Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DESTINY

By: LazerKim.          Kim Hyun Joong singer,dancer,actor, marked his first Gold ever, as he recently gained the Gold record as he debuted his Japanese album Kiss Kiss in January 25. He had made history in Japan music industry as the first foreign artist who was able to gain the highest album sale of over 70,000 copies on his album first day debut. He had won the hearts of over 20,000 fans as he hosted his first concert at Yokohama Arena in Feb.5. Kim Hyun Joong indeed rocked the entire area of Japan on his recent visit. For 18 days of his stay in Japan, he was the cover and center page of every magazines and newspapers which apparently had brought attention to the international arena.

This is a tremendous success to Hyun Joong, as if a basket of success goodies was rewarded to him all at the same time in just a matter of 18 days trip to Japan, and the whole world was shattered by the news. As I sit back to calm down my excitement over Hyun Joong’s daily updates from the start of this year 2012, I begun asking myself, is this a spur of the moment thing? Let’s face it, Hyun Joong wasn’t even expecting an overwhelming success for such a short period of time!! But everything happening to him ever since he went solo, is just so perfectly amazing. I have written my article Chain Of Success and had pour down all his recent achievement. But this seems endless chain!!

A lot of artists experienced spur of the moment success, or a one night stand honeymoon spot lights, and soon gone from the limelight. Oh no, I don’t think Hyun Joong’s fans would allow this to happen to him. It happens to other celebs, and my main conclusion for those artists is that they had a weak foundation to withstand an overwhelming success. It’s like building blocks in a sand that can easily collapse, because it’s foundation is not that strong.

And so I went over with my playlist and reviewed Hyun Joong’s history. I’ve written a lot of articles on how he started, but the focus of the articles were mainly on his SS501 and BOF days.  I went deeper into that, I went as far as his childhood and family talent history.  I found out there was none in his family that lead me to something about music. Except that Hyun joong expressed his frustration over his elders calling a singer “dandahla” which is an old slang term for singers. Hyun Joong stated “Why is a singer called dandahla? There is no such word in the dictionary!”

 In other words none in his family ever encourage Hyun Joong to cultivate his hidden talent. I read the history of sunbae Bi Rain, and I was totally impressed by his educational background in arts of dancing, music and act. What Hyun Joong has all along as he grew up was just a dream and passion for music, that he couldn’t do anything about it because his family was poor. I could probably understand his parents, because Hyun Joong grew up in a religious conservative family.

Hyun Joong’s inspiration that time was a rock star Seo Taiji whom he was highly influenced. His life changed when he watched Seo Tai Ji’s concert Ultramenia. Who among the conservative parents would allow their child to become a rock star? Elders do have a wrong perception about rock music. I would say his parents had their point there and the perception that there’s no money in music. I would agree with that too, because Hyun Joong back then was crazy with his guitar, he was even relating that his father broke his guitar, because playing with it is just what Hyun Joong wants to do. And that had lead Hyun Joong to run away from home, with the desire to work for himself to be able to pursue his music.

The way I read Hyun Joong’s childhood story, indeed he has an unfortunate teenage life. Although I wouldn’t say he lacks love from home. No definitely not. He grew up with lots of love specially from his grandma who took care of him and unfortunately had passed away. Hyun Joong was just so stubborn, it’s because he wants to do something that he really liked and he felt being suppressed by his parents.

Hyun Joong was a model student in his elementary days and a popular one. He was always being elected as a class president until 5th grade. On his 6th grade, he did not run for any class officer even his classmates encouraged him to do so because he was already experiencing poverty. Oh poor child.

When Hyun Joong stepped in to high school everything had changed. He became withdrawn and had lost interest in studies. He’s a typical rebellious type of child but not destructive on the contrary he became a silent type withdrawn child. He’s became rebellion because  of that feeling of being suppressed. In school other student even not in his class were drawn to him, in short he already has that charisma even he was still a child.

He was quite active in school music activities. He crave for the stage where he can have the chance to perform his music with his guitar. He formed a band in school and joined a religious activity where he can pour out his talent. It was said that back then whenever he  performed in school together with his band members, even he was not the main vocalist, attention of the audience was drawn to him. Therefore even back then he already had that growing power of charisma. It was said that he was very skillful with his bass guitar and his movements were spectacular even back then

Hyun Joong started his passion in junior high, he stopped coming to school and worked his guts out as delivery of pizza, newspaper chicken, that kind of stuffs. Then he worked as service crew in a chicken restaurant. So you may have a clue as to why he owned a chain of Jacksal Chicken! Anyway he had gone through with a lot of struggles in life at very young age, but he never gave up his music. He stated that it was his dream to join a band and go abroad to perform.

And so the time has finally come, he joined a boy band trained for about two years. Unfortunately, the agent management wants the group to debut in China. For some unstated reasons, the group disagreed and end up disbanding the group. They said, once or many times in our lives, doors of opportunity are so cruel to close it from us, simply because there are brighter opportunities awaits for us.

And that was what happened to Hyun Joong, even back then he may had thought of feeling down that his doors of opportunity remained closed for him.  But the kid had such a strong determination to pursue his music. Till then he applied at DSP by himself, bringing his guitar ready for audition, without the slightest idea that before he could so anything he was already accepted.

I’ve been looking through his high school history that would lead me to his dance talent. But all the years he spent as a teen was purely his guitar and passion for music. And so I may conclude Hyun Joong’s dancing skills are all natural. He stated that when he passed his audition at DSP, he was surprised as he was told that he has to undergo training for dancing. There are artists that they themselves discover their own hidden talent once they try doing it.

I’ve seen Hyun Joogn’s moves when he was playing his bass guitar with the band and he has a natural grace on how he moved with his guitar. Only back then Hyun Joong discovered he has another talent that he hadn’t felt in himself before because his mind focused on his guitar alone. And now watching Hyun Joong dance, who would ever guess that he never dance in his past?? His dance talent was developed when he was already training with SS501. But his voice grew up with him since childhood, only he wasn’t given the chance to cultivate it further.

Coming from people from his past stated this: “Kim Hyun Joong entered a major entertainment agency as a trainee and was preparing for a singing debut. A sudden singing debut of an ideal son and student. However, in reality, it was far from being sudden. People who say that he became a singer merely for his looks, do not know him at all.”

“Hyun Joong’s passion for music bloomed in his adolescence, seeing his youthful looks as he dreamed of becoming a singer does not look too familiar to us at all”, stated by his high school teachers. This is because Hyun Joong looks like a typical model student, and his other side surface only when he remove his glasses take his guitar, then his image suddenly change that will take anyone by surprise.

Kim Hyun Joong grew up with his music, and his passion for it had never left him. He endured a lot of struggles in life that left him with no choice due to poverty. When the opportunity came to his life he grabbed all the chances to work hard for it for years. During his SS501 days, he outshine his members no matter how others would say the four members has better singing ability than he has. But he had proven himself that they were all wrong.

Back then in SS501 days, Hyun Joong was the underdog among the members, there were untold stories behind this to preserve their friendship as a group, but I can only read between the lines. In 2009, Hyun Joong was already burning inside him that he wants to pursue his desired music.

And I would say, when he decided to do solo, that was the best decision he had ever made in his career life. Many contradicted his decision, many SS501 fans seemed to go against him, but again Hyun Joong proved himself that he can do better by himself. That’s an obvious reality, he was the main key to SS501 back then and his members knew it all along.

Hyun Joong struggled for survival, a test of life and perseverance but his strong determination for his music, was never shattered by any storm. As he stated “it was music that taught me the hardships of life.” Hyun Joong had long prepared himself for his dream music. Apart from this, he sacrificed his fame with SS501, he sacrificed his friendship that was not an easy decision to make, he took risk in taking his turning point of his career, only to know that there’s a much better future ahead of him.

In a magazine article it says Kim Hyun Joong is the Lucky luckiest guy. No I don’t think so, Hyun Joong is destined to be in this path, and the path he chose to walk on is leading to his childhood dreams. His suppressed childhood desires that grew with him had resulted to a strong determination, dedication and his long lived passion for music. As a kid Hyun Joong dream of joining a band and go aboard, only to realize he was blessed with more than just a childhood dream.

Hyun Joong had indeed built a strong foundation out of his hardships in his past. He can endure any challenges because he had gone through with even more difficult struggles that made it easier for him now to persevere.

This is just the beginning for Kim Hyun Joong, there are more achievements awaiting for him in the near future. And no matter what crossroads he takes, he’s bound to be where is is right now and would still climb up higher to where he is ought to be.

Kim Hyun Joong indeed is blessed to face his own destiny to be on top.

LazerKim here writing

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One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DESTINY

  1. Power to You Kim Hyun Joong..he has mark his step in the world and I will say this was his DESTINY all alone to be a performer to sing and brings us joy and a lot of emotions to our life! He may had bad times but he never gave up and people saying he got there for his looks its so no true cause if it was cause of that wouldn’t he just gone for a modeling job, bu again his destiny is this one and we are so glad he followed his dreams…

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