Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CLOSE TO YOU

By: LazerKim                    Kim Hyun Joong a singer, dancer, actor, is a certified bachelor at the age of 25, a perfectly handsome, 180cm tall, and uncommitted to any relationship. But wait a minute, I’m not here to talk about eligibility!! Valentine is just around the corner, and here we are still busy surfing for Hyun Joong’s latest updates?. Give me a break!! Let’s treat ourselves to something romantic! Well, what’s more romantic to a KHJ addict than Kim Hyun Joong himself??

There’s something I have noticed in the whole episode of Hyun Joong’s story from the time he started to be a soloist. I think he became more closer and personal to his fans. Although he doesn’t pertain or single out any particular fan network, but his fans in general. Of course it was different when he was with his members as he represented SS501 as the leader, he speaks for the group. But this time he’s more concern on what his fans wanted from him as their idol or someone whom they admired most.

I’ll begin with the letters or messages in which he personally wrote and circulated over the internet, so as to reach out for his fans inside and outside Korea. I believe the latest message was his 18th letter?. Those messages were written as if he was writing to his closest friends, which is informal and very friendly.

Like the 16th message he wrote before he flew to Japan that says, He woke up at 6:30 am, pack his luggage, took a shower, ate breakfast and here he goes, there’s still time to write to his fans, greeting them on Lunar New Year, and telling them not to go to the airport to see him off. Then he related that he had a great time to spend with his fans as he performed his fan meeting, and that his staffs enjoyed the event too. He thank his fans as always plus this…. kekeke…..His messages has lots of those!!!

And as soon as he got to Japan, he wrote again saying, what he ate for the day and that he was relaying about having a headache because of the air freshener given to him, then thank his fans again for the successful debut in Japan. The guy is just so sweet and very thoughtful. These messages are quite simple but meant a lot to every single KHJ fan.

Then every time he gets awarded and brought home  trophies, he never fail to send his personal message of appreciation to his fans. And there’s always that thoughtful remark of telling them to take care, the weather is getting cold, keep yourselves warm so as not to catch colds. So would you still wonder why his fans kept following him?

And then at one TV talk shows with Lee Sora when Hyun Joong guested in her show, Lee Sora noticed that Hyun Joong’s fans who were there at the gallery, were well behaved. Hyun Joong said they were his fans noonas, “and they can not be seen on TV because most of them were there without preparing dinner!!!” Hyun Joong said, “after the show they will hurry up in going home and prepare dinner!!” He talks about his fans as if they were his close friends!

Another message which remained in my heart, was Hyun Joong’s message when he guested at the same show with Lee Sora, as he stated “I hope I would always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized because you’re my fan…..I will always work hard” Hyun Joong has always been very humble, which is the best thing I like in him. And I’m sure all of you feel the same way as I do. I was touched by this message and I buried it in my heart.

One message from Hyun Joong that I can never forget, is his personal letter that he read on stage in front of some 4,000 fans in June 7, 2011, he was crying while reading it and I felt a struck in my heart that made me cry with him. I have written an article 2011 Memories and I included that event in June 7, can’t control my tears while writing. It was then I realized how close Hyun Joong is in my heart. Until now every time I watch that video I still get teary eyes. He just pinched the hearts of many in that event.

And maybe this has been pushing me to write more about Hyun Joong, so that others specially those who are not KHJ fans and probably even critics of Hyun Joong would know more about him. Hyun Joong is just so nice a person to be harshly criticized.

Many of his fans give him presents, specially whenever he leaves his country for a trip, many fans do hand him gifts and letters which Hyun Joong appreciates. Somebody from the fans or maybe from a group either Triple S or Hennecia I’m sorry couldn’t remember for sure, gave him a bracelet and he was seen to be wearing it. So that means he does appreciate what is given to him by his fans. And that’s really very nice of him.

Hyun Joong had already built a strong relationship with his fans, and he placed them on his top priority over his own personal desire. Quite recently he held his first fan meeting as he opens his year 2012 calendar to be with his fans. The fan meeting was attended by some 6,000 fans, as Hyun Joong personally requested it from KeyEast before leaving for Japan, as his way of thanking his fans and at the same time it’s like bidding farewell since he’ll be away from home for some time. Hyun Joong shares his fight to the top with his fans, and when he finally gained them, he triumph with his fans.

Hyun Joong knows what his fans needed from him, and that is just a glimpse of him, that he easily gives in. His life is an open book, he himself open up every time he’s invited at talk shows, because his fans wants to know him well. And so he gives in. At the same time his fans respected him, as they never brag beyond what Hyun Joong can give them. I just find the relationship to be remarkable. As time goes, the more Hyun Joong gets closer to his fans and the more people are drawn to him. And who wouldn’t? The guy deserves the love and support that his fans gives him.

The lucky fan is just so lucky to have Kim Hyun Joong…. close to you… 

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CLOSE TO YOU

  1. A man totally surprising full of details that you can’t resist in falling for him.. For him the best way to get those critics of his back is with this popular saying “Kill Them With Kindness”. He always think of others first. I remember seeing competitions on MCountdown show where KHJ won several times with his song Break Down and love that one of the ss501 members (Kim Hyu Jong) was there and he didn’t want to let him go at the end he wanted to share his glory with him on stage .. for him his friend his brother should be there with him and that was really nice of him! That’s the kind of person he is loves to keep everyone he loves close to him so we as fan feel the same we want to be CLOSE TO YOU also.

  2. i met KHJ 3 times face to face…

    everyone says he has killer smile… i do agree !!
    but if u were to see him face to face.. his eyes actually blinks ..
    he will look into your eyes.. n the feeling is just so great !!!
    the smile, the stare, the blinking eyes.. i will never forget.. *close to you*

    • Oh yes that’s him, a look that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life. if I tell you my story, that I have not disclose, you might say I’m soooooo stupid which I admit I was!!! Thanks for reading, have a nice day, God bless. See you again!!!

    • Hi thanks for reading!! Isn’t he so sweet to his fans? Believe me that’s him in reality, I’m sure you felt him too. There are lots more than this….see you again!!! God bless…

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