Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MEN IN BLACK w/ Bi Rain

By LazerKim:             The young generation idols do look up on their senior celebrities, that gives them inspiration  in developing their craft. Kim Hyun Joong is one of them.  When I first saw his transformation in Breakdown, I asked, what inspired him to be in black? And as I watched him performed Rainism at the Year End Presentation 2011 recently, I knew it, it’s his Sunbae, none other than the legend Bi Rain.

When I first heard the music of  Rainism last December at the Year End Presentation, I thought Rain went out of his barracks to perform for that presentation. As the camera came closer, it was only then I realized it’s Kim Hyun Joong. If he didn’t had the blonde hair, I wouldn’t recognized.

Hyun Joong had been a long time fan of Bi Rain. He said he admired his talent very much and his modesty. Hyun Joong was very mush inspired by Bi Rain firstly because of his open friendliness, being humble and like Hyun Joong,  Bi Rain has a very warm heart to his fans.

Hyun Joong cleared it out that he doesn’t want to be somebody he’s not. Well, actually he doesn’t need take other’s image and claim it to be his. Kim Hyun Joong is beyond comparable having his unique qualities of a star. He has that ability of transformation and creative. His seniors serves as his inspiration that he look up as highly regarded and respected.

He admitted in one of his interviews during his photo shoot for Hang Ten, that he dreams to have the body built of Bi Rain before he reaches the age 30. Hyun Joong puts up a regular schedule with his trainor to hit the gym, at least two hours daily. At home he puts up some horizontal bar at his toilet door, and swing his body hanging up the bar before and after going to the toilet. He’s determined to attain that built having Bi Rain as his inspiration.

Hyun Joong mentioned that he can’t bring himself to compare with Bi Rain or having the idea that one day he’ll take Rain’s crown. He doesn’t need to, because he will be able to attain his own crown and legacy instead of taking other’s place.

Hyun Joong doesn’t see himself being compared with his sunbae Rain, because they have different history background. I hardly know Bi Rain since the only drama I’ve watched was the big hit Full House.

And so I looked in to Rain’s background, honestly I was impress by his educational attainment. During his early high school days he already had that passion for dancing, even he was an introvert shy child he followed his passion for arts.

Bi Rain underwent formal education and training in dance arts and acting. In short, Rain was well equipped with arts education in building his career. I’m not sure about this, but reading from his background gave me the impression that Rain came from above average family. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I got little knowledge about Rain. Although I’m aware that he’s one of the richest celebrity in Korea next to Bae Yong Joon.

Anyway, Bi Rain started as dancer singer actor, performing solo right from the start, debuted in 2003.  Kim Hyun Joong  started as a singer with his group SS501 debuted in 2005. Both have the same artist’s category, but debuted in different ways.

Bi Rain took some time before he was accepted by his agent because of his looks. While Hyun Joong stood up and before he could sing, he was already accepted because of his looks!! Both acquired their talents in different ways too, Rain followed his passion and studied. While Hyun Joong had to struggle before he could follow his passion for music.

Rain started as a dancer right from the very start, but Hyun Joong without even being aware that he had to learn dance, because his passion with his music was with his guitar and not dancing!!

If Hyun Joong would just stand on stage, he can easily capture his audience. While Bi Rain has to exert effort to be able to do so. And both of them knows it, Bi Rain is fortunate to have a strong foundation of education in arts to attain his career. While Hyun Joong is fortunate to have excellent looks. But both are angels having a warm heart specially to the less fortunate.

Hyun Joong is smart enough to have the right choice of people to work with, he made the right choice of mentor and he has an excellent choice of inspiration that he can look up to not to follow their career paths, but to follow their good deeds. I think that’s the essence of being sunbae or senior, so as the juniors can look up to.

Hyun Joong has his own destiny, his choice is his right, he climbs his career ladder by himself, but he never forgets the people he admires even when he was still a kid. He’s quite honest about his admiration to his sunbae Bi Rain and I’m sure Bi Rain takes pride of being that to Hyun Joong.  And so, to Bi Rain my hats off to him for being a good example to the younger idols and artists.

Kim Hyun Joong will have his own crown on the right time, he was born to be a star and he’ll be up there where he is ought to be.

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

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3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MEN IN BLACK w/ Bi Rain

  1. nice article…mm..but rain was not from an above average family..he was from a poor background(it has been mentioned in his documentaries)..he was taken up by jyp in a 4-6hr long auditiob after being rejected many times because he didnt have double eye lid…rain has been idolised majorly for extreme hardwork….nd plus..honestly…he has been known for his onstage energy nd charisma…nd doesnt need effort to gain attention(like u wroteo_O..i guess its because dont know much abt rain..)..otherwise its nicely done..

    • Completely agreed! I knew KHJ before recognize Rain, but just at the very first glance at him I fell for him an the found him much more adorable! About his look n without doubt Rain is not comparable to KHJ, though KHJ is goodlooking but no wondering that has not charisma, charming, energy, hotness , talent and many so on features as Bi Rain has entirely at the highest level!

  2. I love that perfomance done by KHJ, I’m sure he made Bi Rain proud. He learns from other he don’t copy others and he admits and accept others talents as well, I have mentioned that before. Again with the comparison this is something it will never stop any performer is unique and probably sometimes few things are similiar but is not cause they copy is cause the demand of music out there takes you in the same path.. One of the good things KHJ have is that he say it publicly how he admire others and wish to be as good as them not knowing himself that he is better than most..we keep on always saying it the man is too sweet!

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