Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WITHOUT YOU

By: LazerKim               Breaking News….Kim Hyun Joong is currently in silent mode, that no one can reach him. Many of his fans are getting the most contagious germ of loneliness, boredom, gloomy, deserted ect……….. I’m sorry to startled you!!!    and so this is it, this is a life without Kim Hyun Joong. And it’s no joke, it’s so contagious. Last night as I was writing an article somebody from KHJ fans just bat in, saying how dull life could be without Hyun Joong!! What else is there for me to say, it’s very true, it’s been 10 days since the last time I saw him at the airport but it feels like it’s been 10 years!!!

This feeling is very familiar, let’s talk about it. Last year I couldn’t remember the exact date but it was before he released his digital single, Marry Me, Hyun Joong was nowhere to be found until a photo of him together with Lyle Beniga’s (choreographer) dog was at the internet. He sneaked out from Korea that no one noticed!!! Do you remember that? It’s happening again. After Hyun Joong  made a lot of noise in Japan, now it’s all silence, and it’s been 10 days of emptiness!!!

How I wish there could be somebody to just take a look how Hyun Joong is doing!!! And then report to his fans saying something like “KHJ is currently in Bahamas taking a grand holiday with Artmatic” at least I can imagine him there at the Bahamas enjoying the sun!!! But Hyun Joong is zero visibility, no where to be found!!!They said you only get to realize the importance of a person during his absence. This is the second time I felt this kind of emptiness. I can only listen to Hyun Joong’s  music while writing and go over the video clips he had which I have watched over a dozen times, but every time I do so, the more I miss him!

A while ago I happen to watch Hyun Joong’s old video when he was still with SS501, when he was dying of laughter, he was literally on the floor laughing and it was so contagious, can’t help laugh with him!! He was laughing about a photo of their group, but their faces were replaced by another picture. This one, this is what I miss in him that you rarely see these days. Hyun Joong’s careless laughter! He was simply just a kid that time, now he’s a grown up man. I wrote an article about this, Missing Kid, watch out for it. Time fly so fast and so with his growth. The playful Hyun Joong had growth to a real man, now I’m starting to look for that playful kid in him.

How did you start to be like this? Celebrities come and go, but you don’t look for them because someone new is at your TV screen. And Yes, Hyun Joong actually mentioned this in one of his video interview back in 2007 but the video came out recently. He said something like “there will come a time Kim Hyun  Joong will not be noticed, so when that happen I want to play music.”

The way I interpret is like, when the time comes he fades away from the lime light he’ll go back to his guitar, the way he started in his high school days. Well, the video was taken 2007, this year is 2012 therefore he said that five years ago. On the contrary the higher he step on his ladder the brighter he shines, the more people notice Kim Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong is very realistic, even he’s starting to reach out to the peak of his stardom, he knows he’s bound to go down someday. That’s life in showbiz, a simple logic would tell you, climbing up the ladder is not endless. Once you reach the top and there’s no step left for you to climb up, you tend to go down and find another ladder to climb up, that’s gonna be a new phase of life you’re facing.

Hyun Joong mentioned that, there’s always a new face coming up, new idol with brand new style with powerful performance. Well true enough, but then his fans grow up with him. I’m not trying to predict the future, and he’s right by saying nothing is forever, no matter how much you want to contradict. Hyun Joong may fade, but his music stays, so I don’t think he’ll be forgotten.

Well history would tell, Frank Senatra died, but he left his music that until at present you can still hear it. Micheal Jackson the legendary king of pop, before he died, it took years before he decided to do his last concert, unfortunately he died just before the concert. His music stayed, his fans still loves him, because they grew up with him.

This can happen to Hyun Joong, he can be a legend, of course this depends on how long he wants to stay. In my opinion for as long as he keeps himself straight focus on his path, as no matter which route he takes he’s bound to be where he is ought to be. And that’s on top. Hyun Joong is a very smart guy and very realistic. He has a dream, but he’s realistic about his dream, and he knows how to materialize that dream. Smart guy he is, I bet you.

If I’ll be asked, what would you want Hyun Joong to do for you. I would say I want him to create more and more music. Why? Music doesn’t fade, in due time it may be no longer in trend, but you can still listen to it, right? So if I were you, get yourselves his first two albums if you still don’t have them. And for those songs not included in his album like, Love, Fortunate, Marry Me ect. have it downloaded and have it burn in CD. If in the future you can’t find those music at the internet at least you have the hard copy, you can still listen to Hyun Joong’s music. If he fades, that’s gonna be at the lime light alone, but Hyun Joong and his music will stay in your heart.

Gosh what am I talking about??? Oh my! Is this gonna be my life without Kim Hyun Joong??? Once you miss a person you tend to talk about what you miss about him, and start realizing how important he is in your daily life. Just like what the other fan said “Hyun Joong is my daily bread”. I won’t be surprise at all, because we all feel the same way. Oh come on….he’s just somewhere out there or maybe he’s actually at the Bahamas enjoying the sun!!!

I’ll be very honest to you, please don’t take it against me, I’ve mention in my other article that Hyun Joong deserves a break since he hadn’t taken a rest since June 2011. I think I’m having a second thought!!! I hope he’ll be back soon wherever he is….Hyun Joong ah…can you cut your holiday shorter?…….life is empty…without you….….. from your loving fans!

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged thanks!

Photo Credit as tagged, thanks.


22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WITHOUT YOU

  1. Sorry,i need to do a question please, did he go to his military service? or not yet? please if you could tell me that…


    • Hello Caroline, don’t worry it’s not his time yet, HJ has 4 years to go before he gets to his military service. When he reach the age 30yrs old then he’s oblige to enter the military gates to serve, that’s 2yrs service as mandatory.

  2. I know I’m reading his article not written at the present time, but is not that old after all, things have not change much and I think they will never change.. you just can’t stop missing every second of your time. We might sometimes sound a bit selfish for wanting him 24/7 but what can you do if the guy makes you crazy in love just by looking at him and when you don’t see him is like the world has ended.. yeah it might sound so dramatic but you fans know what I mean. I try to fill those minutes,seconds and hour trying to read about him or watch his videos and even staring at some poster I have on my room walls….. I even carry him where ever I go cause his my cellphone wallpaper and even my phone is full of his music, videos and photos of him on a cell phone strap.. yeah I’m that nuts about the guy.. but really what I can say just that “KHJ WITHOUT MY LIFE IS A MESS” LOL! Where ever you go know that we fans miss you a lot!

    • Hyun Joong has a fan an elder a grandma whom I really want to meet through reading my articles which I hope she’ll get a chance even just once. She literally collect everything about Hyun joong, her room was shown full of Hyun Joong’s posters and she’s a grandma!!!
      This is one thing why we are so addicted to KHJ, because we seldom see him. And so the moment we do you know what’s next…..

    • LOL!!! You’re perfectly well!! It’s crazy whenever there’s voting polls open . Thanks that’s good job, little things we can do for him meant a lot for Hyun Joong

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  4. yay!..KHJ resurfaced @ Kara’s concert!!just few pics taken & we’re like “OH,there you are!”lolz^^..right after i saw the pics I searched some of Kara’s concert juz in case there’s some clips w/ HJ..but~~sad..’can’t find any!!..i soo miss him that i started backtracking old vids w/c i think ‘been rewatching over couple of times already!!..yeah~you’re right I rather prefer him to do more music bcoz w/ his music plugged in my ear I can go anywhere~!!..^ like the other fans says here,days seems to be years w/out him~~,,I dreaded for that day when he go to the military too~~how we gonna cope then~~??!!

    • Hello! Thanks for reading. pls tell me were you the one who attended KHJ fan meeting in Jan? Were you the one who met KHJ’s mom? Pls let me know. Thanks, God bless.

  5. 10 days, seems 10 yeas for me………day is too long without him…..what a boring moments!… stress reliever, I miss you a lot!!…….HJ, PLEASE SHOW UP NOW!!!

  6. Oh my dear ur article make me cry again… yes I am feeling so empty, moody & lost without HJ since he is back Japan… watching his old videos & photos will make me miss him more… Anyway pls keep writing and show us more articles… thats another way to brighten our days…. Thanks!!! ^^

  7. Imagine how it’ll be when he leaves for his mandatory military service. At least if he gets married we still get to have updates about him, but military service is like gone for 2 whole years.
    Two whole years with Kim Hyun Joong. DAMN.

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