Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEYOND COMPARABLE

By: LazerKim            I read a couple of articles about Kim Hyun Joong being compared with Jang Geun Suk. I do not know why people compare them since both have different origin. Or maybe because of their common ground that both are blessed with good looks and perhaps they actually have the same profession.

I know very little about Jang Geun Suk, and I’m a Kim Hyun Joong bias, but I’ll lay my assessment on how well I know both.

Kim Hyun Joong debuted in 2005 with the group SS501 while Jang Geun suk debuted in 1997. There’s at least twelve years difference as far professional experience is concern, although KHJ is older than JGS by one year, KHJ was born in 1986 and JGS was born in 1987.


As an actor Jang Geun Suk had at least six dramas as lead and i have watched three of those. The first drama I’ve seen by JGS was Marry Me Mary. Whenever I watch drama I’m more interested in the plot, rather than the actor’s technical acting. I liked Marry me Mary, and I think JGS did good, I think the character he portrayed suits him perfectly. The second is You’re Beautiful, the plot was okay, but I think he’s bit over act the character. The third was Beethoven Virus which is too dragging so I didn’t finish it.

I watched the only two dramas of Kim Hyun Joong and I liked both Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss. I like Hyun Joong’s character as Yoon Ji Hoo for BOF and Baek Seung Jo for Playful Kiss.

In their singing career, I would say Kim Hyun Joong is not the best singer, but I have not heard him singing out of tune except on his last fan meeting with SS501 when he was controlling to break down to tears. While Jang Geun Seuk was not always sure of his tune in fact he always gets out of tune every time he sings live. Kim Hyun Joong had successfully released his two mini albums that hit the billboards on top rank to solidify his artist’s category as solo singer while I have not heard Jang Geun Suk release any album as yet.

Kim Hyun Joong apparently is a very good dancer, he’s born a natural dancer, while Jang Geun Suk has always been trying hard but I just couldn’t find any passion in dancing from him. And most of the time he’s that awkward!! I guess he knows it, but still tries hard.

As a commercial model, well both KHJ and JGS has beautiful perfectly cut features, but there’s a certain blank expression KHJ projects that is capturing while JGS remains the same in his pictorials.



Both KHJ and JGS have strong charisma, JGS can easily smile and can be as jolly while KHJ has a rare smile but when he does, it can melt anybody’s heart and his glaze is so capturing. Both are fashion icon except that Hyun Joong carries himself perfectly while Geun Suk tends to overdo his style.



And of course Kim Hyun Joong is much sexier than Jang Geun Suk. Hyun Joong’s  abs, firmed muscle all over, is at the right proportion while JGS needs a better work out, he’s rather skinny for his height.

Even Jang Geun Suk wins over Kim Hyun Joong, I would say he has to be, considering he started at least much earlier than Hyun Joong. And popularity wise just the same, JGS had to advance. But KHJ has the ability to hit his popularity rating in time.



As we all know Kim Hyun Joong has a weird 4D personality, and it was said that Jang Geun Suk has a weird side too. I can only justify from the latest video that I watched at Tokyo Dome. KHJ’s weird personality is so cute while JGS’s weirdness for me is irritating. I find him to be overdoing a lot, from dressing up, down to his weirdness, which is I no longer find it funny or cute.

Kim Hyun Joong had been performing as solo for a year and half, while Jang Geun Suk had been an actor, singer for five years, so maybe the least I can compare them is by their physique and personality.

For me, Kim Hyun Joong’s special uniqueness is beyond comparable to any other artists. He may not be perfect, he has his own flaws too, but then those flaws can sometimes be so cute on him too!!!

                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

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5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEYOND COMPARABLE

  1. KHJ is a one man,he’s himself so he shudnt be compared wit anyone,duration does not matter bt aew dos little time was spent,kim Is just supernatual nd pls is dat JGS a gal?

  2. For me there is no comparison at all, IDK if is because I’m blinded by my love for KHJ but come on people just look at them side by side and you’ll see. I think is natural in people trying to compare but everybody unique in their way..there will be no other one like KHJ and he can never be nobody else..He work for him and his fans and not thinking of who’s better than who..his to humble for that so why compare him! For use fans he will always be the best in all! Hands down!

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