Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAGE FASHION

By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong the singer,dancer,actor, had performed in many different stages in promoting his first two albums. And every time he does, he wears different costumes or outfit and for special performances like the Awards Night, he may be using the same music piece but adding variation to his piece that would appear something new in it. And it was very effective. I deliberately collected photos gather them and see for yourself that he does not repeat the same costume for every performance even he performs the same music piece, which he had no choice since he’s promoting his album. Hyun Joong is fond of fancy costumes on stage, contrary to his own personal usual taste which is simple nothing flashy.

We start off with his first come back stage performance of Breakdown which is my favorite. This was his first transformation to appear in the public eye on stage.

The photo on top was performed on Mnet 20’s Choice Awards with the theme King of Pirates, Hyun Joong’s costume, stage set up, water splash choreography was perfect for the summer event, but it rained that night which made this portion of the show more effective. Hyun Joong’s choreography idea was to get wet for real, and so the timing made it even perfect!! In 2010, Hyun Joong was awarded by Mnet 20’s Choice Award for the Most Influential Star at the same venue.

On his speech he stated ” I hope to perform on this stage instead of receiving an award”. And so in 2011 his wish was granted, he performed this spectacular version of Breakdown. I’ve watched almost all Hyun Joong’s Breakdown performance and for me this is the best version. He lip sync the song, which is quite understandable, considering the choreography was done with water and the idea is to show off the dance ability of Hyun Joong on water splash.

The next costume collection is from Kiss Kiss, Hyun Joong stated that it was the lowest budget among his music, in terms of production cost, but it was very effective specially in Japan which gained a lot of attention, marked a history in Japan music industry as the first foreign artist to gained the highest album sales of more than 70,000 copies on its debut first day.

Hyun Joong performed Kiss Kiss in a totally different image, totally contrast to Breakdown. His image here is kinda boy next door, and the cutest among his songs. Kiss Kiss in Korea had its top placer at the billboard, but may not be as big hit as Breakdown, but the song did a smash hit in Japan as Hyun Joong made a Japanese version of the song, that created history in the Japanese music industry.

Another song of Hyun Joong Lucky Guy also made it at the billboard as it was released in October 2011, four months after he debuted as solo artist.

Again Hyun Joong changes his image for this particular album Lucky Guy as his second. His image here is kinda Casanova or a gambling dandy, wherein Hyun Joong created an image of another type of real man. His costumes here signifies rich extravagant flashy in the real sence of fashion. The choreography was based on rock and roll wherein the entire body moves are rather bouncy. Listening to the music alone would instantly make your foot tap at its beat. The entire production is very effective and very lively in glittering costumes that Hyun Joong spiced up to this music piece.

Apparently these three production packages were being performed by Hyun Joong in most of his appearances. As he clearly specified in one of his interviews, that he does not repeat any of the costumes which he had already worn in other performances. Except those he had worn in concerts, which is quite understandable that he’s a solo performer to do a one hour concert by himself doesn’t give him much to do with stage costume quick changes.

Whatever image he portray on stage or on small screen, Hyun Joong is very meticulous to what he wears. He may have over a dozen of jackets, suits and shirts, but he never repeat his costume from one performance to another, most particularly on these productions.

Kim Hyun Joong is a very unique artist, having the power to transform his image in just a matter of glimpse.  And this makes him special among other artist. Kim Hyun Joong is truly the only one…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAGE FASHION

  1. The clothes for the performance take a very important role especially to give life to the music and even to help on his movement on stage.. It’s part of any performer, but KHJ gives life to his concert not only with his customes that by the way makes him look so hot… I love his nerdy looks don’t know why but watching him in nerdy clases makes him so sweet, lovable and interesting.. but also with his charm.. Me I don’t care if he uses the same custome or not it’s just clothes I will want to see him dance, sing, laugh, smile and talk! Nevertheless with his stage fashion he gives us a variety of his music and leaves a good impression even to those that are not his fans.

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