Kim Hyun Joong… [article] POWER TO CONQUER

By LazerKim:               When Kim Hyun Joong was in Japan, he guested and performed at Music Station live on Friday Jan.27th. Hyun Joong was interviewed and had mentioned that he had gone to one of the traditional stores in Ginza and bought a Japanese Maneki Neko (beckoning cat) which is said to be good luck for business. After two days from that interview, I read that the Maneki Neko from that traditional store from Ginza, were sold out!! It seemed that the “word of the mouth” coming from Hyun Joong himself, is becoming an effective business strategy even it’s unintentional.

There were a lot of instances that I personally experienced, like being influenced by Hyun Joong. One time I watched a video footage of his interview in Japan, and he was asked his favorite Japanese food, as Hyun Joong replied he likes Gyu dong, soba, and curry. After a week, a friend of mine invited me for dinner and went to a Japanese Restaurant. I was very much engross with the topic we were talking about, when the waiter came in to take our orders. I ordered for Gyudong and curry rice. Then my friend commented, “I thought you don’t eat spicy food.” To my surprise, I was actually ordering for food I’m not fond of eating, but Hyun Joong’s favorite!! I called back the waiter and had my order changed!!

Last December after Hyun joong came back from Hong Kong for the Yahoo Buzz Award as he was awarded Best Male Solo Artist and brought home four trophies, he wrote a message to his fans to thank them. Then he mentioned that he listened to the music “Closer” by Kim Yeon Woo, OST from the drama Brain, and that he likes the music and ask his fans to check it out. After reading Hyun Joong’s message, I browse the YouTube, found the music and added it to my playlist. There were something like 300 viewers on that site when I first check it. The following morning, I went back to the same site to have that song Closer download to my computer, and there were already about 4,000 viewers for that song at the same site!!!

In another interview, he was asked what music does Hyun Joong listened to before going to bed. Hyun Joong replied, his favorite OST  Be with You. It was the music played as BMG, at Hyun Joong’s Breakdown showcase, when he was reading his letter to his fans. I had it downloaded, and listen to it every night until at this time!!

An avid fan of Hyun Joong flew all the way to Seoul to watched his recent fan meeting. She went shopping for Hyun Joong’s merchandise which was practically everywhere within the shopping areas, and in good quality from cellphone casing, key chains, bags, note pads ect. Of course the items being sold by KeyEast are the original Hyun Joong’s signature items. The most popular once are the Uzoosin luminous sticks, that can be seen every time from Hyun Joong’s fans every time he performs on stage, anywhere. These merchandise alone can bring good business revenue results.

I think Hyun Joong is becoming a good business influence, because anything that is being attach to his name just sells out like hotcakes. If you remember the canvas bag that was on auction for charity? Hyun Joong was jokingly drew a comic face, signed it and fortunately until at this day it’s still earning good money. The comic face turned into a canvas bag into gold!!

Hyun Joong was wearing that red shirt (photo above) as he performed Kiss Kiss on one of Japanese TV shows. And I believe the shirt with the same design and color is gonna be out in the market soon. This indeed is a very good timing for valentine season, which is commercially popular in Japan, as they celebrate black chocolate day on Feb.14.

Hyun Joong is not only a successful artist, he himself is also a successful businessman. Last year 2011, Hyun Joong ranked at No.1 spot as CEO among the Korean idols who had established their own business, other than actively doing their careers.

As everyone knows and quite familiar with Jaksal Chicken, which Hyun Joong owns, has already nine outlets and has been doing good business. That avid fan of Hyun Joong had a chance visit one of the Jaksal outlet, and she mentioned that it’s true, that on pick hours, there’s always a long line of costumers outside the restaurant waiting to be seated!! Oh by the way, the restaurant name Jaksal came from Jaksalie the name of Hyun Joong’s dog. This is different from Art and Matic, his dogs whom he brought to the fan meeting. Hyun Joong just love dogs!! 

These are the two lovely dogs of Hyun Joong, from the photo above, the one on your right is ART a female, and the one on your left is MATIC a male. Well, obviously their names came from Hyun Joong’s back up dancers ARTMATIC!!     Now I wouldn’t be surprised if many of Hyun Joong’s fans who are pet lovers may be looking for dogs with the same breed!!  Quite honestly, I got plans of doing that myself!!  I actually wrote an article about them in title “New Celebrity Dogs”. Check it out!!

Many of you must have been following Hyun Joong from the time he was doing Boys Over Flower, from Playful Kiss, or much further back in time of SS501. We all have different experience with him, we do laugh with him every time his 4D personality strikes, we do cry with him every time he’s hurt. But i’m sure of one thing,  we do listen to Hyun Joong as he listens to us as his fans. And eventually as we kept following him, he’s becoming influential to our lives, that sometimes we’re not even aware of.

Hyun Joong has a very cool personality, and what’s catching about his personality is not the strength of being strong, but his natural gentleness, his aura that can melt anyone’s heart. His strong charisma can conquer people to listen to him, not only his to music but the essence of what he is saying. That is the power of Kim Hyun Joong , the power to conquer anyone’s heart and mind.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] POWER TO CONQUER

  1. Its personal but can I please ask you something?? Have you personally met KJH? I am asking this since I really really want to meet him.

  2. He is a postive impact on all of us..he has that power with just a smile without even noticing it. It has make me a believer of dreams that if you work hard and do your best they came come true. To try new love without expecting nothing in return. His like King Midas but instead of all he touches turning into gold all the heart he touches becomes as his more sweet,honest, humble and big to let all that loves him in.

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