Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CRUCIAL YEAR

By:  LazerKim             We all have witnessed all the succeeding achievements that Kim Hyun Joong has been attaining after his album debut in June 2011 until at present. We have seen how his popularity rose drastically every time he’s out there on his public exposure. Everything happened so fast for the last eight months as if a strong force had suddenly pushed him to the top by receiving eight trophies from different awards towards the end of the year 2011. Hyun Joong’s success did not end from there because at the beginning of the year 2012 an enormous success followed in Japan.

It was a tiring eight months activities for Hyun Joong but a worthwhile memories that shall be remembered always. And so what’s next? Nobody knows, all I know is that this year is a crucial year for Hyun Joong. A brain storming among his business strategist has to lay out plans for him. You do not let go of a good chance, that Hyun Joong started his year bringing excellent results, then there has to be a follow up project to keep his momentum burning hot.

What transpired in Japan was seen in every corners of the world, specially the huge crowd that Hyun Joong created may cause chain reaction to others who are not fans of Hyun Joong. You know, such a scene can draw  more people’s attention and start to be curious as to who Kim Hyun Joong is, that these fans are so crazy about. And we all have witnessed the aftermath of what Hyun Joong created in Japan.

Remember the huge posters of An-An Magazine that was placed at the subway station in Tokyo? Groups of fans flock in front of the posters looking at Hyun Joong, taking pictures, and as soon as that poster was placed, the magazines were sold out all over the metropolis of Tokyo in one day. This is just one incident of Hyun Joong’s concert aftermath. If I were the handler of Hyun Joong, I wouldn’t let go of this chance to bring him back to his exposure activities.

I can only speculate, Hyun Joong has to work on his next album, but do not take too much time to work on it, not longer than two or three months for a mini album. Although Hyun Joong is a different type of singer, he’s extra ordinary, unlike a normal solo singer will just be given a song arranged exclusively for his voice range, learn the tune, memorize the lyrics and hit the recording studio.

With Hyun Joong’s case, he personally discuss with his composer Steven Lee as to what tune of music he likes and definitely he would go for upbeat tune that he can dance with, put in the lyrics, have a pre-recorded tune guide as Hyun Joong to learn the tune and memorize the lyrics hit for recording and pass it to his choreographer.Lyle Beniga listens and conceptualize the music and discuss the theme with Hyun Joong before Lyle choreographs. Hyun Joong has a longer period to process in preparing his music.

Last year I think it was on these same months that he’s preparing for his first album. As I said earlier I can only speculate and that is if he decides to pursue his music. In Japan he was interviewed and was asked about his plans this year, and the way I understand it he’ll not be doing drama yet. Well not unless there’s a change in his plans. There’s one wish I have for him, I really wish he’ll place an entry at theis year’s MAMA. He has 3 options as his possible move one is work on new album, or drama, or hit China and bring his concert there. I can only speculate, since he had postpone his drama project on hold.

Hyun Joong made a successful debut on his first two albums last year that created a lot of noise. Many are awaiting for his next move after the chain of success he had attained. This is the most crucial period for Hyun Joong, it’s either he retain his status or go up a bit higher. But definitely his fans will never allow him to go down from where he is. I would say Over my dead body!!!! Do you agree with me???

At this period this year, the gravity of Hyun Joong’s pressure is much higher since he gained more attention, it is very likely a lot will be expecting on his next move. In my opinion being a fan, I would gladly embrace anything he does and continue to support him. But Hyun Joong is not the type of artist who would lead his fans to a blind admiration, definitely not. As he always say “I will keep your interest for me and I will work hard for it”. And he always does. His album Breakdown and Lucky Guy resulted a tremendous success. Hyun Joong tends to upgrade from these two album in a totally different approach.

Every time he goes out there he has always something new in his bag to bring to his fans. That is Kim Hyun Joong. He’s ambitious but not for himself. He’s ambitious with the quality of his music and his own craft of performance. He’s ambitious with everything he shares with his fans. As he said “I always hope to be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized because you’re my fan”. This is making Hyun Joong ambitious, it’s all because of his fans. I will not get tired of writing this particular phrase that Hyun Joong left our hearts and I will never forget it.

As a fan of Hyun Joong we can help lighten up his burden by just sticking around with him. And if there’s a way we can help expand his number of fans, then let’s do it. We might be strangers with each other since we only get to meet at the internet, but that’s fine, it doesn’t matter at all, for as long we stay together with Hyun Joong. On the record I have written about 44 articles displayed at google, but there has to be at least 60 articles you can find it at the bottom of Kim Hyun Joong blogs.

If you have time, you may read those articles and I’m allowing you to use them in your blogs or share it with your friends. But please do not change the titles because people tend to get confuse and I do not want to mislead anyone. And also I would appreciate it very much if you would retain the credits written at bottom of every articles. Many had been asking me if they can re-post the articles, so here it is, share and spread the love through Kim Hyun Joong.

I’ll be writing a separate article for those new fans, please watch out for it and please spread it around. I can only cross my fingers and pray that Hyun Joong would be able to gain more fans through us. I believe Hyun Joong’s fans are the most contagious, so let’s  use your power to gain Hyun Joong’s fans!!  Before Hyun Joong gets out from his cocoon let’s try doing something for him. And we’ll see each other again at MAMA. Oh I really hope Hyun Joong would be able to place an entry. Nevertheless let’s work hand in hand, we got nothing to lose on the contrary we gain friends.

I believe that knowing more about Hyun Joong increases ones desire to know him better until one gets addicted. I can testify to this fact because I have personally experienced it. And I’m sure I’m not alone who felt the same thing.

Hyun Joong has a long way to travel, and along the way there will be obstacles. But nothing matters for as long as we’re here at his side to travel with him…… as he crosses the most crucial year 2012!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CRUCIAL YEAR

  1. Only a trimester of the year has passed we still got 3 more to end this year with a bigger BANG than 2011 for Kim Hyun Joong.. how can we help you might ask? Well exactly doing what Lazerkim is telling us.. support him , stick around for good or bad, show him that he might go in silent mode for a while but we’re still here and will always be. Keep voting on every poll his in, show him your love by going and voting for him tell the world with your actions that we will never rest until we have help him make his dreams reality.. Keep learning from him and help others know him better spread the world so they can take a chance to meet a great person.. keep wishing him the best so this year won’t be so hard on him.. we want him to success !

    • “to succed”..I mean…. today my finger are a bit clumsy.. English is not my first language but its the language I use most and sometimes I make a lot of errors.. sorry for that Lazerkim 😦

      • Oh language doesn’t matter at all, I’m sure you have read some in my comment box in different languages, but we do read your heart and that is the most important thing. We do understand not by language but by heart as we speak of the same language of love to only one.

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