Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SECRET TO SUCCESS

By LazerKim:               Welcome back home!!! Kim Hyun Joong finally got back home to Korea with his bag filled with documentary achievements from his business trip in Japan!! And when he faces his boss Bae Yong Joon to report his accomplishments, his boss would say “Hyun Joong ah, job well done, not bad, not bad at all!” And Hyun Joong would reply “Hyung, let’s drink to that!!!” LOL!!

I wonder, what could be the secret to Hyun Joong’s successful concert and his Japanese album debut? I have written an article “Key to Success”, in which pertained to his successful year 2011 as Hyun Joong debuted as a solo artist. And I have mentioned a certain formula in which Hyun Joong followed all through out the year 2011, that brought him to where he is. Now let’s dissect further on that formula and see what’s the secret behind his success in Japan.

In my article “Key to Success” I gave four factors out of the formula. First factor is, Hyun Joong’s hard work, consisting of strong determination, dedication & passion to his craft. Second is, KeyEast, Hyun Joong’s hard worked craft would lead to nothing without financial backing up which KeyEast had provided. In addition, KeyEast is the career strategist of Hyun Joong in which I appreciate for doing a good job. Third factor is, right timing, which is vital to any of Hyun joong’s project. Fourth and last factor is, Hyun Joong’s Network of fans. They said, word of the mouth is the most powerful advertising instrument, and of course internet played a vital role, where Hyun Joong’s fans communicate.

Kim Hyun Joong performed his concert perfectly, as he was able to conquer the hearts of over 20,000 Japanese fans who were actually there at the concert to enjoyed his show, not to mention those fans outside the venue and all over the world who’s eyes were glued at the internet monitoring the event. Without any of us had the slightest idea on how did it happen? How could Kim Hyun Joong able to create such a huge crowd for a rookie like him?

Hyun Joong was not alone in making this concert possible, of course. But his power to create a crowd can no longer be under estimated. His popularity had grown ten times from the time he debuted as solo artist. In Japan that was pretty obvious, since he was there in November last year to perform a concert in at least seven cities. The number of Japanese fans that time was nothing to compare with the fans who attended this concert in Yokohama Arena, considering this is just one area in Japan. Not to mention the other 40,000 who signed up for this concert, but were not able to accommodate at the venue. This was a complete snowball in Hyun Joong’s network of fans. And it’s just so amazing!

Let’s look back, and rewind a bit in November 2011 when Hyun Joong held his first series of concert. That time Hyun Joong signed up a contract under Universal Music as his home base in Japan to license his music. After the series of concert, he came back home to Korea and prepared his Japanese version of his songs. Before Hyun Joong flew to Japan this year in January, the company Universal Music did their job on advertising the upcoming album of Hyun Joong. Prior to the album release, Hyun Joong’s commercial ad under AEON  using his song Kiss Kiss as theme for the ad was already out on Japan TV commercials while Hyun Joong was already in Japan. In short, the public awareness was fully attained before Hyun Joong’s album debut.

The album was released on January 25th, which was well awaited by Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans. The concert was set on Feb.5 on a Sunday afternoon. What does this mean? It’s Sunday, no work, no school, it’s practically a free day for majority of the Japanese. The concert started at 6pm and ended around 7pm, although prior to the showtime, there was a five hours allotted time to squeeze in the crowd!! Therefore everyone was given lee way at their convenience to be able to attend the concert. But who would expect a huge crowd to like this? I’m sure not even Hyun Joong was expecting this much. Although there must be a forecast considering the concert tickets were sold out long before Hyun Joong arrived in Japan.

As I mentioned earlier, right timing is vital to any project launching of Hyun Joong. And I commend KeyEast Hyun Joong’s career strategist for doing a real good job. Hyun Joong’s hard work and everything attached to it, is a given fact, but let’s face it, Hyun Joong alone could not have done it. The people behind the scene, behind Hyun Joong did their part to gain an excellent event, resulted to a successful concert. But I’m very sure, not even these people or the management of Universal Music, who’s managing Hyun Joong’s Japan activities, wasn’t expecting a huge crowd from the concert. Because if so, they should have chosen a bigger venue instead, to accommodate all the 60,000 Japanese fans.

Watching from the outcome of this event, some businessmen would take advantage of the timing and would probably hold another concert part 2. But no, Hyun Joong didn’t do it. Well, I guess Hyun Joong knows how his fans feel. As I’ve mentioned in my recent blog Concert Rewind, after watching the concert from the video I felt being more addictive to Hyun Joong, what more for those Japanese fans who were actually there. But I think Hyun Joong would prefer to have something new again when he steps on Japanese stage again. Well, that could be a good strategy, anyway, Hyun Joong would always be around his fans. There will always be exposures of him again, and he knows when.

There you have it, the secret to success of Hyun Joong’s recent Premium Live Concert. Of course this is just my own analysis. But do you know that there’s one tiny little factor that I did not include in my analysis? That is Hyun Joong’s personal touch on everything. Remember, Hyun Joong has given the liberty by KeyEast to do what he wants in terms of his own music, and he mentioned this in one of his interviews, music shall be at his personal discretion which was included in his contract with KeyEast.

And another tiny bit, Hyun Joong’s personal touch on his relationship with his fans, that he carefully took care personally by himself. Do you remember his constant correspondence with his fans? Anyway, I’ll talk about this on my next blog, because there’s more about it. Let’s just bear in mind that whatever success Hyun Joong attain, is also ours, his fans. Let’s be at his side, as he fills up his portfolio of documentary achievements. Well, whether he’s up or down, let’s stick with him, and stay by his side.

Now that Hyun Joong is finally home, I’m happy that he can eat well, because when he was in Japan, he only ate three types of food, curry rice, Kyu dong and soba, that’s it!! I’m sure he’s just so excited to be with Art and Matic!!. Let’s leave him to that, and rest. He’s so beautiful when he sleeps……Goodnight Hyun Joong…..have a good rest…

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

PhotoCredits to: Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog & Willpower, thanks!


One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SECRET TO SUCCESS

  1. He plans things perfectly, timing is important and giving the fans what they want in the best possible way is his first priority.. Like you mention above will be next to him in his up and his down. A true fans will stick to his Idol all the way. He takes things step by step and have the support of people and teams that back him up.. I love the way he thinks.

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