Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SNOWBALL OF FANS

By:  LazerKim               Kim Hyun Joong is currently in Japan as his popularity continue to snowball. He had  successful performance for AEON Valentine treat which took me by surprise seeing a crowded arena loaded with his fans yesterday Feb.4. As I’m writing this blog, the 2012 Premium Live concert of Hyun Joong is currently going on today Feb.5. The photo below was taken in real time, hours before the concert, as a crowded street and long line of fans waited outside the venue to get inside the arena.

The photo below shows how the arena was being filled up by Hyun Joong’s fans. It was said that many fans were still outside waiting for their turn to get inside. Some 20,000 fans are expected to attend this event as the seating capacity of the arena. Of course the crowd on this event is much bigger than the previous Japan First Concert of Hyun Joong in November. But the snowball of Hyun Joong’s popularity is certainly very eye catching.

The photo above shows how Yokohama Arena is, minutes before the start of the show. As everyone is familiar with the luminous U:zoosin, that every fan watching the concert holds in her hand during any show of Hyun Joong. The photo looks like a sea of green, looks like seeing the entire universe of the Alien Prince, beautiful!! The Photo below is the stage, all lighting effects are in laser.

Can’t help asking, how could this be happening, how could Hyun Joong gained such a huge crowd in just one single area in Japan? When the news about this concert broke out, everyone seem to be busy at twitter inquiring about this concert tickets, then a week before Hyun Joong fly to Japan, tickets were already sold out. Now I wonder if the international fans were able to make it for the concert? Or this might be purely Japanese fans.

The show is over, thanks to everyone from Twitter for updates! I watched the video, and it was a fantastic show. The audience were all standing the entire show and obviously the fans had a great time, everyone was singing with Hyun Joong. I enjoyed watching everyone as they hold their U:zoosin stick light dancing and singing with Hyun Joong.

For me, if the audience enjoyed the concert and if it reached height or climax of the show, then it was a successful show. The way I watched this concert I think it’s more than a success, the arena was full packed, the fans enjoyed every minute of Hyun Joong performance and it feels as if I was actually there enjoying with the other fans.

If Hyun Joong continue being as active as he is in the industry, there’s no doubt, the more his popularity would continue to snowball. This event in Japan shall always be remembered by every fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SNOWBALL OF FANS

  1. A full deserve stadium full of fans that is…He really has won all his fans hearts! And he delivered a great show as always..this is only the begging for KHJ and I wonder how does the other performer of Japan feel that him being from Korean have won so many hearts in Japan..they can’t be jealous of something he have won cause of his hard work. Is good even seen guy going with their special ones and accepting his talent too. His music reach many different people cause of the varity of songs he plays..I love the ballads the most, but all his songs touch my heart!

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