Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EMBRACING YOU

By: LazerKim                   KeyEast had revealed their lay out plan for Kim Hyun Joong about the world tour concert which will come around in September. Therefore by this time Hyun Joong must be preparing for the said plan. I’m truly happy to have heard this news since it’s Hyun Joong’s dream to reach out for his fans in every part of the world. See, how his fans could be so spoiled? Because he truly loves you, he’s coming around to embrace each and everyone of you no matter where you are, he’ll be there to reach out. My gosh, you’re all so lucky fans!!

Last week, I posted an article Unity in One, and I’m happy that many had read it, thank you very much for the time spent reading my articles. Keep reading anything about Hyun Joong, and it will keep him close to you, while he’s busy preparing for upcoming events. As I have mentioned in my article Crucial Year, there’s a lot more pressure on his shoulder this year since he had gained more attention as he started this year, and many will be expecting more from him. This is a natural showbiz chain reaction, he has to bring in new materials in his bag as he travels around carrying his music, and knowing the guy, he would always surprise everyone with something new.

In this article, I would still be talking about his fans. I believe Hyun Joong is not choosy with his fans, as he embraces each and everyone of you irregardless to whoever you are, irregardless to whatever country you come from, whatever religion you have, and whoever else you support other than Kim Hyun Joong. He made this crystal clear as he always mention the three fan network he has. Hyun Joong has a slogan Only One. I can interpret this slogan in so many ways, but it was said the meaning is Only Kim Hyun Joong. I don’t think he mean this literally, because Hyun Joong has many fans who support others celeb but he welcome them and embrace them. But for the sake of argument let’s see the possibility of his slogan Only One.

Before we met Kim HyunJoong, I’m sure many of us were supporting other celeb. Well I can only speak for myself. Before I met Hyun Joong or even after, I had a long list of favorites both Korean celeb and the Hollywood. Oh that includes his boss Bae Yong Joon, who was my first favorite Korean actor who introduced me to Korean drama. With the long list I had, none of them had ever touched my heart to get me out of my way to research about them, to know more about them and to write about them including his boss.

Hyun Joong did all the magic spell on me to turn on to him and pushed me to do all these writings about him, which I have not done in my entire life!! But no regrets, you just don’t have the idea how much I learned because of Kim Hyun Joong.  Now that Hyun Joong is connected with Bae yong Joong, had only given me the reason to write about Yonsama. And I still want to write about him as having a strong connection between Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon as partners in business. Oh yes, please watch out for my article Protege, as I featured Yonsama in this article.

In my article Unity in One, I have mentioned BYJ fan group of individuals who are silently supporting Kim Hyun Joong, the article is some sort of calling for unity among fans of Hyun Joong. Somebody said, Hyun Joong doesn’t need BYJ fans and that he’ll gain more fans everyday through his hard work. I respect the opinion, but it somehow bothered me the whole week before I finally landed writing this article, to iron out some matters pertaining to my article Unity in One, with hopes I would be able to enlighten those who might share the same opinion.

When you call for unity, you do not exclude anybody, irregardless as to whoever they are, or whoever else they support other than HyunJoong. I believe there is no rivalry among Korean celeb, at least none that I know of. Apparently BYJ fans are the supporters of Bae Yong Joong. And who is Bae Yong Joon? Isn’t it he’s the boss of Hyun Joong, the owner of KeyEast which is the agent of Hyun Joong who’s providing all the needs of Hyun Joong as far as his career life is concern? Bae Yong Joon is the closest person to Hyun Joong being his mentor and boss and this is reality. Therefore Bae Yong Joon is definitely not a rival of Hyun Joong. I would just like to make this very clear.

My point here is a simple reality that everyone of us has the right to support whoever we want to. And Hyun Joong embraces that fact. I believe there’s no rivalry among the Korean celeb unlike in other countries, and this is one thing I like about the Korean celebrities, they equally respect each other. As far as Hyun Joong’s fans who supports other celeb other than him is concern, the challenge falls on Hyun Joong on how he can gain their exclusive support. I believe he’ll be able to in due time, you know, things just don’t happen over night, but in time it will come around, considering he had just started as a soloist.

If you remember the two KHJ and BYJ visited Japan together in 2010, and there were photos of them at the airport as a bunch of crowd welcomed them at the airport, obviously are BYJ fans. I can only read body language, but for me the way I read BYJ, he seemed to be endorsing Hyun Joong to his fans. This is an initial reaction, even if I were Bae Yong Joon I would gladly do the same thing.

I mean Bae Yong Joon knows exactly where he is, the guy has a lot of confidence and trust to his fans, he wouldn’t hesitate to share what he has with Hyun Joong because Bae Yong Joon knows very well Hyun Joong is more than deserving of the love from BYJ fans. And so his BYJ fans responded silently, with no fanfare, no acknowledgement, simply being there to cheer for Hyun Joong and support him at the Yokohama Arena.  I can not eliminate the fact that BYJ has a huge network of fans, as Hyun Joong stated, to be able to gain even half of BYJ fans is sufficient enough to any artist.

I was quite relieved this morning when a BYJ fan wrote in my comment box saying that there’s an amazing connection between BYJ fans and KHJ fans, thanks to you really I’m happy to hear this. I would just like to mention about three incidents happened few days ago. One time I was researching for Eng.sub of Knee Drop Guru, and I posted it at Twitter, and in no time, two of HyunJoong’s fan responded.

I was truly grateful about their gesture to let me know where to find it. And thanks to you really. And then another one, a Vietnamese fan who approached me to clarify a language misunderstanding. I believe I was at fault, but she was the first to approach me to clarify, and I was apologetic to her. Then another fan buzz me to call my attention for a simple correction about details in one of my articles and I appreciate that.

I was never been wrong in my opinion about KHJ fans, they are kind, modest and very accommodating. Hyun Joong is contagious and so with all of his fans. And that is true, if we continue to be that contagious to others then Hyun Joong can gain even more fans through you. Keep reading anything about Hyun Joong to keep him close to you in his absence, keep posting and re-posting and before you know it, you have already gain numbers of fans for Hyun Joong.  Let’s do it for him, what have we got to lose?? On the contrary we gain friends, and I think those members of fan club can testify to the fact that everyone started as strangers, that eventually became friends. Am I right?

Strengthen your respective groups and take care of the new once, irregardless of whoever they are, where they come from. By this way new fans will eventually be drawn to you, and until such time Hyun Joong wins them. He will be needing a stronger foundation of fan network. Any foundation that is weak tends to collapse, so let’s help him build his fan foundation and expand, he needs numbers. If other fans support other celeb, so be it, in due time Hyun Joong will be able to win them, same as how he was able to win your heart. It doesn’t matter if other fans supports his boss, they are like siblings anyway.

Every single fan of Hyun Joong is important to him as he embrace everyone. He has to get hold of what he had already gained and expand further. I knew this would come after seeing the big crowd in Yokohoma Arena that gives me a shiver. And that is why I wrote the article Crucial Year. May I explain further, the event transpired last Feb.5 or the entire period Hyun Joong was in Japan became an international news resulted to even snowball of fans. It can create even more international awareness after watching the crowd at Yokohama Arena, and people get to their curiosity as to how Hyun Joong can create such crowd. Until finding out who Kim Hyun Joong is.

There was a clear chain reaction that can not be denied. And so as a result here it goes, Hyun Joong’s plan for a world tour finally starts to surface. If I’m in the international business arena, and seeing that kind of crowd, shows what power Hyun Joong has, I would certainly grab the chance to sponsor Hyun Joong and bring him to which ever country in any part of the world where his fans are.

It’s been Hyun Joong’s dream to reach out for his fans from different parts of the world, and it would be great if by the time September comes, he had already gained more fans. In which I never doubted he will, through his hard work, dedication, determination and love for his fans. And we fans, simply guide the new once in search of Hyun Joong who wants to know him better. We all know very well, once you get to know the guy you’re hooked!!

Kim Hyun Joong is like boarding in a boat being the captain, he gathers all his fans to embark the same boat irregardless to whoever they are. He will not roar unless everyone is in that boat. And if you are left behind, he’ll come back for you, and wait patiently until you’re prepared to embark the same boat he is riding. Kim Hyun Joong welcomes you with open arms embracing you with all his heart………..

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing.

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8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EMBRACING YOU

  1. Your last paragraph was great the a hole article is but that last one just make you appreciate and analize what you really meant with the this article. Only One for me that simple you said it before Only Kim Hyun Joong, but not that his the only one out there as a singer, actor, performer.. he knows and we all know that the world is full of great singer and that even KHJ admire and talks about how great they are in what they do.. but KHJ is the only one great on doing what he does. Being him not copying no one, doing his best, working hard for his dream and for us.. he don’t think on the negatives, for him he only things in making great things, positive things.. He thanks and bless all those that had help him and that are helping and supporting him.. he lives for his fans and he does it his own way.. for me that’s why his the ONLY ONE ONLY Kim Hyun Joong will love you unconditionally. Let’s all embrace him and those that have help him to get where he is thank them for believing in him, for sharing him with us… For the non fans of KHJ let’s just show them how great he is with kinds words without taking away their love for their idol let’s turn them to at least watch him and starting liking him so his fans can keep growing always with sweet words exactly as KHJ wil say sweet cause “You can catch more flies with honey than with vineger” LOL!!!!

  2. Hi LazerKim. You have written great articles. And just so you know, I’m one of the many fans of BYJ who had been silently supporting and cheering KHJ. Thank you for mentioning BYJ in your articles and I really enjoy reading them bcoz you are stating facts and is open-minded. And regarding the 2010 Japan Visit for the Smile Project, yes what you said was correct. That was the message we got from BYJ; he’s introducing his junior to his fans, “family” as he calls us. And I think to most of us, we’re happy for KHJ’s success coz it is also BYJ’s success. I for one, wants KHJ to be the one to succeed BYJ than some other k-artist claiming that position. 🙂 Anyway, sorry for the long post but I’ll be waiting for that article you are writing about BYJ. Thanks again.

    • Hello I’m glad to hear from you. Oh no state whatever you want, I truly admire BYJ fans and when I found out that almost half of the fans who attended KHJ concert belong to BYJ I have to write it so as everyone would know your existence, Have you read Unity in One? if you haven’t it at google or Tags Kim HyunJoong. you can’t miss. Thanks so much keep do keep on reading get to know more about KHJ…….See you again Oh pls watch out for article protege BYJ thanks
      God bless..

      • Hi again. Yup, I already read that article of yours entitled, Unity In One. Also read the others, like The Boss, Two Men in a Row and others. Actually, after reading those articles, I recommended your site to our bae yong joon’s thread at soompi forums. 🙂 One of my baesisters even posted your article Unity In One. And yes, I’m looking forward to that article on BYJ. God bless you too.

  3. One time I ask a friend who belong to a Triple S fanclub, about how they could managed to meet & got a chance to took a photo w/ HJ that time when he only visit for a charity.She said HJ’s itinerary doesn’t really include a fanmeet then and not even aware that their group SS501 has a fanclub in the country.Which was not quite big in number,actually.But HJ,upon hearing this that Triple S wants to meet him,what he said was,”No matter how few they are,He must meet them!”…I felt warm hearing what she says.

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