Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TWISTED FATE

By: LazerKim                    Do you believe in fate of life? Kim Hyun Joong grew up with his guitar, and all his teenage life he holds on to his guitar, his passion for music, his aspirations and dreams, as he visualized himself holding a guitar like his idol who was a bass guitarist. But he ended up somewhere else. Nevertheless he did tried his luck as he joined a band, trained for sometime but unfortunately before the band debuted, the group was disbanded. Everything about Kim Hyun Joong started with just a teenage dream. But look at him now.

Life is choice, they said, which I believe is right, destiny is what we make out of life, they said, if you’re a hard worker, you earn more. If you’re lazy, you earn less. But what about your desires and your dreams? Well, Hyun Joong dream with his music and with his guitar, but he ended up a singer, dancer, actor. Have you thought about this?  After reading and watching video clips, I would say Hyun Joong is a gifted natural dancer since he doesn’t have a formal training in dance and yet he is equally good as those who have formal training since childhood, but he sings which is also a gifted talent. Until later on he discovered his acting ability. This guy is really amazing to be blessed with a lot of talents.

They said if one door of opportunity closed for you, it is not meant for you, because there’s another door with brighter opportunity will open for you. The way I analyse Hyun Joong’s life I think he’s spiritually guided. He might be a stubborn high school kid when he was young, I wouldn’t say he lacks the love from his family even his parents disagreed to what he wants for himself. He grew up in a religious family I believe, he was even given a christian name Rafael, since he is a Catholic. I would think he’s a believer and I notice he always wear a cross pendant with his necklace every time he performs. Well, it may just be an accessory, but I would believe he is guided.

Hyun Joong may still have his dream with his guitar since he set an area for his collection of different types of guitar in his house. Even he haven’t fulfilled his dream with his guitar, fate had lead him to a brighter career life. Which I’m very sure he wasn’t expecting to be this big. Because every time he’s being asked about future plans, he would only say he just want as many stages to perform and share his music with his fans. I mean Hyun Joong might be ambitious as I wrote in my article Crucial Year, but his ambition is just to have as many stages that he can perform to be able to reach out to his fans in many parts of the world.

Like he was asked again about his dream to perform at Tokyo Dome. And he said “Artists who performs at Tokyo Dome are big time artist, but I only want to perform there to accommodate all my fans”. See? It’s not even prestige name that he’s running after, but just a place he can perform and that can accommodate his fans, as simple as that. Hyun Joong may be a rich young celeb, a style icon, a man who stands out with class but deep inside he’s just as simple as any ordinary man. What he is currently attaining may not be his dream but he was even given more blessings beyond his dream.

In a news article I have read that Lee Joon was supposed to be cast for the role Yoon Ji Hoo of BOF. Is this another twisted fate on Hyun Joong?  Lee Joon, singer dancer actor, trained under sunbae Bi Rain and J Tue Entertainment, stated that he was supposed to portray the role of Yoon Ji Hoo that was given to Hyun Joong. Lee Joon rejected the offer simply because he was bald that time he was doing Ninja Assassin and there wasn’t sufficient time to let his hair grow until BOF star filming. And so the role landed on Hyun Joong’s lap.

It appears to me like saying Hyun Joong was lucky because Lee Joon was bald that time so the role was offered to Hyun Joong?? No way!! There’s no better actor who can portray Yoon Ji Hoo except Hyun Joong. The drama ended up a big hit and Hyun Joong was a big part of the drama’s success, no matter how others criticize Hyun Joong for the role Yoon Ji Hoo, the role was meant for him. The original author of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango where the plot of Boys Over Flower was based on, was quite surprised when she had met Hyun Joong the first time, and stated that Hyun Joong indeed was the perfect choice to describe Yoon Ji Hoo. Of course, she was the author of Hana Yori Dango, she knows very well the character she visualized when he was writing the story.

And I think Hyun Joong portrayed the role of Yoon Ji Hoo as a rich low profile, gentle, a silent type of high school student, perfectly. That until now as I watch BOF trying to convince myself to the criticism being thrown to Hyun Joong, that I just couldn’t find where the criticism falls. Does it mean that if Lee Joon portrayed the role of Ji Hoo instead of Hyun Joong, it should have been better?? I don’t think so. Kim Hyun Joong played a big part in the huge success of BOF. Period.  He may had minimal line delivery on that drama but he made a big impact to the audience and that made BOF even successful. I’m not trying to discredit Lee Min Ho’s presence but it seemed that Hyun Joong outshine the rest of the cast.

I can’t help not to talk about BOF because this is the most significant event in Hyun Joong’s career life since it was here where all it begun, as his stepping stone. It was in this drama which is his first acting project, that he started to gain attention from everywhere. Hyun Joong didn’t even know he can act, he only had discovered his talent when he was already doing the drama. When he was being offered to the project, he thought about it as a good opportunity. And he was right all along.

At the young age of Hyun Joong, he dreams of his music and work abroad. It was fulfilled since he had gone to many parts of Asia to perform with SS501. And now plans had been laid out to bring his music for a world tour this year. Again this is beyond his dream. Hyun Joong has so many plans when he started doing solo that gradually is taking place.

He had a dream when he was young, but destiny had taken him somewhere a better place for him to be. Kim Hyun Joong walked in a rough road, took him in a twisted fate and lead him to the top……..

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TWISTED FATE

  1. When we’re born our book of life is blank we need to make our decision in life and start leaving marks on our history… what we do will stay there forever it’s something we can’t change but what we can change is our present and make a better future for ourself. Nobody else will do it for you. What I mean with this is we might have been born with a destiny, a path to follow, but how can we know what was it if we don’t start building it… as we grow up we start thinking about our future what we want to do when we grow up and sometimes when we grow up we don’t do what we wanted cause you we’re trying to follow your path your destiny but you found a crossroad and maybe decide to take the easiest way and gave up.. Again what I try to say it’s applying it to Kim Hyun Joong is that since he was small he had that passion that destiny to play music, to make people happy, to help others and so he follow the right path he might have stumble on the road with few rocks but he stood up and keep going he never gave up on his dream.. He was following his destiny, his dreams, he was writing his book of life he have a past, his living his present and his building his future… I believe in destiny, but I also believe that you need to make it happen also! Kim Hyun made his happen he was destine to be a leader(SS501),a singer(soloist), an actor(BOF), a great musician and he is making it happen.

  2. “you cannot score if you didn’t try to shoot”
    Hyun joong is hard working and talented! Period! Keke.. Luck is with him because he’s a nice guy and hard working.. Hyun joong is a catholic!

  3. thanks lazer.. enjoyed reading anything about KHJ… especially Yoon Jihoo as i felt in love with him in BOF !!!!
    after thank i checked him out in WGM and found SS501.. the rest is history…

    at my age, to be fangirling sounds crazy but i just cant help myself…
    HJ will be my one and only one ..

    • LOL…hey age doesn’t matter for as long as you’re happy nothing matters…and yes KYJ is Only One, what can we, we’re captured!! Keep reading ir makes him closer to you….have a nice day!! God bless…

  4. I really can’t imagine anyone else playing yoon ji hoo!! he’s just perfect!!! hope his world tour includes India too!!! i want to watch him live!!!

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