Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LUCKY ROOKIE

By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong indeed shake the entire metropolis of Tokyo down to Yokohama the entire week by his very presence. Hyun Joong practically swept other Korean artist in Japan, by hitting the top three in the music billboard and marking a history in Japan music industry being the first foreign artist to gain sales of 70,000 copies of album on his first day debut. The climax of his visit to Japan came up yesterday Feb.5, when over 20,000 KHJ addict fans came rambling at the Yokohama Arena to watch his concert Premium Talk. Kim Hyun Joong is a lucky rookie, came out from the surface and just explode in Japan!!

There were a lot of TV cameras all over the front of the stage from different Japan Network for the full coverage of the event. The media press were also there to watch the concert, so for sure Hyun Joong will be the cover, center page of any newspaper and magazines again, probably not only in Japan but the entire continent, as Hyun Joong is the darling of the press!!

As I watched the concert encore from the video footage, which created chaos as the fans just went crazy when Hyun Joong came down from the stage and walk through the fan’s gallery area!! Gosh! I was just watching this, but it feels as if I want to run, and join in with the fans to reach out for Hyun Joong!. I can’t explain why, but something in that event, on that certain part of the encore that’s pulling me closer to Hyun Joong.

There were at over 20,000 fans as estimated seating capacity of the venue at Yokohama Arena. It was full packed as shown in the photos and videos, and watching these fans standing up during the entire concert, screaming, cheering, dancing and singing with Hyun Joong as he performed made me somewhat shivered!!  I have watched almost all the video clips of Hyun Joong’s concert from SS501 to his solo concert series in Japan in November, but this concert Premium Live was quite different. Watching the fans went crazy over Hyun Joong that made the entire arena rambled, specially during the encore part.

And then seeing Hyun Joong with a different glow in his eyes, made me truly happy for him. Apparently he enjoyed his show and the fans obviously enjoyed it too. I can imagine the addict KHJ fans who were there was given a small dosage of relief that wanted more!!! I’m sure those fans are having their hang overs this morning after the great time with Hyun Joong yesterday!! And probably wasn’t able to sleep last night thinking of how they enjoyed with him!! Well, if I was probably there, I’ll be 100 percent mesmerized!!

This morning I read a news article from Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog about Hyun Joong’s message to his fans during the concert translated as:

“My Japanese debut single “Lucky Guy” had 10,000 sales in its first week. Thank you for giving me such a good result, even though I am just a rookie. Thanks you for all the support”.       “I am sad that I wasn’t able to meet all the 60,000 fans that signed up for the concert. However, I will try to have a memorable experience with the 20,000 fans that are here right now”.

Wow!  There were 60,000 fans who signed up for the concert, that means there were still 40,000 who were not able to watch his concert, probably because the venue’s capacity was only for 20,000. Can’t help to think that Hyun Joong then has the ability to fill up Tokyo Dome. Well, maybe in the near future, if he’s prepared for a major concert, that’s possible!

Again, Hyun Joong humbled himself as he stated “Thank you for giving me such a good result even though I am just a rookie”.  Well, true enough he’s a rookie but a very very lucky rookie indeed!!! But the degree of his hard work, determination and passion to his craft, I would say he’s destined to be where he is.

Yes it’s true, I didn’t realize it, Hyun Joong is just a rookie, but ever since his come back stage performance as soloist in June 2011, he never stop. Come to think of it, it’s only been eight months since then, but his recognition, his awards, his gaining attention from home and abroad from here and there, his popularity boost rocket high and the fact that anywhere Hyun Joong goes, there’s always a crowd of fans, and a crowd of media at his tail. This is just a tremendous success for a rookie like Kim Hyun Joong!

If Hyun Joong continue his activities in his singing career, that 60,000 Japanese fans who signed up for the concert could possibly doubled in one single area alone. And for those 20,000 fans who attended the concert Premium Live, whom I assume majority were Japanese fans are probably still under Hyun Joong’s spell by now, may be wanting for more from Hyun Joong!!! I may just be here monitoring the events as it transpired, yet still wanting to see more from Hyun Joong, what more from those who were actually there in that concert!??

I read and heard about Hyun Joong’s intention for drama which I find interesting, I’ll have that topic on my next blog. More the mean time, oh how I wish Hyun Joong would create more music. You know that saying, grab the pan while it’s hot? I wanna tell him that. Honestly, Hyun Joong’s music may be just simple, but he and his music has the ability to shake the entire continent. And we all had witnessed it right before our own eyes! What’s with the guy’s magic spell???

I honestly think and feel, we fans of Kim Hyun Joong just feel the same being addicted to him…Lucky for us because we have an idol whom we can truly be proud of. Hyun Joong’s every single success is our success too. Do you feel the same way as I do, as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong?

Well, Kim Hyun Joong, you’re one lucky guy…….Congratulations…to the Lucky Rookie!!

                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, thanks!


One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LUCKY ROOKIE

  1. It’s like the titles of his songs they just fit.. Like putting them in a sentence “Please” dont you know ‘I’m your man”, and “Yes I Will” give you all my “Love” cause I’m “Fortunate” of this “Thing Called Happiness” and share with all of you “Kiss Kiss” for helping me “Break Down” my talents “One More time” I feel like a “Lucky Guy”and for that I “Smile”and will always “Thank You”… hahaha If I have miss any is “Because I’m Stupid”

    Lucky Rookie KHJ not so much but Bless Rookie yes he is!!!!

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