Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TIME LINE

By: LazerKim                   Kim Hyun Joong debuted in 2005, as a singer together with his members SS501. May I just give a bit of briefer. Hyun Joong started gaining attention from 2009 when he did, Boys Over Flower until such time he moved in to KeyEast in 2010 right after his contract termination at DSP. A remarkable blast of popularity came up when Hyun Joong debuted his first mini album in June 2011. He started the year 2012 with another explosive popularity boosting.

Did you notice anything with Hyun Joong’s career phasing? Every year every single step he makes his popularity grows. In fact he had achieved showing his talents since BOF in 2009 when he started gaining attention, in just a matter of three years and I would say that’s quite fast enough for a rookie. Evidently every time he goes out there on his public exposure his number of fans increases, and we have seen it in Japan on Feb. this year. Every time I watch the video of that crowd he created, gives me a shiver. 

I came across a news about Bi Rain being in the military training camp, after I read the article, my mind linger about the thoughts of the Korean Military mandatory training, when a KHJ fan buzz in with this comment, in my article Without You that says, “10 days without Hyun Joong feels like 10 years, what more when he gets in to Military training for 2 years.” I laughed at that because we’re having the same thoughts!! It’s been such a dull boring days lately without Hyun Joong around and you read news about military training makes me think ahead!! But let’s talk about it, just to kill your time!!

Kim Hyun Joong being a star celebrity is not excluded from the said mandatory military training which every Korean male citizen has to undergo upon reaching the age 30, and Hyun Joong has four years from this year, before he starts with the training for two year. Thinking of four years looks far from the present. Not so positive for a celeb like Hyun Joong.

If you watch his video interviews and  if asked about his future plans, he has so many plans that he wants to accomplish. I can only read in between lines of what he was saying, but for me I wanna tell him………kiddo go for it and hurry up!!. To agree with me or not, Hyun Joong has to do what he ought to do as in right now!! And I think he has that in mind and he had considered his military training period.

Time is ticking, a thin time line starts to surface when he turned 25 in June 2011. What is reality here? He had just started doing solo last year, that gave full eight month of nonstop success. Hyun Joong is a singer and actor, but he can not do both at the same time and that he has to take one step at a time. He is given 5 years to accomplish what he has to. These are all reality that he has in his hands. And I never doubted, he’ll be able to accomplish what he wants before he enters the military training.

Every star celeb would like to establish his own legacy, that’s very natural to artist specially if he’s popular. And that doesn’t exclude Hyun Joong, and by all means, he has every ability to establish his legacy in his own rights. Now let’s look into its possibility to attain his legacy before he enters the military. But please let’s disregard the natural instinct of negative option. Let’s speculate just for once to ease our boredom from dragging days without Hyun Joong!!!

Hyun Joong is due to enter the military in 2016, that gives him 4 years to accomplish his goal. In my assessment, he has to at least work on 2 to 3 mini albums and at least one drama a year. Hyun Joong is smart to settle in doing mini albums, than a studio album which is time consuming. If he can maximize his time in a year I think he can do it. If I were in his shoes I would grab this chance to concentrate on his music this year and work on a drama towards the end of the year, if he really wants to pursue with his acting career immediately. And then another fan commented, that she wished Hyun Joong would do a drama, she said, at least we get to watch him regularly at least twice in a week!! She’s right.

I couldn’t eliminate the option of Hyun Joong on doing drama because there’s a high demand on him to do so. You can’t blame Hyun Joong. Do you know that his fans are spoiled!!! Hyun Joong literally give in to whatever his fans wishes from him? Haven’t you notice it?? Do you know that you are lucky fans because you are following a very considerate Kim Hyun Joong!!   Oh you should know that!!

Oh well, this is the reality of Hyun Joong’s career life. He has four years left to go, then let’s make the most out it. But I wish as soon as he gets out of the military, he has to be given immediate project, to patch up with the lost time. But I have only two wishes for him, that he’ll gain more fans in four years and I wish he’ll be able to accomplish as much before that time comes. Anyway, we’re just speculating and I do not want to think of “anything can happen” kinda thing for a while. 

Ten days of hearing nothing from Hyun Joong feels like ten years of emptiness! And yes what more with two years of nothing at all!! Anyway, we still have a long way to go, so let’s start picking bits and pieces of memories to be kept in our hearts. Let’s enjoy every moment when Hyun Joong is around and reminisce our past with him. Well, I can only write anything about Hyun Joong that you can always keep in your mind and heart. Just like one of his fans said, “Hyun Joong is my stress reliever”. That’s good, he’ll always be in your company, just keep on reading about him. Nothing else matter, near or far he’s always at your side. He actually said that, “I’ll always protect you.”

If the time comes, he enters the military, what will you do? What are we going to do? That will be two years waiting!! Actually two years is quite short nowadays, by that period of time,  there will be many new faces coming up, another celeb will surface. Why not,  I’ll probably be watching Kdrama again as I normally do before I got crazy with Hyun Joong. Of course it’s very likely that we’ll be watching those new faces, the question is, will you be doing the same thing as what you are while Hyun Joong is around? Will you be following the new comer celeb? Will you be as passionate as you are now by that time?

For me, this is my first time to experience this passion for admiration. But you know what, Hyun Joong is different. I’ve been watching Korean drama since 2004, there are many Korean actors that became my favorite, but none of them captured my passion to a single celeb including Hyun Joong’s boss. None of them had ever pushed me to write about them, none of them pushed me to hit the internet in search of them, in which technology was never been my interest. Hyun Joong pushed me to all of these.

But ever since I met him and the time I was starstruck on Hyun Joong, internet became my life, his fans became my morning coffee mate, Hyun Joong literally changed my life. None of the famous celeb not even in Hollywood had ever done this to me! Have you asked yourself if Hyun Joong had already pushed you that far? Well, I’m a new fan, what more with the veteran fans who’s been there all his career life? Hyun Joong had been in their lives that long. I don’t think I’ll ever be doing this to another celeb, what more with them, they have already grew up having Hyun Joong around them.

There are many things likely to happen by that time comes.  We still have a long way to travel with Hyun Joong. So let’s just travel his journey, enjoy it, make the most and the best while he creates a lot of memories for us to remember as we grow with him.

Whatever time line there is in reality, it doesn’t matter for as long as we’re together with Kim Hyun Joong…..                                                                       

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing.

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10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TIME LINE

  1. yeah i saw the tweet about kyu jong’s enlistment i was like “what?? then khj’ll also have to go and how it will be in those two years.” Yeah i’m a reader of your blogs and keep it up. me too became hj fan only in the end of last year when i was trying to find something to watch during my freetimes from studies and from the day i watched the 1st episod of BBF i became a fan of KHJ and also ss501 even though i don’t nderstand the language even a bit cause i’m a sri lankan. but i’m a huge fan of Hyun Joong. 🙂

  2. Good times really goes fast especially when you enjoy them to the max. We try to make them last forever and if you really love them and enjoy them you will cherish them and have them forever. I might think that 4 years are many maybe in number there are, but is it really that many days when you are enjoying them again they go so fast.. I think is like when you have a baby just for example and you see them grow, walk and then one day you go OMG the baby is not that baby anymore cause you enjoy every moment with your love one that you loose track of time…. so let’s not think we got plenty of time but that the day is around the corner and let’s enjoy and make the best of it while we can… for me is going to be hard cause I have mentioned it before not seeing him breaks my heart, but I have him in my heart the best place to keep him while he goes and will be waiting with open arms for him to return.. It will be hard I know but there is a phrase used a lot here maybe in many places “If you love someone let him go if he return it ours and if he doesn’t he never was” I know he will return cause he loves his fans, his music, his career! But again that is just thinking of that moment… In the meantime like you said let him keep doing music that makes us happy, let him fill youtube with videos that will last us forever, let him do interviews that we can see, learn and laugh with him, let him do dramas that will makes us cry, fall in love again and again with him, let him succed in his career and when that moment comes will be there by his side as always.

    • May I just ask, I hope you’ll come back, you know me I always respond, how long have you been following Hyun Joong? If I add that up plus four years, then i would say you do have many memories of him. Lucky you!! as for me and other new fans would still be collecting!!!
      Reading from you makes me sentimental again, and it’s a rainy Sunday to where I am……and having this mood to write will only make my readers cry again!! I remember that song by barbara Steisand TTT

      • I wished I have started since the group began, but noooo.. aww so sad! I started late 2007 like i mentioned before cause a friend introduce me to K-Pop and so then I started having this huge interest of SS501.. #1 his style of music was a sweet style not to crazy, but had always music that touch your heart, made you dance, sing with their lyrics even if you didn’t understoon what they meant.. but It was fun.. they were fun.. I notice KHJ at that moment again that playful kid, so cute and his lovable eyes that I said this is my group this is the guy I will some day like next to me.. not only cause his look but his personality it was so catchy! I started looking for things in the internet and had spend almost days in my computer watching videos for nights and nights and started buying things i could through ebay, the only things that is not much you can find there and sometimes were to expensive.. you may think I have many memories but many is to small for all the memories i will love to have from KHJ.. I still got many videos to watch on the net every day I found something new old.. the problem is not all of them are in my language so I’m try to learn a bit of Korean at least the basic to understand something and catch up with all i missed and to understand maybe a bit of what the future is for us next to KHJ in his career.. I wish I don’t miss not even a small portion. Hope I answer you question… here is stil saturday but it’s raining also.. I don’t want you to get sad and write Lazerkim cause nobody does it best like you if they cry cause i do also is good sometimes, crying cleans your soul.. and if every drop of tear I do it cause of KHJ so let a river grow cause for him I will cry all day with your articles or any video I see of him when his gone!

  3. i feel the same way about hyun joong!! no other star or celeb has ever captured my attention the way he did!!! i am totally addicted to him now!!! and i love your articles on him!!! all the best!!! t.c

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      • Hola.. Hace poco me interese en buscar quien es el… Realmente es una persona linda físicamente. Y por primera vez me interesó alguien como el. Soy Colombiana y me encantaría conoser lo, o por lo menos ser su a amiga. A pesar de que es mas que imposible no pierdo mis esperanzas. Si el logro despertar ese tipo de sentimiento en mi, se que muchas personas cuando lo miren actúar, cantar … Sentirán afecto y admiración por el.

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