Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FANS AND I

By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong had once again proven his popularity boost in Feb.5 as over 20,000 fans gathered at the Yokohama Arena, as Hyun Joong hosted his first concert 2012 in Japan. The concert lasted for one hour, but the fans patiently waited for five hours prior to the show to fall in line until the doors of the arena opened to get inside the venue. Nothing may be irregular or unusual in this scenario, but what made an individual fan to patiently fall in line for five hour waiting just to watch or see their idols?

Prior to this event, at least a week before the concert, a crowd of fans flocked on the streets of Shibuya Tokyo just to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong, while he visited the Tower Record Store to affix his signature to the poster of his album, displayed at the store. There was no announced event regarding the visit and Hyun Joong’s handler and the management of Universal Music were careful so as to not create a crowd that may build up traffic jam. As we all know Japan is a well-disciplined country and considering Tokyo is one of the busiest city in whole world, but still there were fans gathered to see Hyun Joong. What exactly does a fan feel to be so crazy about Hyun Joong?

What I can share with you are experiences from his fans themselves. Forgive me for not mentioning their names since I just read their experiences from blogs. There was this girl who literally followed Hyun Joong’s activities everywhere. When Hyun Joong traveled around Asia to promote The Face Shop and his album Breakdown in August, she followed him to Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and the Philippines.

She was there during his recent concerts in Yokohama and in Seoul. She was in Singapore at MAMA and she was also in HongKong for Yahoo Asia Buzz. If her travel purpose is job related, then she’s one very lucky fan. She has a complete memorabilia of Hyun Joong, a collection of all his signature items. Every time Hyun Joong is on event, she’s there. But I’m very thankful to her because she shares everything she got about Hyun Joong, specially updates.

And there’s this lady who flew to Korea to watched Hyun Joong’s recent fan meeting in Seoul who literally bought a bunch of Hyun Joong’s signature items, as she related her experience, it really felt as if I was actually there beside her cheering for Hyun Joong while he was performing. She was able to visit Jacksal, a chicken restaurant, owned by Hyun Joong and managed by his friends.

She was able to meet Hyun Joong’s mom whom I think is a wonderful person and had a photo of her and Hyun Joong’s mom. I can only visualized what she was relating, but for some reasons, there was a pinch in my heart. Probably my wish to be there together with the other fans cheering for Hyun Joong. My God even Hyun Joong fans are so contagious I tell you!!

A Singaporean student was able to be at MAMA, as she related that she was able to sneak in at the conference hall where Hyun Joong had his press con. And after the awards ceremony, she had a chance to be at the venue where all participants of MAMA gathered for dinner. And she was able to see Hyun Joong up close, where she was seated next to Hyun Joong’s dinner table.

These fans of Hyun Joong has different stories about their encounter with the Prince and reading from their story makes another fan wish for a chance to be with Hyun Joong. As we watch Hyun Joong perform on stage from video clips, there’s always that feeling of wanting to see him in person. I can only speak for myself, but the more I watch him the more desire of seeing him in person burns up inside me, until it’s becoming a dream.

Hyun Joong knows how to handle his fans in a proper way, and there’s that personal touch coming from him, as he personally correspond with everyone and not just the official once. His correspondence was becoming on regular basis specially during his activities or any up coming events. Everything is personalized even its contents is usually informally friendly. This is another way on how he keeps them intact in his pocket.

I’m proud of Hyun Joong’s fans, as Lee Sora commented, his fans are well-behaved. So far, I haven’t read any ugly encounters with Hyun Joong from his fans like stalking as other artists were experiencing. Why is that so? Well, majority of Hyun Joong’s fans are matured enough to behave, first and foremost. Second, Hyun Joong is not selfish with his status, he lives freely, like eating in an ordinary restaurant, or drinking in a stall tent along the street.

If a fan approach him for photo shot and autograph, he gladly give it to them. At the airport, fans follow him handed letters or presents, as he gladly accepts and look at them with a smile or wave at them as he just walk on. And the fans content themselves by just taking pictures of him, and letting him go on his way.

In short a mutual respect between Hyun Joong and his fans had been built-in a proper way. This is just my observation. Try to visit You Tube, you can read many comments from them attacking those who write harsh comments to Hyun Joong, but their attack are mostly in a courteous way. On that incident in Japan at Tower Record, the fans standing on the side street content themselves to take pictures of Hyun Joong as they call out his nickname leader and no untoward incident there, just the traffic jam.

No one among Hyun Joong’s fans would dare hurt him or misbehave that may reflect on him personally. During events, like concerts, they cheer for him, scream on top of their voices but nothing untoward like pushing or anything harsh, on the contrary they literally share. On autograph signing events, no one dare to take advantage of Hyun Joong having him up close as he affix his autograph and Hyun Joong would look at every individual fan straight in their eyes as he smile and held his hand to them.

Whenever voting polls are being conducted, this is where you can feel the unity among the fans through internet. And finally, friendship starts to build up. It’s a beautiful experience to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. He treats everyone equal in general with no particular group whatsoever. As I always emphasize that I don’t belong to any fan club, but observing everyone, I pick up bits and pieces as I learn from them, they are indeed a big part of Hyun Joong’s success in reality. All of them which ever part of the world they belong, they are Hyun Joong’s inspiration. And that’s true having Hyun Joong saying this on his interviews.

I have certain purpose of writing articles all about Hyun Joong. And that is to spread out how beautiful his life story is, this gave me a lot to be inspired about that I can learn from. I’m just here watching over him, and everyday of my life I write about him at least two or three articles a day. I came to realize, there are lots more interesting facts about him. This seemed to be endless!!!

As Kathy’s Bench Blog asked herself….”Will I be able to get over with Kim Hyun Joong?”   May I rephrase the question….”Can you get over with Kim Hyun Joong?” I guess not, what about you???

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FANS AND I

  1. We go again on pointing out how smart Kim Hyun Joong really is.. if you hide to much from the fans then you’ll get this crazy stalkers trying to find all about you, but if you show yourself out there, be polite and nice when you see a fan, a critic, a papparazi or any person passing by you won’t be a mystery for them they won’t have to stalk you in every corner cause what else can you want if he has shown, done, spoken and made it all for his fans to see. He is an open box.. a magical box! I know that for us less is more and more is less and even when he gives us more we still want more.. cause you will never get enough or get over him.. we should always conduct ourself in the proper way cause what ever we do affects in positive or negative.. Thank God KHJ fans are well behaved! That makes it easier for him and for us cause he will keep showing his love to us.

  2. February 5 !!!!!!!!!?????????????
    that was my birthday jejeje 🙂
    BTW the question GET OVER ??
    obviously OFCOURSE NOOO !!
    he’s almost my life , because of him some people around me told me that
    ” im going crazy ” once i mention my oppa’s name 🙂 🙂 ❤

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