Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DATE W/ PRINCE

By: LazerKim                For those who do not have a date this year’s Valentine, let’s take advantage of this occasion and have a date with the Prince Kim Hyun Joong. And if you’re given this chance, what could possibly be your interest in knowing from him? What would you want to know about Kim Hyun Joong? Below this article, there’s a space box where you can put comments,  you may type your question whatever you want to know, and I’ll try my best to research an answer for you straight from Hyun Joong. Or you may type your Valentine message to Hyun Joong. This is just for fun, no strings attached, just celebrating the occasion with the Prince.

Whenever we go dating, our motive of course is to get to know our date better. And since Hyun Joong is our date, let’s pretend we do not know anything about him, as Hyun Joong definitely does not know anything about us individually. All he knows is that, we’re his fans, following him everywhere he is, and he knows we love him just as much as he does to us.

Let your imagination run through your system… You’re about to have a dinner date with Hyun Joong, the romantic dinner table is set with candle lights and there he goes sitting waiting for you. What could be your first impression upon seeing him? Of course the first thing you notice is his perfect handsome face as he smiles at you that can makes anyone’s heart melts down. Hyun Joong stood up as you approach the table where he is. The next thing you notice is his towering height overpowering the area where he stood, as other guests seated near your, table started to be mesmerized by his presence. Aigoo lucky girl!! kekeke…

At first impression, looking at him from head to foot, you’re staring at a fashion icon with a touch of class, he looks like a rich guy, which in reality, your date, Kim Hyun Joong is one of the richest young celeb in Korea. There you go….. now you’re seated face to face up close as the candle light reflects his smooth flawless handsome face. You greeted each other, exchange smiles and start the conversation over a glass of red wine. And dinner is serve…Isn’t that romantic??

For many of you who had watched his interviews, you must know very well how he talks. And so for those who haven’t , here it is. Looking at Hyun Joong at first sight or all the time, specially when he walks, his personality is so strong specially if you see his face expressionless, it would give you an instant impression that he’s snob. Indeed his outlook, how he stand, how he walk, how he sits, he looks like a typical aristocratic snob. His smiles are rare specially to strangers, that you yourself would feel hesitant to even approach him. He has that strong intimidating personality. But try throwing a smile at him, and he easily give in, he smiles at you and look straight into your eyes, that can makes you shiver, but you’ll feel his immediate sincerity.

When he starts talking, that’s the time, his gives out all his smiles. When he speaks, all your first impression about him will just wash out from your thoughts, because he speech so gentle yet straight forwarded. If he had given you an impression to be a rich guy because of his outlook, on contrary you would probably be searching for at least a bit of sign or clue, that he is indeed a rich guy. Hyun Joong is so down to earth, no single air of arrogance and he’s very modest.

He speaks very little about his wealth, you’ll only get to know it if he’s being asked on interviews,  yet it’s like a Q and A his response briefly, he doesn’t elaborate, when it comes to his finances or ownership topics. Let’s leave him to that anyway. But you can only probably know it, when he donates to charity which is very often. Every time he has more than enough he always share it with the less fortunate.

Oh yes, one important thing, be careful with your questioning him and listen carefully to what he is saying. If he suddenly gets his 4D attack which is quite unpredictable, just stay put, relax, and just laugh it out, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all!! When the conversation with him get serious, listen to him carefully, because the guy is too smart and witty!

Now let’s get down to his love life and dating. He hates blind dating, for obvious reason, he finds himself awkward within a strange place, what more with a stranger in person!! Nevertheless he likes girls who drinks, because he loves drinking. Of course he likes pretty girls, as he stated, “what else is there to find in a girl but beautiful face.” Well, that’s how straight forwarded he is.

He falls for love at first sight, he goes for average girls and not so much like a super model. And talking about it, Hyun Joong had experienced ramp modelling, he’s okay with it, but one thing he doesn’t like is after any fashion show, followed by a party. In short, he’s not a party animal. He loves drinking, yes, but only drinks with his friends whom he has close associate with. He usually drink with his dancers whom he call Hyung (big bro) Artmatic

About his first love, here it is. He followed his a girl literally everyday for two year without courting her not even meeting her formally. Hyun Joong only knew about her through her internet profile and that’s it. He waited for her in a restaurant where she usually goes and content himself by just staring or looking at her for two years!! Until fianlly one of his friends who was having interest with the same girl, had pushed him to make his first move. Hyun Joong made the deal with his friend that if anyone of them will be rejected they will still remain friends.

Unfortunately his friend was rejected by the girl, therefore Hyun Joong has the chance. And so with all the courage, he called her up via COLLECT CALL!!! Can you just imagine that? That call was the first time for Hyun Joong to approach her!!!      Hello…are you still there?? If a guy calls me up the first time and it’s collect call, I would surely hang up on him!!! Wouldn’t you? Of course not, it’s Hyun Joong who’s calling, mind you!!!

That girl was Hyun Joong’s first love, their relationship lasted for three years. I was assuming they broke off because Hyun Joong was already with SS501, but he stated as “We became further apart as time passed after my debut. Becoming an entertainer wasn’t the reason, because we reached the stage where we had to separate, so we broke up.”  As Hyun Joong was relating this, I felt a pinch in my heart, I think he was badly hurt that time. He said he felt a real love that time. Hyun Joong stated,  “If I am made to choose between work and love, I would choose love”.  Unfortunately, that time he chose his work, because he has a dream to fulfill. Choosing his work is just the same as choosing you as his fan…. Am I right?

Now, let’s get down to his dreams and aspirations. If asked what are his treasures? Hyun Joong’s response: “My number one treasure are my instruments (his guitars) and my workroom. Since I’m pretty greedy for music, my treasures are, myself, my instruments and my dreams. With the money I made so far, I’m planning to get a small but special place for my own that has a workroom and dancing room.”  I wrote an article Dream House because he was featured as having one of the most expensive house among the celebs and he ranks second. I had a hanging question in that article as I asked if Hyun Joong was able to purchase the house of his dream.

Again Hyun Joong made this statement: “The dream I want to make come true as a singer is not a grand prize, but I want to share and enjoy my music with others most specially with my fans. When I get old I just want something like a glass of wine and I want to do that with my fans.”

Hyun Joong doesn’t want trophies or awards, he simply wants to sing and sing it for you. He’s quite greedy and ambitious for stage to perform, and he wants to have as many stages as he could get and perform because it’s his dream to share his music to everybody. He’s ambitious to attain an opportunity for a world concert tour, because he already knows his fans are all over scattered on different parts of the world. Hyun Joong simply wants to reach out for his fans to sing for them. End of story….as simple as that.

But have you noticed anything with what he was saying? The center of his desire is his fans… Lucky you!!!   Well, I’m just like a secretary here to be writing down what he was saying!!!

But then his destiny had lead him to more than his dream. He was able to gained 8 trophies in just a matter of six months, and he had series of successful concerts on the record, within that period of time. Come to think of it, he was just on starting point but he had already achieved remarkable recognition. An overwhelming success such as what he had been attaining was way out beyond his expectations. Indeed he was blessed with rewards for his pain and struggles during his adolescence and for being a good son to his wonderful parents. And for his hard worked craft, this is just the beginning, there will be more blessing in the coming days, as he challenge himself to develop.

Well ladies, your date is just about to end. Kim Hyun Joong had disclosed to you his true self. And mind you everything you have read are all documented, coming from Hyun Joong’s lips. He’s very gentleman, he won’t take advances on you, even it’s getting late talking with you, and even he knows you love him, Hyun Joong will take you home by his BMW or his Ferrari!!…… Aigoo!!This must be exciting!!!…calm down, he’ll take you to your doorstep, shake your hand and say…..

 “Goodnight, I had a great Valentine with you”……………………….Hyun Joong is waiting for your response………          now type it…. down there….

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DATE W/ PRINCE

  1. O__O WOW.. It’s hard to pretend like you ask above to think we don’t know nothing about him cause we know plenty probably enough to keep us going, he got his secrets and that makes him more interesting to find them out.. hahaha just kidding everybody got their right to their personal life and own secret that’s why there all call secrets and personal.. cause they are yours.

    But if that change was slightly real if I had the chance to have a date with this out of this world alien prince and if he was meeting me at a restaurant the first thing I will say “Thank You”. Thank you for being so wonderful. Thanking you for being you and giving me this opportunity to meet him and for choosing me to share a special night with him. Then like I’m a simple girl I will tell him there where no needs for so much spending that why instead of being there in a restaurant so crowded why we won’t better go for a walk and talk of our dreams, our goals, the weather or maybe a story that reminds us of our childhood and will love to share with each other. While walking maybe sharing an ice cream laughing and listening to each others I will admire his gorgeous looks… ask him that when that day comes to settle down and have his own family what is the most important thing he want from that relationship and what would be the first thing he would do? There are so many questions I would ask him that one night is not enough… but again is just all in my dreams ….

    One thing they have showed me always aim the highest, but be graceful with what you can achived cause it won’t matter if it was less or much the important thing is you did it and never gave up..

    I will aim to meet him at least one day from a far… sigh

    LOL.. LazerKim your making this crazy girl cry just by thinking of all the emotions that will bring to my life it a day like that will ever come…

  2. God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on one day in 2011,… and I just happen to caught one that’s so nice and true… It’s you, KIM HYUN JOONG… I found you in Playful Kiss and from there I fallen in love with you at first sight… I believe that God above created you for me to love, he picked you out from all the rest cos he knew I do love you the best!

    I love you how much my heart is for sure, as time goes on I love you more, your happy smile, your loving face, no one will ever take your place… You are the brightest Alien prince who stay forever in my life cos you’re my spirit… You always bring happiness for everyone around you… And also bring love & smile into my life… I like your eyes cos it reflects your identity as a humble and warm personality, I love your eyes cos it is shining all the time and give a warm in my heart… You are like the sunshine so warm, you are like sugar so sweet, you are like YOU… and that’s the reason why I love you so deep!!!

    I am feeling so happy and lucky cos God love me, he gave me a gift… and you know what? Its YOU, my dear… There is only one happiness in life, is to love you & to be with you… You are all I need… my love, My Valentine… Please be mine forever!!!

    I Love you & you completed me! Happy Valentine’s Day

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