Kim Hyun Joong… [article] UNIQUE IMAGE

By: LazerKim              As I was reading comments from my other articles, something had caught my attention, this question “What’s with this guy, Kim Hyun Joong, that I can’t get over with”. Honestly, I asked myself the same question and I actually tried to make comparisons as the media news had compared Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk as Prince of Asia. I even wrote an article about it, but it was dead end, Hyun Joong is still beyond comparable.

And so I chose someone very close to Hyun Joong with almost the same origin. I picked on Kim JaeJong. I barely know the guy, and so I watched some video clips of the concert of his previous and present group. I’m not fond of Kpop but just for curiousity, I watched one of his concerts in Japan with his group which kept changing names I think, it’s Tohoshinki or TVXQ or DBSK and currently JYJ. I admit, I was so impressed by their concert, because the group was really good. I focused my attention to Jaejong and I think he’s the most handsome among the members, with a good singing voice. I looked into his profile, and he has an impressive credential too.

Then there was a video clip of Hyun Joong and Jaejong being together, which I enjoyed watching them both. There are similarities since both are tall, that time both have almost the same hair color and style, the shape of their faces are almost the same, their eyes are quite different though. After watching three separate videos focused on JaeJong and three concert video clips, I stopped. What I was searching for was a factor that I’ll get hooked, if you know what I mean.

I think Jaejong is a very nice guy, listening from how he speak, he’s gentle, soft spoken and mind you he speaks fluent Japanese, right grammar, with right intonation. He has such a handsome face, but I soon got tired of. There’s a certain thing that when you look at a handsome face the longer you look at him the more handsome he becomes. Hyun Joong has it, but JaeJong may look handsome but you can easily get tired of it.

In terms of performance, well JaeJong is quite a strong singer, having a good voice quality and he’s a good dancer too, but I must say, he missed the stage character and I think the charisma too. His expression is all the same from the performances I watched, it’s like watching him from the start to end with the same projection, based on the three performances that I watched. But I think he has the potential as soloist.

Well maybe when he’s already a solo artist that’s the only time I can have a better opinion. But I’ll research more about him since he’s Hyun Joong’s best friend. I won’t be a judge of character to him because I barely know him. I can only comment based on his three performances I’ve seen and it’s not enough. But I’ll definitely write about him and Hyun Joong’s friendship with JaeJong being his best friend after my research.

Now let’s see with Hyun Joong’s stage performance. I read another comment from a fan saying, that every time she watch Hyun Joong performs, the more her desire to watch him grows. Let’s start with breakdown, this music piece is the most intense among Hyun Joong’s music. It projects a very strong manly character which he was able to execute perfectly. His body movements project dynamic impact to the audience, and Breakdown was perfectly made for his voice range. So I can’t imagine others singing it, even the song is quite easy to follow.

With kiss Kiss, this one is really cute, he looks like a boy next door type of image. In this music you can see a lot of changes in Hyun Joong’s charming expression. And take note Hyun Joong is being consistent in his projection from the time he first performed it up to time he brought this music to Japan. In Lucky Guy he portrays like a playboy gambler type of guy. In this music, what you can see is Hyun Joong’s character acting, which projects many different expressions not only in his facial projection but body movements too.

So watching him perform his music, he doesn’t stay in one single image, Hyun Joong was able to create his own versatility that makes him a unique artist. And these are qualities that I look for from other idols or solo singers. Watching an artist perform on stage, there has to be different variation of dance and music. And watching a 45min show by a single performer may turn out dragging if the performer has the same image, the same projection for the entire show. And this makes Hyun joong different from the rest.

About Hyun Joong’s looks I couldn’t compare Hyun Joong with the rest of F4 members because he had already outshine the other three members at BOF. I just remembered, in one of Hyun Joong’s interview, he mentioned that people kept comparing him to other’s look alike. And yes there are many video clips that compare his face to others, even to a Japanese idol. So what makes Kim Hyun Joong so unique, in terms of looks?

I would say maybe he has the habit of changing his hair style!!! In my experience, after seeing him at BOF with blonde and orange brown, I hardly recognized him when he had a long dark hair with three ear pierce. It’s like seeing him from a flower boy to a cute punk or the other way around. People change their hairstyle but you can still recognize them. In case of Hyun Joong, whenever he change his hairstyle it seems his face changes too and so with his entire image!!!

So people don’t get tired of him because he’s full of surprises, he would surprise you in a flower boy image, next he will just shock you in a bad boy image!! And he’s not worried for doing so that might not be accepted by his fans. Why? Because anything goes for Hyun Joong and he still looks very handsome. 

Whenever he looks at anyone straight to their eyes, it’s like he’s looking at your very soul that can makes you melt right at once!!! He can portray different looks in his eyes. Whenever he change his hair, be it the color or the style, he looks like a totally different person. Well, these are purely Hyun Joong’s physical outlook particularly his most attractive features, that for me is captivating. His hair style makes the difference, but the  look in his eyes and smile, boy!!! I’ll run out of adjectives in describing it!!! He has a great body built……. period. I don’t want to talk about it.!!!

I think what makes Hyun Joong better than the rest of the artist is the totality of his personality as an artist on and off stage, as far as physical aspect is concern, prior to knowing him as a person. Well, once you get to know the guy you’re completely captured and we all know that very well.  So what I’m trying to accomplish in this article are the qualities that made me drawn to Hyun Joong. I weigh the differences from other celeb, that made me ask myself, why wasn’t I attracted to JaeJong. I admit liking Jang Geun Suk when I watched Marry Me Mary but I wasn’t hooked on him. I mean these guys are so handsome and competitively talented. But Hyun Joong is just different.

People will never get tired of Hyun Joong, as another fan commented, “when I turn to be a grandma and is still a fan of Hyun Joong, I would share with my grandchildren, that once in my entire life I admire this one man to the core”. Thanks for that. What’s with Kim Hyun Joong that made her said that?

Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with unique qualities that made him a unique individual….

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing.

 Photo Credits as tagged, thanks.


8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] UNIQUE IMAGE

  1. i love kim hyun joong so much and im a huge fan of kim jaejoong and jung yonghwa they are all both talented.tnx for the nice article.

  2. i don’t think i will be tired of HJ. i’ve never like any artiste before as much as him. using internet just to know more about him, about where he is, about what he’s doing, watching the shows he guested. i will be the fan of HJ forever. he’s my ONLY ONE.

  3. It happend to me also I can see others talented, handsome, great physic, but it’s all of Kim Hyun Joong that captures you completely is like when you look at his eyes there is no one else there. It’s you and him in this hole world. It’s like a basket of fruits and his the only apple that tempting apple that shines from all the rest. I loved his eyes, his lips every piece of him is perfect, the most appealing is his personality. What girl don’t love a charming, sweet guy that can be your friend and your lover one that makes you laugh and when your sad can dry your tears. Again people might think that no one is perfect, but for me his the closest a perfect man can be! His style, image, perfomance on stage and on the small screen are unique cause they are his…. only KHJ posses them!

  4. as I am reading this, I remember reading a fanaccount who was able to attend HJ signing event..she says,HJ looks up & listens to you intently when you talk to him during fan signs.And also checks out the next person he will be signing his autograph for,and it was actually scary bcoz his eyes takes a quick run-through that makes a fan flustered & frozen when reaching the table~^,That no matter how tired & not feeling well,HJ keep a bright smile for everyone who have been supporting him~>>..He sincerely appreciates everything what the fans do for him..

  5. I love your article, I also agree with you, HJ has the talent of reinventing himself, He always like to surprise his fans with his looks And about his hairstyles , one fan made a 233 hairstyles fanart/compilation photos of HJ’s hairstyles,have you seen it, this is not complete, desinitely because it’s even more than that.but you can see how he tries to reinvent himself and this makes his fans to love him more and more and want him more.
    And every time he performs, he is like being transformed to the character he is performing. You can never get tired of his performances, even though how many times you have seen him perform any song, ex. like breakdown, he improves a lot with his dance moves, he gets better and better.And you can see his passion in all his performances. Especially like to mention his performances, in MNET’s 20 choice awards, his breakdown Performance there, his music bank, SBS and KBS year -end awards performances. He always add some surprises to all his performances.

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