Kim Hyun Joong… [article] THINKING ALOUD!!

By LazerKim:               As Kim Hyun Joong is currently busy with his activities in Japan, probably preparing for his show on Feb. 5, may I switch a little from current news. Actually there’s not much about Kim Hyun Joong today and so I went hopping on other blogs. As I was just passing by other blogs, my attention was caught by a news item, not about Kim Hyun Joong, but other celeb that I would like to share with you and connect with the Alien Prince!!My attention was caught by two topics from the news items, first is about the break up of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, second is the SS501 members.

First topic was the news item about Lee Min Ho and her lead lady in City Hunter Park Min Young. It was said that they were dating since July last year and that they broke off by the end of December. There were comments from the fans, some were sad about the break up, but most of the comments said it’s a fake relationship between Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young.

Many of the celebrities everywhere even in Hollywood, uses a love team or something, for publicity purposes. Or sometimes the fans are like match makers, pairing up their idols usually with their leading lady. So far, Hyun Joong had done two of his dramas and had not been linked with any of his leading ladies.

Hyun Joong’s fans tried to paired him up with Hwang Bo when he did the TV reality show We Getting Married, but, fortunately their episode had to cut short  due to conflict schedule since Hyun Joong was about to work on Boy Over Flower. The fan’s attention was diverted to BOF, and had forgotten about Hwang Bo pairing up with Hyun Joong. That’s great!

My point is, Hyun Joong can be popular as he is right now on his own, without using other celebs to push him up. So far, he’s doing great, he’s coming up clean and so far no distasteful publicity about him. Hyun Joong is quite smart enough not to indulge himself to such love team, that I’m sure he’s not into it, even his fans would match him to other celeb.

In one of his interviews in Singapore, he was asked if he ever thought of falling in love during the time he was doing Playful Kiss. Hyun Joong replied, “I couldn’t think of falling in love that time because I was so busy memorizing my lines!”

In a video clip interview, Hyun Joong was asked, “wouldn’t you like to have a girl friend? Other actors can have their relationship at the same time they have their careers”. Hyun Joong replied, “I’m not as good as them, to have two things at the same time. I want to remain focus 100 percent to my career, because I still have lots to work on to improve myself. Many are expecting from me and I do not want to let them down specially my fans”

Hyun Joong is a handsome healthy young man. It wouldn’t be surprising if he has a lover, which is natural to any man of his age, but I believe his fans are all matured to brag about his personal relationship. If he keeps it for himself, then let’s give it to him and respect. But let’s protect him from some monster detractors!! Let’s face it, Hyun Joong is getting up there to the top, and there will come a time he’ll be challenged in other dirty tricks such as false or malicious publicity, and that’s very likely to happen. Let’s take care of him, let’s protect him.

In another topic, I have read about the other members of SS501, actually I check on them once in a while just in passing. The other members were frequent passengers of the airport same as Hyun Joong travelling from here and there. But I have noticed something, whenever Hyun Joong travels, whether the flight schedule was announced or not, there’s always a crowd of fans behind him every time he’s at any airport.

Except when he was gone to US last December that no one noticed his departure from Gimpo Airport, which I think he deliberately sneak out!! Although his personal bodyguard Mr. Joong, his manager and Artmatic captain was with him, but his fans were missing at the airport that time!! Well actually I’m sure there were some fans there otherwise there won’t be pictures of Hyun Joong’s arrival from US. It’s just that, it was not as crowded as usual whenever Hyun Joong is in the airport.

Hyun Joong has at least three men beside him as his body guards every time he travels or anywhere for that matter. These are the few that I don’t see from other members whenever they travel. Where are the SS501 fans gone? Every time I check on the members, it’s always been photos at the airport that I see. But they were just like an ordinary passengers.

As far as I know, Hyung Jun maknae is currently in Macau, he’s even carrying his travel bag, riding in a looks like a subway train and there’s also a photo of him at the airport. Then Jung Min is in Taipei, same thing he has his travel bag with him and I guess the only person with him was the one taking the picture of him at the airport. Kyu Jung I think was doing his drama and no news about Yeong Seung.

I’m just thinking loud, but I don’t hear anything spectacular about the other SS501 members. Or did I just miss anything?? I remember what Hyun Joong said at a talk show when Kang Hodong asked him how the SS501 members felt when Hyun Joong decided to go solo. Hyun Joong replied, “I don’t want our group to be disbanded, but I think it would be better to pursue with our individual careers to see our true colors”.

The obvious fact had been seen, so far it’s only Hyun Joong who’s successfully made it as solo performer. Ever since Hyun Joong did BOF, something had changed within the group. Just that I noticed Hyun Joong was less cheerful with the group, seeing from their video footage in 2009 to 2010, before their contract termination. Now it made me think, maybe the main key to SS501’s success after all was Kim Hyun Joong, even others think the other four members are better singers than him. Maybe they’re wrong.

Well, it’s in the past now, it’s done, it’s over. But Kim Hyun Joong learned a lot from his past that made him for what he is at present….A successful Alien Prince!!!

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] THINKING ALOUD!!

  1. Hello!! I share the same thoughts as you, all the while I thought I was the only one who would notice that Hyun Joong was the under dog in his group. I have watched how he was insulted by one of his members. I just couldn’t write about it because the group kept their affairs within themselves which I admired. But viewing from their video clips there are a lot of incidents HJ being left out. But finally I have concluded 2 of the members were so jealous of him. Now at least he had proven them wrong.

  2. Thank god he havent got in that kind of drama of being involved with any leading actress it would be so much stress especially when it comes to do another drama cause people will think then well he may have something with that one also and his reputation could be damage cause critics got nothing good to make up and start writing gossip to destroy the Idol..I think he answer well his main focus was to keep learning, working and progress on what his doing.. People didn’t accept KHJ as the main and most important part of the SS501 gruop mainly cause he use to not have many lines on songs back then I think he notice that so is when he started thinking since early on to make plans for him if he ever wanted to be recognize by his own talents.. He sure was the eye catcher of the group and even before the group was form he was accepted no interview, no tryout, no questions ask..He was called and will always be called the leader cause that is what he was ment to be a LEADER a Shining Star..They took him for granted in the group and for what I saw he had more talented and better voice than others..he sure made the right choice on moving on and the best way to show DSP that he was more important than just being a pretty face is where he is at the top! The guy always had that love and leadership in him I remember again I mention it before when he got sick with H1N1 and was asked about his feeling and what he could say to his fans about it he just say “I wouldn’t like nobody to get sick with this illness instead of getting contagious with H1N1 get contagious with our song “Love like this” and even the other members went crazy of love from his answer. His a professional and when the time comes he will maintain his private life away from this craziness of the press, like you mentioned let him have a normal life we fan will understand and let him be!

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