Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TOUCH OF GOLD

By: LazerKim             There you go folks, it’s confirm Kim Hyun Joong finally got the gold! It’s all over the news now, Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese album gained over 100,000 copies on it revenue sales, in a span of two weeks. Don’t you love that news!! Hyun Joong debuted his album featuring Kiss KIss and Lucky Guy in Japanese version on January 25. His album maintain its ranking no.2 at the Oricon Music Daily Chart.

I knew it, anything that Hyun Joong touches or work on turns to gold. This time it’s really gold, Kiss KIss is now a gold record. Oh my, this is really something, I wonder if he’ll be awarded like in Taiwan!!! If so, my goodness, Hyun Joong already got his first award for 2012. Actually he already got one from AllKpop for the Best Solo Male Artist which was awarded to him while he was in Japan, but that award was for 2011.

Well, Hyun Joong did not only mark history in Japan music industry, being the first foreign artist to gain the highest album sales of over 70,000 copies on his debut’s first day sales. He was also a record breaker to gain the gold record on his debut. The lucky guy is indeed the luckiest but in reality, he had worked hard, he has his full dedication and determination to be a winner.

I think Hyun Joogn has to continue with his music, because this is where he excel, at least for one more album before he gets down to drama. There are a lot of his fans though who’s aching to see him on small screen again, but I’m hoping he would sing as much OST as he can for the drama he’ll be working on if ever. But I still want him to sing and dance. Gosh even his songs are addicting!!

What else can I say, Hyun Joong’s success is just so overwhelming. I’m truly proud to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Just bear in mind…anything Hyun Joong touches it turns to gold. To Hyun Joong…. Congratulations……this is just the beginning. More power to you!

                                                                                         Lazerkim here writing

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2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TOUCH OF GOLD

  1. Congratulations Kim Hyun Joong ssi!!! We are so proud of you! You deserve it and much more.. Let him sing more and more dramas can wait if those that will love to see him again on small screen can’t wait just buy his two drama and play them back again and again like I do.. I watch them all the time I have taken a complete day to watch the 16 episodes of Playful Kiss in only one day with the help of some goodies next to me is a dream girl night indeed. When his prepare to make a new one I’ll be here to watch it and buy it!

    Again Congratulations my Alien Prince for you Gold Record!

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