Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE AND FAME

By: LazerKim    Kim Hyun Joong had been candidly honest about his personal relationship, although whenever he guested in any talk show, he’s a bit uncomfortable to talk about it, just like any other ordinary men. He’s currently uncommitted to anyone, since he’s been dead busy since June last year. Therefore, there’s no one to date this year’s Valentine for Kim Hyun Joong!! But let’s talk about his present status and having a relationship, and let’s see how a possible situation could be if he has love and fame at the same time.

There’s a saying that, “you can never have everything in this world.” And they said “life is choice”, there are circumstances in our lives that we are made to make a choice that brought us to a decision either we regret or pleased. Hyun Joong was challenged by fate to make a choice that brought him to where is he, and one of those is Love.

Kim Hyun Joong barely started with his career as a solo singer, he may have gained an excellent popularity for a rookie like him, but there is still a long way to go before he can reach the ultimate peak of his career. Nevertheless, he made a very good start and the near future is almost at his reach.

In one of the talk shows he guested, he was asked about his ideal girl. And he stated that he wants a girl whom he can be his friend, meaning he’s not after the stereotype kind of lover, but someone he’s comfortable with and someone he can drink with. Actually I don’t believe in having an ideal lover, but I believe in love at first sight. In which Hyun Joong falls on the same category. He always fall for first encounter, but he’s a bit conservative when it comes to courtship, since he believe that men always takes the first initiative. Of course, Hyun Joong is such a handsome man to be rejected.

Hyun Joong admitted that he was having a relationship for five months and broke off a month before his album debut.  Many celebrities doesn’t have a permanent relationship or it doesn’t last long. I can imagine if Hyun Joong will be having a relationship at this time, it will always bound to break ups. Although he doesn’t believe that being an entertainer can affect a relationship. Well, true enough, that is if the celeb doesn’t have much project to eat his time and devote all his spare time with his lover. But in Hyun Joong’s case, he literally spend all his waking hours either in dancing, singing or photo sessions. Apart from this, he spend his spare time with his friends and he admitted so, that he indeed spends more time with his friends than his lover!!

Now let’s see who can be Hyun Joong’s lover, an active celeb like him or a none celeb? Let’s weigh his options for the sake of valentine’s day!!! Let’s take an active celeb, both of them have different schedules, both must be busy so what time do both can spare with each other? Then consider the media who’s gonna play monsters in their lives to be tailing at them, and making a big deal of gossip. So what happens to Hyun Joong? His usual undivided focus to work can be distracted. And what about the girl celeb? Of course it’s very likely she’ll be at the same situation with Hyun Joong.

Then let’s take a none celeb who’s not as busy as Hyun Joong. Ahh this girl must have all the time for Hyun Joong, but the question is does Hyun Joong have the time? Maybe, just maybe, if the girl can consider having a long distance relationship!! You know couples who meet at least twice in one year!!! So may I ask, Hyun Joong’s fans, a none celeb, can you be that girl for Hyun Joong?? ooppss did I hear scream from you???

Anyway, kidding aside, in my opinion, I don’t think Hyun Joong is prepared for any relationship at this time. And if I were on his shoes, let time pass by at least for another year or two or until such time he’s comfortable enough with his status. But at this time it’s too risky to take chances on relationships. Hyun Joong is too hot on the eyes of media and knowing them, it’s either they make you or destroy you. That’s their objective and that’s the reality of their job as media. Scoop is their bread and butter.

But once Hyun Joong has fulfilled what he wants for himself, as far as his career is concern, then go for it get a lover and love her as much. His fans are matured enough to understand his needs for love. But for the meantime, there are about million fans out there who love him dearly. I know, Hyun Joong knows nothing about us as his fans, but there are ways of letting him know we’re here at his side, right?

Having love and fame at the same time can be possible, depending on the situation. But the most convenient of all is having one desire at a time. Meaning, while Hyun Joong is young, remain focus until he had reach the peak of his career, then love comes next. By the time he goes down, at least he had already attained what he ought to.  In Korea, history can tell, once an actor gets into a relationship specially if he goes public about it, they tend to downplay their fame. I’m sure Hyun Joong knows it very well. But I admire Hyun Joong for being honest about his past relationships. Well, he is now in a different situation, but then Hyun Joong can not predict when the cupid’s arrow struck his heart. It should be alright, for as long as he’ll set some priorities.

On a second thought,  I just remembered in one of his interviews he was asked if he wants to have a lover while active in his career just like other celeb. Hyun Joong replied, “Those artist must be good. As for me I’m not that good, there are still a lot that I have to improve in my ability, and I can not do both at the same time. I wouldn’t want my girl friend to be left out while I’m striving to improve and develop myself.”

Hyun Joong is a smart guy, he had gone through a lot and he’s not gonna simply take it easy. He had already made a lot of self sacrifices, he gave up SS501 his dearest friends, to be able to pursue his own music. Right from the start during his teenage life, all his sacrifices are all because of his love for music. He also gave up one love of his life and he felt a real love that time, but he chose his music.

Now Hyun Joong is on his way up to stardom, he has all the chances and opportunity, the liberty to do his own music and now is the right time. But the love to a single person has to take the backseat for a while. As he always say, “the other part of my body is cold, because no one is beside me.” And that is another self sacrifice he has to endure.

Nevertheless, my dear co-fans, the guy has to sacrifice since he made his choice to be with us. Then let’s help him lighten up his burden by staying with him, as we always do.

Happy Valentine’s Days…..Kim Hyun Joong!!

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing.

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6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE AND FAME

  1. i wuld just wish to be with him and spend the time talking about music…….
    i too love the music as he does….

  2. It’s hard to choose if a non celeb or a celeb will be the right girl for I let him decide that cause his a smart guy and he will pick what is right for him and when it’s right. We all know that his is great in his music, his acting, his dancing, but he his great in loving also. After all he is a man with feelings an all.. The day will come and when that day comes hopefully he will know what to do and if that lucky girls understand him and support him they will be very happy and she will be loved cause KHJ is the loving type, he will find the way to make her feel loved by him! If at this moment his decision is his career we support him and when he decide to make a change we’ll still be there by his side. He deserve both LOVE & FAME! For know gives us all your loving we received it with open hands…

  3. lazerkim i really like your writing, you put so much effort and thought in what you write, i follow you now for quite sometime, i can see that there are a lot of people addicted to KHJ syndrome (me being one of them as well). thanks for all. about a.m. article, nobody knows what life has in store in love department or when Cupid will struck, i just wish for HJ that he will find his true love/soul mate friend to share his life with, who will support/understand and be there for him, because he is truly quite an amazing guy, gathering fans from all over the world and all united / addicted to KHJ syndrome. i hope he will choose well and one more thing i think his private life (love or otherwise) should be private, that way a good balance will be kept. whatever his public persona concern, most surely all the fans will be there to support him, but in private, let him be, we can not choose for him and neither have we the right to express any comment on this. if he share with fans some aspects of his private life is just a bonnus for us.

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