Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CONTAGIOUS

By: LazerKim                 “Contagious”…..Do you know how this word became popular to Hyun Joon fans? Kim Hyun Joong wrote to his fans while he was in Japan quite recently, as the message said his executive director in Japan gave him a germ killing air freshener, which he placed beside his bed. He was having head ache ever since he place the air freshener, and so he took it away, and soon his head ache was gone. Hyun Joong said he’s a germ, so he said we, his fans are liking a germ!!! Every time I read the messages it feels as if I have a lover who’s giving a sweet nothing notes!! Isn’t he sweet?  So how can you leave a man like this?

Kim Hyun Joong should be a celebrity, someone we admire, someone we look up to and yet it feels he’s somebody else, it feels as if he’s a closest friend that even we seldom see him yet so near. Do you feel the same way? And I’m sure whenever you’re at internet, the first thing you search is news update about Hyun Joong. Yes? And after reading update you go further into searching for something to read about Hyun Joong. Yes? This is so contagious, believe me. And yet he’s so near, whenever I write, I feel as if he’s just sitting beside me, pushing me to write about him!! This is becoming a daily hobby for me that ease my everyday stress from work.

It feels good to talk about him, because there are a bunch of interesting matters about Hyun Joong that people gets addicted to him. And this is just a matter of his story passing it on to whoever strangers or friends and before you know it, his story is all over internet, and before you know it he’s already building his fans by just getting to know him better.

Recently I invited a fan friend of mine to read one of my articles, it was her first time to read just one article, and when I check on her again after few hours she read about four articles and leaving comment in every article in no time and asked me a lot of about Hyun Joong!!! I said to myself, oh my God if she can read this much in one sitting,  I was speaking to myself as I called Hyun Joong “come on kiddo give me more titles I can write I might run out of dose!!!” By the way I call Hyun Joong as kiddo, a youngster!

And one amazing thing is, sometimes I see him in his fans specially from readers. Hyun Joong is very courteous, polite and well-mannered, and so with his fans, so far I haven’t encountered fans who has the opposite character. It’s like saying, tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. Tell me who your idol is and I’ll tel you what you are!!! Does it apply?? I think so, because Hyun Joong fans are just like him?? I think personal taste can sometimes reflect as to who you are, do you agree?

Last Christmas I bought 10 CD copies of Breakdown, just tie a red ribbon on it and gave it to my closest friends as Christmas present. I visited one of them in her house recently, and upon entering her house I heard the music Breakdown and two of his brothers were dancing Hyun Joong’s choreography of Breakdown!! They said they won the school competition using Hyun Joong’s music, and they’ll be competing with other school using the same entry.  I was so pleased, because I bought those CDs as my way of supporting Hyun Joong that time and eventually gained fans, now they became my readers. One of these days I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be like us, addict to Hyun Joong!!

Before I read the news about Hyun Joong’s World Tour Concert, I wasn’t surprised at all, I knew it that crowd in Japan that he created and his posters at the subway station which created unexpected crowd would result to a good business opportunity for investors. It was an international news, people talks and get curious as to how he was able to create such crowd, and to fill up their curiosity they would hit the internet to get information about the guy on that poster. until they reach the point of getting to know you better. Same germs he spread it out in Japan that people got contagious!!

Hyun Joong is not only a hard worker in his craft, anything attached to his craft is important to him including its promotion. He patiently go from one place to another for event fan autograph signing, public appearances, TV interviews talk shows ect. And he’s not selfish of giving even a little information about his personal life, just enough to satisfy his fans as to who he really is in the real life. And so even the media doesn’t brag about sensitive issues of his personality, because he’s being candidly honest with them.

And then anything he does, people follow, you remember the Maneki Neko (lucky cat) he bought  from a traditional store in Ginza Tokyo? Hyun Joong appeared on Japanese TV show and he was asked what place he had been in Tokyo, and he mentioned the store where he bought a Maneki Neko. After the airing of that show, the following day the Maneki Neko he bought at the same store was sold out in one day. Contagious!!

Hyun Joong is quite a smart guy that he knows how to be popular without being a “try Harder” type of guy. He’s simply as natural as himself. The only problem with Hyun Joong is that he’s not the type who’s what you see is what you get!!! You know what I mean!! When he talks the world just turn upside down!!! Most specially if his 4D attacks!!! You see him the first time full of class like a prince, when he talks he just turn to a simple ordinary man but listen to what he is saying, the deeper you question him, the more logical he gets.

Before I go on, check on the photo above, notice that every time Hyun Joong perform he wears a cross pendant, this is one of the biggest cross pendant he has I’ve seen so far. I’ve mentioned this in one of my articles that even he simply wears it as an accessory, I believe Hyun Joong is spiritually guided.

In one of his interviews in Japan during the recording of AEON commercial TV ad, if you remember the ad he has five female of different ages dancing with him including an elder grandma at his back,  he was asked How he felt after seeing CM? Hyun Joong said,

“There’s an old woman dancing behind me and she surprised me because she danced very well. It made me feel vexed and I wonder if I could still dance to breakdown when I reached her age.” (there was a roar of laughter from the staffs) He continued, “When I reach old age maybe there will be people watching over me from heaven, it’s actually good like that……only looking at me anyway!!!” LOL

What he meant was that he also have elderly fans, when they pass away his elder fans will still be watching over him!!!  Well I would believe that’s very likely to happen!! In any of Hyun Joong’s interview, he leaves something to laugh about without intending to.

I remember in one talk show, Hyun Joong was relating to have seen a ghost. He was just out of the shower drying his hair and suddenly a figure of a ghost just appeared in front of him. He was all naked as he run from the bathroom towards the room of his manager to wake him up and told him he had seen a ghost. his manager was totally shock because he was naked!! Until such time he got use to the ghost in his dorm that every time the ghost would make noise Hyun Joong would drive them away!!

Every time funny things he did just pop into my mind I just kept laughing by myself!! He’s so contagious. Another interview from Guerrilla Date, listen to the tone of his voice in that video, I don’t understand Korean but he has a funny tone. The host was almost dying of laughter but Hyun Joong remained cool and very passive, and towards the end of the interview he forgot the title of the show he said something like Talking Date instead of Guerrilla Date!!  This interview was his funniest but it’s totally innocent!! Ahh I missed his TV appearances at Talk Shows. We rarely see him on these shows, but maybe when he promotes his album we’ll get to watch him again.

Now I can imagine he’ll be doing a world concert tour and he’ll mark a history in different countries again, it’s very likely that similar event in Japan will transpire again. I’ll discuss this topic one of these days, since this is a world concert I would assume it’s a major concert and preparation is not a joke.

Well, watching Hyun Joong grew up to be a real man from a high school playful kid, and watching how fast his career prosper, look at him now as he became a shinning star, I would say this is the longest and most interesting Korean drama I’ve ever watched in my entire life and starred by…………. Kim Hyun Joong as the most contagious love ever spread around the world.

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing 


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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LIFE ON STAGE

By: LazerKim                   This article reveals Kim Hyun Joong’s secret on what goes on at the backstage while he performs his concerts. We enjoyed watching him on stage as he sings and dances, but we do not have a slightest idea what’s going on at the back stage. So let me fill in your curiosity by giving you an idea what goes on and I’ll keep this as informative as I can. I hope this can at least ease your boredom without Hyun Joong around!!!

In my article Star Dancer (Behind the Scene) Somebody asked, why do I know so much about Hyun Joong’s dance. This is quite easy,  I have the same line of profession with Hyun Joong, the difference is I work behind the scene. I’ve been dancing all my life since childhood, started with ballet at eight till high school and switch to jazz in college. After college I pursued on studies of Stage Arts Production. I work as choreographer and producer in a Japanese show production agent based in Tokyo right after my studies.The company supplies professional artists, package shows to resort hotels, big events and concerts, including mobile stage equipment.  What I have written in my article Star Dancer BTS are basic procedures in any show production preparation and it applies anywhere professionally.

This time let’s talk about the life on stage of any artist particularly dancers, these are actual backstage scenes that none of us is aware as audience.  I’ll be pertaining to concerts that Hyun Joong hosted,what does an artist feels while he performs, what’s at the backstage during the show, what happens prior to the actual show ect. There’s a big difference between performing on a live stage concert and performing on TV.

On live stage there’s no “take two” whatever the outcome of Hyun Joong’s performance on that certain moment already marked, he can not undo anything. On TV performances specially recorded show with or without audience, all remedies can be done before airing. Therefore live shows has higher degree of pressures and tensions specially among production assistants working backstage. But Hyun Joong loves performing concert, the guy loves challenges.

Hyun Joong is a real artist that may content himself by simply applauding on his performance. Every artist has a pledge creed that says “no matter what happens the show must go on”. And being sick during a performance is not an excuse, unless of course if the artist is injured physically. But as long as an artist can still stand, walk and sing he has to go out there and perform. Singing does not create a big problem since he can perform in lip sync. All possible remedies shall be done just to push through with the show. I’ve seen a photo of Hyun Joong being injured during the show, I think he had leg cramp. This also happens the least you expect.

At least two hours prior to make up session before the show, a dancer should have at least two hours warm up, stretching routines to prevent locked muscles during the performance, before doing anything in preparation for the actual show. Dancers like Hyun Joong doesn’t just get himself on stage and dance, it’s nothing like that. Lack of warm up session causes muscle cramps during performance specially if the weather is cold.  Since Hyun Joong sings while dancing he also has to vocalize and a shot of brandy or warm ginger sap will be good to his voice before stepping on stage.

Any discomfort occur during the performance, he has no choice but to endure until such time he exits to change costume for his next number. And this is also one reason why dress rehearsals is being done. Dancing in rehearsal outfit is very different from dancing with costumes. During dress rehearsals Hyun Joong makes sure he’s comfortable with all his costumes as he moves. Accidents do happen on stage too during the show, Hyun Joong was relating in one interview that he once had ripped his pants during the show with SS501. Those unexpected incidents can cause a lot of destruction and discomfort to any artist.

For a star artist like Hyun Joong, he has two dressing rooms, one is the main dressing room which is much further to the stage, where all his costumes are placed and make up sessions are done in the main room. And one area located at the nearest stage wing, all quick changes are done in this area. In every corner of the back stage a poster of show sequence guide is being posted for Hyun Joong and the rest of the production staffs. There’s a TV monitor in every corner of the back stage and at Hyun Joong’s dressing room, so as the staffs will be aware of the on-going show. Every production staffs and assistants stay alert in every second of the show.

In costume quick changes, since Hyun Joong performs the entire show there are techniques in quick changes. Costumes are arranged according to the show sequence and are placed at the dressing area nearest to the stage or at the stage wing, at least an hour or two before the show starts. The designated PA (production assistant) has all the list of specific costume, accessories and everything Hyun Joong needs for the show. After Hyun Joong has completely dressed up, PA shall wire him with his head set monitor and microphone, making sure it’s properly installed.

The longest time he stays backstage is 2 3min regardless of which type of costume he change into, he’s given 2mins. to do it.. a team of production assistants are there to assist him in dressing up and refresh. As a general rule to all artists, before he can take a breather upon his exit he immediately change costume before he can take a breather and refresh, retouch make up ect. During technical dress rehearsal even PA of Hyun Joong rehearse with him to familiarize themselves on how they can assist Hyun Joong, which comes first in dressing him up, everything has to be systematic.

At the main stage, there’s a monitor right in front of Hyun Joong located at the foot lights area, scrolling details of the show sequence, stating which song number would be next and stating when he has to exit and change his costume. There are instances that artist needed a lyric guide of the songs they sing, and it appears on that monitor too. Every time Hyun Joong makes his exit to the backstage is the most crucial moment for any production staff, there’s his costume quick change, lighting adjustments, props installation ect. and all of these are done in complete 2mins. Everything is being fed to Hyun Joong for his comfort to achieve a perfect show.

At the back stage during the show no one talks everybody moves specially when Hyun Joong makes his exit to prepare for his next number. Everything and everybody is systematic in every move they make. At MAMA during the performance of Girl’s Generation, one of the members dropped her boa feathers on stage at the beginning part of their number. Small mistakes or accident such at that can be destructive not only to the audience but to the artist as well. So far so good Hyun Joong haven’t experienced such accident.

With technical lighting and effects, everything is computerized and a manual back up in case of power or technical problem occur. There are luminous marks on the stage floors that Hyun Joong has to follow where he should stand specially on number he perform by himself without his back up dancers. In auditoriums the control area is located at back of the audience gallery. In concerts that Hyun Joong performs everything is mobile set up, in which control area is located halfway from the stage to the end of the gallery. Hyun joong’s stage blocking with his dancers is essential to avoid traffic jam on stage, this is done during technical rehearsals together with the light and effects.

Hyun Joong mentioned that the most difficult period in his singing career starts with his album promotion. A star singer artist is very likely to host a concert as a part of his album promotion depending on his principal sponsor. Everything that I mentioned above has to be rehearsed two or three days prior to the concert schedule.

Hyun Joong is a veteran when it comes to performing concerts, but he religiously follow the preparation sequence together with all the production staffs. Normally technical rehearsals takes the whole day till dawn until everything is set to perfection. Hyun Joong endures with long hours of rehearsals and it’s not that easy for a one or two-hour show performed by himself. Not to mention Hyun Joong is a perfectionist even he has a designated concert director he makes the call. Simply because it’s his show and his reputation at stake. He’s very careful in his credibility. I’m really proud of him.

For me, the most challenging piece Hyun Joong did was at Mnet 20’s Choice when he performed Breakdown in a different concept. The water splash is quite risky for a dancer, but knowing Hyun Joong a challenge lover would take any risk for the sake of arts!!

This is the life on stage, Hyun Joong brings you a worthwhile entertainment for just an hour or two but preparing it is not an easy job. Hyun Joong’s profession is not only all about glamour, it takes a lot of physical effort, sweat, sleepless nights pressure and tension  to come up a good production and as perfect as he does. Since Hyun Joong is multiple talented artist, in this article I focused in only one area of his talent and that is being a dancer. I haven’t touch on his being a recording star solo singer and his being an actor. So far, among his talents, dancing is the most difficult even in preparation.

With this long litany that Hyun Joong has to undergo every time he host a concert, he has only one objective in mind, to bring out the best in himself, to leave a memorable mark in the hearts of every fan cheering for him. This is Kim Hyun Joong’s life on stage…..

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing. 

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EMBRACING YOU

By: LazerKim                   KeyEast had revealed their lay out plan for Kim Hyun Joong about the world tour concert which will come around in September. Therefore by this time Hyun Joong must be preparing for the said plan. I’m truly happy to have heard this news since it’s Hyun Joong’s dream to reach out for his fans in every part of the world. See, how his fans could be so spoiled? Because he truly loves you, he’s coming around to embrace each and everyone of you no matter where you are, he’ll be there to reach out. My gosh, you’re all so lucky fans!!

Last week, I posted an article Unity in One, and I’m happy that many had read it, thank you very much for the time spent reading my articles. Keep reading anything about Hyun Joong, and it will keep him close to you, while he’s busy preparing for upcoming events. As I have mentioned in my article Crucial Year, there’s a lot more pressure on his shoulder this year since he had gained more attention as he started this year, and many will be expecting more from him. This is a natural showbiz chain reaction, he has to bring in new materials in his bag as he travels around carrying his music, and knowing the guy, he would always surprise everyone with something new.

In this article, I would still be talking about his fans. I believe Hyun Joong is not choosy with his fans, as he embraces each and everyone of you irregardless to whoever you are, irregardless to whatever country you come from, whatever religion you have, and whoever else you support other than Kim Hyun Joong. He made this crystal clear as he always mention the three fan network he has. Hyun Joong has a slogan Only One. I can interpret this slogan in so many ways, but it was said the meaning is Only Kim Hyun Joong. I don’t think he mean this literally, because Hyun Joong has many fans who support others celeb but he welcome them and embrace them. But for the sake of argument let’s see the possibility of his slogan Only One.

Before we met Kim HyunJoong, I’m sure many of us were supporting other celeb. Well I can only speak for myself. Before I met Hyun Joong or even after, I had a long list of favorites both Korean celeb and the Hollywood. Oh that includes his boss Bae Yong Joon, who was my first favorite Korean actor who introduced me to Korean drama. With the long list I had, none of them had ever touched my heart to get me out of my way to research about them, to know more about them and to write about them including his boss.

Hyun Joong did all the magic spell on me to turn on to him and pushed me to do all these writings about him, which I have not done in my entire life!! But no regrets, you just don’t have the idea how much I learned because of Kim Hyun Joong.  Now that Hyun Joong is connected with Bae yong Joong, had only given me the reason to write about Yonsama. And I still want to write about him as having a strong connection between Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon as partners in business. Oh yes, please watch out for my article Protege, as I featured Yonsama in this article.

In my article Unity in One, I have mentioned BYJ fan group of individuals who are silently supporting Kim Hyun Joong, the article is some sort of calling for unity among fans of Hyun Joong. Somebody said, Hyun Joong doesn’t need BYJ fans and that he’ll gain more fans everyday through his hard work. I respect the opinion, but it somehow bothered me the whole week before I finally landed writing this article, to iron out some matters pertaining to my article Unity in One, with hopes I would be able to enlighten those who might share the same opinion.

When you call for unity, you do not exclude anybody, irregardless as to whoever they are, or whoever else they support other than HyunJoong. I believe there is no rivalry among Korean celeb, at least none that I know of. Apparently BYJ fans are the supporters of Bae Yong Joong. And who is Bae Yong Joon? Isn’t it he’s the boss of Hyun Joong, the owner of KeyEast which is the agent of Hyun Joong who’s providing all the needs of Hyun Joong as far as his career life is concern? Bae Yong Joon is the closest person to Hyun Joong being his mentor and boss and this is reality. Therefore Bae Yong Joon is definitely not a rival of Hyun Joong. I would just like to make this very clear.

My point here is a simple reality that everyone of us has the right to support whoever we want to. And Hyun Joong embraces that fact. I believe there’s no rivalry among the Korean celeb unlike in other countries, and this is one thing I like about the Korean celebrities, they equally respect each other. As far as Hyun Joong’s fans who supports other celeb other than him is concern, the challenge falls on Hyun Joong on how he can gain their exclusive support. I believe he’ll be able to in due time, you know, things just don’t happen over night, but in time it will come around, considering he had just started as a soloist.

If you remember the two KHJ and BYJ visited Japan together in 2010, and there were photos of them at the airport as a bunch of crowd welcomed them at the airport, obviously are BYJ fans. I can only read body language, but for me the way I read BYJ, he seemed to be endorsing Hyun Joong to his fans. This is an initial reaction, even if I were Bae Yong Joon I would gladly do the same thing.

I mean Bae Yong Joon knows exactly where he is, the guy has a lot of confidence and trust to his fans, he wouldn’t hesitate to share what he has with Hyun Joong because Bae Yong Joon knows very well Hyun Joong is more than deserving of the love from BYJ fans. And so his BYJ fans responded silently, with no fanfare, no acknowledgement, simply being there to cheer for Hyun Joong and support him at the Yokohama Arena.  I can not eliminate the fact that BYJ has a huge network of fans, as Hyun Joong stated, to be able to gain even half of BYJ fans is sufficient enough to any artist.

I was quite relieved this morning when a BYJ fan wrote in my comment box saying that there’s an amazing connection between BYJ fans and KHJ fans, thanks to you really I’m happy to hear this. I would just like to mention about three incidents happened few days ago. One time I was researching for Eng.sub of Knee Drop Guru, and I posted it at Twitter, and in no time, two of HyunJoong’s fan responded.

I was truly grateful about their gesture to let me know where to find it. And thanks to you really. And then another one, a Vietnamese fan who approached me to clarify a language misunderstanding. I believe I was at fault, but she was the first to approach me to clarify, and I was apologetic to her. Then another fan buzz me to call my attention for a simple correction about details in one of my articles and I appreciate that.

I was never been wrong in my opinion about KHJ fans, they are kind, modest and very accommodating. Hyun Joong is contagious and so with all of his fans. And that is true, if we continue to be that contagious to others then Hyun Joong can gain even more fans through you. Keep reading anything about Hyun Joong to keep him close to you in his absence, keep posting and re-posting and before you know it, you have already gain numbers of fans for Hyun Joong.  Let’s do it for him, what have we got to lose?? On the contrary we gain friends, and I think those members of fan club can testify to the fact that everyone started as strangers, that eventually became friends. Am I right?

Strengthen your respective groups and take care of the new once, irregardless of whoever they are, where they come from. By this way new fans will eventually be drawn to you, and until such time Hyun Joong wins them. He will be needing a stronger foundation of fan network. Any foundation that is weak tends to collapse, so let’s help him build his fan foundation and expand, he needs numbers. If other fans support other celeb, so be it, in due time Hyun Joong will be able to win them, same as how he was able to win your heart. It doesn’t matter if other fans supports his boss, they are like siblings anyway.

Every single fan of Hyun Joong is important to him as he embrace everyone. He has to get hold of what he had already gained and expand further. I knew this would come after seeing the big crowd in Yokohoma Arena that gives me a shiver. And that is why I wrote the article Crucial Year. May I explain further, the event transpired last Feb.5 or the entire period Hyun Joong was in Japan became an international news resulted to even snowball of fans. It can create even more international awareness after watching the crowd at Yokohama Arena, and people get to their curiosity as to how Hyun Joong can create such crowd. Until finding out who Kim Hyun Joong is.

There was a clear chain reaction that can not be denied. And so as a result here it goes, Hyun Joong’s plan for a world tour finally starts to surface. If I’m in the international business arena, and seeing that kind of crowd, shows what power Hyun Joong has, I would certainly grab the chance to sponsor Hyun Joong and bring him to which ever country in any part of the world where his fans are.

It’s been Hyun Joong’s dream to reach out for his fans from different parts of the world, and it would be great if by the time September comes, he had already gained more fans. In which I never doubted he will, through his hard work, dedication, determination and love for his fans. And we fans, simply guide the new once in search of Hyun Joong who wants to know him better. We all know very well, once you get to know the guy you’re hooked!!

Kim Hyun Joong is like boarding in a boat being the captain, he gathers all his fans to embark the same boat irregardless to whoever they are. He will not roar unless everyone is in that boat. And if you are left behind, he’ll come back for you, and wait patiently until you’re prepared to embark the same boat he is riding. Kim Hyun Joong welcomes you with open arms embracing you with all his heart………..

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TWISTED FATE

By: LazerKim                    Do you believe in fate of life? Kim Hyun Joong grew up with his guitar, and all his teenage life he holds on to his guitar, his passion for music, his aspirations and dreams, as he visualized himself holding a guitar like his idol who was a bass guitarist. But he ended up somewhere else. Nevertheless he did tried his luck as he joined a band, trained for sometime but unfortunately before the band debuted, the group was disbanded. Everything about Kim Hyun Joong started with just a teenage dream. But look at him now.

Life is choice, they said, which I believe is right, destiny is what we make out of life, they said, if you’re a hard worker, you earn more. If you’re lazy, you earn less. But what about your desires and your dreams? Well, Hyun Joong dream with his music and with his guitar, but he ended up a singer, dancer, actor. Have you thought about this?  After reading and watching video clips, I would say Hyun Joong is a gifted natural dancer since he doesn’t have a formal training in dance and yet he is equally good as those who have formal training since childhood, but he sings which is also a gifted talent. Until later on he discovered his acting ability. This guy is really amazing to be blessed with a lot of talents.

They said if one door of opportunity closed for you, it is not meant for you, because there’s another door with brighter opportunity will open for you. The way I analyse Hyun Joong’s life I think he’s spiritually guided. He might be a stubborn high school kid when he was young, I wouldn’t say he lacks the love from his family even his parents disagreed to what he wants for himself. He grew up in a religious family I believe, he was even given a christian name Rafael, since he is a Catholic. I would think he’s a believer and I notice he always wear a cross pendant with his necklace every time he performs. Well, it may just be an accessory, but I would believe he is guided.

Hyun Joong may still have his dream with his guitar since he set an area for his collection of different types of guitar in his house. Even he haven’t fulfilled his dream with his guitar, fate had lead him to a brighter career life. Which I’m very sure he wasn’t expecting to be this big. Because every time he’s being asked about future plans, he would only say he just want as many stages to perform and share his music with his fans. I mean Hyun Joong might be ambitious as I wrote in my article Crucial Year, but his ambition is just to have as many stages that he can perform to be able to reach out to his fans in many parts of the world.

Like he was asked again about his dream to perform at Tokyo Dome. And he said “Artists who performs at Tokyo Dome are big time artist, but I only want to perform there to accommodate all my fans”. See? It’s not even prestige name that he’s running after, but just a place he can perform and that can accommodate his fans, as simple as that. Hyun Joong may be a rich young celeb, a style icon, a man who stands out with class but deep inside he’s just as simple as any ordinary man. What he is currently attaining may not be his dream but he was even given more blessings beyond his dream.

In a news article I have read that Lee Joon was supposed to be cast for the role Yoon Ji Hoo of BOF. Is this another twisted fate on Hyun Joong?  Lee Joon, singer dancer actor, trained under sunbae Bi Rain and J Tue Entertainment, stated that he was supposed to portray the role of Yoon Ji Hoo that was given to Hyun Joong. Lee Joon rejected the offer simply because he was bald that time he was doing Ninja Assassin and there wasn’t sufficient time to let his hair grow until BOF star filming. And so the role landed on Hyun Joong’s lap.

It appears to me like saying Hyun Joong was lucky because Lee Joon was bald that time so the role was offered to Hyun Joong?? No way!! There’s no better actor who can portray Yoon Ji Hoo except Hyun Joong. The drama ended up a big hit and Hyun Joong was a big part of the drama’s success, no matter how others criticize Hyun Joong for the role Yoon Ji Hoo, the role was meant for him. The original author of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango where the plot of Boys Over Flower was based on, was quite surprised when she had met Hyun Joong the first time, and stated that Hyun Joong indeed was the perfect choice to describe Yoon Ji Hoo. Of course, she was the author of Hana Yori Dango, she knows very well the character she visualized when he was writing the story.

And I think Hyun Joong portrayed the role of Yoon Ji Hoo as a rich low profile, gentle, a silent type of high school student, perfectly. That until now as I watch BOF trying to convince myself to the criticism being thrown to Hyun Joong, that I just couldn’t find where the criticism falls. Does it mean that if Lee Joon portrayed the role of Ji Hoo instead of Hyun Joong, it should have been better?? I don’t think so. Kim Hyun Joong played a big part in the huge success of BOF. Period.  He may had minimal line delivery on that drama but he made a big impact to the audience and that made BOF even successful. I’m not trying to discredit Lee Min Ho’s presence but it seemed that Hyun Joong outshine the rest of the cast.

I can’t help not to talk about BOF because this is the most significant event in Hyun Joong’s career life since it was here where all it begun, as his stepping stone. It was in this drama which is his first acting project, that he started to gain attention from everywhere. Hyun Joong didn’t even know he can act, he only had discovered his talent when he was already doing the drama. When he was being offered to the project, he thought about it as a good opportunity. And he was right all along.

At the young age of Hyun Joong, he dreams of his music and work abroad. It was fulfilled since he had gone to many parts of Asia to perform with SS501. And now plans had been laid out to bring his music for a world tour this year. Again this is beyond his dream. Hyun Joong has so many plans when he started doing solo that gradually is taking place.

He had a dream when he was young, but destiny had taken him somewhere a better place for him to be. Kim Hyun Joong walked in a rough road, took him in a twisted fate and lead him to the top……..

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] UNIQUE IMAGE

By: LazerKim              As I was reading comments from my other articles, something had caught my attention, this question “What’s with this guy, Kim Hyun Joong, that I can’t get over with”. Honestly, I asked myself the same question and I actually tried to make comparisons as the media news had compared Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk as Prince of Asia. I even wrote an article about it, but it was dead end, Hyun Joong is still beyond comparable.

And so I chose someone very close to Hyun Joong with almost the same origin. I picked on Kim JaeJong. I barely know the guy, and so I watched some video clips of the concert of his previous and present group. I’m not fond of Kpop but just for curiousity, I watched one of his concerts in Japan with his group which kept changing names I think, it’s Tohoshinki or TVXQ or DBSK and currently JYJ. I admit, I was so impressed by their concert, because the group was really good. I focused my attention to Jaejong and I think he’s the most handsome among the members, with a good singing voice. I looked into his profile, and he has an impressive credential too.

Then there was a video clip of Hyun Joong and Jaejong being together, which I enjoyed watching them both. There are similarities since both are tall, that time both have almost the same hair color and style, the shape of their faces are almost the same, their eyes are quite different though. After watching three separate videos focused on JaeJong and three concert video clips, I stopped. What I was searching for was a factor that I’ll get hooked, if you know what I mean.

I think Jaejong is a very nice guy, listening from how he speak, he’s gentle, soft spoken and mind you he speaks fluent Japanese, right grammar, with right intonation. He has such a handsome face, but I soon got tired of. There’s a certain thing that when you look at a handsome face the longer you look at him the more handsome he becomes. Hyun Joong has it, but JaeJong may look handsome but you can easily get tired of it.

In terms of performance, well JaeJong is quite a strong singer, having a good voice quality and he’s a good dancer too, but I must say, he missed the stage character and I think the charisma too. His expression is all the same from the performances I watched, it’s like watching him from the start to end with the same projection, based on the three performances that I watched. But I think he has the potential as soloist.

Well maybe when he’s already a solo artist that’s the only time I can have a better opinion. But I’ll research more about him since he’s Hyun Joong’s best friend. I won’t be a judge of character to him because I barely know him. I can only comment based on his three performances I’ve seen and it’s not enough. But I’ll definitely write about him and Hyun Joong’s friendship with JaeJong being his best friend after my research.

Now let’s see with Hyun Joong’s stage performance. I read another comment from a fan saying, that every time she watch Hyun Joong performs, the more her desire to watch him grows. Let’s start with breakdown, this music piece is the most intense among Hyun Joong’s music. It projects a very strong manly character which he was able to execute perfectly. His body movements project dynamic impact to the audience, and Breakdown was perfectly made for his voice range. So I can’t imagine others singing it, even the song is quite easy to follow.

With kiss Kiss, this one is really cute, he looks like a boy next door type of image. In this music you can see a lot of changes in Hyun Joong’s charming expression. And take note Hyun Joong is being consistent in his projection from the time he first performed it up to time he brought this music to Japan. In Lucky Guy he portrays like a playboy gambler type of guy. In this music, what you can see is Hyun Joong’s character acting, which projects many different expressions not only in his facial projection but body movements too.

So watching him perform his music, he doesn’t stay in one single image, Hyun Joong was able to create his own versatility that makes him a unique artist. And these are qualities that I look for from other idols or solo singers. Watching an artist perform on stage, there has to be different variation of dance and music. And watching a 45min show by a single performer may turn out dragging if the performer has the same image, the same projection for the entire show. And this makes Hyun joong different from the rest.

About Hyun Joong’s looks I couldn’t compare Hyun Joong with the rest of F4 members because he had already outshine the other three members at BOF. I just remembered, in one of Hyun Joong’s interview, he mentioned that people kept comparing him to other’s look alike. And yes there are many video clips that compare his face to others, even to a Japanese idol. So what makes Kim Hyun Joong so unique, in terms of looks?

I would say maybe he has the habit of changing his hair style!!! In my experience, after seeing him at BOF with blonde and orange brown, I hardly recognized him when he had a long dark hair with three ear pierce. It’s like seeing him from a flower boy to a cute punk or the other way around. People change their hairstyle but you can still recognize them. In case of Hyun Joong, whenever he change his hairstyle it seems his face changes too and so with his entire image!!!

So people don’t get tired of him because he’s full of surprises, he would surprise you in a flower boy image, next he will just shock you in a bad boy image!! And he’s not worried for doing so that might not be accepted by his fans. Why? Because anything goes for Hyun Joong and he still looks very handsome. 

Whenever he looks at anyone straight to their eyes, it’s like he’s looking at your very soul that can makes you melt right at once!!! He can portray different looks in his eyes. Whenever he change his hair, be it the color or the style, he looks like a totally different person. Well, these are purely Hyun Joong’s physical outlook particularly his most attractive features, that for me is captivating. His hair style makes the difference, but the  look in his eyes and smile, boy!!! I’ll run out of adjectives in describing it!!! He has a great body built……. period. I don’t want to talk about it.!!!

I think what makes Hyun Joong better than the rest of the artist is the totality of his personality as an artist on and off stage, as far as physical aspect is concern, prior to knowing him as a person. Well, once you get to know the guy you’re completely captured and we all know that very well.  So what I’m trying to accomplish in this article are the qualities that made me drawn to Hyun Joong. I weigh the differences from other celeb, that made me ask myself, why wasn’t I attracted to JaeJong. I admit liking Jang Geun Suk when I watched Marry Me Mary but I wasn’t hooked on him. I mean these guys are so handsome and competitively talented. But Hyun Joong is just different.

People will never get tired of Hyun Joong, as another fan commented, “when I turn to be a grandma and is still a fan of Hyun Joong, I would share with my grandchildren, that once in my entire life I admire this one man to the core”. Thanks for that. What’s with Kim Hyun Joong that made her said that?

Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with unique qualities that made him a unique individual….

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TIME LINE

By: LazerKim                   Kim Hyun Joong debuted in 2005, as a singer together with his members SS501. May I just give a bit of briefer. Hyun Joong started gaining attention from 2009 when he did, Boys Over Flower until such time he moved in to KeyEast in 2010 right after his contract termination at DSP. A remarkable blast of popularity came up when Hyun Joong debuted his first mini album in June 2011. He started the year 2012 with another explosive popularity boosting.

Did you notice anything with Hyun Joong’s career phasing? Every year every single step he makes his popularity grows. In fact he had achieved showing his talents since BOF in 2009 when he started gaining attention, in just a matter of three years and I would say that’s quite fast enough for a rookie. Evidently every time he goes out there on his public exposure his number of fans increases, and we have seen it in Japan on Feb. this year. Every time I watch the video of that crowd he created, gives me a shiver. 

I came across a news about Bi Rain being in the military training camp, after I read the article, my mind linger about the thoughts of the Korean Military mandatory training, when a KHJ fan buzz in with this comment, in my article Without You that says, “10 days without Hyun Joong feels like 10 years, what more when he gets in to Military training for 2 years.” I laughed at that because we’re having the same thoughts!! It’s been such a dull boring days lately without Hyun Joong around and you read news about military training makes me think ahead!! But let’s talk about it, just to kill your time!!

Kim Hyun Joong being a star celebrity is not excluded from the said mandatory military training which every Korean male citizen has to undergo upon reaching the age 30, and Hyun Joong has four years from this year, before he starts with the training for two year. Thinking of four years looks far from the present. Not so positive for a celeb like Hyun Joong.

If you watch his video interviews and  if asked about his future plans, he has so many plans that he wants to accomplish. I can only read in between lines of what he was saying, but for me I wanna tell him………kiddo go for it and hurry up!!. To agree with me or not, Hyun Joong has to do what he ought to do as in right now!! And I think he has that in mind and he had considered his military training period.

Time is ticking, a thin time line starts to surface when he turned 25 in June 2011. What is reality here? He had just started doing solo last year, that gave full eight month of nonstop success. Hyun Joong is a singer and actor, but he can not do both at the same time and that he has to take one step at a time. He is given 5 years to accomplish what he has to. These are all reality that he has in his hands. And I never doubted, he’ll be able to accomplish what he wants before he enters the military training.

Every star celeb would like to establish his own legacy, that’s very natural to artist specially if he’s popular. And that doesn’t exclude Hyun Joong, and by all means, he has every ability to establish his legacy in his own rights. Now let’s look into its possibility to attain his legacy before he enters the military. But please let’s disregard the natural instinct of negative option. Let’s speculate just for once to ease our boredom from dragging days without Hyun Joong!!!

Hyun Joong is due to enter the military in 2016, that gives him 4 years to accomplish his goal. In my assessment, he has to at least work on 2 to 3 mini albums and at least one drama a year. Hyun Joong is smart to settle in doing mini albums, than a studio album which is time consuming. If he can maximize his time in a year I think he can do it. If I were in his shoes I would grab this chance to concentrate on his music this year and work on a drama towards the end of the year, if he really wants to pursue with his acting career immediately. And then another fan commented, that she wished Hyun Joong would do a drama, she said, at least we get to watch him regularly at least twice in a week!! She’s right.

I couldn’t eliminate the option of Hyun Joong on doing drama because there’s a high demand on him to do so. You can’t blame Hyun Joong. Do you know that his fans are spoiled!!! Hyun Joong literally give in to whatever his fans wishes from him? Haven’t you notice it?? Do you know that you are lucky fans because you are following a very considerate Kim Hyun Joong!!   Oh you should know that!!

Oh well, this is the reality of Hyun Joong’s career life. He has four years left to go, then let’s make the most out it. But I wish as soon as he gets out of the military, he has to be given immediate project, to patch up with the lost time. But I have only two wishes for him, that he’ll gain more fans in four years and I wish he’ll be able to accomplish as much before that time comes. Anyway, we’re just speculating and I do not want to think of “anything can happen” kinda thing for a while. 

Ten days of hearing nothing from Hyun Joong feels like ten years of emptiness! And yes what more with two years of nothing at all!! Anyway, we still have a long way to go, so let’s start picking bits and pieces of memories to be kept in our hearts. Let’s enjoy every moment when Hyun Joong is around and reminisce our past with him. Well, I can only write anything about Hyun Joong that you can always keep in your mind and heart. Just like one of his fans said, “Hyun Joong is my stress reliever”. That’s good, he’ll always be in your company, just keep on reading about him. Nothing else matter, near or far he’s always at your side. He actually said that, “I’ll always protect you.”

If the time comes, he enters the military, what will you do? What are we going to do? That will be two years waiting!! Actually two years is quite short nowadays, by that period of time,  there will be many new faces coming up, another celeb will surface. Why not,  I’ll probably be watching Kdrama again as I normally do before I got crazy with Hyun Joong. Of course it’s very likely that we’ll be watching those new faces, the question is, will you be doing the same thing as what you are while Hyun Joong is around? Will you be following the new comer celeb? Will you be as passionate as you are now by that time?

For me, this is my first time to experience this passion for admiration. But you know what, Hyun Joong is different. I’ve been watching Korean drama since 2004, there are many Korean actors that became my favorite, but none of them captured my passion to a single celeb including Hyun Joong’s boss. None of them had ever pushed me to write about them, none of them pushed me to hit the internet in search of them, in which technology was never been my interest. Hyun Joong pushed me to all of these.

But ever since I met him and the time I was starstruck on Hyun Joong, internet became my life, his fans became my morning coffee mate, Hyun Joong literally changed my life. None of the famous celeb not even in Hollywood had ever done this to me! Have you asked yourself if Hyun Joong had already pushed you that far? Well, I’m a new fan, what more with the veteran fans who’s been there all his career life? Hyun Joong had been in their lives that long. I don’t think I’ll ever be doing this to another celeb, what more with them, they have already grew up having Hyun Joong around them.

There are many things likely to happen by that time comes.  We still have a long way to travel with Hyun Joong. So let’s just travel his journey, enjoy it, make the most and the best while he creates a lot of memories for us to remember as we grow with him.

Whatever time line there is in reality, it doesn’t matter for as long as we’re together with Kim Hyun Joong…..                                                                       

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing.

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MEETING YOU


By: LazerKim             We have met Kim Hyun Joong in different episodes of his career. Some of you must have met him way back when he was still with his group SS501, some must have watched him first at the airing of Boys Over Flower or Playful Kiss, and some from the launching of Breakdown and Lucky Guy as his first two albums as solo performer. Which ever episode of his career that we first met him, each one of us has a story to tell on how we started to get crazy about Hyun Joong.

It’s so amazing to think of it, Hyun Joong and his fans has a strong bond that stick together no matter what, specially those who have met him during his SS501 days. Many of his fan network who had started as strangers to each other had build strong friendship because of Hyun Joong. And some may have started to dig for information on who Kim Hyun Joong really is in real life. 

So how did you meet him? How was he able to capture your attention? Do you feel much closer to him after knowing more about him? Have you reached the point of being addicted to Hyun Joong that you wanted more from his music, drama or TV appearances? Do you seek for ways on how you’ll know more about him, and while doing so the closer you get to him?These are just but natural to be starstruck, let’s share our experiences about Hyun Joong and compare notes on how we started to go crazy about the guy. I’m sure we’re on the same boat, but had embarked from different ways.

Do you remember the flower boy at Boy Over Flower, Yoon Ji Hoo? You rarely see this boy’s image nowadays because he had already outgrown that image. I first saw Hyun Joong at Boys Over Flower, in fact I don’t even know his real name, but I fell in love with the character of Yoon Ji Hoo, a very handsome rich high school boy who’s soft spoken, gentle, protective, withdrawn from the real world and lonely. Back then I was more interested on the plot of the drama rather than the actors. But he’s one actor that I check on from time to time.

After BOF the next thing I read about Hyun Joong was when he switched agent to KeyEast in 2010 owned by my first favorite Korean actor Bae Yong Joon. That was the only time I knew his name was Kim Hyun Joong and that his first project under KeyEast was Playful Kiss.On my birthday as I was browsing You Tube I saw this photo……

The caption says “Kim Hyun Joong Break Down”…….oh no this couldn’t be him!!!  I started watching the video of Breakdown but I still couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched this guy in black short hair, well developed muscle in black leather suit and dark glasses. I searched more videos of Breakdown and other latest videos of Hyun Joong from 4pm till dawn at 5am straight up.I was burning with curiosity searching for that flower boy I have known from BOF, and started asking myself what happen to him, where did that flower boy gone?

From that day onward I research on Hyun Joong’s history and background, I went over with all the videos I can find at You Tube, in short I was totally glued on him. Until such time I tried finding ways to get information about him further and I came to discover Twitter, Blogs in getting updates, news articles and fan’s post all about Hyun Joong. The You Tube and Hyunnies Pexer’s blog became my best friend as a way for me to connect with Hyun Joong. The days that I couldn’t get anything to read or watch became boring for me! I go over Hyun Joong’s TV appearances, talk shows, whatever I had in my file about him, I watched it over and over. Apparently I never get tired watching him specially his interviews which lead me to having personal knowledge about who Kim Hyun Joong really is.

How well now do I know Hyun Joong to fall for him like crazy? Well, Hyun Joong is blessed with perfect looks and he knows it, but never brag about it, on the contrary in a talk show Night after Night he admitted he still envy other actors for being handsome. He humbly embrace his weak points and work hard to improve. He never pretend to be someone he’s not.

He seldom smile specially to strangers or being in strange place. He seem to be like an aristocratic snob but he can easily give in to the smile of others. He’s candidly honest about anything, he’s transparent and would like his fans to accept him for what he really is, good or bad, that’s him. His 4D personality is the most interesting trait that he has, and anything he does even his own mistakes looks cute on him!!

And among other artists, I think he’s the only artist who constantly change his image from time to time, and when he does, as if you’re facing a totally different person. In short, he’s one unique individual that anything he wear clothes or hairstyle suits him perfectly. He has the power to transform himself in just a glimpse. He has the power to let you listen to him, the power to make you laugh, to make you cry and to make you fall in love with him in his most natural simple way.


There were also Hyun Joong’s detractors or critics and every time I read harsh comments about him I felt hurt. Can’t help to think if I as a fan gets hurt reading harsh comments about him, what more would Hyun Joong feels? Although I have considered him to be professionally matured in the industry that he’s gone used to criticism, but still, he’s just but a human being who can also get hurt.

I admire Hyun Joong’s fans, who go after his critics and defend him in a calm, matured, rational approach. I don’t belong to any KHJ’s fan club but I’m proud of them and proud to be one behind the scene as a fan. Oh yes, I remember Hyun Joong guested at a talk show Lee Sora and she commented about KHJ’s fans to be well behave which I agree. The fans do cheer for Hyun Joong but they know their limitations and strictly follow.

Looking at the entire picture between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans seem to have mutual respect with each other. I believe Hyun Joong has a soft spot in his heart that belongs only to his fans. I can remember how Hyun Joong broke down to tears during his SS501 last few concerts as he thank his fans for their support. Then another event was when the group accepted an award during their starting days, he broke down to tears that he can hardly speak to thank their fans. And the recent event as solo was in June 7, 2011 when he read his letter to his fans. What he had gone through must be tough but his fans remained supportive as ever. One statement was made by Lee Sora as his message to Kim Hyun Joong,  translated as

“There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible when all the strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everything Kim Hyun Joong works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you”.

This message was so inspiring and apparently it came true, because from the time Hyun Joong released his first two mini albums, he had been receiving awards from here and there, his fans were all busy voting at the polls, his albums selling like hotcakes and anything he touches or work on turns to magic success.


Many of us has been a part of Hyun Joong’s struggle and success, and again what drove you to be at his side? The time he was made to make a tough decision leaving his SS501 tag, you were at side sharing his tears of pain leaving his most precious friends.  The time he was on struggle in doing solo which was not an easy challenge, you were there to spare him strength. You willingly take a bullet of criticism from his detractors and patiently defend him so as not to hurt him.

You were there to support him when the polls call for his votes, and all the time wherever he performs you’re there at the top of your voice cheering for him and when it’s time to harvest his awards, you were there to cheer for his ultimate truimph. As it became his and your struggle and success, it’s remarkably special relationship between Kim Hyun Joong and you, his fans. There will be another challenges Hyun Joong has to face this year 2012, will you still be there standing by his side?

We might have met Kim Hyun Joong in different episodes for his career life, there are a lot  of memories he left in our heart, but one thing we always remember is how we first met him. I can only speak for myself, I have learned a lot because of Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong………  meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me………

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing.

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