Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STRONG ALLY Bea Yong Joon

By: LazerKim                    Kim Hyun Joong with full smiles, had gone home back to Korea on Feb. 8 after his successful debut in Japan on January 25, and victorious concert in Feb 5, filling up his portfolio with another set of documented achievements. While Hyun Joong was busy preparing stage for his concert at Yokohama Arena, in Feb.3, his boss Bae Yong Joon was spotted together with Hyun Joong in Tokyo at Ginza Senkichi Udon a curry noodle shop. Bae Yong Joon owner of KeyEast has been Hyun Joong’s mentor and strongest foundation in his career, considering BYJ had been supporting Hyun Joong in all his projects.

For a briefer, Bae Yong Joong is the pioneer of Hallyu, as he was the first star actor, who brought Korean Drama to the international community. Bae Yong Joon starred in the drama Winter Sonata in 2002, that made a huge hit in Korea and all parts of Asia. Until such time, Bae Yong Joon became very popular in Japan as his Japanese fans called him Yonsama, a Japanese highest noble title. Hyun Joong had been in close associate with Bae Yong Joon long before he moved in to Keyeast as his agent.

While I was monitoring the events taking place in Feb. 5, as the concert was currently going on, I can’t help to wonder, how BYJ feels about seeing the huge support coming from Hyun Joong’s fans, and the series of success that KHJ has been gaining. Somewhere along the lobby of Yokohama Arena, there were photos of flowers given by many companies and friends of Hyun Joong, as a gesture of congratulatory. I was searching a bouquet coming from Yonsama, as he did last November 2011 HyunJoong’s first concert in Japan. And there you go…photo below. Flowers from Bae Yong Joon.

I’m happy to know that Yonsama came over to Tokyo to visit Hyun Joong before the concert. I also came to know that Hyun Joong was the sole singer among KeyEast managing artist. KeyEast has been in full support to Hyun Joong, from his come back stage, first album as soloist debut in June 2011, and this time Hyun Joong’s album debut in Japan. KeyEast pour out 100 percent of its support to Hyun Joong, and apparently Bae Yong Joon as the owner of the company,  takes pride of Hyun Joong’s successful endeavor.

As I mentioned in my recent article Secret to Success, Hyun Joong’s hard worked craft could be nothing without the backing up of KeyEast, and that is an obvious fact. Hyun Joong was given the liberty to create his music as he worked hands on, in every details of his projects, while KeyEast provided what was needed to materialized his craft. And Hyun Joong as the first and sole singer of KeyEast, as he brought in a huge success to the company, may eventually venture on large scale music in the near future. Why not??

Hyun Joong mentioned in one of his interviews, that he is always at his best in every performance, knowing the KeyEast staffs are with him, he would want them to take pride of whatever success he gains. For Hyun Joong it’s a team work that’s behind him and not only by himself.

I feel happy with the full support that Bae Yong Joon has been giving Hyun Joong, and as a mentor, BYJ had been nurturing his Hyun Joong with much professional guidance.  On the part of the company KeyEast, venturing on Hyun Joong may be a huge investment at stake, but Hyun Joong’s music is a worthwhile project, that his fans awaits for more from him…

To Bae Yong Joong and KeyEast….thank you for taking care of Kim Hyun Joong!!      

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, thanks!

 Credits: toamto99, hyunbar,always be w/u, a-hlia, thanks!


5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STRONG ALLY Bea Yong Joon

  1. Hi good morning!! I’ve been reading your comment box. thanks a lot! Many will learn from you. You know what? Many disagreed when i posted this article, saying KeyEast or BYJ should be thankful to HJ. Many did not understand and so I followed b up by another article about the role of BYJ to HJ not only in his career but also in his personal reality. BYJ had been in the showbiz industry for 18 years but his feet remained firmly on the ground. I’m truly glad HJ moved in to KeyEast. HJ will be influenced one way or another but being influenced of making him a better artist specially in artist behavior, professionalism, and beyond this is business. I believe HyunJoong’s drastic maturity is because he’s learning, and learning right for all goodness…. thanks to you…nice to read your comments to start my morning!! have a nice day…

    • Don’t understand why other people will disagreed with this article or any article in article of BYJ or any other people being a big role on KHJ career cause BYJ could have pick any other artist or he didn’t cause really do he need it.. like i mentioned before his multi talented and famous himself. He took KHJ under his wings cause he believe on his talent and for that both are graceful for each others. Even KHJ has spoken great things about BYJ why not us give him the merit he deserve.. his being a positive influence of KHJ and again the are both winners here.. I like that about you … you speak better say write what comes out of your heart what you really believe is the truth and what is the correct thing..
      Keep writing from your heart cause I will keep reading.. Oh I know you read all my comments box I understand you can’t reply them all goes you might need a 48 hour day to do sooo LOL cause I’m not the only one… but again I understand all your writing and for that I thank you.. Good Morning to you my friend and good night for me.. I believe if we lived closer will be good friend UNITE IN ONE for KHJ! LOL XOXO

  2. We as fans are very graceful for Bae Yong Joong for taking a change on our Idol, this man has been more than a mentor to KHJ, he has been the man behind the man that being famous and talented himself saw the talent and the super great potential on KHJ and open his hands to him without no doubt at all. Thanks Bae Yong Joong for supporting our Idol and helping him on his career.

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