Kim Hyun Joong… [article] REAL PRO

By: LazerKim                 Kim Hyun Joong had successfully held his debut commemoration concert Premium Live in Feb.5 at the Yokohama Arena, attended by over 20,000 Japanese fans. Hyun Joong was spotted in Feb.3 at the venue, in preparation for the said concert. It was said that the Japanese production staffs were impressed by Hyun Joong’s professionalism in seriously attending to the production preparation prior to the actual show. And I’m proud of Hyun Joong being a real pro in following the SOP for every artist who steps on any stage that they are to perform.

I’ve been following Hyun Joong through his video footage, and he got lots of behind the scene preparation for his performance. He’s very consistent and he religiously take time on stage blocking prior to the actual show performance. Be it performing a concert in a huge stage, smaller stage, TV recorded shows ect.he practically bring along his Artmatic dancers to rehearse choreography blocking with him, he personally check on the audio specially his microphone setting and even include lights and effects.

The night before he performed at the huge stage of MAMA in Singapore, he rehearse with Artmatic till dawn including dress rehearsal, for a single performance of Lucky Guy. That’s how perfectionist Hyun Joong is. He practically makes the call even his Hyung the captain of Artmatic was around. He’ll rehearse with his back up until he feels comfortable dancing on that stage. Then Hyun Joong and his back up even rehearse the dance wearing their costumes or outfit for the performance.

In every stage blocking he does, he’s quite serious the entire time. Then hours before the actual performance he double check on his microphone and head set monitor and stage audio. That is how meticulous Hyun Joong had become when he started performing solo. He’s 100 percent focus specially on show run through if he’ll perform a concert, it’s an actual performance without the audience. The music audio, microphones, lights, effects, costumes or outfits to be worn during the actual show and all cast whoever is included in the show does this on performance level. Whatever the outcome of the technical rehearsal will be seen in the actual show.

Last year before the year ended in December, Kim Hyun Joong performed a cover version of Bi Rain’s Rainism. I was truly impressed by how he executed the choreography, the essence of the original choreography was there, but he did it at his style. He had brought sophistication on the theme of the music, his movements were precise, simple but clear choreography and no extra unnecessary movements.

I could see from the video that he was extra careful with his moves of not overdoing it, because the music he was using was from his sunbae! I’m very sure Bi Rain would be happy to see his fan Hyun Joong, dancing with his piece. Bi Rain had been a long time idol of Hyun Joong, he did this cover as a tribute to Bi Rain.

Then I remembered when he performed in Japan, I think he was promoting Playful Kiss that time, he’ll be singing only one song, One More Time, but still he went to the venue prior to the show and rehearse the song to check on the audio setting. Hyun Joong is that professional. He will not go and just stand on stage and sing. He’s very careful with his credibility. For a singer like Hyun Joong, microphone and audio monitor is vital to him.

A lot of times, he’s at the back stage completely dressed up, waiting for his turn to be on stage, but he’s still dancing his routine at the back stage waiting for his turn!  And so far I’ve watched almost all his solo performance video footage, there wasn’t a single mistake in his dance routine and he’s very careful with it, specially if he’s dancing with back up dancers. I wouldn’t say Hyun Joong is less confident, he’s always on guard, no matter how big or small the crowd there is in front of him, he doesn’t lose focus on his performance nor overdo it.

Just don’t let him talk!! LOL !!! Because for sure he’ll say something unconventional!!

Kim Hyun Joong had outgrown his playfulness from SS501 and turned to a real pro as a solo performer had done a lot of goodness to his career. His matured hard working attitude, his dedication and passion to his craft had brought him to the heights of his popularity and successful performances on any stage he steps in.

You might be curious what he does at his dressing room while waiting for his turn to be on stage. There he is, photo below, he’s holding his i-pad, he’s not playing games as he clearly stated in his interview in Singapore that he’s not fond of games. He’s either checking on his schedule or anything pertaining his project. When he was still with SS501, he normally chat and play with his members. But now, he spends all his waking hour having his work planted in his mind.

In a video interview, Hyun Joong stated that whenever he perform,it’s his fans who’s giving his great inspiration specially when they start to cheer for him while he performs, gives him the energy 120 percent adrenaline!! This is very true to any dancer or any performer for that matter, specially Hyun Joong sing and dance at the same time, it’s his audience that gives him extra boost to his energy.  During the recent concert he performed in Feb 5, over 20,000 pairs of eyes were focused on Hyun Joong while he performed. And he was able to win them all!!

It wasn’t that easy since he’s performing live in a huge spacious arena, and it is his objective to be able to reach the hearts of his audience from the front row near the stage, right up on top of the very last row of the balcony. But Hyun Joong succeeded with this objective. Obviously everyone inside the arena enjoyed the full one hour show by just one man singing and dancing in front of them, as they cheered and screamed on top of their voices.

How was he able to achieve in that huge arena?? Well, Hyun Joong was well prepared, as I’ve mentioned earlier, he just doesn’t just stand on stage and sing. He personally checked on every details on where he will perform…. That’s Kim Hyun Joong, a real pro…..aren’t you proud of being his fan???

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] REAL PRO

  1. Ohhh yeahhh I’m proud and love the idea of us fans being his inspiration and his main goal to makes us happy by giving us an espectacular performance… we as a fan wouldn’t judge him if somethings goes bad on the stage things do happen and we surely understand, but KHJ (Mr. Perfect) loves to check all before he goes up on stage and that makes it remarkable on him.. I know is because he won’t care what critics or headlines might say is cause in his mind he thinks we deserve the best of him and I can say one thing is that he never has let us down.. I admire his perfection on making all a sucess.. That’s a trait of him that will never fade like his 4D personality..

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