Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MEETING YOU


By: LazerKim             We have met Kim Hyun Joong in different episodes of his career. Some of you must have met him way back when he was still with his group SS501, some must have watched him first at the airing of Boys Over Flower or Playful Kiss, and some from the launching of Breakdown and Lucky Guy as his first two albums as solo performer. Which ever episode of his career that we first met him, each one of us has a story to tell on how we started to get crazy about Hyun Joong.

It’s so amazing to think of it, Hyun Joong and his fans has a strong bond that stick together no matter what, specially those who have met him during his SS501 days. Many of his fan network who had started as strangers to each other had build strong friendship because of Hyun Joong. And some may have started to dig for information on who Kim Hyun Joong really is in real life. 

So how did you meet him? How was he able to capture your attention? Do you feel much closer to him after knowing more about him? Have you reached the point of being addicted to Hyun Joong that you wanted more from his music, drama or TV appearances? Do you seek for ways on how you’ll know more about him, and while doing so the closer you get to him?These are just but natural to be starstruck, let’s share our experiences about Hyun Joong and compare notes on how we started to go crazy about the guy. I’m sure we’re on the same boat, but had embarked from different ways.

Do you remember the flower boy at Boy Over Flower, Yoon Ji Hoo? You rarely see this boy’s image nowadays because he had already outgrown that image. I first saw Hyun Joong at Boys Over Flower, in fact I don’t even know his real name, but I fell in love with the character of Yoon Ji Hoo, a very handsome rich high school boy who’s soft spoken, gentle, protective, withdrawn from the real world and lonely. Back then I was more interested on the plot of the drama rather than the actors. But he’s one actor that I check on from time to time.

After BOF the next thing I read about Hyun Joong was when he switched agent to KeyEast in 2010 owned by my first favorite Korean actor Bae Yong Joon. That was the only time I knew his name was Kim Hyun Joong and that his first project under KeyEast was Playful Kiss.On my birthday as I was browsing You Tube I saw this photo……

The caption says “Kim Hyun Joong Break Down”…….oh no this couldn’t be him!!!  I started watching the video of Breakdown but I still couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched this guy in black short hair, well developed muscle in black leather suit and dark glasses. I searched more videos of Breakdown and other latest videos of Hyun Joong from 4pm till dawn at 5am straight up.I was burning with curiosity searching for that flower boy I have known from BOF, and started asking myself what happen to him, where did that flower boy gone?

From that day onward I research on Hyun Joong’s history and background, I went over with all the videos I can find at You Tube, in short I was totally glued on him. Until such time I tried finding ways to get information about him further and I came to discover Twitter, Blogs in getting updates, news articles and fan’s post all about Hyun Joong. The You Tube and Hyunnies Pexer’s blog became my best friend as a way for me to connect with Hyun Joong. The days that I couldn’t get anything to read or watch became boring for me! I go over Hyun Joong’s TV appearances, talk shows, whatever I had in my file about him, I watched it over and over. Apparently I never get tired watching him specially his interviews which lead me to having personal knowledge about who Kim Hyun Joong really is.

How well now do I know Hyun Joong to fall for him like crazy? Well, Hyun Joong is blessed with perfect looks and he knows it, but never brag about it, on the contrary in a talk show Night after Night he admitted he still envy other actors for being handsome. He humbly embrace his weak points and work hard to improve. He never pretend to be someone he’s not.

He seldom smile specially to strangers or being in strange place. He seem to be like an aristocratic snob but he can easily give in to the smile of others. He’s candidly honest about anything, he’s transparent and would like his fans to accept him for what he really is, good or bad, that’s him. His 4D personality is the most interesting trait that he has, and anything he does even his own mistakes looks cute on him!!

And among other artists, I think he’s the only artist who constantly change his image from time to time, and when he does, as if you’re facing a totally different person. In short, he’s one unique individual that anything he wear clothes or hairstyle suits him perfectly. He has the power to transform himself in just a glimpse. He has the power to let you listen to him, the power to make you laugh, to make you cry and to make you fall in love with him in his most natural simple way.


There were also Hyun Joong’s detractors or critics and every time I read harsh comments about him I felt hurt. Can’t help to think if I as a fan gets hurt reading harsh comments about him, what more would Hyun Joong feels? Although I have considered him to be professionally matured in the industry that he’s gone used to criticism, but still, he’s just but a human being who can also get hurt.

I admire Hyun Joong’s fans, who go after his critics and defend him in a calm, matured, rational approach. I don’t belong to any KHJ’s fan club but I’m proud of them and proud to be one behind the scene as a fan. Oh yes, I remember Hyun Joong guested at a talk show Lee Sora and she commented about KHJ’s fans to be well behave which I agree. The fans do cheer for Hyun Joong but they know their limitations and strictly follow.

Looking at the entire picture between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans seem to have mutual respect with each other. I believe Hyun Joong has a soft spot in his heart that belongs only to his fans. I can remember how Hyun Joong broke down to tears during his SS501 last few concerts as he thank his fans for their support. Then another event was when the group accepted an award during their starting days, he broke down to tears that he can hardly speak to thank their fans. And the recent event as solo was in June 7, 2011 when he read his letter to his fans. What he had gone through must be tough but his fans remained supportive as ever. One statement was made by Lee Sora as his message to Kim Hyun Joong,  translated as

“There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible when all the strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everything Kim Hyun Joong works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you”.

This message was so inspiring and apparently it came true, because from the time Hyun Joong released his first two mini albums, he had been receiving awards from here and there, his fans were all busy voting at the polls, his albums selling like hotcakes and anything he touches or work on turns to magic success.


Many of us has been a part of Hyun Joong’s struggle and success, and again what drove you to be at his side? The time he was made to make a tough decision leaving his SS501 tag, you were at side sharing his tears of pain leaving his most precious friends.  The time he was on struggle in doing solo which was not an easy challenge, you were there to spare him strength. You willingly take a bullet of criticism from his detractors and patiently defend him so as not to hurt him.

You were there to support him when the polls call for his votes, and all the time wherever he performs you’re there at the top of your voice cheering for him and when it’s time to harvest his awards, you were there to cheer for his ultimate truimph. As it became his and your struggle and success, it’s remarkably special relationship between Kim Hyun Joong and you, his fans. There will be another challenges Hyun Joong has to face this year 2012, will you still be there standing by his side?

We might have met Kim Hyun Joong in different episodes for his career life, there are a lot  of memories he left in our heart, but one thing we always remember is how we first met him. I can only speak for myself, I have learned a lot because of Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong………  meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me………

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing.

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15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MEETING YOU

  1. Hi.

    I was as usual searching for a TV appearance of KHJ when your blog caught my attention. I am a big fan of KHJ from India. It just happened to watch BoF a year back as one of my friends suggested and this guy KHJ caught my attention. I started browsing to know about him. I must say I never get tired of watching him whether it’s TV appearances, dramas, variety shows or interviews, this guy never fails to amaze me. His honesty is something I just love. And then his never say die attitude.

    When I read your article, I could instantly connect. kHJ must be blessed to have fans who standby him through his thick and thin. I just hope he gets all happiness, success and peace in his life.

  2. i’m a new fan of kim hyun joong. i first saw him in boys over flowers in 2010 but honestly i liked lee min ho better. but hearing ‘because i was stupid’ song by KHJ totally made my heart stop for a few minutes..hehe that song was absolutely SOUL touching. i repeatedly hear it on my phone even to this day. around that time i got to know about SS501 and i fell in love with their songs, specially ‘deja vu’…i watched playfull kiss soon after that. recently i saw KHJ’s MV for ‘please’, ‘kiss kiss’ and ‘please be nice to me’ i think thats when i really fell for him. his short hair in those videos looked sooooo good on him. SOOOOO good….all his girlishness has faded away n he looks so manly and hot! I love his haircut (the same haircut he has on your wallpaper of him) it brings out his manly side.

    like u said i totally agree with the fact that he’s so polite and humble. a soft-spoken guy…..
    i wish him all the very best for his future. may he be able to achieve all his dreams.
    hope he visits sri lanka (my homeland) sometime…many people around here are clueless as to who he if he wants to have a quite, peaceful vacation this will be the perfect place. we have the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches. so i hope he could come and see my country someday….

    • Hello tddarla!! Thank you for reading, and I’m very please to meet you. I have many readers from your country and yes they said HJ has many fans from your country. I sure do wish HJ can visit your country and I fully agree with you HJ needs that peaceful place for a holiday. I never doubted that there will come a time he will be able to visit as many counties like your country to reach out for his fans. We have the same opinion I fell for this image of his on my wall and I think this wall will stay as it is since it’s very significant for me. This was when I first decided to write about him. We’re the same, I first met him at BOF & it’s Lee Min Ho at first that I liked, but towards the end of the drama my focus ended up with Hyun Joong. I met him again in a totally different image that I did not recognize him at all.
      Thank you for sharing your experience and hope to see you again! Have a very nice day and God bless.
      I want to visit your country one day I think I’ve met a lot of HJ’s fans from your country and you’re all very nice and very friendly. Thank you….

  3. I first got in to K-Pop cause a friend of mine introduce me to it.. she told me hey come here and watch this group on that time she was showing me a girl group and so I started to like the music, their style.. and then I found the group SS501 so I started watching them and I love and dance to their music that Kim Hyun Joong caught me eyes inmediately it was his way of acting with the group you always had to look at him and ask yourself why is this guy so different. You saw the other member that were always trying to be all flashy but he was shy, didn’t talk much like he was always in his world. He was so well presented and so handsome that it didn’t matter that he might be in the back of the stage on almost all the perfomance you still had your eyes following him an not talk about when it was his moment to stand in front the place that he really was suppose to be that moment killed you more and more cause then it was like you had him right there in front of all so reachable so amazing he shine all on his own. It was something that pulls you in every second. Then you start watching his shows, his interviews and you just wanted more.. I sometimes felt alone cause my friend always like the other members or other K-pop singer and I couldn’t understand why wasn’t she seeing what I was seeing I even ask my self is that maybe I’m blind hearted by him that can’t believe she don’t see what I see, but then learn that not everybody will like or love the same things that you do and that didn’t mean that she couldn’t be my friend so I respect her choices and ask her to respect mine until know I have made her a true believer of him she see in him qualities she missed before she for sure find him supper attactive again Break Down made her change her mind but she did and know she sees what I seeing in him since the first time I met him.. then BOF hit the internet first that it hit our local tv and again I was mesmerized by him his acting for me had to do a lot of his own personality in some way cause he was quit, lonely and was suffering a lot on his own. He had money but didn’t had love and as always was thinking on others first than himself. Many people might say they didn’t like his acting there but for me he couldn’t had made the role better it felt so sincere.. for me there is no replacement.. I can watch the drama many times and will never get tired cause just by looking at him there waiting for that smile he used to gives us at the right moment when we need it.. it’s just one of the reason you go back and watch it again and again. The are airing it on our local tv again and I come running to the tv just to watch my Yoon Ji Hoo even I got the DVD it’s my addiction to watch him every places his shown… and know I just can’t stop!

    OMG sorry Lazerkim I’m going to make you crazy with all my longs reply I do to your article but what can I do you have created a monster here and can’t resist in reading and sharing with you how I feel about the love and admiration I got for Kim Hyun Joong

    As to Kim Hyun Joong I wish to one day say to him “MEETING YOU.. has been a blessing Thank you (gamsahamnida- saranghae)”

    • Oh no not all, this precisely is my objective, others has to read your experience and learn from you and others shares the same experience and I know they will be pleased to read the comment box. You know what? You have a different story cause you met him before his drama projects while majority of his fans met him at BOF and I’m one of them.
      My readers do read the comment box too, this space is for everybody to share their story, sometimes they thread to conversation and a good way of meeting new friends, this is good. And I encourage everyone to share. In due time Hyun Joong will be able to read from you and that will be nice.

  4. Hyunjoong got my attention when I first saw him in a variety show called “WE GOT MARRIED” ,as a young groom..if other fans drawn at first by his looks,not me..but what got me interested & curious of, is his personality,I have no idea about his 4D side.,but I think that was exactly got my attention.hahaha~~I was like “Huh~?!,this guy is different!”, from then on subconsciously I’ve been drawn deeper ~~and the rest is history!^^…and I’m telling you..I can see myself being a grandma and still a fan of Hyunjoong,sharing my grandchildren that onced in my entire life, I admire this one man to the core~!^^…

    • Thanks for reading, I’m just curious are you a fan of BYJ too? You know what i envy those who knows him way back in time, because they know him so well. If I can only approach them and ask their experience about Hyun Joong I would like to do so. I hope they can read this and share their experience too. Thanks God bless…..have a nice day.

      • Yeah~~I am a fan of BYJ,^^ since the airing of Winter Sonata & the only korean actor that I truly admire & name I ought to remember.^^But my admiration is not as intense as my passion for Hyunjoong~~.can’t explain it well but HJ has this aura that makes you feel lighthearted & inspired.And I indeed likes him as a person.What amazed me is the fact that BYJ & HJ fans are connected..And when HJ joined Keyeast,it was like killing two birds w/ one’s a hit!.who knows maybe when HJ reached the age of BYJ’s right now he would be one of the shareholder in KEYEAST too!.<3

  5. Thank you for responding, I’m sorry to have brought you all this way. I was just shock when I turn on to translate and it appeared the meaning of Ally was negative impact!! I was shock and really got worried. And then i checked again the other day and it went alright. I was trying to reach you but I couldn’t get into your comment box. I really appreciate you for visiting again. I’m sorry about the misunderstanding.
    May I ask, is the meaning of ally the same as ours? Ally is alliance or close to partnership, friendship. Do we have the same term? Please I would like to know. i’ve been careful with my English to make it as simple as possible to be able to reach other country, and so you wouldn’t have the hard time to translate. I appreciate this thank you and again, I apologize. God bless us.
    Oh yes please send me by email thanks.

    • Not at all. Everything’s still alright as it’s just misunderstanding 🙂

      Yup! You should have peace of mind about the meaning of Ally. We have the same term. But what do you mean when you talk about the article STRONG Ally Bae Yong Joon? Honestly, I have neither read it nor translated it into Vietnamese at all. I’m not a fan of BYJ. I’m a TripleS 🙂

      Ah~ if you want to keep in touch with me, you can send me an email via my email address: 🙂

      I’m glad to know it’s just misunderstanding! ^^

      • ^ ^
        if you would like to communicate with TripleSVN, you can visit It’s easy to register an account at our forum ^^ or else, you can add friend me on facebook, my facebook is Shmily Triples. 🙂

        Welcome you to TripleSVN’s forum! 🙂

        p/s: Do you like SS501? 🙂

  6. Hi LazerKim 🙂

    At first, I’m so sorry about this comment because it doesn’t relate to this article. I have not visit your blog for some days. Until yesterday, I visited your old article named “Kim Hyun Joong…CHAIN OF SUCCESS” by chance, and I saw your comment: “Hey Ms. Vietnam, if you re-post my articles please put the right credits, remember the articles are not yours. And please translate it properly, you change my titles and with regards to article STRONG ALLY Bae Yong Joon, there’s no such thing as negative impact there, what are you talking about??”

    I replied but I afraid your not reading, because that article is old a bit. So I repost my comment hear. I never want to have any misunderstanding between us – who spend endless love and trust for Kim Hyun Joong 🙂

    I wonder what were you talking about. I don’t change you titles any more. I always respect writer’s credit whenever I translate articles or fan account. Especially, our forum’s newsteam always reposts with full credit. You can check you article translated into Vietnamese here:

    If you see your article reposted at another place being changed original title and without credit, it isn’t my fault. I just reposted it at with full credit. And about the title, you can see the line “Kim Hyun Joong… Thành công nối tiếp thành công”, it means “Kim Hyun Joong… CHAIN OF SUCCESS” in Vietnamese. I hope everything’ll be clear as soon as possible. 🙂


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