Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CONCERT REWIND

By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong did it again, his pot of gold was filled in with another successful result from the recent concert held in Feb.5 at the Yokohama arena. Over 20,000 fans attended the event, and as Hyun Joong stated during the show that there were 60,000 fans who signed up for the concert, unfortunately the venue can only accommodate 20,000 as it is the seating capacity of Yokohama Arena.The venue was full packed and it took five hours for the fans to wait outside the venue, to fall in line in getting in.

The photo below shows the scenario five hours before the show started. The doors of the arena were still closed, while the fans were there waiting patiently to open.

The photo above was the Yokohama arena before the show started. At this time, fans still were coming in and many were still outside the venue.

The photo above was taken during the show, as you can see, no one was sitting down, everyone were on their feet cheering and screaming. The photo below was taken towards the end of the show, as fans became crazy cheering and screaming on top of their voice!! And I was so envy watching this concert, because everyone was happy, everyone was enjoying every second of it.

The photo below shows why the fans got even crazier, Hyun Joong got down from the stage to get nearer to his fans, as others from up far attempted to get closer to him!!

I was monitoring the entire event through the Twitter, and seeing from these photos made me bewildered by the huge crowd that Kim Hyun Joong created!!  And I thank all these Japanese fans for being there with Hyun Joong and for their sincere support. I could only watch Hyun Joong from the video as his eyes were full of glow and apparently he was happy by his Japanese fans enthusiasm, as all of them enjoyed Hyun Joong’s show just as much as he enjoyed performing it for them.

I would say, this is a dream come true for Hyun Joong, as he wanted to see all his fans. And for us here at the internet, I’m sure we all have mutual thoughts wishing to be there with other fans enjoying Hyun Joong as he performed. But for us here, we’re also as successful as Hyun Joong to be seeing our co-fans being there supporting him. I’m so happy with this event and I’m sure it will be remembered by every Japanese fans who were actually there.

And what more can I say, Hyun Joong donated his profit share from the concert to the orphanage. I’m sure this news is not new to those who knows him very well, we all know he’s personally active in his continues charity support.

Hyun Joong mentioned that there were 60,000 fans who signed up for this concert, unfortunately the venue can only accommodate 20,000 fans. I can’t help to think, maybe if the concert was done in a bigger venue to accommodate all his 60,000 Japanese fans, then Hyun Joong’s profit share should have been bigger, then the more chances to be given to homeless kids.

The concert is a bit short since it lasted for about one hour, but more than enough to spend quality time to enjoy with Hyun Joong. Obviously the fans were happy and contented getting crazy about Hyun joong!!But can’t help to think it’s even more addicting!! As if I was given a small dosage for short relief and crave for more!!! Because after watching how the fans enjoyed the show, I would like to see more of Hyun Joong and his fans enjoying each other’s company as he performs on stage while fans cheering up for him. I would like to see this scenario again!!

I remember Hyun Joong mentioned in one of his interviews that he loves doing concerts even it requires a lot of work, because in live audience he has the chance to interact with his fans which he enjoys. And how I wish he would have the opportunity to create more music, so that he can perform a major concert, which is also one of his dreams. Of course working on drama for this year is alright, but there’s that saying “grab the pan while it’s hot.”

One very surprising fact for me is Hyun Joong’s rapid snowball of fans which is just remarkable. I wonder now, what’s next?? Well, Kim Hyun Joong is a guy with a lot of surprises and that made his fans even crazier about him!!

What made this concert successful?  It’s Kim HyunJoong’s strong determination, his hard work, passion to his craft and……. his sincere love for his fans.

                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, thanks!


One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CONCERT REWIND

  1. We do crave for more of him every second of our life but for me even a second seeing him will last me for ever in my life… I envy those that had the opportunity to see him in person, so I’ll keep dreaming and hoping to maybe not far away we also can have that chance..seeing pictures, videos and reading news is great don’t take me wrong but every fans dream is to see him in person. Hopefully those 40,000 fans that couldn’t be there that day there dream comes true also hopefully there will be a space for me…sigh +_+

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