Kim Hyun Joong… [article] 4D ATTACK!!!


By LazerKim:              Hyun Joong ah…What’s with the microphone?? What’s with this guy?? Would you expect a Kim Hyun Joong would pay attention to what’s he holding?? a microphone… the media reporters, all cameras flashing on his face and here he goes, seem to be unconsciously examining the mic!!!

As I was browsing and appreciating some old photos of Kim Hyun Joong, I took a glance at the photo above, I said oh I like the color of this photo. At first I thought he was reading something. Then I scrolled back to stare at this particular photo, it was then I realized he wasn’t reading!! He was actually staring at the microphone!! Anyway, I didn’t pay too much attention and went over with the other photos. I saw this photo below…….


I think the guy seated beside Hyun Joong was getting annoyed or worried that Hyun Joong might actually be bothered by the tag attached to the microphone. Well, who knows what’s going on with Hyun Joong and the mic!!! LOL….


And because the guy seated beside Hyun Joong was worried that Hyun Joong was bothered by the tag over the mic….and so finally took the tag off the mic.. !!! But it seemed Hyun Joong actually dismantled the tag!! LOL…


And I saw this old photo, a shot taken with SS501 members, and the guy at the center is none other than Kim Hyun Joong!!! Look what he was doing, don’t you see any similarities as to what he was doing in both photos?? He was again examining the microphone!!!

There’s a caption with the photo above that says,” Kim Hyun joong was trying to dismantle that microphone he was holding”!!!…….But why would he do such thing??  That photo was taken from Beijing China during an interview, and Hyun Joong was trying to find out if Korea and China has the same microphone!!

Gosh…..if you have a date or boyfriend who acts like this out of the blues, wouldn’t you be “turned off”?….. Well?……For me, of course not, that is if Hyun Joong was my date!LOL!    I would just laugh at him, because he looks cute in it.!!!   It’s all innocent, he didn’t mean to be that to call for attention. A lot of times probably Hyun Joong forgets that all eyes are focus on him, head to foot!!

What about this photo below???  Mind you,   that’s Kim Hyun Joong!!!! LOL…


 Apparently, Hyun Joong is in a most uncontrollable yawn and his sleepyhead goes on spin at that very moment!!  The event looks like an Award Ceremony or something and it seemed he had already received an award!!! Gosh, while typing this post, I just can’t help laughing at these photos!!!  My God, he’s just so adorably cute!! I may not be aware of, but it seemed the media does not take this as negative. Well for me, how can it reflect anything negative about feeling sleepy which is natural feeling to anyone.


Take a look at Hyun Joong, it was said that he actually fell asleep during this shoot from Boys Over Flower!!……..Yah…Hyun Joong ah…wake up the camera is rolling!!! Funny to look at him while he sleeps that way, but doesn’t he looks like an angel??

Here, I think Hyun Joong took notice of those beverages in front of him. This was also a stolen shot taken during one of his fans autograph signing event. Well, out of curiosity he wasn’t contented by just looking, so he lift the bottle up and I believe he’s reading the beverage nutritional contents or from what company the beverage was from!!!

The photo below was also taken from a separate fan autograph signing. It was said that a fan gave him that banana he was eating, took a bite or two and hand it back to the fan who gave it to him. I think that’s so sweet of him. Well, that’s him…..that’s Kim Hyun Joong!!

Kim Hyun Joong was being tagged as no.3 in Ystar 4D ranking, and recently he ranked no. one!! In another event, I think he was promoting Playful Kiss, a fan asked:

Fan: How are you feeling when you see your noona fans?

KHJ: I just don’t like the sound oppa!!!. Just outwardly you can call me Ya ya…that will be more comfortable.

Hyun Joong’s talks just finished and the surrounding are flooded by “banmal” or disrespect, impolite speeches.

KHJ: Those younger than me shouting  Ya ya will show out their character!! ….LOL…

In a press conference of Playful Kiss, Hyun Joong was asked “You come to receive love from both Jang So Min and Lee Si Young, what’s reaction”?  Then Hyun Joong replied in a long litany about Lee Si Young, then….

KHJ: ” With Ha ni…….(pause)…..yes (pause)…..wait, what am I talking about again?”….  (Jang So Min felt awkward.)

Reporter: Your ideal type of girl.

KHJ: Ah….well…then..Hani is my ideal type too….if she likes me.

Then, out of nowhere Hyun Joong asked Hani,  ….”do you like me??” There was roar of laughter because of Hyun Joong’s expression as if he was suddenly at lost or distracted, then just to cover up the long pauses he just spilled out the most unconventional question directed to Jang So Min, that placed her in an awkward situation!!

Kim hyun Joong’s 4D personality is his nature, it’s unscripted, nothing is fake, but just being straight forwarded is the reason why people goes near him, as what the media describe Hyun Joong’s nuts!! It was said that even cute pronunciation error also sublimate his 4D charisma.

Do you remember this press con at MAMA in Singapore last November 29, 2011? There were media reporters from different countries all over the world, then a German reporter asked Hyun joong “What can you say about girls from Germany? And he replied, “Whenever I hear of German, the first thing that comes to my mind is Sausage and Draft Beer”!!!  LOL….a big roar of laughter came from everyone on that conference hall…!!!

In another media interview during his photo shoot with Hang Ten, the reporter stated, that on a survey from women with the question asked “Who among the stars would you like to prepare breakfast”, Hyun Joong ranked first, followed by Lee Min Ho second and Jang Dong Gun the third. The reporter asked Hyun Joong’s reaction, as he replied……”What could be the common ground that the three of us  ranked? Could it be the dark circles in our eyes”?   Then again out of nowhere, he was discussing his problem about having dark circles in his eyes, and treating them with salmon and broccoli!!!

He actually mentioned his dark circles or eye bugs in his eyes in another talk show he guested at SBS Strong Heart. He disclosed his problem about it, and frankly said he had laser treatment for it several times, but unfortunately did not take effect. Kang Hodong the host of the show was shocked at Hyun Joong’s honesty but laughed hard about it.!!!

Hyun Joong doesn’t mind spilling out anything about him, so long as he’s being truthful to himself and to everyone. As he always say, he wants to live a normal life in spite of his present status of being a star. He wouldn’t even mind drinking along the street with tent that sells soju. The guy is so down to earth aside from his candid honesty and his funny 4D personality, I think he is a lovable type of person, anyone can easily love him for his being transparent.

At first glance at him or even the first time you meet him, you wouldn’t say, what you see is what you get. Because his outlook is very different from his inner self, needless to say, just look at his handsome face and you’ll get what I mean.

Oh well, I’m not even halfway of describing Kim Hyun Joong actually, there are lots more interesting tales about him that I can write!! It’s fun to be doing this, I love talking about him because he’s a man of many sides that can not be seen in his physical outlook and yet he doesn’t hide it. He has a lot of flaws, but those flaws are yet still lovable!!

Hyun Joong wondered why was he called Mr. Perfect, because he knows his weaknesses and had accepted it just as much as the media, his fans and everyone who knows him had embraced him for who he really is in the real life. He might have out grown his flower boy image but, his quirky personality remained inside him.  A flower boy looking innocent but funny.

                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged thanks!


3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] 4D ATTACK!!!

  1. How not to love that on him…that what makes KHJ his burst of 4D personality his way of going into space on any occasion, his ways of answering exactly what comes out of his heart and mind…his unique and that so special about him, He is so down to earth and have been so graceful of all he had achived that nothing goes to his head..for him he still don’t realize that all eyes are on him even if his not the one that’s been interview, look or watch! It’s like when his up there on any stage or interview the stage is all him, nothing else matter. Hope he never changes cause that what make the ONE and Only KHJ!

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