Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ADDICTIVE FANS!

By:  LazerKim           The management team of Universal Music stated that, Kim Hyun Joong is a hot icon, and that his Japanese fans loves his album, making him mark in the history of music industry, for gaining excellent album sales on its debut for a foreign artist. His Japanese fans loves his performance and they were tremendously supporting Hyun Joong. Universal Music said “Hyun Joong will release his song on Feb. 6, and we’re expecting him to show off his power on album sales”.     Oh! Does this mean he has another Japanese song that we have not heard yet???

According to the news, Hyun Joong made a surprised visit to Tower Record Store in Shibuya and Ginza Tokyo. But I think it was Hyun Joong who was surprised to see his fans gathered in front of the record store!! There was no public announcement regarding any of his schedule except that Premium Live 2012. The night before Hyun Joong visited Tower Records, my Japanese twitters were kinda noisy and I noticed many of the Twitter were in Katakana Japanese writing. But I ignored it, then the following morning there were already news that Hyun Joong was indeed creating traffic jam because his fans flock on the streets of Shibuya waiting for Hyun Joong’s arrival.

There you go from photo above, the KHJ addicts are right on the street which obviously created the traffic jam!! This is one reason why the management of Universal Music kept Hyun Joong’s schedule secret from his fans because of what it may create!! Actually Hyun Joong’s presence should not be under estimated because he is a crowd maker!!

Do you remember the day Hyun Joong left for the airport on his way to Narita? Early morning Hyun Joong prepared for his departure and wrote a message to his fans telling them not to see him off at Gimpo or Narita, instead he asked his fans to stay home and celebrate the Lunar New year.

The message was circulated all over the world, but what happened? As Hyun Joong arrived Gimpo Airport his fans were already there waiting for him!! And at Narita Airport was even worst, a bigger crowd awaits his arrival to welcome him. Kim Hyun Joong’s fans are addict, needless to say, no matter what happen if they have the chance to see him, then no one can ever control them!! Can’t blame them, and can’t under-estimate their numbers!!

Kim hyun Joong made that surprise visit to Tower Records in Shibuya, for the purpose of affixing his signature on the posters of his album. And that was why it took only minutes, to wave at his fans smiled at them, others had the chance to have his autograph, hand shake and he left just like that. Because if Hyun Joong stayed a bit more longer as he wanted to, the crowd will only get bigger, and traffic jam might end up a hustle to those who were suppose to go to work.

KeyEast stated, “although it’s not easy to appear on the music shows of a main channel, we’re receiving an endless wave of offeres from prominent music shows in NHK, TV asahi, Fuji TV. Thanks to the big wave of popularity, the reaction from fans go beyond imagination. The interest of Japanese fans is proving to be hotter than any other time. His album sales and the reviews about KHJ are all extraordinary.”

Hyun Joong will hold the Premium Live 2012 in Yokohama, to celebrate his album release on Feb. 5 and meet around 20,000 fans.Lucky Japanese fans they have that chance when Hyun Joong performed his first Japan concert last November 2011! And again they have the chance to watch him perform in Yokohama. The twitter was quite busy  somewhat noisy when the news about his performance in Yokohama came out. Everyone was inquiring about ticket selling!!

With all these news coming out about Hyun Joong, proves his strong fan base in Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised about that, since Hyun Joong had already performed his series of concerts in at least seven cities in Japan last November. So therefore, by this time his Japanese fans are already high in addiction on Hyun Joong!!!

Why wouldn’t I say so? My God we’re here in front of our monitors glued our eyes on KHJ’s every activity every move he makes everyday. And take note, we only see him through the video footage, and yet we get addicted. What more if we have the chance to see him on his concerts, autograph signing sessions, live TV shows ect  like the Japanese fans had experienced. Japanese fans are no exception, they too are just as crazy and addictive to Kim Hyun Joong as we are!!!

But I’m truly happy to know the fact that Hyun Joong’s popularity is on continues snowball, at least I’m not alone to be getting crazy about him!!! LOL!! What else can I say? Welcome to the club!! I think among all the Asian countries, it was in Japan who knew Kim Hyun Joong first. He was in Japan in 2007 together with the SS501 and lived there for a year and half as they did series of TV appearances and concerts. His popularity grew when BOF and Playful Kiss was aired until he finally performed solo in which he even gained further popularity ratings.

I’m sure you have read a lot of good news about Kim Hyun Joong while he’s in Japan. Doesn’t it feels great to be reading his continues success on his album debut? Doesn’t it feel great to see his Japanese fans flock on the streets just to experience a glimpse of Kim Hyun Joong?

For me, every time I read any news about Hyun Joong’s triumph, I feel very happy, and it feels as if I was the one who succeeded!! …..Maybe this is the good award of being addicted!!!   Addicted to Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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One thought on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ADDICTIVE FANS!

  1. I think you have mentioned this before asking if he knew about all the fans he got all around the world how addicted we are of him and like you said haven’t had the chance to see any concert or any personal interview or meetings, but the love and addiction is there all because of him his personality, his charisma and talent.. It’s another thing he does he makes us dream of the possibility in seeing him one day no matter how much time it takes us but just thinking about it is enough…

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