Hyun Joong, and he definitely looks a very handsome pirate. Zoro is a sword man and a very good one, well, this must be very challenging, it’s like Song Il Gook’s forte, as he did Emperor of the Sea. If Hyun Joong will be given such character, why not? If he’s gonna be the Prince of the Sea!! But in reality, a pirate is a pirate in short a thief!!  But this Zoro is a thief for a good cause like Robin Hood, the Prince of the woods. Well portraying such role needs a lot long preparation in martial arts choreography. There’s nothing wrong with trying for experience, why not.

Actually, Zoro Roronoa has a similarity to Hyun Joong, Zoro is a sleepy head even manage to sleep through bizzards and bad weather often waking up when everything’s over and yawning curiously at everyone. He has a funnier trait of unnatural ability to get lost even in small spaces.Like Hyun Joong, Zoro loves drinking too!!!

If you remember, Hyun Joong already did the pirate concept at Mnet 20’s Choice as he performed Breakdown using the concept of Pirates of the Caribbean. Actually that version is my favorite among Breakdown he had ever performed. I like that the most. What Hyun Joong wants to do is simply a challenging role of a real man. He wants to portray a character that is beyond his true character in reality. In acting, a good actor can be called a good actor if he acts contrast to his true character in reality, that’s acting. If the actor was able to deliver a convincing character out of the plot, then he’s doing it right.

As I read the character of Roronoa Zoro further, I try to visualize Hyun Joong in it. Well, let’s wait and see, if he’ll be able to attain his dream pirate role!! Oh I hope he’s not kidding about it though!! I like watching historical genre, sword fighting and martial arts, it’s gonna be a big challenge for Hyun Joong but I believe, in anything that was worth working hard for turns to success.

We do have our own personal preference in choosing the dramas we watch. Hyun Joong as an actor would like to portray different roles for every drama project he’ll work on in the future. Hyun Joong has the ability to change image which makes him a unique artist. What ever he wants to work in his projects, we’re here to support him all the way, that’s the role we’ll portray being his loyal fans. Eventually, little by little he’ll be able to portray those personal preference that we have. This is just a matter of time, Hyun Joong can only gets to improve or develop his acting skills if he’ll be given many chances to do so. We may have our choice of drama to watch, just the same with Hyun Joong he has the choice what he wants to portray. Whatever it may be let’s give it to him.

Again, critics will be just around him, and you know what to do with them!!! LOL!! As Hyun Joong walks his path there will be obstacles and we get rid of those obstacles for him!! So as he can walk smoothly as he develops himself. We as fans are very lucky, because our idol has many talents. One can never get tired of him because you see him in many different angles being an artist, today you see him as a singer and dancer, tomorrow you get to see him as an actor, and maybe the following day he’ll surprise you he playing his instrument while singing. In short, we don’t need to eat pasta for breakfast, lunch or dinner!!

I enjoy writing this article simply because I do miss Hyun Joong doing drama since it’s been a while since he was last seen at Playful Kiss. But then again, whether he performs a singer dancer, or acting, it doesn’t matter at all because I’m here to support whatever he want for his career life. Hyun Joong has a very good potential in all his talents and there’s still a lot of time to develop those talents. And while he’s doing so, let’s stay with him, let’s be his cheerers as we stay together watching him in this process of developing himself.

Kim Hyun Joong will never be alone anymore in his struggle to develop, because his fans will always be at his side all the time……………

                                                                                       LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

By: LazerKim            Again waking up evrey morning with Kim Hyun Joong keep flashing in my mind, just feels great!! Every morning as I wake up, the first thing I do is to turn on my computer, which I’m using a desk top located just beside my bed, let the computer heat up before I do my morning routine. After which I go back to it and first, check on updates about Hyun Joong, then check on emails with a cup coffee. This is how I do it everyday of my life since I started with Hyun Joong’s story. And I’m very sure many of you have the same daily routine.

We read the good news Hyun Joong will be releasing a new OST for the drama Marriage Tricks on April 3 on line. Well, guys we have something to listen to again and to keep in our  heart. A fan from the twitter came in late since she’s a late sleeper I think and stays up late at night on line.She was saying she dreamed about Hyun Joong’s song played at every radio station, and as she woke up, this was the news, a new song from Hyun Joong, dream come true for her!!!

May I just share my thoughts with you which I have been keeping for myself for a long time now since I started researching and writing about Hyun Joong. When I started writing well, it was half way from my list of articles, I kept looking for other Hyun Joong fans. I was trying to reach out for them but I always failed. Just before I started I already had my twitter account together with his blog account. I followed anybody which I think are fans of Hyun Joong, and they are.

Normally, the only time I open my twitter is whenever I post my article and go off line again. I tried to interact before but I feel awkward and aloof as a starter, and some could be so cold, that I felt being driven away!!. And so I stopped interacting anyway my objective to be able to post at least one article for a day.

It was only last Saturday during the time Hyun Joong was on his way to China, that I finally found what I’m looking for. I came to realize I was following the wrong people at the twitter!!! Or maybe not wrong people since they are Hyun Joong’s fans, but people who are very busy or less accommodating. And so I eliminated some of whom I was following and add those whom I think I have been longing for, months ago. And I’m so happy to have them. I wouldn’t know the effort of those at the twitter posting updates if I have not found the right people whom I can easily interact with. Now I can feel the real essence of fandom that others call it that I can barely understand the term and so you do not read the term in any of my articles.

These are the people I need for better inspiration and a very good way of understanding them as a person in reality and as Hyun Joong’s certified die hard fans. In writing an article or any write ups, I was taught in school that credibility of the writer and credibility of what the writer writes is very vital, specially if what is written reaches worldwide. As I always do write about people who are connected to Hyun Joong, and so that includes you, being a fan of Hyun Joong.

I write what other fans may think about Hyun Joong, I do write whatever comes out from the lips of Hyun Joong himself and I do write about what surrounds Hyun Joong in reality, and these are not hearsay. It’s been my objective to write credible articles in accordance to reality. If I recommend I have to be truthful to whom or what I can recommend to maintain the credibility of this blog site.

Just as I am writing this article, someone wrote at my comment box and she’s a new fan who wants to join the twitter world of Hyun Joong. She’s just like me a computer illiterate and she’s shy. Another fan followed right after, and so I informed everyone at the twitter about the new fans, endorsed them to other fans, and I’m happy as I came back the two new fans enjoyed the company of other fans. I fully understand how a new fan feels because I’ve been there. I would admit I myself had a not so good experience with twitter and whenever I thought about it I felt so small and teary eyes as I have now.

I posted my article Fan Network and a blogger picked it up and posted it and I was more thankful to her for doing so. Although that was the first and last. I felt so small as if I owe her that much for posting that article without realizing the essence of why it has to be posted. I didn’t give up on her, I was so appreciative of her effort to post my article. It’s not my lost, it’s Hyun Joong’s new fans lost, if only she would realize it. After that I still get cold treatment, and so I stopped and eliminated her from my list of following, two of them actually.

I promised myself that I will never let a new fan experience the same thing as I did. May I just say this with all my respect specially to bloggers. One single fan is important to Hyun Joong. The guy is so humble and so we fans, why should we be arrogant? I believe this blogger has a large scale of fans following her blog. I was wondering for so many times how important is it to have a large scale followers??  If you can’t take care of a single new fan who’s obviously at lost because she’s new?

I write articles about Hyun Joong for simple reason that I do not want the new fans to have the same experience as I had from the hands of wrong people. I tried to brush this off my shoulder and reverse my perception of Hyun Joong’s fans. Well in a basket of fruits there’s always one or two which are not in good quality and unfortunately these two are the ones with not so good quality, but they’re not bad either.

At this point I do not want to mislead the new fans, instead lead them to the deserving hands that she’ll feel the sense of belonging unlike what I felt in the recent past. And yes, I was indeed in search for a sense of belonging, and I just found that belonging only last Saturday, after six months of being an addict to Hyun Joong. And so may I advise those at the twitter as new comer, if you think whom you encounter with if they’re arrogant, snob, unaccommodating, then may I suggest to eliminate those. The twitter should be free and friendly atmosphere. I realize that now when I finally found the good quality ones and now I enjoy my twitter because everyone now is so friendly accommodating and sincerely caring for each other.

I’m not trying to put a war here, please don’t misunderstand. This is purely to enlighten. Sometimes people get so overwhelm with what they have gained and had totally forgotten how they started. This is just a wake up call not only to those whom I have encountered with but to everybody. This article does not imply on walking out, no definitely not. But to point out some a good lessons and learning from it. You may have a good scale of followers but somehow you’re bound to lose them if we can not take care of the new ones. I think this is just a matter of attitude. I would rather have a handful people as I have now who are deserving to be at the twitter as Hyun Joong’s fans to cite a good example to the new ones.

I do write about Hyun Joong’s fans because I’m very sure many out there are just like myself who’s seeking for a sense of belonging to be with Hyun Joong’s sheep, as he is the shepherd. I reversed everything and turn in to more positive apporch, because I know not everyone is the same. I just can’t forget how small I felt that time but had forgiven. Honestly, I can freely write about Hyun Joong because he was also underestimated one time in his career, plus his critics.

I felt the same when I started posting my articles, that no one knew about my existence. And slowly now I can identify and recognize who are positively loyal and those who just pretend to be, so as just to gain attention. I’m not trying to be a judge here, but to enlighten other fans. There are new fans coming in and let’s be more considerate to them and spare them a little guidance so as they won’t lose their way.

As one of the fan said, it’s not easy to be a die hard fans but it feels great. I do ask myself too, is this how to be a fan?? I finally found the answer at the twitter from other fans too, whom I interact with.  I’m sure these fans knows what I’m talking about, and I may have the idea that some of them share with what I feel, but endured, just the same thing I did, I endured. Being a fan is supporting a person of your own choice, this is very basic. Being a fan is unselfish because this is networking, the more fans supporting your own choice of celeb, the better. This is the main objective of being a fan, you would want many people to love Hyun Joong, you want him to be on top, you want him to be always a winner and this is chain reaction.

Until such time of getting to know Hyun Joong you start to develop love and care for him. This is very natural to any fan. If you love somebody, you would eventually learn to love those whom he loves. If one fan happened to experienced meeting Hyun Joong in person, you share it with others, but this should not be something to be arrogant about. Because I truly believe in due time we’ll all get to meet him. Many of you had gone out of your way in helping Hyun Joong which I appreciate. We do our share in caring for the guy, and what we have started building up is an unconditional love.

At first, everyone got attracted to Hyun Joong’s physique, then you started knowing more about him, until you can’t get enough of him. Once you have reached the degree of accepting and embracing Hyun Joong for what he is as a person in reality with his weak and strong points, then I would say you are building an unconditional love for him. Unconditional love is simple acceptance, that no matter who or what he is you’ll support him, and would continue to do so no matter what happens. Why? Well, despite of the criticisms thrown to him, you fight for him, despite of which you even love him more. It’s because you know him as a person in reality that others failed to do so.

Unconditional love includes those people who loves him too other than yourself. Hyun Joong’s love is so contagious that you just have to pass it on to whoever comes near him even she’s not a fan, because eventually she will through you. This is the only way we can help Hyun Joong, we’re miles away from him, he wants to reach out for his fans worldwide, then let us be that for him, let us reach out for others whom he can not reach out for. What do we got to lose? Nothing, on the contrary you gain friendship, if you only give a hand to others specially those fans who are seeking the sense of belonging.

Now, for the new fans who are interested to join in with Hyun Joong’s other fans, may I suggest that as you open an account at twitter, look for LazerKim, follow me and I will guide you to others who are following me, and I can assure you you’ll be in good hands. The people I follow are quite active in their updates, and these people are the sincere ones who will not leave you on air, until such time you can be on your own. You may be feeling at lost or missing Hyun Joong, the twitter can help you out, because everyone is there to share with you. Other than you get to know more about Hyun Joong’s updated activities first hand as fast. Because these people take turns in sharing with you updates. photos ect.

And by the time there will be no updates, that can be the time you can share with each other about Hyun Joong. Wouldn’t that be nice? At least you wouldn’t feel alone in your thoughts about him. I remember that fan student who didn’t make it for her exams, simply because she was affected by Hyun Joong’s problems that time, and she got no one to share with or comfort her. Oh well, for students you know your limitations though, studies comes first above anything in this world including Hyun Joong. He will just be an inspiration to your studies but do not over do it, save time for studies and after which then start thinking about Hyun Joong. And he’ll be happy with that, dividing your time.

I would suggest to give priorities on update news about Hyun Joong in using twitter. And if the updates are done and there’s silence, that’s the time you can read articles. Do not do everything at the same time. Reading my articles takes time because of its length. When you’re not busy and bored then touch on the articles, they are just there you won’t lose it. Updates are quite fast so give priority to it. I would rather appreciate you reading articles if you can focus, understand, and absorb. Otherwise you won’t be able to get the essence of it if you have a busy mind. Articles can wait, updates can not.

I think this the longest article I’ve written so far!! But I take this most important since we’re getting bigger I think!! To my dear bloggers, I got nothing against you, let’s just be open minded about others who are seeking for you as fan of Hyun Joong, this is just my point, nothing more nothing less. And for others I do hope we learn from the mistakes of others too, let’s just take it an innocent mistake or unaware about other’s feelings, that needs to be enlightened.

Well, I got no parting shots except…….Let’s spread the unconditional love for the sake of Kim Hyun Joong…..

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing.


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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CHINA AFTERMATH

By: LazerKim                   Kim Hyun Joong had left Shanghai China Sunday afternoon. As usual his fans were at the airport waiting for Hyun Joong to see him off. Unfortunately there were change of plans due to security protection. For a recap, Hyun Joong arrived Shanghai China at the airport in the afternoon, prior to his arrival, a crowd of fans waited for him and had prepared streamers for Hyun Joong.

And Upon his arrival, for some reasons that until now I have no idea about the incident, the entire preparation turned into a chaos. Fans were overly excited everyone wanting to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong, but it turned out he was being squeezed by the crowd of fans. Nevertheless, Hyun Joong maintained cool and composed until he got through from the crowd.

And so on his departure from Shanghai China, Sunday noon time, the airport security management escorted Hyun Joong through the VIP tunnel of the airport and safely boarded his flight back to Korea. One of the fan at the Twitter said, she feels sorry for the fans who waited from morning. I honestly feel sorry for them too, but maybe if the chaos did not happen as Hyun Joong arrived the airport, the fans should have enjoyed his arrival and departure.

I also feel sorry that the fans exerted effort in preparing for Hyun Joong’s arrival, that he was not able to appreciate because the fans got overly excited and turned chaos!! Hyun Joong arrived home to Korea safely, and again at the Incheon Airport his Korean fans were there to welcome him back, as he collects letters and bag of goodies!!

Anyway, many thanks to China for taking care of Hyun Joong specially for his security protection. The Tokyo Girls Collection event was successfully held at Mercedes Benz Stadium which was full house, which I was assuming majority of the audience were Hyun Joong’s fans. Seeing from the gallery and the luminous uzoosin signifies Hyun Joong’s fans. Hyun Joong was the highlight of the show.

A fan from twitter wondered, “Was Hyun Joong able to garner more fans from China?”  Apparently Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans had snowballed in numbers to compare from the time he last visited China. And you may expect after this event, another set of fans shall be coming in. And this is becoming a trend whenever Hyun Joong goes out on his exposure, Hyun Joong fans just magically multiplied!!

China is another country that seeks entertainment, demand from this country is quite high as well specially idols. Similar to Japan, in China, entertainment is also a part of their culture. In an ordinary citizen, after work they tend to go unwind. And this is another country which is becoming a target of Korean Entertainment industry, where market is good be it in concerts, Korean dramas and music. Many Korean idols and actors had filmed drama projects to join in with their very own Chinese TV series and movies.

The Boss and his Body Guard…               At the twitter I was surprised to see many photos of Mr. Jeong !! And there were Hyun Joong’s fans taking picture of Mr. Jeong together with the fans!! By the way Mr. Jeong is the personal body guard of Hyun Joong ever since he moved in to KeyEast Mr. Jeong was already assigned to protect Hyun Joong. Anywhere Hyun Joong goes specially on official activities, Mr. Jeong is always at his side.

The guy is very accommodating to the fans and very polite to them. I think KeyEast staffs are, his entourage was never been rude to Hyun Joong’s fans, and I’m happy on how they deal with fans. and so Mr. Jeong, our hats off to you for taking care of Hyun Joong with you life. You are very much appreciated by Hyun Joong’s fans all over the world.

Hyun Joong is back to his cocoon again but at least even just for two days his fans enjoyed monitoring his activities in China. Now we deal with the aftermath of thrills and excitement we had, back to the dull life.!! This morning a fan was doing her marathon reading and she was reading Time Line and had quoted a song that says…..”.If you love someone set him free. If he comes back to you then it is meant to be”….

I’m sure you’re familiar with this song “Some Good Things Never Last” by Barbara Streisand. It was rather raining this morning and reading her comment I just felt lonely, I wrote my reply and said I don’t want to write if this is my mood, otherwise I’ll let my readers cry again!!!    So I’ll take my rest from writing, I’ll take a good break and recharge!

I stayed away from my computer after Hyun Joong had flew back in Korea at noon, I said to myself anyway it’s Sunday I won’t write today. But I felt restless and as if I’m sick or something, I went back just to check on the twitters, as a fan went worried after reading the word sick from me!! I do not know the right term, but if you have gone used to be doing certain thing on routine like writing, reading, posting and you attempt not to do it just feel sick!!

And then a song came flashing to my mind that actually I forgot the title, and so I search for it the same singer Barbara Streisand the title of the song is I Finally Found Someone. I found it but within the selection of video clip version there’s a fans who uploaded this song and the video shows Bae Yong Joon. And then said, what a co-incidence.  Anyway, tell me if this is what you feel for Hyun Joong, as you read, which I quote from some of the lyrics of the song.

I finally found someone who knocks on my feet, I finally found the one who makes me feel complete

It started over coffee we started out as friends,      It’s funny how simple things the best things begin…This time it’s different, it’s all because of you..

My favorite line was….. “Can I call you sometime” ………It’s all you had to say, to take my breath away…….   This is it…… I finally found someone to share my life

Cause whatever I do, it’s just got to be you, my life has just begun I finally found someone

You know I love your hair, I love what you wear,…… You’re exceptional,……. I can wait for the rest of my life ……..    this is it………………… I finally found someone.

This song clearly describes how I think of Hyun Joong that I would like to share with you., I may have first met him at BOF, but he knocks on my feet when I saw him at breakdown. Since then upon waking up having my coffee each morning everyday of my life I look for updates about Hyun Joong. This was how simple it started that made me different and it’s all because of Hyun Joong. Whenever he talks, it takes my breath away, and whatever I do it’s just got to be Hyun Joong. I love his hair however he change it. I love what he wears no matter what, Hyun Joong is exceptional worth to be waited and this is it, I finally found someone to love….

To the fan of Bae Yong Joong who uploaded at YouTube using this music, “I Finally Found Someone”….thank you for uploading and sharing the beautiful video and song in it. This was just a wonderful co-incident, that I share the same thoughts and feelings with her but at two different persons. I as Hyun Joong fan and her as Bae Yong Joon fan, which happens to be connected with each other!!! It’s like magic!! How I wish I could make such beautiful video of Hyun Joong using the same music, because it clearly describes how I feel for him.

If it’s raining, and you know you’ll miss somebody who’s about to go back to his hiding, it somehow give you a sentimental feeling, and before you know it your love for that person is just growing inside you. Hyun joong is like a kinda, Now you see him, now you don’t!! But by just that thought makes him even special…

No matter what I do, to at least switch my spare time to think of others, but the thoughts of going back to Hyun Joong keeps ringing in my mind and keeps pushing me right here in front of you and talk about him as i normally do!! No Sundays and Holidays!!! Now I feel better to face the Monday work again with a bright smile, because I felt complete by just the mere writing about him.

And again may I mention, the Hyun Joong fans at Twitter which I’m very sure shares the same thoughts as we share news update, Hyun Joong’s photos all about Hyun Joong to bring them to you as we read coming from them. There’s one fan who literally stayed on line from morning till late night! She always say she’s a slave of Hyun Joong!! In that sense I would say she’s near to that, because she’s very loyal and so with the others with her too!!! These people are just so amazing if you can observe how they work on Hyun Joong. And the only help that I could spare is to let them know my presence of keeping them company and just viewing their movements over twitter.

I sincerely appreciate the fans at twitter for job well done during Hyun Joong’s activities in China. Thank you very much for keeping the fastest on time updates about him. I will not mention names, please forgive me, but you know who you are. Your effort is very much appreciated, and I’m sure the readers shares the same thoughts with you.

And so, I’m done again with the daily supplement dose to the Hyun Joong addicts!!! We may be back to dull life reality, but this time with smiles for having taken a short glimpse of Hyun Joong as we fans share the China Aftermath of that precious glimpse of Hyun Joong. We may face another Monday of life challenge but as we take the break from work and hit the internet as we refresh our thoughts of Hyun Joong in another world of Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                              LazerKim here writing.

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