Kim Hyun Joong… [article] INTERNATIONAL FANS

By: LazerKim          Kim Hyun Joong won a trophy from All Kpop Awards as Best Male Solo Artist Award. Hyun Joong stated his message of thanks to his fans, translated as:

“Hello All Kpop! This is Kim hyun Joong, Thank you for such an amazing award, and this award is much more meaningful as 100 percent of the votes were cast by my international fans. I plan to promote myself more overseas in the new year, so I ask for your interest and support. Thank you”.

I congratulate Kim Hyun Joong for bringing home his 8th trophy since his come back stage in June 2011. And of course I congratulate KHJ’s fans for job well done!! You did it again as always!.     Hyun Joong stated that, 100 percent of the votes were cast by his international fans. This is just so amazing!! It only goes to show that Kim Hyun Joong has a strong hold on his fans even overseas.

Hyun Joong is a Korean, there’s huge ocean that separates Korea from the rest of its neighboring countries, not to mention other parts of the world outside Asia, to be able to gain a huge network of foreign fans, but Hyun Joong has it all. Hyun Joong doesn’t speak nor understand English as an international language. He sang his music in Korean and luckily he can sing some of his songs in Japanese, and yet foreigners do patronize his music.

I only get to see Hyun Joong through the internet, that I can only thank technology for a thousand times, because without it, there’s no way for me to reach him. Other than this, I’m thankful to the interpreters who patiently translate what Hyun Joong is trying to tell us. And there goes the twitters and bloggers who bring updates, news articles ect., by this way, I’ve known a lot about Hyun Joong.

But have you asked yourself, why Kim Hyun Joong? Why are we so crazy about him? The Hollywood stars are better, they sing, speak and understand English. Many of the Hollywood stars are better singers, dancers and actors. And yet why in a Korean like Kim Hyun Joong? Or maybe we have watched a lot of American movies and TV series and had gone tired of it?? Well, this is very true to me, I used to like Keanu Reeves, Kavin Coastner, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Bill Pulman and many others.I have watched almost all of their films and probably I have outgrown the famous Hollywood stars.

Then let’s take it to other Hallyu stars. What brought these people near to us? It all started with Korean dramas. I started watching it from 2004 through TV and eventually through DVDs. Hyun Joong’s boss Bae yong Joon was my first Korean idol in Winter Sonata, then there’s, Jewel in the Palace, Jumong followed by Legend and many others.

Until at 2009, Boys Over Flower was aired on TV and that’s where I first met Hyun Joong. I don’t even know his name, so I called him Ji Hoo. After BOF was aired, I watched it again through DVD about 6 times. I do not have much interest in internet yet at that time, so I just content myself to watching DVDs.

Internet became my life only when Hyun Joong brought Breakdown to YouTube. And the rest was history. I wasn’t even familiar with Korean Pop idols, and it was Hyun Joong who introduced me to them. I couldn’t count how many DVDs I got but I”m sure it’s over 50 Korean Dramas. I do have some favorite Korean actors but I have never been hooked as much as I am to Hyun Joong. Bae Yong Joon was my first favorite and I have watched almost all his dramas, but I did not attempt to know more about him. I only started researching on Bae Yong Joon and write about him, because he’s the closest to Hyun Joong.

If I’ll be asked the question what, why and how did I like Hyun Joong I can only answer the question when!! I first met Hyun Joong in 2009 and I was star struck on 2011 on my birthday. So I can not forget!!

They said if you love a person, there should not be a reason as why you love that person.   If I say I like Kim Hyun Joong because he’s handsome, he’s a good singer dancer, actor, kind loving ect. But all of these qualities can be found from other artist either equally or even better. We do get attracted or star struck either by their physical aspect or their talent. But with Hyun Joong, the more I get to know him the deeper I get to like him. One of the bloggers Hyunnies Pexer’s related her story about Hyun Joong as addictive. And I think that’s right term for Hyun Joong’s fans – addict!!

And then there’s another blogger from Kathy’s Bench, asking “when will I get over with KHJ”. I ask the same question to myself. For me, it’s been five months that I’ve been out of touch to my real world, since Hyun Joong had captured my attention, and my whole being!! What more with others whom I had already found existing among the KHJ’s blogs?

From June 2011, Hyun Joong never stopped, he’s always on the go, that made his fans as busy as he was!! Or if he stops, fans kept searching for him! And if ever he stop, he’s simply resting from exposure, but he was in his studios working. After a week or so, here he goes again, but honestly, I enjoyed every moment of his exposure. I get so crazy voting for Hyun Joong whenever voting polls are being conducted. I couldn’t forget the voting polls at MAMA, everyone was just so busy voting and monitoring Hyun Joong’s poll standing!!! But it was really fun!

Now I’m wondering, does Hyun Joong knows or even aware that his international fans are crazy about him? I haven’t experienced to be out there cheering for any celeb, not even once in my life time. Now it’s becoming my dream to visit Korea and to attend any of Hyun Joong’s fan meeting. If I’m gonna write about him for long, I think I should have a personal encounter. If I was magnetized by just looking at him on videos, what more if I see him in person?

Hyun Joong made his first appearance at Music Station Japan and performed Kiss Kiss wearing a simple orange sweater and looks even more handsome. (Thanks to Kathy’s Bench for the photos)

Hyun Joong I think will be keeping himself busy with his exposure promoting his album in Japan, so we’ll see more of him. Oh how I wish he would make more music before he gets down to acting. I’m sure he’ll be keeping his fan’s interest, I believe he wants to do a lot, and he wants to do it for his fans. As he always say, he doesn’t want a long rest because he tends to get lazy!!I always look forward to any of Hyun Joong’s project. If I don’t see him around or hear anything about him, I get crazy searching for Hyun Joong everywhere!!

How can I get over with Kim Hyun Joong, if I keep wanting for more from him. I just can’t get enough of him. Do you feel the same way as I do??

                                                                                                  Written by: LazerKim

All Credits to Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog Thanks:


14 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] INTERNATIONAL FANS

  1. yes kim its really addicted
    eveytime i saw his picture espycially when hi smile omg I’m feel like I’m melted like ice cream and chocolate.Looking forward to see you in person KIM.

  2. Just one question I want to ask to hyung joong, why is he not learning to speak in English?? I am so keen to listen him speaking in English..plz pass my this massage to him. Hope he starts communicating in English.

  3. Aigooo…is that a question I should answer? Don’t think so cause not having at least of a dream of KHJ in my mind drives me crazy… Look you mention he posses many talents and super great looks and a body that rocks your world, but it’s more a sentimental feelings that makes you just fall over heels for him..his eyes tell you so much just by looking at them. His smiles just bright up a room just being seeing it and his personality his given heart that never stop even those moments that he goes like into space when he gets distracted at something. Its a combination of so many great things that’s what not to love.. Many foriegn people my ask why him and not a hollywood star is so true, but it’s he as good or better than most of them, don’t he deserve our love and attention also.. don’t we live in the same world? He is the best and we recognize and love the best that’s why is him and not a hollywood star…

  4. i love all your posts !
    its so awesome and entertaining !!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear from you and I’m glad I’m not alone!! And I’m sure Hyun Joong’s new fans would be glad to know they’re not alone to feel the same way to Hyun joong….Thanks for reading! See you again..God bless..

  5. I love to read your articles….and yes i have also the same feelings like as u have…..and thanx for your such a amazing article of kim hyun joong*

  6. hello~ just wanna say that I love all your post.. 🙂 thank u so much..anyway I translated and reposted ur article on my fb page n blog.. someone just told me that ur posts are not allowed to be reposted.. If it’s true.. then I will remove it…
    pls reply asap.. thx 🙂

    • Thanks for reading. It’s ok you may repost my articles. My purpose is to spread to the world who Kim Hyun Joong is. Pls just place the proper credit, so that people won’t get confuse. Thanks again…God Bless.

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