Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DARLING OF THE PRESS

By:  LazerKim                 Kim Hyun Joong is becoming an international news maker, and has been the darling of the press. He has become the cover and center page of every magazines and newspapers, as many international journalist followed his every activities and continues success, in every project he worked on. Every time Hyun Joong leaves his country, it’s not only his fans who were waiting for him at the airport, but even the media line up to take his pictures. And as soon as he gets to his port of entry in any country he visits, another crowd of fans and media patiently awaits for his arrival to welcome him. This is how popular he had become.

Last year, Hyun Joong traveled around Asia, to promote his first album Breakdown, and The Face Shop as he is the present endorser of the brand. I’ve watched almost all his one on one interviews, and I was impressed on how he handled even the most awkward question thrown to him.

Hyun Joong looks snob at first sight, but before he talks, he’ll give out his smile, and the first thing that any journalist would feel is his soft spot. That was quite obvious in any of his interviews, or even at press conferences. Hyun Joong will never leave any journalist, or media reporters with hanging questions left unanswered. He’s quite smart, and he never fails to give them a good laugh before any interview ends. I’m sure any journalist, male or female can be captured by his magical charisma.

Hyun Joong is a very straight forwarded person, he’s truthful to what he is saying, his candid honesty can be surprising to everyone, and his 4D personality can be so unpredictable, that may catch anyone off handed!! In Singapore at MAMA if you recall, a German media reporter asked Hyun Joong during the press conference the question, “What do you think of German girls”? Hyun Joong replied, “Whenever I hear German, the first thing that comes into my mind is sausage and draft beer!!” Everyone in the conference hall laughed!! Well, that’s his 4D striking!!  But he answered politely that he haven’t met any German girl but he wish he would in the future.

Hyun Joong is very accommodating to journalists or  media reporters, to grant them interviews, even he has to squeeze in to his busy schedule. I think he’s quite friendly with the media.

In Singapore when Hyun Joong was promoting The Face Shop, he was interviewed by media, but there were some questions that were being prohibited to be asked. Questions about Bae Yong Joong, plastic surgery, and other matters that may be offending. But a stubborn lady reporter still asked Hyun Joong, something like, how would you qualify a good kisser? Actually I find the question rather indecent for a lady, to ask directly to a man on air. Hyun Joong was told not to respond, but he still answered as he replied, “As I have said, I do not have a girl friend so I can not compare”. Hyun Joong answered, so as not to embarrass the lady reporter, even he was being told not to answer, he still did in a friendly manner.

So far, there was no bad publicity about Hyun Joong, since there’s nothing distasteful about him. He openly admitted his weak points, and there was no single trace of arrogance ever since, even at this time that his career is at the height. Hyun Joong has his feet firmly on the ground and stayed as modest as he can. And so people are drawn to him, because he’s naturally charming, and of course who wouldn’t be impress by his magnetic charisma.

I’m thankful to the media too, for covering events pertaining Hyun Joong specially whenever he travels. Media is one of the most influential medium, in bringing updates just about anything, and they are already aware, that Hyun Joong is a very important person to a thousands of fans out there.

Actually, Hyun Joong is not only the darling of the press, he’s also the apple of the eye for many talk show hosts. I have noticed in many Korean talk shows, if another artists happened to be invited at the same show together with Hyun Joong, it’s not gonna be his lucky day!! Because Hyun Joong would surely dominates the show, even he just sits around!! For some reasons, the host drew his attention to Hyun Joong and a lot of times, he’s just so funny and very cute, very entertaining in his own natural way.

In Taiwan, Hyun Joong had a long one on one interview in a talk show, The Person, it was said that Hyun Joong was the very first Korean, who guested in that prestigious show. Hyun Joong was highly praised by the lady host, as gentleman and very reserve!! OMG the lady host doesn’t know his true color!!! But it’s good Hyun Joong did not have any 4D attack during the serious talks they had!!

Anywhere, any time, Hyun Joong is being himself always. His life is an open book to everyone, because he has nothing to hide in the first place. I’m happy that no one brag about his personal relationship, simply because he doesn’t have any girl friend!!

Today as I’m writing this article, I checked on my twitter and read a 17th letter from the Alien Prince KHJ to his fans, just for greetings from Japan and saying he had headache because of the air freshener given to him by his executive director!! LOL…lucky fans we are, if he has a girlfriend he would write to his GF instead!!! Hyun Joong is very thoughtful to his fans, out of the blues he would just jot down a note and never failed to thank them. That’s Kim Hyun Joong!!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DARLING OF THE PRESS

    • LOL LOL What are you doing here!! LOL this article was way back 3 years ago!! Thank you so much for visiting!! Take care, be happy and see you again in 2015!! LOL

      • :-):-):-) just like what I said before,I will read again your previous article, while patiently waiting for the good news about this mess or nightmare cause by that woman choi.I think this is better than to get upset by the news I encourage you to be relax & don’t be stressed, health comes first, anyway we cannot please anyone right? Ms.Lk have u receive my request? I want to follow u.thank you for ur kindness, take care of yoursel for the rest of KHJ fans like me:-):-):-)

  1. I saw that interview on that talkshow “The Person” he even gaves us some of his great moves on camera like always.. The media is very smart on following him cause one it brings us info about him but their company benefits as well cause who wouldn’t watch an interview or one of their shows if KHJ name is mentioned…so is a win win situation all if they don’t get to carry away and try to offend our Idol.He can win them all with his charm

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