Kim Hyun Joong… [article] UNITE in ONE

By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong must be in a grand holiday these past days after series of activities, well the guy deserves it, since he hadn’t taken a rest since June 2011. And while he’s doing so, I’m taking advantage of this period to write articles about the people connected to Hyun Joong. Recently I’ve posted articles about Fan Networks and individual fans experience My Fan and I. If you haven’t read it, check it out. This time it’s still gonna be about fans.

I’m thankful to Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog and Kathy’s Bench for helping me in posting my article Fan Networks which is meant to address Hyun Joong’s three fan clubs, since they have a large scale of readers. And I’m happy I was able to reach out for the members through them. Thanks so much.

I believe Hyun Joong and his fans are one, they are like partners, like couple, like siblings, like best friends, do you agree with me??  Isn’t it we sing with Hyun Joong, we dance with Hyun Joong, we do laugh with him, we do cry with him, we share with his hard work on different ways but with the same objectives, we literally breath with him while he performs and we triumph with him on his chain of success. This is how I see Hyun Joong and his fans, such a unique connection. And I bet you it is such a contagious connection!!

Every time Hyun Joong receives an award, there were at least ten important individuals and groups that he always mentioned. Bae Yong Joong, KeyEast, Steven Lee, Lyle Beniga, Artmatics, Henecia, KHJPerfect, Triple S, fans and Noona. Hyun Joong never failed to thank these people whom he worked with. They said, when you received blessings, you have to give it back or turn on to the two magic words “Thank You” so that more blessings will come to you. I acknowledge these people and write about them as the closest people connected with Hyun Joong.

Somebody said all credits should be given to Hyun Joong and that KeyEast should be thankful to Hyun Joong. I’ll leave that matter for a while. As for me I just echoed what Hyun Joong keep mentioning every time he receives the award. I don’t think Hyun Joong is selfish, in fact he’s giving those trophies to his fans for working hard at the internet during the time voting polls were being conducted. I think everyone shared the hard work with him, and that includes the people we do not see who’s working behind Hyun Joong.

How can Hyun joong sing if he doesn’t have a song to sing, he needs a music composer. How can he dance if he doesn’t have a dance routine, he needs a choreographer. How can he perform on stage without costume, he needs s stylist designer. How can he perform without a stage and venue, he needs a sponsor. All of these were being provided by KeyEast.

In this business there’s no such thing as “I owe you” kind a thing. Both Hyun Joong and KeyEast work hand in hand and both benefited from their hard work.  As an artist Hyun Joong knows this very well. I have written several articles regarding KeyEast, what I have written is reality in terms of business. In showbiz it’s always been the production staffs who are given the last appreciation, that’s why I kept mentioning them in my previous articles.

If there are people behind Hyun Joong, there are also people in front of him, his inspiration and that is you, KHJ fans. In my recent article Fan Network, you have been identified and recognize your role during the time Hyun Joong needed numbers. But I failed to mention a group of individuals who are silently supporting Hyun Joong.

I found out that almost half of the Japanese fans who were there at the concert were Bae Yong Joon fans. I know that many if not all have been supporting Hyun Joong. I have a friend who is inactive fan who belongs to BYJ fan club and they support Hyun Joong. For me it’s a good news. In reality what Hyun Joong needs is numbers. I know many out there from BYJ fans are silently supporting Hyun Joong. Let’s embrace them and keep up the strength, the more the merrier. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

In one interview with Hyun Joong, he mentioned that it’s his dream to perform at Tokyo Dome. Dream came true he was able to do so with BYJ when Hyun Joong sang at smile project, BYJ’s charity fond raising. And after he performed, Hyun Joong mentioned again that he dream to come back to Tokyo Dome to perform a concert. BYJ sets history as he was able to gather his fans at Tokyo Dome full packed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to combine both fans and gather them at Tokyo Dome? That must be exciting!!

I deliberately wrote several articles about Hyun Joong’s connection with his boss Bae Yong Joon, with hopes I would be able to reach out for them and draw attention. At the same time I was hoping Hyun Joong would be able to fill up the gap during this period of Bae Yong Joon’s absence. Actually he’s just around staying behind the scene while Hyun Joong was on exposure. For those who have not read the said articles, Two Men in Row, The Boss, Strong Ally BYJ, you may check it out, it’s just around the internet.

I have written a bunch of articles about Hyun Joong, with hopes he would be able to gain new fans through knowing who he is. After watching him perform on stage and you are given the chance to read about Hyun Joong,  just once, it will be followed by another chance to read about him, and another, until you wanted to know more about him.

I recognize the feeling because I’ve been there. Until I’ve run out of reading materials about him because I have read everything I ought to know about Hyun Joong as a fan. I decided to write for those who are experiencing where I’ve been, so as you have something to read and know the man better. And it’s worth it, because the more you know him, the more you’ll like him.

Writing about him seems endless because there are lots more interesting about Hyun Joong. Keep reading about him, knowing Hyun Joong is worth your time, you got nothing to lose, on the contrary, reading about him can lighten up your daily stress. In knowing Hyun Joong, it’s either you’ll laugh or be touched, that’s how I felt while researching about the guy. He’s just so amazing.

I read a comment from an international fan, she said, “it’s nice, people from different nations to unite in one common ground which is Kim Hyun Joong.”  There you go, thanks to you I have an article title!! But different intention, as I call on BYJ fans to join in with KHJ fans and unite as one. It’s true that Hyun Joong’s fans are scattered on different parts of the world, and I’m hoping Hyun Joong’s story would reach them.

I don’t know how I’m gonna describe the feeling, but come to think of it, Hyun Joong is a Korean who can not speak and understand English as an international language. But he has a bigger chunk of international fans than his Korean fans. When I was just starting to research on him, honestly, I felt frustrated specially in watching his video clips that doesn’t have English sub titles. And during that time I was starting to write, I felt the same frustration because sometimes I was hoping he would be able to read it, and to let him know how much we support him.

Specially that time he read his letter to his fans in June 7, 2011, I want to let him know that he doesn’t need to be scared facing his destiny by himself, because we are all here beside him. It felt frustrating that we couldn’t tell him, “kiddo everything is gonna be alright.”  But despite of the barriers, his fans are still drawn to him and even expanding in numbers. I have gone use to this language barrier, I told myself a lot of times, it’s better to read a person’s eyes and body movements to interpret their true feelings.

As I watched his first Japan tour in November last year, there was this Q & A portion, that was his chance to interact with his fans as he always wanted to. I think that was in Osaka, the camera was focused on his face. He looked tired and as if I can feel his frustration that he wanted to interact with his Japanese fans spontaneously without an interpreter. He just kept looking at his fans as his eyes lingering around the gallery, and honestly I felt teary eyes and I wanted to go up there and tell him, “it’s alright, your Japanese fans understand you even you don’t say anything, because they feel you.”

But I admired him, that no matter what, he still manage to give them a big bunch of good laughter!! It was his first concert as solo, so you can understand how it was. Nevertheless, as he came back in Feb.5 and hosted his first concert in 2012, Oh I saw a different glow in his eyes and his smiles, he looks very happy that time, and it was really a great show. And then he tried to speak Japanese which was great!

I was trying to visualized like, in a room Hyun joong being there, and his international fans, God knows how many different nationals there are, granting none of them can not speak English same as Hyun Joong. They may not understand each other but they all have the same purpose to be in that room. No one would speak because no one can understand language, as Hyun Joong stand in front of his international fans as he sings that can not be understood, but the fans sings with him, as he dance they followed him, the fans smiled at each other and cheering for Hyun Joong in different languages.

As soon as Hyun Joong stops to sing, what everyone can hear is his breathing, as the fans breath with him. There’s only one thing common in that room including Hyun Joong, and that is LOVE.

I believe Kim Hyun Joong has the power over different people to unite as ONE……

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing.

 Photo credits: a-hlia, murderedQ, thanks.


20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] UNITE in ONE

  1. I’m so touch by this article cause is so beautiful how can many people all around the world join to support KHJ like you mentioned before many don’t even comunicate cause of their language barrier, but when you share a love so big for a human being that have earned every piece of it from his fans is really emotional. The best of all he always welcome us and especially thanks us for believing and supporting him. I was thinking last night that as we grow we like many things and sometimes we don’t share of what we like with nobody especially not with the world, but then comes that someone special that person that touches your heart so deeply that you want to scream out loud to the world how incredible is that person and how that person makes you feel. So much that you want the world to love him too. I think that is what many of his fans are feeling also and that is why for the same love and the same cause we have UNITE IN ONE.

  2. i am reading your articles backwards.. haha.. just read your recent posts.. you’ve mentioned this article “unite in one” and got curious about it..

    i am a fan from so far away Philippines.. hehe.. he once visited our country but i didn’t know about him then.. as i’ve said on one of my comments, i just knew him this year and got hooked on him.. i wish he would return to our country soon 🙂

    even though i don’t understand anything he says (without those sub titles), and not understand his songs without the translation, whenever i listen to his music, i feel so moved that i always got teary eyed.. he speaks from the heart and i can feel it.. just like any of his fans.. all of us feel and understands his heart.. there’s no language barrier when the heart speaks.. every heart connects and understands..

    i also like bae yong joon and they look like real brothers.. they are so much alike.. well, i guess that’s why their fans supports each other because they can feel the connection of the two.. real brothers supporting each other.. it would be nice seeing them together in one movie or drama.. can’t wait for that.. haha

    kim hyun joong aja! fighting!

  3. Lazer Kim ur such a great writer….thank you for sharing all ur articles about hyun joong…keep up the good work…and more power!!!

  4. I’ve read your articles about Hyun Joong since last month, and I must say THANK YOU for putting allot of effort writing all everything about our Leader…THANKYU…I know its not enough, but it’s just all I can say for doing this…very very nice article

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  6. Thank you once again for the nice article about him. So proud to be one of his countless fans……….ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE!
    Hoping for some more articles coming up from you…….Good job!!

  7. Thank you LazerKim, I love your artical. Good Job. Yes, you’re right. Even he said nothing , but we can fell for him. It’s Love and Care. Don’t matter where we are from. Just only love then we can speak the same language.

    • Thanks for reading, spread the love through Hyun Joong and he’ll gain more fans, let’s do that for him……keep reading and I’ll keep writing so that you’ll have something to read…..God bless…

  8. Once again thank you for your article… enjoy reading so much! It killed my boredom especially when no new updates from HJ… Im also agreed with this sentence, “people from different nations to unite in one common ground which is Kim Hyun Joong” and because of HJ I know a group of HJ fans, although we didnt meet before but they are like my great friends and now they become part of my family too! We learn to share, love and care for one & another… Im thankful to HJ for giving me a chance to become his die hard fan… & Im proud & grateful to become 1 of them… Saranghaeyo Kim Hyun Joong!!! ^^

    • Thank you, I’m glad to hear from you. This article is very important, I wouldn’t mind if you re-post it, I believe we fans can help Hyun Joong expand his network of fans. Just keep reading then pass it on. This year is a crucial year for Hyun Joong, he will be needing numbers of fans. Writing is the only way I can contribute to him. I hope this message can reach you. Thanks God bless…

  9. thank you for all your beautiful articles about Kim Hyun joong. I’ve been reposting your articles at KHJ’s thread @ soopmi. Words aren’t enough to express how I appreciate all your articles. Keep on writing, you’re such a gifted writer.I enjoy them all. thanks again.

    • This article is very important, as you can understand the contents pls spread it out, I believe Hyun Joong can gain more fans through us. Thank you very much. God bless

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