Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SOLO VS. IDOL GROUPS

By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong who is currently in Japan to promote his first Japanese mini album, had received at least eight trophies in 2011, since his come back stage in June. Hyun Joong was awarded by Mnet Asian Music Awards, one of the most prestigious music award  as Best Solo Male Artist in 2011. Hyun Joong was well recognized as a solo artist, but come to visit the music billboard chart that time, it seemed that Hyun Joong was the only solo artist who always make it at least to the top five or ten and the rest are all idol groups.

While Hyun Joong is currently in Japan, to debut his first Japanese album, rank no. two at the Oricon Music Daily Chart. Other Kpop idol groups followed, rank below from no. 6 random downward. This would show Hyun Joong can surpass even the other Kpop idol groups overseas. Isn’t that great??

Last year 2011 the nominees from the same category as solo male artists were, Kim Bum Soo, Kim Tae Woo, Sung Si Kyung, Wheesung, Jang Woo Hyuk  and Kim Hyun Joong. But where are these guys? I watched the videos of the five contenders of Hyun Joong, to find out what made Hyun Joong won the Best Male Solo Award.

In all fairness, the five artists were all good in different styles, and they do have good voice quality. All of the five were singer dancer, similar to Hyun Joong. But among the six soloist including Hyun Joong, he had the most appealing performance. Judging from the category as singer dancer, even his contenders has better singing voice quality, still Hyun joong outshine the other artists, in terms of performance totality.

What’s missing among the five soloist was showmanship and stage appeal, in which Hyun Joong top them all. Let Hyun Joong stand on that stage without doing anything, he’ll immediately capture the audience. What more if he sings and dance? Hyun joong is not a bad singer as other accused him to be, otherwise he wouldn’t be nominated by a prestigious music award to begin with, right?

And what about the other SS501 members, they have the exact category as Hyun Joong? He was the fourth to release their first album but unfortunately, none of them was able to make it to the music chart. Hyun Joong did not even compete with them by releasing his album at the same time, in fact he delayed it for a month until everyone had released their album. Nevertheless, the membes were swept away by leader.

I watched one video which appeared to be a showdown between 2PM a group, TVXQ a duet and Hyun Joong a soloist. Watching this showdown I think is even competitive. Although Hyun Joong still outshines 2PM and TVXQ during that showdown and the group knows it very well.

At the awards ceremony at MAMA, if you recall the event, it was only Hyun Joong who performed solo, others were Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, 2ne1 ect. He was never been left out by other idol groups, even he’s not in their category. In short, Hyun Joong has the ability to compete with the idol groups. It’s like soloist against five to ten singers!! Hyun Joong is a very competitive artist that can not be disregarded.

I still couldn’t forget the look in Hyun joong’s  face when he first launch the album Breakdown on 7th of June last year, when he read his letter to his fans. He was overwhelmed with worries and fear for being by himself to perform in a huge stage with 4,000 people all eyes on him before facing the Music Bank for the count down with a much larger audience on TV all over the world.

But he made it, even gained more from what he was hoping. That time all he ever hoped for was acceptance from his fans.  At the Music Bank back stage, as soon as Hyun Joong was done with his first TV performance, a reporter approached him for interview and was asked how he felt about his come back stage. Hyun Joong stated, “It was hard, it was tiring, but I hope my fans would see my manly side, I don’t know if they will like it”. My God, he was literally catching his breath after dancing, and all he had in mind was his fans. I was truly touched by his statement.

During that season countdown, his contender were all in a group, but he bravely faced the challenge, and made it to the top. He gained high respect from his co artists because he remained as modest as he can. Seeing from the videos, he even bowed at his junior idol groups and treated them his equal, not a single sign of arrogance was seen in him and that is why everyone liked Hyun Joong.

Now that Hyun Joong had built his self confidence, knowing we, as his fans would always stay beside him to be there for him, he’s prepared to face any contender, be it a soloist like him or a group idol. Hyun Joong will always bring the best in him as consistent as he always does in his every performance.

I’m very proud to be Kim Hyun Joong’s fan……   Aren’t you???

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SOLO VS. IDOL GROUPS

  1. 100% proud…When he performance or he be nominated in any catergory he never expect or aim to win or to top any other performer, cause he is a fan of many of them himself cause he always talks about his fellow perfomer in a positive way and brings out their good talents and recognize them as well. He knows that those nominations can be hard so for him winning is a big surprise for him for us is not cause we support him and recognize his hard word word and cause he deserve them. Its hard being a solo artist cause all eyes are on you,, but he has done a great job alone. My eyes couldn’t be more graceful just look at him!

  2. Just reading all these I can’t help not feel proud all over again~!!.Nothing else more to add.^^Let’s continue our journey with Hyunjoong.~He is doing everything to the best of his ability in order for us,his fans to be proud of him..^^..

    Thank you Lazerkim for all these worth sharing articles~~keep writing.:))

    • No matter where the journey take all of us there’s nothing better than staying at Hyun Joong’s side. i fully agree with you. Remember he said, I always hope to be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fan.. Thanks for reading always,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,see you again!! God bless.

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