Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FOR ALL AGES!

By LazerKim:            Kim Hyun Joong was featured in a commercial ad of AEON for Kizuna Valentine, using his latest single Kiss Kiss Japanese version as the music theme for the TV ad. I think it was a very effective commercial ad, since the song Kiss Kiss is currently popular in Japan. The set up was Kim Hyun Joong with back up of five female of different ages and status category who’s dancing at his back, in which had caught my attention.

As I watched the video, the five female signifies from a grade school girl, a teenager, a young working lady, a housewife and a grandma. It’s like an evolution of woman’s growth, in its different age life stages. The ad of course is meant for AEON. But it seems to me as if it signifies the different ages of Hyun Joong’s fans!!

Observing from the video footage of any Hyun Joong’s fan autograph signing events, his fans consist of all female in different ages. From grade school girls to grandmas, and sometimes toddlers!! The housewife fans bring their toddlers with them just to be able to attend the autograph signing event! Most of these fans are Koreans and Japanese.

How was Hyun Joong able to gain such a wide scale of fans in different ages?? Well, it has something to do with the two dramas he was cast as lead male actor. Okay, let’s start off when he was still with SS501, this group is an idol group, therefore the target market that time were mostly teenagers and grade school girls.

Then Hyun Joong started doing Boys Over Flower and aired on TV at prime time, therefore Hyun Joong was all over any household, at specific time when every family member was home, from the moms of every home, the big sister, the younger sister, and there goes grandma who must be watching the same drama as her family members does.

And so Hyun Joong gained even the senior citizen’s bracket. Isn’t that great!! I remembered when he visited Manila, Hyun Joong met one of his oldest fan, a grandma who has a way beyond  admiration to him seeing from Hyun Joong’s memorabilia, seemed unbelievable with her collections of Hyun Joong photos and his other signature items, name it and grandma has it!!

After Hyun Joong did BOF, he went straight back to SS501 to work on series of concerts all over Asia, but by that time, SS501’s fans snowballed from the previous number of fans before BOF. Why was that? Because of BOF, not only the teenagers went to see the concerts, even the big sisters and probably the moms and aunts were there to watch Hyun Joong’s concerts. Seeing him not as an actor but a singer with his group members.

The next thing we knew, Hyun Joong switched agent and made another drama Playful Kiss, wherein again Hyun Joong was seen in small screen. The drama suffered a low rating until it ended. And yes I wanna talk about this, if I may touch a small issue about the drama. I’ve watched it, and it was not bad at all, only that I liked BOF’s plot and the character Yoon Ji Hoo was loved by many, better than Baek Seung Jo (the name was not easy to remember and easy to forget) at Playful Kiss. But Hyun Joong’s acting ability improved a lot better at Playful Kiss.

The issue on Playful Kiss, I think it lacked promotion, that public awareness was not as successful as it should be in Korea. Because it was quite surprising that the drama suffered low rating in Korea but was well accepted overseas, specially at the internet which gained a lot of attention. I can’t think of other rationality but I’m sure something went wrong somewhere.

Anyway, going back to AEON, there were articles I’ve read and videos I’ve watched that Hyun Joong indeed left the AEON production cast and staffs a good impression about Hyun Joong, being well mannered and cheerful with everyone there while filming the ad. Well, after researching all about Kim Hyun Joong, everyone just say the same things about him consistently for all seasons!!

One would know a celeb’s real self once you get to work with them, talk with them off cam or at the back stage. And during the time I research about Hyun Joong, from videos, news articles, from people who had experienced his concerts, people whom Hyun Joong worked with production staffs of any of his projects, including those other celebs like Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum ect., from other idol groups, his SS501 members and from his boss Bae Yong Joon. Everyone echoed the same comments about Hyun Joong.

I’m not trying to be self serving for Hyun Joong here, I write what my eyes can see, and what I hear and read. When reading between the lines is even easier, because Hyun Joong is a very transparent person.

Hyun Joong had gained a lot of fans from different age bracket, from all walks of life, and from the different social status. Every fan is different from one another, but they have one common ground, they are all female and they are all addicted to one particular person and that is the Alien Prince… Kim Hyun Joong!!

Oh well, can’t imagine how grandma can appreciate Hyun Joong’s Breakdown!!  The music may not be grandma’s type of music, but then it’s Hyun Joong’s music, she practically bought the CD and listened to it. Well, why not? It’s her favorite grandson’s music, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not her type of music, she’ll listen to it, because….it’s Kim Hyun Joong….end of story!!!

                                      Kim Hyun Joong, you’re simply amazing!!!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FOR ALL AGES!

  1. LOL…it’s KHJ the name said it all.. His fans varies in ages mostly cause his HOT we all know that, only a blind person can’t see that, but if you describe him to them they will agree with you. His personality shines on his own and what women don’t love or dream with a man like him, looks, intelligence and funny awesome personality and for older grandma the one and only thing they always think of having as a grandson or son is a guy with good manner he is so polite and had never disrespect any human being..his just a dream!

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