Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DREAM HOUSE

By LazerKim:                Kim Hyun Joong ranked no.4 among the idols who has the most expensive house. The house was worth $1.7M, located at Chungdamdong in a Europian style villa. He was able to purchase the property after the successful concerts in Japan. In the video footage, the house was rather empty, or maybe it was taken before Hyun Joong moved in.

My question now is, was Hyun Joong able to purchase the house of his dream?? In one of his interviews he mentioned that he wants to have a house where he can have a sound proof studio for his own. Maybe he was pertaining to a sound proof music room, where he can place his instruments. And also mentioned having a dance studio, in his house where he can rehearse.

In the video footage, if that was the house he actually purchased, it’s a typical bachelor’s fad on the top floor overlooking the city. The panels are in light beige earth color. Obviously, Hyun Joong is not so fond of cooking, because I think the kitchen is the smallest area in the house!! I can only imagine Hyun Joong living in a typical bachelor’s lifestyle, that also reflects on his choice of shelter!! It’s rather big enough for single occupancy.

Hyun Joong is fashionable, trendy but I think he has a simple lifestyle but comfortable, even he drives a rare white Ferrari, he’s a typical person who spends more time outside his house. For obviously reason,  because he’s always been busy and always been on the go!!  I wonder for how long would he be living by himself?? Will he end up like his boss Bae Yong Joong, as he matures further? I’ve noticed most of the Korean male celeb tends to settle down at the later age, specially the popular once. I’ll be laughing at Hyun Joong if he ends up like his boss, because he always jokes with Yonsama about getting married!!

Hyun Joong is still young, he had just started with the second phase of his career and he still has a long journey to take before he could finally achieve what he wanted for himself. I remember his guesting with Lee Sora, he has a high career ambition, but Hyun Joong mentioned that when it’s time he approach the ultimate peak of his career, he would gladly be an uncle to the neighborhood kids and buy them ice cream!! In short after getting rich and famous, Hyun Joong would just want a simple lifestyle. The guy is just so amazing, that’s all I can say!!!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

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11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DREAM HOUSE

  1. I love your music and the movie boys over flowers I can’t stop watching it I live in the US I can’t speak Korean but I like reading the sub titles and your my favorite of all of them

  2. Dont worry KHJ, by d tym we get married, ur house wont luk lyk a bachelors house anymore, its gonna be a home, dat u’l always look forward to, and u wont have to cook anymore,cos I’ll be there

  3. Kim Hyun Joong each photo always looks so calm, and his hardworking spirit also indescribable in his face …

    I as a girl was always interested in her at the sight of his face with ekspresia perfect in my opinion ….

  4. More than his house dream for me he got the idol house for his work career all that he mentioned is things about his work there it’s what really got his mind occupy at the moment but I think the house of his dream one where he is in peace maybe with a family or just in harmony with a normal lifestyle..a place he can relax watch some movies and then go to bed without any worries. His doing things step by step and taking one by one cause is the right to do..He deserves a good place for him cause he has work for it a lot.. so no matter how much it cost but how does he feel in it.

  5. every article you write about kim hyun joong..its really refressing…and exciting to it very much…

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