Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HANG OVER!!

By: LazerKim                   I read a funny news from Omotesado Japan through Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog, that says on Feb.9 a large group of ladies flock together in one area where posters are being placed for advertisement. These ladies surrounded the poster and created scenes that needed  security guards to organize them.

Oh this must be a strong hang over!! Do you know whose poster was that? It’s the large  poster of Kim Hyun Joong being place to advertise a magazine!!! This one below…

The news said that, as soon as this poster was placed, the magazines advertising with this photo immediately was sold out!! Can you believe that? As I have written in my other articles, anything Hyun Joong touches, turns to gold if not success!! Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans practically gathered around the poster just to take a look, but it was said that they had cause scenes at the area that security guards were needed to organized them. Well, they can not be driven away, they were simply looking at the poster, and I can imagine they couldn’t control their emotion that had caused commotion within the area!!!

Why was this happening?? Why not? Hyun Joong came to Japan, hosted a concert with over 20,000 fans attended to. He gave his fans some relief after seeing him, they were mesmerized if not addicted to Hyun Joong. And for those who are already addict, he gave the relief but then, it only made them even more addictive to him!! And so this is the aftermath of the bomb shell that Hyun Joong created in Japan!!!

As I mentioned in my article “Concert Rewind”, I was so sure that those who were there in that concert may had sleepless nights thinking over KHJ’s concert, and the following day of course it was Monday, time to go back to work or school, definitely he’s the talk of the town. Why not? Hyun Joong was the Monday morning news at Japan newspapers!! What else do we expect??

Again I have mentioned in article Secret to Success, that “word of the mouth is the best advertising instrument”.  Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity boost did not happen overnight. If you remember, Hyun Joong was in Japan November 8, 2011, and had performed his first Japan concert tour in seven cities, right? But if you noticed there was no similar scenario like Premium Live concert, none that I know of. Hyun Joong was on magazines in November, but just for a few, although it was a successful concert back then, since all tickets were sold out and we have seen the venue full packed. The only difference was that in November concert, he performed in different cities in different venues with smaller capacity, unlike Yokohama Arena that can accommodate 20,000 fans.

Right after Hyun Joong did his concert in November, he was so busy as he stated his tightest schedule last year was in November to December. Towards the end of the year Hyun Joong was busy harvesting his awards, remember? Here are the significant events: Japan Concert Tour – Nov. 8, Singapore for MAMA – Nov. 29, HongKong – Yahoo Asia Buzz – Dec. 20. During this period internet was quite busy at the voting polls.

If you are not a fan of Hyun Joong and hearing even just from talks about his awards, wouldn’t you be curious? During the period of MAMA and Yahoo Asia Buzz, every fan at the internet was busy voting, and mind you a lot of fans did this voting at their respective office. If you’re not a fan and your office mate was getting crazy about voting, wouldn’t you be curious? I’m telling you Hyun Joong is such a contagious germ!! Word of the mouth can be so contagious, believe me!! And the worst germ that a none fan can catch is KHJ!

Hyun Joong did not win overnight, his popularity is not a one night stand!!. He’s been all over internet, which is the most powerful communication medium nowadays. His fan networks are all addict to KHJ, and he has been out there on his exposure from June 2011 till at present, his updates were tremendous, if not, a lot of his fans blog or twit about him in his absence. He never stops and so with his network of fans!! Hyun Joong make sure not a single fan is being left out from news about him. There are a lot of factor on why Hyun Joong is suddenly on popularity boost, he so contagious!!

Only that the snowball is running too fast, and I’m happy about all of these news coming out. But the after effect falls on Hyun Joong, because I know he wasn’t expecting he would be able to gain as much as overwhelming success.  He can’t go back bringing the same material in his bag, there has to be something new. Although he had mentioned that he’ll prepare again for his next stage, and Hyun Joong is a type of artist who brings about new changes on stage, as often as he change his hair style and image!!! Anyway, I trust Hyun Joong, he’s very creative and he actually wants to do a lot more.

But he has to take care of himself, he hadn’t taken rest since June last year. If ever he’s out of our sight, he’s at his studios working. Oh poor thing! Do you remember, last December before he release his digital single Marry Me in Dec.15? He was on silent mode, that all the while we thought he was on vacation or resting. But he was spotted at the airport coming back from US, and there were photos of him with his choreographer Lyle Beniga, which means he was at work, most likely working on the remix and extended version of Breakdown & Lucky Guy which he used for the year end presentation.

The management of Universal Music stated that, this is only the beginning, there will be more from Kim Hyun Joong.  He has certain desire to host a concert at Tokyo Dome in the near future.      Alleluia….Thank God….it’s Kim Hyun Joong!!!

World Tour Concert is also in his agenda, If this happens, it’s not only Yokohama fever that would experience hang overs!! What if he visits the rest of the countries all over the world and all his fans mesmerized and left with hang overs!! Then what could be the best medicine for it??

I can’t imagine the entire world getting hang overs from Kim Hyun Joong!!!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HANG OVER!!

  1. I think his a virus that can’t be cure.. At least I won’t want to cure it…No thanks no medicine for me. His my personal brand of drug a drug that makes me smile, laugh, dream, dance, sing, go to cloud 9, talk to myself and think, just by looking at him! I don’t blame those fan for there hang over many of us would do the same even if they send the S.W.A.T. team to moves us we won’t move cause of that awesome angel on the picture and if they did I surely will go back again until they take the poster down… hahaha…

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